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    Relocating to the Empire State of the South can turn your life for the better, but it might mean that you’ll need some extra help. To move smoothly and without any stress, you should get in touch with the most reliable Georgia movers. That way, you can focus on finding a perfect place and job opportunity for yourself, while the cross-country moving company you have hired does the rest. Start your search for a fitting ally by getting a free quote.

    Living in this part of the country will bring you numerous perks and opportunities. With more than 10 million residents and several highly developed industries, such as agriculture, energy, automotive, and tourism, you can settle nicely and find an ideal home with ease. And if you wish to find solid evidence that this is precisely the place for you – keep in mind that 100,000 new inhabitants yearly pick this destination.

    More Than Peach State

    Georgia is 24th-largest and 8th-most populous of the 50 states. It also has more than one nickname. Still, the most popular and memorable one is Peach State. However, this region is famous for much more than peaches. First of all, it is colored by diverse landscapes, unique and rich flora, and wildlife. In addition to it, this area is the number-one producer of peanuts and pecans in the US. And here is a sweet history lesson – the state’s capital is the hometown of Coca-Cola. This remarkably famed drink was invented right here in 1886.

    If you choose to explore the wilderness, you can easily spot some black bears, bobcats, deer, gophers, eagles, and falcons. And if you follow the coastal line, you might encounter manatees or humpback whales. Nearly one-half of the territory is covered in pine trees, which contributes to the gorgeous natural beauty and favorable climate, but it also helps develop another profitable niche. The area is known to produce kaolin clay, which can be used for multiple products, starting with cosmetics.

    Other perks of relocating here include affordable housing, safety, low crime rates, many fun activities, plenty of enjoyment for sports fans, and excellent educational and career opportunities. As if all of that wasn’t enough, the state’s weather is also pretty great. If you feel enticed by this region, be sure to explore more of Atlanta and other cities, such as Columbus, Savannah, and Athens, before acquiring long-distance moving services in Georgia and getting your quote.

    Getting to Know Atlanta – The Best Neighborhoods in the Georgia Capital

    Before you hire a long-distance moving company and get packed to go, you should explore the state’s cultural and economic center. Its metropolitan area has more than 6 million residents, while a bit over 500,000 people inhabit the core. Although the prime idea behind founding this city was oriented toward developing the railroad, this residential area expanded very quickly. And now, it represents the financial and commercial capital of the Southeast. Today, this region is known for high-technology companies, the telecommunication industry, multiple airlines, military and government-related businesses, and banking and insurance.

    When looking for your next household, follow this go-to guide and make the right choice:

    • Summerhill: With a lower cost of living than on the east side of the town, historically packed districts, and diverse styles, this neighborhood just feels right for many. And it keeps on growing. With the stadiums nearby, this part of the city can easily be classified as a sports center. Renovated standalone homes and newly constructed dwellings fit perfectly into the district’s architecture, and they leave you with a choice that matches your expectations and pocket.
    • Westview: The perfect blend of old and modern architecture takes place in this district. Whether you prefer a ranch or a crafted bungalow, you will find it here. This southwestern part of the city was named after a huge and historically significant cemetery. The diverse environment mostly suits young professionals who come here to enhance their careers.
    • Knight Park: If a quiet neighborhood with a tight community and plenty of trees sounds ideal, visit this area. Traditional homes and recently renewed bungalows are part of its charms. The whole neighborhood is made of less than 300 houses. The Knight Park green space is thought of as the area’s communal heart.

    The neighborhood you will pick largely depends on your priorities, whether you are relocating alone or with family, and on your budget. Basically, every consumer must know that it costs an average of $2,000 per month to live in this city, which makes it a bit more expensive than the national average. The median home price here is $259,000, which is higher than the state median of $186,500.

    A view of the urban part of Atlanta, Georgia Georgia State Atlanta Atlanta

    Reliable Relocation Services from Cross Country Movers in Georgia

    Now that you have picked a destination, you will most likely need some professional assistance to transport all of your belongings safely. Choosing a trustworthy team to move your household items and vehicle isn’t always easy. There are many scammers out there, and you must learn how to spot them timely. From hidden costs to items that go missing – there’s plenty to watch out for.

    However, if you choose to collaborate with us, you will get security, comfort, and efficiency. Start by getting a free quote on our website by filling out the form. After this, our representatives will contact you by phone and discuss your needs and budget in more detail. We can give you a more accurate estimate based on a full list of your belongings. Also, you should know that you will be able to modify the list up to 24 hours before the move. The most reputable cross country moving services await.

    Our Cross Country Moving Company Offers the Best Packing Services

    Getting packed for a vacation usually brings nothing but excitement. However, when you must pack for a move, the situation involves more stress. First of all, many find it extremely difficult to sort their stuff out. Leaving some of the unused items behind might sound easy now. But when it’s time to shred, recycle, give away, or sell, people tend to get overly attached.

    And the trickiest part is yet to come. How will you know that your belongings are safe and properly packed? If you choose our packing service, there won’t be any room for concern. Here’s how we operate and what counts as a basic part of our moving service:

    • Wrapping and protecting any item that is larger than a standard size box,
    • Breaking your furniture into smaller and more manageable pieces, loading them onto trucks, and putting them back together,
    • Securing your furniture, electronic devices, and other massive objects with paper, bubble and plastic wrap, blankets, etc.

