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If you choose to relocate with Cross Country Moving Company, you get nothing less than professional services at top-notch quality. With the help of our movers, you’ll be in your new home in the shortest possible time and as stress-free as it can be achieved in such circumstances. That process begins with a moving estimate.

    What Is the Moving Estimate

    In our industry, it isn’t always possible to give you, a potential client, the precise price for the services we offer. The final price of your move depends on many factors, and we can only provide an estimate of how much your relocation will cost. But, even knowing the estimated expenses beforehand can be very helpful in the moving process – it can help you create a moving budget and potentially give you a clearer picture of everything that needs to be done when hiring professional shippers, and ultimately take some of the burden off your shoulders and mind.

    What Does a Quick Estimate Do?

    Quick estimates are given when a potential client leaves their contact information. A sales agent then calls that person and provides an estimation based on the given information. The client can be contacted by call, email, or in any other way they wish. A quick estimation can also be given for a future date, but it can’t be guaranteed that the price will remain the same. This is because of numerous factors and fluctuations.

    What Affects the Final Price?

    The final price of your move is calculated based on your inventory list and the distance covered. But our company offers more than just loading and unloading your items. We have partial and full packing services, along with storage units and auto transport services that you can get to make your entire move stress-free and leave everything in the hands of professionals. And of course, you need to get mandatory moving insurance, so prepare to put aside 0.6 USD per one pound of shipped stuff. You can always get an additional full insurance policy, which can cost higher.

    In terms of packing services, our movers will take care of any heavy and odd-shaped objects. They will disassemble and reassemble furniture and other objects when needed. If you don’t want to pack all of the other items, you can get partial or full packing services and let our movers pack all of your items at an additional cost.

    Our company also provides each customer with 30 days of storage space free of charge. Any additional time that your belongings spend in our units is charged per the current rate. Your belongings will be put in storage units that are weather-proof, air-conditioned, and secure. While inside, your things will be stored in top-notch conditions.

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