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    Moving from or to Virginia with Virginia Cross Country Movers

    Once you arrive at the First Dominion, drowsy with the air of the Appalachians and bewitched by the splendor of the surroundings, you’ll understand why they say this state is for lovers. CCMC’s Virginia movers can lend a hand if you’re considering setting up a home in one of the most picturesque US places, and we guarantee a fantastic start in your new life.

    The oldest British colony on the continent is synonymous with history and outdoor fun, but the birthplace of Washington and Jefferson is more than a mesmerizing trove of the past. Hop on aboard to learn about its magic and our superb cross-country moving services.

    The Mother of States Will Surprise You With Its Unique Awesomeness

    Nestled on the border of the Old South and the Mid-Atlantic region lies Virginia, a vast expanse of stunning natural escapes imbued with diverse voices of past and present, tradition, and modernity. The Mother of States, whose territory spanned a large portion of today’s neighboring places, was the site of the treaty in both wars fought on US soil and remained Southern by blood but progressive by choice.

    One would think that people here are inevitably borne back into the past without a chance to grasp the promise of the future. But that’s a wrong assumption. The former Moonshine center of America is so diverse that it covers everything from opulent beach cities, and rural and fiercely proud mountain communities to innovative hubs with some of the wealthiest suburbs nationwide (NOVA, we’re looking at you.) The state named after Queen Elisabeth I is not merely living of ancient memories; it’s pushing forward towards reinventing its possibilities and is now among the top East Coast places to get a job in the military, manufacturing, healthcare, and service industries, tourism, and education.

    The home of some of the most prestigious Universities nationwide retained its mystery in the face of transition, and it comes as no surprise that artists such as Fitzgerald came here to create. When you hike through the marshes, bays, plains, and hills in the afternoon glimmer, perhaps you’ll also feel that special glow that will make it impossible to forget the First Dominion long after you go elsewhere.

    The Endless Beauty of Diverse Places Will Make You Spoilt for Choice

    From unparalleled mist-covered small towns such as Fairfax where you can take a step back and dedicate time to yourself, attain peace with your inner world and discover the riches of close-knit communities to buzzing corporate cities which will enable you to land that dream job, this place has it all. Regardless of whether you’re looking for a spot to raise a family, make it big career-wise, or find yourself again in nature, your aspirations won’t be left unfulfilled. These are some ideas of where to look:

    • Richmond – The former center of the Confederacy is far from the forlorn myth of the War. Though it’s a living monument of history and statues of generals and inspiring museums adorn every corner, the metropolis is not trapped in the bygones. Moving to Richmond will put you in a home of numerous Fortune 500 companies, it’s been hailed as one of the best cities for entrepreneurs and young professionals, and it’s also replete with quirky street art, hipster concepts, clubs, music, and nightlife for a wide range of different tastes. The epic clash of Southern hedonism and the influx of ferocious intellect and boundless ambition gave rise to this one-of-a-kind city, and the result is mind-blowing, to say the least.
    • Virginia Beach – This Atlantic jewel leaves other beach resorts in the shade as it’s more than you could ever ask for from a coastal town. First off, it’s rich in history, and you can spend hours on end, unraveling the narrative of the Founding Fathers in the First Landing State Park or attempting to get to the essence of the Roaring Twenties at the renovated iconic Cavalier Hotel. But, if history is not your cup of tea, you can still revel in the fact that one of the best places to live in the US has a lower cost of living than surrounding towns, boasts a booming property market, and offers employment opportunities galore. If you add an exciting indie art scene, insanely cool food and alcohol, and remarkable educational facilities, all made more enjoyable due to sunny weather, you might feel like you regained a piece of paradise you lost so long ago.
    • Arlington – A short drive from DC lies a hub ideal for those interested in having a well-paid government job or working for the US Army. The wealthy town has a high employment rate, average household income above the national average, and more than 100 ethnicities. If you mix it with schools known for impressive achievements and a welcoming, inclusive spirit of the residents, you’ll get a spot for all those wishing to live a pleasant life according to first-class standards.

    Discover the Activities That Make the Commonwealth-State So Loved

    The climate in the place, which was home to legendary Pocahontas, invites settlers to enjoy themselves year-round. No matter how creative you are, you won’t be able to come up with a valid excuse to stay indoors. Take your family to a beach and spend some bonding time at Norfolk or Sandbridge Beach, swimming, diving, or partaking in other water activities. Or, if you want to get away from the tourists, avoid company and roam free, search around the lofty Chesapeake Bay and follow the trail of hidden waters calling for another form of entertainment.

    If you’re undecided and wish to experience various highlights, visit the renowned Shenandoah National Park, and you won’t regret stopping at Virginia’s oldest park. With three separate districts, hiking trails as far as meets the eye, caverns, endemic birds you can observe, and unique flora and fauna, you will be pleased regardless of whether you focus on staying active or simply meditating in this Eden on Earth.

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    The Best Movers Virginia Offer Unbeatable Long-Distance Moving Services

    Relocations are like roller coaster rides, and if you’re changing your home, you’re probably feeling a mixture of all feelings possible combined with apprehension over your future and tiredness due to numerous tasks you have to grapple with. But while the emotional whirlwind takes time to settle, the practical side of the affair can be sorted effortlessly if you opt for our help. In case you choose Cross Country Moving Company’s superb moving services, a large part of the load will be taken off your shoulders, and you’ll have more time to say goodbye to your old life.

    If you hire our professional cross-country movers, your quote will be clear from the word go. Our policy is to create prices based on your household inventory list, which means that you need to detail all the belongings you’re taking in writing, and that’s all the info we need. No percentages, volumes, and factors of a kind are involved, and the only relevant criterion for the quote is the size of your move. The great thing is that you can still change this inventory up to one business day before our truck arrives, which means you won’t be left cut in the middle.

