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Moving to Dallas, Texas – a Complete Guide

Moving to Dallas would be an adventure for everybody that decides to embark on it. You should know that there are many benefits to staying in the Lone Star State. If you are looking for great entertainment options or work opportunities, you should pack your bags and head out to D-Town.

A view of Southern Methodist University in Dallas The capital of Texas is a world-wide known city that does not leave anyone disappointed.

With its low cost of living and affordable housing, this might be a perfect city for you. Especially if you pick just the right neighborhood to live in. And if you are a sports fan, be prepared to cheer your favorite teams because this city is a paradise for sports enthusiasts. Also, if you are relocating from another country, don’t feel anxious, people in Dallas are friendly and will make you feel welcomed and as one of their own.

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The Cost of Living and Moving to Dallas

When moving to a big city such as D-Town, you should plan your moving budget – the money you will have to set aside for moving services and auto shipping. However, if you opt for the cheapest way to move out of state you should start making a household inventory list before packing furniture and clothes on your own and check out some moving day tips as soon as you donate unwanted items. But don’t worry, life here will not leave you broke since the cost of living in Dallas is significantly lower than in other major cities across the nation.

Healthcare costs go from $2,367 a year for an adult with a full-time job, while a family of three can expect to pay $6,615. The average utility price, the one that includes electricity, heating and cooling, water, and garbage for a one-bedroom apartment, is around $141 a month. So overall, the cost of living in Dallas is something you should not stress too much.

The Cost of Moving Services and Housing

If you don’t know some packing tips and tricks, hire movers with packing services to handle your belongings, do not forget to think about your sleeping arrangements in the meantime. Also, if you want to lower your moving expenses before you hire movers to declutter your current home. Are you putting your house on the market and looking to buy a new one? You should know that prices per square foot are, on average, $245 in the center, but about $143 in the suburbs.

Since there are many facilities available, from flats to ranches, it is cheaper to rent if you are relocating to Dallas than it would be if you were relocating to Houston. Prices for a one-bedroom apartment can vary, depending on where you want to get a flat, but overall moving into a smaller home won’t be too expensive. If you are traveling alone and you want to save up some money and reduce the costs of moving, you can share a house. Having a roommate is not the end of the world, and it can be beneficial for your budget.

Two people raising a toast while sitting on the floor in the middle of unpacking Your roommate might become your best friend

Place Where You Can Find a Job

Are you thinking about how to get a job before you move? Job opportunities are one of the most common reasons why people relocate. Relocating to a new state without a job can be an option, but you should get familiar with the job market anyhow.

When you were deciding where to move you picked an excellent spot. You won’t have to wonder how to find a job when relocating to another state, because Dallas has a lot to offer you. If you are searching for work in banking, energy, IT, healthcare, telecommunications, transport, and logistics, then you will find one in D-Town in no time. Go online and check adds and openings – it would not take you too long to find an excellent opportunity.

a man on a laptop Go online and check your options for employment

Taxes in Texas

When in Texas, you should live and pay taxes like every other citizen there. You should know that in The Lone Star State, you will pay no income tax. You might be spared of paying the income tax, but keep in mind that there are other federal and local taxes to think about.

If you are a homeowner in D-Town, you will be obligated to pay property tax based on the location and the size of your property. And when purchasing a house, you will need to pay a real estate transfer tax.

taxes Taxes in Texas are not the same as in the rest of the country

Job Opportunities in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metropolitan Area

Are you thinking about how to get a job before you move? Business opportunities are one of the most common reasons why people change their address. Relocating to another state without a job can be an option, but you should get familiar with the job market anyway. If you are wondering how to find a job when relocating to another state, you should not worry, Dallas has a lot to offer you.

If you are searching for work in banking, energy, IT, healthcare, telecommunications, transport, and logistics, then you will find one in D-Town in no time. Go online and check ads and openings – it would not take you too long to find an excellent opportunity. Dallas and Fort Worth are two different cities, but they have grown so much that they have almost merged into one since their suburbs are so close. The population of Fort Worth is slightly under 900,000, while the population of Dallas is around 1,3 million residents. So while scouting for job offers, check out the nearby Fort Worth as well.

girl with headphones Banking, energy and IT sector are the top employers in D-Town

The Cost of Public Transportation

Even if you are transporting your vehicle across the country and shipping your car, you should get familiar with the public transport of your next location. Big D is home to the country’s longest light rail system, DART. But you can also choose buses, taxies, and trolleys. You can get daily and monthly passes from vending machines, while the GoPass app allows you to buy your ticket via phone.

DART single tickets go for $2.50 for a bus ride. Day passes are available for $6 (local) and $12 (regional), while a local monthly pass is $98, and regional $192. If you want to save up, you can always pack your bike and move it to your new house. There are bike trails you can use if you are staying close to the office.

Dallas tram You can take your car with you, or you can use public transportation

Relocating Alone or with a Family

Have you decided to relocate all on your own? You found a way to tell your friends you are moving, and you found a way to tell your parents you are relocating out of state? Going through all of that and facing an unfamiliar place can make you feel anxious about relocation. But don’t worry, the D-Town is very welcoming to strangers. The advantages of moving alone are numerous, soon you will meet locals and create a new social circle fast enough.

No matter if you are moving during the holidays or in the summer know that there are many meetup groups that offer you a variety of activities, from cheering Cowboys to playing chess. You will undoubtedly find a place to make new friends. Go online and find a concert, a gallery opening, or a pub with live music to go to. You will see that people are open to making new friends.

