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    If you’re thinking about moving cross country to a coastal city known as the birthplace of California, you’ll certainly need the help of professional San Diego Movers. Luckily, Cross Country Moving Company has a crew of professionals who are ready to roll at your call. Let us tell you something more about this city and how our crew can help you get there and become a local.

    Relocating to America’s Finest City With Cross Country Moving Company

    Located on the coast of the Pacific Ocean in the state of California, San Diego is a city that has a lot to offer. Known as the birthplace of California, but also by the nickname America’s Finest City, this place is certainly worth visiting, and why not, even relocating to. If you want to find out what’s so fine about this city with around 3.3 million residents in its metro area, stay tuned, and we’ll tell you more about it.

    What Are the Finest Neighborhoods to Settle Down in the County?

    America’s Finest City has a total of 18 towns incorporated in its county and numerous neighborhoods and communities within to choose from. Whether you’re relocating here to raise a family or you’re a young adult looking to find a job, you will easily find a local community tailored to your preferences. For families looking for a safe and sound community, we recommend house hunting around Torrey Hills, Carmel Valley, or Rancho Bernardo. Singles and young adults who prefer a more active lifestyle and lively communities should check out Hillcrest, North Park, La Jolla, and, of course, Downtown.

    Is It Expensive to Live in the Finest City?

    When a city has such a reputation, you probably assume that a higher cost of living goes along. Although it is not as expensive as San Francisco or Los Angeles, The Finest City still has a cost of living index higher than the nation’s average. The most significant factor that contributes to the higher index is, of course, housing. According to Numbeo, the average monthly rent for a one-bedroom apartment in a central location can cost you around $2,200 per month, and a three-bedroom unit in the same location can be found for $3,700. But, on the other side, the average monthly net salary after-tax goes is around $5,000. So it all depends on your possibilities, preferences, and lifestyle.

    Some Fine Things to Do in SD

    Is there anything more exciting than getting to know your new city like a local? Once you’re done with relocating, give yourself a break from all the hard work and take some time to explore this place. A stroll around Balboa Park or Embarcadero will help you forget about all that stress about relocating, but if you prefer relaxing by the water, just go to one of many beaches. If you like adrenaline, we recommend paragliding, hang gliding, surfing, diving at La Jolla Cove, or going for an adventurous ride at Belmont Park.

    There’s a long list of museums to visit, but we recommend the Natural History Museum and Museum of Art for starters. For the youngest ones, there’s the Zoo, rated as one of the best in the world and one of four places in the US where you can spot giant pandas. After an eventful day, you’ll want some food, and due to the Spanish history and proximity to Mexico, the local cuisine here is very diverse, but if you’re a fan of tacos or enchiladas, you’ll certainly enjoy it on another level.

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    Cross Country Moving Company Offers the Best Moving Services

    Have you spent hours researching moving companies in San Diego, and you still can’t decide? With so many fraudulent companies in the industry, it is no wonder people often name the process of finding reliable movers as one of the most stressful aspects of their relocation. We strive to maintain a good reputation by offering genuine quotes, cost-effective services, and top-notch customer care. Feel free to go through our reviews and see for yourself why we are at the top of this industry for years.

    Cross Country Moving Company offers everything you need and more. Our services are tailored to fit the needs of each and every customer, and you can rest assured that we’ll always go the extra mile to ensure everything is just the way you imagined. We provide all cross country moving services in San Diego you might request, so don’t hesitate to contact us and find out more about what our team of experienced cross country movers can do for you.

    Packing Services Provided by Our Professional San Diego Movers

    If the sole idea of having to pack your entire household gives you a headache, don’t let that ruin your journey to the West Coast. Contact our San Diego moving company, and get familiar with the packing services we can provide. We have a crew of well-trained and extra careful packers who can pack anything, from fragile to bulky items, with the utmost care. Whether this is your first relocation or you already have some experience, our movers in San Diego can help you get things packed in no time. Also, we ensure nothing gets lost by placing barcode stickers on each item we wrap and pack and scan them twice when we load and unload your belongings. Take a look at the options we offer, and pick the right solution for you.

