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    Located in the heart of New Mexico, known for its prairies and a must-stop point on Route 66, Albuquerque is one of the most dynamic places in the US and the cultural center of the southwest. If you plan to relocate to Burque, here is how Albuquerque movers can help you organize your cross-country moving and get you closer to one of the sunniest cities in the US. Contact Cross Country Moving Company, and explore all services we provide that will undoubtedly ease the whole process of relocation and get you as quickly as possible to your new home address.

    Albuquerque is the Next Top-Notch Destination of Startup Community and a Growing Hub of Film Industry

    Located at the crossroads of routes, with an abundance of clear and sunny days and some of the unique natural phenomena in the US, great tax incentives, and high-quality of life, Burque presents one of the greatest places for life in NM. The people of Duke City, how ABQ is also called, are really friendly, welcoming, and laid back. This relaxing atmosphere where everyone can take the time for themselves is one of the best advantages of living in Burque. ABQ is a perfect choice for all nature lovers searching for terrific landscapes and a range of outdoor activities to fulfill their free time and allow them to spend it well.

    Moreover, Albuquerque is one of the least expensive places for living in the US, where the living costs are 5% lower than the national average. Not to mention low property taxes and state income tax that is 24% lower than the national average. So, if you’re searching for favorable conditions to start your business or want to develop your start-up, ABQ is a great place to do it. Due to its favorable tax incentives, temperate climate, and more than 300 sunny days per year, ABQ is also a growing film industry hub, where some of the globally popular movies and shows like Breaking Bad, The Avengers, and Independence Day: Resurgence were filmed.

    Safest Neighbourhoods in Burque

    Aside from many attractions and a range of outdoor activities, the greatest advantage of living in Burque is affordable housing, whether you’d like to rent or buy a house. The median rent is $873, which is 14% lower than the national average. When it comes to buying a property, the situation becomes even better. The median price of properties in ABQ is around $198,200, which is also lower than the national average. So, the toughest decision will be choosing the right neighborhood for you. For that reason, we present you with the top 5 most affordable, safest, and family-friendly areas within the city with great outdoor activities, exceptional schools, and University:

    • Bear Canyon is an ideal area for families and retirees who seek quiet surroundings, ranch-style houses, plenty of green areas, and some of the best schools within the city. The best thing about the Bear Canyon environment is it gives some great opportunities for outdoor activities such as jogging, picnics, hiking, biking, and even golf courses. Also, there are plenty of family-friendly activities such as carnival games at the nearby Amusement Park, roller coaster rides, or kids’ playgrounds.
    • Huning Castle neighborhood has one of the best micro-locations within ABQ. It is situated in the vicinity of Rio Grande River banks, downtown, and historic Old Town, so this part of ABQ is generally a top choice for all those who like to live in centrally located areas near all the happenings. ABQ Country Club is great for all retirees and business-oriented people who want to enjoy golf and tennis games. Swimming is also a thing, at one of the most exclusive points in town. Tingle Beach on the Riverbanks is the main reason people who adore outdoor activities choose to live there since it provides various options such as fishing, boating, and hiking. Besides outdoor activities, Huning Castle is famous for its live music and game nights, meaning good fun is guaranteed. And when it comes to families, Rio Grande Pool and ABQ BioPark Zoo will be just unavoidable points for all those who live in Burque.
    • Nob Hill presents a top choice for all students and young professionals due to its close proximity to the University of NM, very affordable housing and apartment options, and great nightlife characterized by live performances. Also, Nob Hill is considered one of the best shopping artistic areas within the city, where all handmade crafts come to the fore.
    • Ventana Ranch is one of the most popular suburban neighborhoods for retirees and families who want to be away from the hustle and bustle and search for affordable properties, too. Although located in the suburbs, there are tennis and golf courses, kids’ playgrounds, even dog parks.
    • Taylor Ranch is one of the safest and most affordable neighborhoods in ABQ for buying a house. Whether you plan to buy your first home and move in with your family, or you’re looking for a place to settle down after your retirement, Taylor Ranch may be the perfect place for you. Families love it because of some of the most reputable elementary and middle schools within a city. The Taylor Ranch is also home to various restaurants that serve the most delicious Japanese, Italian and Mexican food, so whenever you want to take a gastro trip around the world, you’ll be one step closer to it here. And after you finish with your gastro trip, you can go for an Around the World in 80 Days experience and go for a hot air balloon ride, another attraction that gathers visitors.

    Burque Means Unusual Fun

    Burque merges some unthinkable differences – prairies, a desert, and high snowy mountains that create a unique landscape and provide its citizens with a range of unusual outdoor activities. Hiking, mountain biking, desert or forest riding, snowboarding in the Sandia Mountains, or star gazing are some of the activities that all nature lovers will just adore.

