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    New Jersey Cross Country Movers

    Have you decided to find the best New Jersey movers and relocate to this beautiful state? If so, you’ll have to do some research on what you can expect, where you should live, and who will relocate you? Cross Country Moving Company is a perfect choice since we offer all kinds of services you might need. But first, let’s see what your life will look like after hiring a New Jersey moving company.

    New Jersey Is Expensive, but It’s Worth It

    If you know somebody who lives here, you’ve probably heard a lot already about how it is to be an NJ resident. Just like with any other state, your experience will depend on your preferences, and everyone has their own opinion on things. However, there are some things that are facts. You should definitely become a local resident if you’re good with the following:

    • NJ has four seasons, and you’ll get to experience all of them in their true manner. Springs are beautiful and mild, summers are warm and perfect for the beach and swimming, falls are just stunningly colorful and nice, and winters are snowy, cold, and windy. January, February, and March are the coldest, so if you’re not a fan of the snow and ice, you might want to consider moving cross country during summer or spring,
    • There is a great job market and high salaries, but the cost of living is also high. When having both factors in mind, it’s affordable, even though it’s higher than in other states. NJ is, after all, the second wealthiest state in the US,
    • The taxes are high, especially the state income and property taxes, but it’s still cheaper than in its neighboring NYC,
    • The proximity to NYC (especially the eastern and northern part of the state) is why many people choose to live in NJ and work in NYC, which allows them to have a high salary, access to the amazing NYC job market, and yet to have a cheaper cost of living. And, of course, access to everything else that NYC has to offer.
    • Great educational opportunities and healthcare are also the pros of living in NJ. Here’s the New Jersey University, and there are great public schools – second in the nation, and great hospitals. If you’re relocating with kids, this might be the perfect place. It’s much more family-friendly than you might think.
    • Here you can find many different cultures, and it’s very diverse, which also means another amazing thing – great food. You will have the chance to taste delicious meals from worldwide cuisines. Also, there are so many diners that NJ is called the Diner Capital of the World, and nearly all of them are open 24/7.

    The Areas Here Are Pretty Distinct, So Choose Well

    NJ is also called the Garden State because of all the greenery and beautiful nature all around. Many people are relocating here, especially from NY, because the difference in the cost of living is significant. NJ is densely populated, but it has lots of small communities that will give you a suburban feel. Princeton is one of the most highly recommended places to live in NJ. It’s the perfect spot for raising kids. Philadelphia and NYC are easily accessible, it’s very walkable, and you can bike to town easily. Schools are also amazing, and you’ll have everything you need nearby.

    Cape May is another suggestion – it’s a beach town that’s also a National Historic Landmark (declared in 1976). The dining and shopping scene is outstanding, and there are many cultural events going on here. Clifton is only twenty miles away from NY, and it offers affordability. The crime rates are low, and it has many recreational facilities and parks. Clifton Stadium is home to the annual Fourth of July fireworks.

    Each Season Offers Something New

    There are lots of things to do every season. Spring is perfect for going to the wineries and tulip farms. Go swimming on the beach during summer; fall gives you Octoberfest, apple and pumpkin picking, you can go skiing and snowboarding in the winter. South NJ is just beautiful – there are wonderful beaches, and you can make day trips to some of the beach towns. There are 141 miles of coastline, so you’ll have plenty of options to choose from. The western part is more like the countryside – you’ll experience low traffic, peace and quiet, and lots of greenery for spending time in nature. If you’re a foodie, go and enjoy the incredible food scene. You’ll also find many craft beers and wines here. All in all, you will never be bored.

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    Get Everything You Require From the Best New Jersey Movers

    It’s not that easy to find perfect local movers in New Jersey that you can afford. Most of the professionals are very expensive, especially if you’re moving across the country, but it’s crucial that you get the most efficient services. With Cross Country Moving Company, the process will be very straightforward – we provide you with top-notch cross country moving services and a guaranteed quote, and you will work with a skilled and experienced team.

    Get a Free Quote From Our Reputable New Jersey Movers

    We only go by the inventory list, not the weight or the volume of the shipment. That means that the client has full control over the price of their move. Each item you add increases the cost and vice versa. If you don’t have a definite list, that’s completely fine. You can submit and change the list as many times as you want until one business day before the move. In case you want an online survey or an in-home estimation, we can provide you that as well. That way, we can estimate the price more accurately since we’ll know the exact characteristics of the items you’re relocating. With us, cross-country moving of your home or business office becomes a piece of cake.