    Let CCMC’s Virginia Movers Take Care of the Packing

    Not many people love loading heavy items into the truck and thinking about the logistics of carrying bulky household belongings. That tingling spark one gets from fearing for their mirrors, beds, and alike when dueling the staircase is the most dreaded aspect of relocation for many. And chasing materials and studying techniques don’t make it much easier either.

    But, our experienced crew has a solution. Knowing how tedious and dangerous handling large furniture and appliances can get, we included dealing with these in our standard packing service. Our team will assist in this regard free of charge, prepare and load the big items into the truck’s compartments and unload and reassemble them when the time comes. You won’t have anything to worry about, except telling us where each piece goes in the new home.

    Our Long-Distance Movers in Virginia Can Provide You With Both Full and Partial Pack

    With massive possessions out of the way, there’s still room for our service. In case you would like to cut the time spent on packing your books, clothes, dishes, and all the things that fit into boxes, let us know, and we’ll gladly jump in. Our crew has had years to practice, and we take great pride in our materials, swiftness, and the ability to pack any item, no matter how oddly shaped or quirky it might be (except for those no movers are allowed to transport.)

    Opting for a professional crew that performs packing daily is the safest route to success, and we do all in our power to stand in the way of disappointment. If you’re interested, you should know that a partial pack covers up to 15 boxes, while a full one is everything above, and you need to tell us what goes into each box.

    Go for Car-Shipping Done Right

    The large territory of the state known as the Mother of Presidents, due to numerous statesmen being born here, is best explored with a car. And why change what’s fully functional and go through the hassle of buying a new car when you can leave your precious four-wheeler to CCMC’s crew and enjoy our auto shipping services?

    We know what it means to hand your car to someone, and for that reason, our team came up with two ways to give you peace of mind. First off, your vehicle will be fully insured for external damage, and the insurance will cover damage costing up to 100,000 USD for cars on open trailers and up to 500,000 dollars for those on closed ones. Secondly, you won’t be left in the lurch concerning your car’s whereabouts, and our tracking system will enable you to know what’s happening at all times.

    Our Experienced Movers Virginia Know Which Transportation Options Yield Impressive Results

    Letting your agent know of all characteristics of your car is the best way to obtain valuable suggestions. Each situation, car model, and the person calls for a different solution, which is why doing research can help you answer your dilemmas and determine what you’ll benefit most from. First, you should know that there are two transportation options our professional team utilizes to give you an immaculate auto transport experience. Here is a summary of both:

    • Open carriers – This type is most common and popular because it’s affordable, practical, and relatively fast. Standard-sized cars easily fit, and if there are no special maintenance requirements, your car will be safe and sound. Our team will go the extra mile to ensure everything goes smoothly, and the only thing we can’t influence is the weather (open trailers and snow or searing heat aren’t the bestest of friends.)
    • Closed trailers – This option is ideal for racing, sport, or luxurious vehicles. Due to its essential trait, this carrier is not susceptible to any weather changes, and it can guarantee you maximum protection. However, such an experience is more costly and harder to book.

    CCMC Is the Company to Call if You Want Delivery Tailored to Your Needs

    The final step to complete this process is delivery. You can pamper yourself and choose door-to-door delivery if you want to forget all about any obligations related to this and simply be at home (or design someone to do it instead of you) on the agreed date. Our experts will bring you your auto, and traffic regulations can be the only impediment (in case any are forbidding us to park in front of your home, we’ll choose the nearest spot available.)

    The other solution is a terminal-to-terminal pick-up that entails coming to our regional storage facilities (terminals.) We’ve got these across the nation, so you’re guaranteed to find one near your current location. You’ll leave more money in your relocation budget and enjoy our expertise on our grounds.

    You Can Leave Your Belongings in Our Hands and Relax

    Sometimes, night and day change and unexpected elements enter our stories. You can interpret those any way you like, but if they make you frustrated, you should know that our storage facilities are ready when you are. Perhaps you can’t enter the new house, or you had to downsize and weren’t prepared to renounce some memories. Whatever the case, our scanning system, heat-control, and theft-prevention methods will be worthy of your trust, and you can stop worrying about safety.

    Our Cross-Country Moving Services Cover Free Storage in the First Month

    Top-notch safety is not the only perk of our premium storage; it also won’t cost you anything in the first thirty days. Knowing how stressful things can get financially, we opted for this measure to alleviate your burden, and if you prolong this service, you’ll be charged by the day, so you’ll still pay only for what you use.

    Insurance Will Never Go Amiss if You’re Our Customer

    At times, things don’t work out the way people intend them to. Be it the human factor or the force outside our control, accidents happen, and there’s no use in lamenting them. Our company offers insurance packages to get you through any situation or experience without a hitch. Our standard package covers basic insurance, which is sixty cents per pound of the lost or damaged item regardless of who did the packing. But, if you’d like to invest in more substantial insurance, go for a full value replacement evaluated by the item’s worth.

    Contact the Most Excellent Movers in Virginia and Head for a Place to Leave It All Behind

    One of the state’s slogans was a place to leave it all behind, and taken the serene and enigmatic natural appeal it has, combined with dazzling history and free innovation, it comes as no surprise. If you want to turn a new page in the book of your life, there’s no better place than this, and CCMC’s long-distance moving professionals will be there for you every step of the way. Contact us now to get a quote, and let us help you start over.

    Moving From Virginia

    If you want to move to or from Virginia, Cross Country Moving Company will help you relocate successfully. All you need to do is to call us and schedule your term. You can choose packing, auto transport, international shipping, storage service, or picking all services. Cross Country Moving Company makes moving pleasant.

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