    The greatest attraction of ABQ is undoubtedly Route 66 that goes along the NM in the length of 465 miles. So, taking a drive through the ABQ part of Mothers Road and enjoying the most iconic landscapes of the American West, like high prairies with antelope herds, vintage motels, and ghost towns, is something that every new resident of ABQ has to experience. Other activities you can perform after you’re done with long-distance moving are taking a Breaking Bad tour or hot air balloon ride and enjoying ABQ gorgeous landscapes from above. Since there are 23 Native American tribes in NM, exploring tribal heritage is something that should definitely be on your bucket list.

    Burque is also home to various lively festivals that gather visitors from all over the US. Mariachi Spectacular de Albuquerque, Harvest Wine Festival, and ABQ International Balloon Fiesta, or the Festival of Flamenco, if you’re a passionate dancer, will be something you definitely don’t wanna miss.

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    Book All Relocating Services You Need with Our Professional Movers in Albuquerque

    We know moving cross country is complex to organize since there are hundreds of details to cover so everything can perfectly flow without any stressful situations. For that reason, we designed a range of cross-country moving services in Albuquerque that can cover all your needs and help you with relocation.

    Our competitive prices and quotes are exclusively based on inventory lists, so you can easily track your costs associated with relocation. You can change your inventory list up to one day in advance of your relocation day. Of course, our customer support service is available 24/7 for all our customers. Your designated agent will explain to you in detail how the whole process works and will provide you with all additional necessary information.

    Cross Country Moving Company Provide Three Types of Packing Services

    Our professional cross-country movers can pack everything you imagine. The only thing you should do is schedule the packing services you need with your designated agent and choose one of three packing options.

    The first option is free of charge and included in the quote. It implies that our professional packers will take care of all your heavy items and load them into the truck. It entails disassembling furniture, taking care of your mattresses, mirrors, or any other bulky item. Also, this option implies they will unload everything from the truck once they deliver it to your new home address and organize it through the rooms.

    Let Our Efficient Packers Pack Some or All of Your Belongings

    The second option means our packers will pack items you indicate as important, or you’re not sure how to properly pack yourself. Everything that can be packed into a max of 15 boxes we count as a partial packing service, and in case of more than that, we will provide you with a full packaging service. Of course, we don’t expect you to come to a solution on what option to choose all by yourself, so you can always count on the support and advice of your designated agent.

    Your Belongings Will Be Insured with CCMC

    Cross Country Moving Company takes care of your belongings in every way possible, meaning we provide you with an insurance policy in case anything gets damaged during the transfer. Every quote includes mandatory liability coverage that provides reimbursement of 0.60 cents per pound of damaged belongings, and if you want to upgrade this deal to a full-value replacement policy, then your designated agent will explain everything in detail.

    Need Storage Place? Take Advantage of Our One Month Free Storage Deal

    In case you need to store your belongings and require an additional storage place, we provide you with our fully secured storage unit you can use for free for one month. The usage extensions are possible and additionally charged by the day. You just have to tell your designated agent what your plans are and how long the extension you need, and everything will be immediately updated through our system.

    You Don’t Need to Sell Your Car if You Relocate – CCMC Can Ship It to Your New Home Address

    Not only will we ship it, but we will provide all our customers with the discounted price of car shipping services whenever they use our other relocating services. You really don’t have to waste your time driving all that long when we can do it for you and ship your car in front of your door if it is required. The process of booking our car shipping services is pretty similar to all other moving services you’ve already agreed with your designated agent. Just make sure you booked it in advance and have chosen the right way of your auto transportation.

    What Type of Transportation Your Car Needs?

    There are two types of trailers, open and enclosed, you can use for your auto transport. This choice depends on your car’s value, size, and type. If your car is medium-sized, an open trailer will be just enough for your auto transport. Yet, if you have some luxurious or large-sized car, it would be better to transfer it with an enclosed trailer, which is more expensive but safer.

    Just like we provide insurance for your belongings, we provide it for your car, too, just in much larger sums. All cars are insured for $100,000 on an open trailer or $500,000 on enclosed trailers, so you can always count on reimbursement if any damage occurs on an open road.

    Pick Up and Delivery Points

    There are two options available, either for pick up or delivery of your car. You can choose between the door-to-door option, which means pick-up and delivery right in front of your house, or terminal-to-terminal. Although door-to-door delivery is always more convenient, you should know it is more expensive than its counterpart. Still, if you have enough time to dedicate to your car, you can leave it in the terminal and pick it from there once it is shipped to Burque.

    Book Your Cross-Country Moving Services and Start Preparations for Relocating to or from Albuquerque

    Start preparing on time, and book all long-distance moving services you need. Contact us and explore every detail with your designated agent that will take care of your relocation and organize everything. Save yourself from stress and let a professional relocating company move you to your new home address efficiently, quickly, and reliably, and let your adventure start.

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