Are you relocating with your kids? D-Town is one of the best cities in Texas to raise a family and it has many interesting things to offer to everybody. There are many activities in parks – you can even ride a horse through the forest. If you choose to go house-hunting around neighborhoods in the north, you will discover that there are many family-friendly areas with great schools and parks. Parks are also great if you are relocating with your pets, as you can meet other owners and make a few friends along the way.

Most Popular Dallas Neighborhoods to Live In

One of the crucial things when relocating is picking the right residential area for you and your family. If you are scouting the best neighborhoods in Dallas, you can use many tools to check how safe is your neighborhood. Also, get familiar with everything your neighborhood offers – all the benefits, the quality of public transport, and educational options:

  • Preston Hollow is a northern neighborhood and is popular with the upper-middle class. Many doctors, lawyers, and successful business people have a house there.
  • Uptown is a hip and trendy location. It has sports bars, cocktail lounges, and many restaurants.
  • Park Cities is for those who are willing to pay extra for a house. The median home value goes over a million dollars.
  • Oak Cliff is home to an ethnically and culturally mixed population. The public transportation is excellent and increasingly accessible.
  • East area is close to White Rock Lake, which makes it a perfect place for every outdoor enthusiast and those moving with dogs. It’s the best location if you want to paddle, swim or kayak. If you’re going to move to the suburbs or a place that has that kind of vibe, think about east neighborhoods.

No matter which area you choose, downtown or the suburbs, it is crucial that you are happy with it, and that it fits most of your needs.

Dallas Choosing the right neighborhood is essential

International Relocation to Dallas

Whether you’re relocating because of a relationship or you got a job that requires relocation, if you are coming to the Dallas Metropolitan area from abroad, you should know that you will feel more than welcomed. When looking for a way to make friends in a new state, you should join some online groups even before you move. That’s a great way to gather all the essential information about visas and all the paperwork that is waiting for you.

Feel free to join clubs, groups, and attend events that are organized by expats, it will help you make new friendships and alleviate moving stress. They can help you with the process of adjusting to the new country, and they often organize meetups where you can meet others that came before you. Also, don’t forget to meet your neighbors, they are certainly curious to find out more about you and it is a great way to make new friends. The climate here is hot, subtropical, so keep that in mind if you’re moving during summer, especially if you’re coming from a colder climate.

The town attracts Canadians and British expats, as well. If you are one of them, you will never feel alone. Avoid relocation depression by joining clubs, groups, and by attending events that are organized by expats. They can help you with adjusting to an unfamiliar environment.

a girl at an airport Expats will feel welcomed in Texas

Become a Fan of Sports

When you are relocating to D-Town, be prepared to learn about sports. So, if you are a sports fan, this is where you will fall in love with one of the many teams based in this place.

From Cowboys that are in the National Football League to Mavericks in the NBA, you will undoubtedly find a game for yourself. If you are more of a hockey fan, Stars can be your favorite team. And if you are relocating from Boston, you might replace your Red Sox baseball fan club with the Texas Rangers. Making friends in a new city might be easier if you are a sports enthusiast.

stadium crowd There are many sports team to cheer for here

Things to Know About the D-Town

When in Dallas, you should live and behave like a true local. When you are done cleaning your new home, and you are all settled in, get to know the location, experience everything it has to offer from great education options to diverse nightlife entertainment. D-Town will make you feel like you belong. You just have to let yourself get to know the town.

Don’t leave your good shoes in the storage. You should use them to walk around, get to know different areas, and drop by many malls.

Climate in Unpredictable

When you settle down in D-Town, get ready for a noticeable climate change. The temperature and humidity levels change throughout the year. Get ready for some tornadoes and flooding. If you are relocating, do not forget to read up about essential safety tips and carefully pick the best time of the year to move. Also, it’s always a good idea to create an emergency plan for extreme weather conditions. Make sure you have a covered parking spot for your precious four-wheeler since there is a chance for hail storms.

Great Place to Get Higher Education

Texas is the home to many universities and colleges. So you are in luck if you are relocating in search of the best education. While a trustworthy company handles your belongings, you should research schools and find the one that fits your needs.

The Dallas Independent School District is one of the largest districts in the US, so you will have no trouble finding the right school for your kids. If you are an expat staying in the town, you have the option to send your kids to private schools. They can provide your children with a high level of education and many extracurricular activities.

A Wide Range of Food and Drinks

Living here means you will get to enjoy excellent food, especially when it comes to meat specials. While going around some of the best restaurants in Dallas, you can find everything from BBQ to steaks! Some of the reasons why you should move are different experiences and adventures, especially the gastronomical ones. As soon as you are done unpacking after the move take a walk downtown, and you will find many places where you can grab a cup of coffee or Mexican food like tacos.  Are you and your partner moving in together? If so, celebrate that milestone in one of many excellent dinners whit a romantic vibe. Also, if you are vegetarian, there are plenty of places where you can have a healthy, meatless meal.

The City That Never Sleeps

There are many things you should do after the relocation, but if you are going to live in D-Town, you should know that you won’t ever lack entertainment. It’s home to many annual events and festivals. Here you will find everything from the best music festivals to cultural celebrations.

And when the workday is done, and you wish to kick back and enjoy yourself, you should know that the town has everything from karaoke bars to cocktails on rooftops. Also, don’t forget that Dallas Art District is the largest urban art district in the continental USA.

Dallas Living in one of the most interesting capitals in the world has its perks.

Ready to Pack Your Bags and Move to D-Town?

If out of all cities in the world, you picked the capital of Texas, you should not worry too much about adjusting to it. This city has everything you may need, and even more, from a welcoming atmosphere to affordable housing. No matter how high expectations you have, this place is everything but average. So if you want to move here, it is time to start preparing packing materials for moving. Now you know what to expect and you’ll avoid making big moving mistakes.


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