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    As the latest data shows, more and more people are relocating to the snowiest city in New York state. If you are looking for an area brimming with job opportunities and affordable cost of living, CCMC’s Syracuse movers will provide you all the necessary cross-country moving services to support your endeavor to move there. Explore all your options, and book your relocation date in advance to attain a stressless relocation experience.

    Movers in Syracuse, NY, Will Organize Your Relocation Providing all Needed Long-Distance Moving Services

    Cross Country Moving Company is an expert in providing all types of cross-country moving services that will help you relocate to your new location seamlessly. Once you contact us through some of our available channels and explain your needs, the dedicated agent who will be exclusively in charge of your relocation will take care of the rest of the process. Since we base our quotes on your inventory list, you will be provided with a cost estimation when you submit it.

    The most important thing when it comes to our approach to creating cost estimations is that we provide only guaranteed quotes to our customers. The only variation in terms of costs can occur if you change the content of your inventory list that is changeable up to one day prior to your relocation day. This means that you are in complete control of your cost scheme, so make sure to use all the advantages our approach provides!

    Use Our Packing Services, and Moving to New York State and Syracuse Will Be a Piece of Cake

    If you’re looking for the most efficient way to pack your household goods, then going for some of our specially designed packing services will be the right choice for you. We provide three possible options for wrapping up your household, so everything you wish will be properly packed and protected.

    Standard package implies that our professional packers will assist you in every aspect of the packaging process of your bulky pieces, such as appliances, furniture, mirrors, or mattresses. This service is always included in all our quotes, meaning you won’t be additionally charged. The only thing you should do when it comes to this packaging option is to indicate what household goods you want the packers to take care of.

    They will pack it using all protective packaging supplies, disassemble and reassemble, load it and unload it from the moving truck, and once they arrive in your new house, they will organize it by placing it in the right room. However, this packaging option does not include boxing up your other breakables and delicate items, so if you need help with those, then check out some of the other two possible packaging options.

    Partial and Full Packing Services Are the Most Effective Way Movers in Syracuse NY  Protect Your Valuables

    There are certainly many items in your household that require special treatment, and you don’t want to put them at risk of damage. For that reason choosing partial or full packing services is the most effective way to attain the required packaging for them. If you go for partial service, our professional and fully-trained packers will box up all the items you indicate in a maximum of 15 boxes. In case you have more than 15 boxes of items, we advise you to take advantage of the full packaging service.

    Both services imply we can pack anything you indicate, from your breakables to clothing items. If you’re on a very tight schedule and need to organize everything in a very short time or simply don’t want to waste your time boxing up your items, then choosing full packaging is an excellent option for you. For all further details, don’t hesitate to consult your designated agent, who will provide you with all the information and needed advice.

    Syracuse NY Movers Provide Insurance Policies for Packed Belongings

    Another benefit of using the assistance of our long-distance moving company is that we provide you with insurance for all packed items. The mandatory liability coverage is included in all our quotes, so, in case of mishaps, this policy will cover 0.60 cents per pound of damaged goods. Another option is taking a full-value replacement policy, which grants full compensation for any damaged item packed by our professional cross-country movers.

    One Month-Free Storage Place Is Another Advantage CCMC Provide to its Customers

    Moving cross-country and matching all the dates is very difficult to attain, and you will probably need to store your items for some time. That’s why Cross Country Moving Company provides all customers with free usage of a storage unit for one month, which in the majority of cases is just enough time to organize everything.

    Our storage units are intended only for storing our customers’ items, and they are fully protected. Guards, 24/7 video surveillance, and temperature control that guarantees none of your belongings will get moldy due to wet conditions in the storage places are only some of the benefits we provide. And for all our customers who want to extend the period of storage place usage, we guarantee beneficial conditions in terms of prices. So, if you’re interested in more details related to this topic, make sure to contact us and ask your dedicated agent to explain to you how the whole process works.

    Car Shipping Is Our Next Specialty!

    Choosing long-distance movers who can provide you with full service is of tremendous precedence when relocating because you will save a lot of time and money in that way. CCMC is specialized in all types of auto shipping. The only thing we’ll have to agree on is the type of trailer you will use, which is conditioned by your car size. So, once you decide to transport your car, make sure to contact your dedicated agent and explore all the possible options we can offer.

    The Link Between the Vehicle Size and Usage of Open or Enclosed Trailers

    The type of trailer you will choose is determined by your car size since open trailers are designed to transport standard-sized vehicles. This means that any larger type of four-wheelers could not be placed and transferred on an open trailer. So, if you own some larger or more exclusive type of car, you will definitely need to take an enclosed trailer which is more expensive but provides better conditions for your machine in terms of protection. Enclosed trailers are quite limited when it comes to availability, but they guarantee that your vehicle will be protected from damages caused by weather conditions.