    Everything that is considered a basic part of our relocation services is free of charge. However, everything else that must be packed by our crew will be charged extra. Placing the rest of your belongings into proper boxes will be added to the final fee.

    Do You Need Partial or Full Packing Service?

    If you want to move smoothly and efficiently, you should know your exact needs and learn what to expect. What does our full packing service entail? It means that you want our crew to pack 15 boxes or more. And if you have less than 15 boxes you need safely packed by our skilled squad, that would count as a partial service.nMoreover, in case you run out of boxes and supplies, you can count on us as well. We can provide every necessary material for your relocation.

    Safe and Affordable Car Shipping

    Long-distance moving brings up many questions. For instance, should you drive all the way to your new address? Even though you will unquestionably need your car upon arrival, the idea of spending hours in it when you have deep cleaning and unpacking waiting at the end of the route doesn’t sound exciting. And more importantly, it is time-consuming, tiring, and can involve some extra costs.

    Choosing us for auto shipping services can solve your problems. We offer two types of trailers and two pick-up and delivery options. You can choose the ones that suit you and get some plane tickets while we do the rest.

    Auto Shipping Services Provided by Our Cross Country Moving Company

    Regardless of whether you are asking for bundled or stand-alone service, our car transport options are safe, affordable, and made to match your needs. We offer two types of trailers to ship your car securely to your chosen region. You can select an open or enclosed trailer based on your needs and finances.

    In general, using the enclosed trailer is usually the best choice for those who own a race car, exotic vehicle, or any type of collectible. Although it is more expensive than the open carrier, it grants more security, and your car will remain shielded from all external conditions, such as weather, road dust, and more.

    These are the basic rules we always follow:

    • We ask our clients to provide us with all the information and documents they obtained when they purchased the car.
    • Our customers are in charge of photographing their vehicle and telling us about any damage.
    • Finally, we urge our clients to clear all personal belongings and leave the car empty for shipping.

    If you want to hear more about our car transport options, contact us.

    Pick Up and Delivery Options

    Where do you want your car to be shipped? Let us know, and we can offer the door-to-door or terminal-to-terminal option. If you go for the door-to-door solution, we will pick your car up from your doorstep and transport it safely to the new address. And if terminal-to-terminal pickup and delivery suits you better, we can get your vehicle from one of our stations near your old household. After that, we will ship it to a station that’s closest to your next destination.

    Use Our Storage Units in Atlanta for Free!

    Have you considered some unfavorable factors and scenarios that might occur when planning your move? Unfortunately, some people face unexpected problems along the way. And those surprising impediments usually imply more costs.

    To help you save up a bit, we offer you 30 days of free storage. If your residence isn’t ready just yet, or if there’s any other difficulty that has forced you to store your belongings elsewhere – you can use our secured and climate-controlled storage units.

    Once your free trial is over, it is up to you what you want to do next. We can keep your possessions in our storage facilities, or you can select another place where you’d like to keep your stuff.

    CCMC Offers Relocation Insurance Packages

    Despite careful planning, any move can run into an obstacle, and even the most skilled and practiced team can make a slip. Although these incidents are rare, we must keep them in mind and take precautions. For that reason, we introduce every customer to the moving insurance we offer. There is an essential package for everyone, but you can explore more extensive coverage if that matches your needs. We created these solutions to protect your belongings and peace of mind.

    Mandatory Liability Coverage

    The basic package is called mandatory liability insurance, and it covers 60 cents per pound of damaged goods. Its price range and coverage are fixed and non-negotiable, and they are included in the initial quote. Every customer automatically gets this package. This type of insurance covers all items that were handled in any way by our professional team.

    Full Value Replacement and Custom Crating from Our Long Distance Movers

    CCMC offers a more extensive insurance package as well.  Full Value Replacement Insurance (FVRI) covers all your belongings. If you pick FVRI, you will have to provide us with a complete household inventory list. It will cover everything packed by any mover, but it doesn’t insure the objects and properties you packed by yourself. If you want us to protect some of your personal belongings additionally, we can offer custom crating at an additional cost.

    Car Shipping Insurance

    Your car shipping insurance package can vary based on whether you use an open or an enclosed trailer. Auto-shipping insurance keeps you covered in case of any damage to your vehicle’s external parts. If you pick an open carrier, the insurance amount is $100,000, while getting the enclosed trailer covers a $500,000 amount. Choose a trailer and a package that match your necessities and budget.

    When You Want to Move to or From the State Contact Your Professional Georgia Movers

    Give yourself enough time to find a suitable home to settle in. And once you find the perfect place for you in Georgia or some other state, be sure to start exploring long-distance movers ASAP. Every relocation must be planned carefully, starting with comparing prices and reviews.

    Contact us to get your free quote. If you pick our skilled team and expert services, you will get moved with no stress, hidden costs, losses, or any other problems. Take care of all the research, preparations, and purchases that will enable you to enjoy the Peach State and start the next chapter of your life. Let us worry about the process.

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