    We Offer You Top-Notch Packing Services

    With our packing service, you won’t have to worry about a thing. We will take care of every piece of furniture, all the electronics, pictures, and mirrors. Our team will disassemble and reassemble every piece, carefully wrap and protect them, load the shipment on the truck, and unload it. Once we arrive in NJ, we’ll carry your belongings to your new home and help you by repositioning and organizing the items and boxes in the rooms. Only the smaller items such as the dishes and clothes will be yours to pack. If you need boxes and packing supplies for them, keep in mind that you can get them from us. We can also offer you a partial pack service in case you want to pack most of the boxes, but you’d also like for us to take care of some stuff such as the fragile items.

    Cross Country Moving Company Can Do Everything for You If You Get a Full Pack Service

    There’s also an option where you don’t have to do anything on the day of the move. If you purchase a full pack service from us, our crew will handle each piece you’re relocating. For this service, we will need to know the exact and detailed list of items, including all the small things.

    More Delicate Items Might Require Custom Crating

    Our local cross country movers have another option for you to relocate each item safely. In case you have something large, breakable, and expensive that you want to move to NJ, those items might need to be shipped inside of a wooden box or a crate. Let us know the dimensions of each item that needs additional protection, and we’ll make a customized crate for it.

    Use Our Storage Unit for 30 Days Free of Charge

    It can happen that you can’t bring your belongings to your home as soon as you come, or that you haven’t found the perfect place yet. If that’s the case, then you also have to think about finding storage in NJ. If you were wondering who are the cross country movers near me that can also provide me with a high-end storage unit, you’ve just found us. You can use our storage facilities for a month without paying. We will label your items before entering and check them in, so nothing will be lost, forgotten, or misplaced. If you need our storage for longer than a month, you will be prorated daily.

    Our NJ Movers Also Provide Auto Shipping

    If you’re thinking about transporting your car to NJ, let us know, and we’ll provide you with a professional auto shipping service. The reviews from our previous clients prove that we relocated thousands of cars successfully and with no damage at all. You can call us just for this service, or for relocating both your household items and cars. In that case, our cross-country moving company will give you a bundle deal so that you pay less for our top-notch moving services. Decide where you will pick-up your car – at your desired location or at our terminal by choosing from door-to-door or terminal-to-terminal services.

    We Provide Long-Distance Car Shipping on an Enclosed or Open Trailer

    Choose between two options and pick the one that’s most convenient for your car. Open trailers are a more common and affordable option, and they’re used for all operable cars. The enclosed trailer is a matter of prestige, and it’s used for high-end vehicles such as sports models or oldtimers. We allow our clients to place up to 100 lbs inside the trunk of the vehicle as well.

    Cross Country Moving Company Can Also Help You With International Moving

    Our movers in New Jersey can also help you with international moving to many Asian and European countries. We can move your items by sea or by air, and the quotes are also free. You will get top service for a fair price, while our professional staff takes care that you have a smooth relocation.

    You Will Have Free Insurance for Everything That Our Cross Country Movers Packed for You

    Each box or item that our long-distance movers protected and packed is insured before moving state to state. Minimum liability insurance is free of charge and mandatory, and it covers $0.60 per item on the list. We highly recommend getting additional insurance for light but expensive items or for anything expensive that you’re relocating. Your car is also insured to $100,000 on an open trailer or $500,000 inside an enclosed truck. Once you contact us, your dedicated relocation specialist will explain all the details to you.

    We’re One of the Best Moving Companies in New Jersey

    When you look at excellent reviews from our previous clients, it’s almost impossible that you wouldn’t want to contact us. There are many moving companies in NJ, but only the most reputable ones should accommodate your move. Give us a call, email us, or request a quote online, and we’ll be there for you any time of the day, week, or month. We have everything you might need, and none of our services are brokered out, which means that only one company will handle your move from A to Z. Prices are guaranteed with us, and so is the pleasant experience.

    Moving From New Jersey

    Have you decided to move from New Jersey? You’re at the right place. While preparing for relocation, you shouldn’t worry about anything. You can choose our packing, auto transport, international shipping, and storage service for all that have to leave Jersey City or any other spot in the state. Cross Country Moving Company will move you in the best way possible without any problems. Call us and book your move.

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