    On the other hand, if your car is of a standard size, then an open trailer will be just enough to transport it to your next destination safely and more affordably too. Transferring the car on an open trailer can cut your car shipping expenses up to 30%, which is a considerable amount.

    Delivery Process Is Another Essential Part of Moving Services  We Cover

    Scheduling car shipping is a multi-layered process that entails many decisions. Another one is the car-delivery method you’ll choose. We can pick up and deliver your vehicle door-to-door or terminal-to-terminal, which is conditioned by your time, so make sure to consider all your obligations and the location of your new home before you book the auto transport services.

    So, now that we’ve seen what CCMC has in store for you let’s check out your destination.

    Welcome to Syracuse’s Booming Area

    In the past few years, more and more people follow the trend of relocating to smaller cities to provide them with better quality of life and affordable housing options. For that reason, Syracuse became one of the top choices of people who are looking for plenty of opportunities. As the US Postal Service data suggests, the number of people who relocated from New York City to ‘Cuse increased by 70% in that period. Low cost of living, an excellent housing market, job opportunities, multiple amenities within the city, and vicinity to New York (‘Cuse is only four hours drive away from the Big Apple) influenced young families to choose it as their next home.

    Actually, thanks to its great University, ‘Cuse was always one of the most common choices of young people who generate the city’s atmosphere. Famous University Syracuse Orange men’s basketball team, many festivals, expansive arts and culture scene, and great job opportunities are the reason why young people often choose it for their home. Aside from the University of Syracuse being one of the major employers in the city, there are also a few Fortune 500 companies like Anthem, Macy’s, iHeartmedia, or Costco Wholesale, that provide excellent work options.

    Because of its high quality of living, ‘Cuse was listed among the best cities for living in the US . Also, it was named as one of the best options for retirees because of its affordability. So if you’re looking for a perfect place to live after your career is finished, then this place is the right answer for you.

    The Best Neighborhoods Within the Salt City for Your Next Home

    As we have mentioned before, due to its affordable housing options, ‘Cuse is one of the most suitable places to choose for living, and buy your own house.Across the 24 neighborhoods within Salt City, the median home value is around $140,000, which is 50% less than the national average. Downtown is definitely the most expensive neighborhood where the median home price is around $300,000, while the most affordable district is Near West Side, where the average price of homes amounts to $47,000.  Here are the best residential areas you should definitely consider:

    • Aside from the very affordable homes, West Side is the top-rated family-friendly neighborhood. Accessible public transport, friendly neighbors, walkable surroundings, and 3% lower living costs than the rest of ‘Cuse are only additional advantages of this part of the city. So, if you’re still searching for a housing option, make sure to consider this part of the town too.
    • University Hill, as its name suggests, is in the vicinity of the University, and that’s why this neighborhood is the most common choice of college students and singles. Very low living costs, low crime rates, proximity to the downtown, shopping centers, and entertainment options make it the perfect location for younger people who want to enjoy the city to the fullest.
    • The Eastwood residential area is convenient for people of all ages. The vicinity to university, downtown and some of the top-rated elementary and middle schools in the town, quiet surroundings, and low costs of living make it one of the favorite spots for living. Many restaurants and unique local shops give this district additional charm and a laid-back spirit, so you will easily enjoy all the advantages of the area.

    City of Winter Wonderland, Festivals, and Breathtaking Natural Surroundings

    Syracuse was always known as the crossroads of New York State due to its central location. It is near many large cities like New York City, Buffalo, Rochester, Albany, and three lakes. Onondaga Lake is in the city, while lakes Oneida and Ontario are 20 and 40 miles away, respectively.

    All this makes it one of the finest destinations for living. Plenty of forests and mountains perfect for skiing in the winter and hiking in the summer season, and more than 40 golf courses are only a few of the area’s highlights you’ll be enjoying once you relocate here.

    However, ‘Cuse is the most beautiful in the winter when all the enchantments of the season come to light. Skiing, ice-skating, frozen waterfalls, attending the Winterfest, or watching the snowflakes falling peacefully are only a few of the gorgeous things you can experience in ‘Cuse. Aside from the Winterfest, a few more festivals give a special touch to the city. Taste of SU, the International Film Festival, and the Jazz Fest are the favorite attractions for the residents and tourists alike.

    Call Us Today, Ask For A Quote, and Let Your Relocation Process to or From ‘Cuse Begin!

    Relocations are complex to organize, and for that reason, you should start the process in advance. For that reason, CCMC provides you with impeccable customer support you can contact using some of our 24/7 available channels. Send us an online inquiry using our website, send us an email, or call us, and get your free quote and all questions answered in a record time. Our team for relocations will be happy to help you with dilemmas and organize every aspect of your residential move, whether you wish to move to ‘Cuse or leave it to start afresh someplace else.

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