    Why Choose Our Full Packing Service

    Whether you have loads of items or you already donated and sold many, you don’t have to bother with wrapping and storing. Our packers will do this boring and time-consuming task for you. Plus, we bring our own supplies. So whether you need mattress covers, boxes, or bubble wrap, you don’t have to waste your time and money on it. Our team comes well-equipped and ready to pack your entire household much faster than you can imagine, all while taking care that everything is safe and well-protected.

    Why Opt for Partial Packing Service

    This service is ideal for those who prefer to pack a part of their belongings on their own. Feel free to handle things that are valuable to you or expensive, and leave the rest to us. Just keep in mind that you have to inform us on time how many boxes our crew will have to pack because by partial we consider anything less than 15 boxes. If our guys have to pack more than that, it is charged as full service, so bear that in mind and try to be accurate with your estimate.

    Car Shipping To and From SD

    If you’re hesitant about whether or not you’ll need a car around SD, we suggest you weigh all the pros and cons because you’ll quickly realize there are more pros to car shipping than you could assume. Although the county is well connected with various public transportation modes, driving can be more convenient, and surprisingly, traffic jams during the rush hours are not so bad. Besides, it is way easier just to ship your car and continue driving it from day one than having to sell it and then buying a new one, and so on. Cross Country Moving Company provides reliable auto shipping, and you can choose between open and enclosed trailers.

    Open or Enclosed Trailer? Car Shipping Services Our Movers Provide

    When moving across the country, you have to ensure that not only your household items are in good hands, but also your vehicle(s). Car shipping is a convenient and popular method for transporting one or several cars when moving state to state, but it is essential to pick a company that will ensure your four-wheeler arrives intact and on time. Take a look at the transportation options we provide:

    Open trailer – These can accommodate up to nine vehicles and represent the fastest and most affordable method of car shipping. But as the name suggests, it is an open trailer, and your vehicle will be exposed to outdoor conditions. When riding on an open trailer, your vehicle is covered up to $100,000 for external damage.
    Enclosed trailer – These trailers can accommodate up to four vehicles, and they are more expensive because they offer better protection. Usually, owners of luxury and classic cars opt for this option even though it is pricey because it provides the best protection, and all external damage up to $500,000 is covered.

    Door-to-Door Delivery

    Regardless of the trailer option you book, it comes with a door-to-door delivery service, which is an absolute favorite among our clients. In case our truck can’t access your front door, we will arrange for you to meet at the nearest parking lot.

    Cross Country Moving Company San Diego Gives You Free Storage for the First 30 Days

    Storage is one of those services that all of our clients get hesitant about at some point. They all think they don’t need it, but after years of experience in this industry and thousands of clients, we believe it is safe to say that everyone needs storage when moving across the country. To show you how serious we are about this, we decided to offer 30 days of free storage services, with no strings attached or obligations to extend and pay a fee. Trust us – you’ll want to use this advantage.

    What Type of Insurance Do We Provide?

    Insurance is an important factor to consider, especially when you are leaving everything you have in someone else’s hands. That’s why it is essential to know that your belongings are insured as long as they are with us. Our crew of professional movers is well-trained to handle all types of items and situations. Still, sometimes an accident can happen, which is why you should be familiar with the insurance options we provide.

    Basic and Full Replacement Coverage Provided by Our San Diego Moving Company

    We strive to provide nothing but the best for our clients, and an important part of that is the insurance we offer. Therefore it is essential to know that everything wrapped and packed by the members of our crew is covered with basic liability insurance. But we also always recommend our clients to opt for the additional full value replacement coverage, especially if they are shipping expensive or sensitive objects.

    Contact Us Today to Get Your Free Quote

    If you can’t wait to become a local and turn relaxing by the ocean into your daily routine, contact us today to schedule your free estimate or request a quote. You can rest assured that the price we give you is guaranteed as we charge per inventory list and offer reasonable prices for the services we provide. Book your professional movers today and start your journey to the West Coast with our crew’s assistance. Let becoming our customer be the first step to your new life by the ocean.

    Moving From San Diego

    Moving shouldn’t be complicated! If you are relocating from San Diego, call Cross Country Moving Company and book your relocation date. Keep in mind that our team consists of experts in relocation, packing, and car shipping and we can offer you the best services possible. For your smooth move – relax and allow us to organize your relocation. You’ll be satisfied.

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