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    Moving to Albuquerque, New Mexico with Albuquerque Cross Country Movers

    Have you considered moving to another state? Do you have any idea how you’re going to move your entire household all the way to Albuquerque? Don’t worry about it – Cross Country Movers can do that and more for you. When you hire us as your Albuquerque Cross Country Movers, you have nothing to worry about regarding your long distance move.

    You just need to give us a call and schedule your relocation with one of the best cross country movers in the US. Then, you can relax and enjoy your long distance move to Albuquerque. With us as your trustworthy Albuquerque movers, you can count on residential moving, corporate moving, and professional packing services, among others. You can also rely on us to take care of your vehicle, as we offer excellent auto transport services. So, wherever in the States you want your car transported, we can make it happen. Depending on your needs and preferences, you can choose between open and enclosed long distance car shipping, as well as terminal to terminal and door to door delivery. If you want to save some money, you might want to opt for open trailer and terminal to terminal transport. If, however, you want to protect your vehicle even from rain and dust, then enclosed car shipping is the right option for you. As for door to door delivery, as the name itself suggest, this one saves you the trouble of picking up your vehicle at a terminal. If you ask for this service, we will transport your car directly to your new address.

    We are eagerly waiting for your call, ready to provide you with whatever additional info that you might need on our moving services. Now, read on to learn more about your future home.

    Albuquerque is a heaven on Earth. It is a mixture of both urban and rural styles, with a low-cost high-quality living, a mild climate, and a varied cultural background. Who wouldn’t want to live there? Without further ado, here are the reasons why we believe you should be moving to Albuquerque as soon as possible.

    About Albuquerque

    Albuquerque is located right next to the Sandia Mountains. No matter what neighborhood you are in, you will always be able to see and admire their slopes. A great thing about the Mountains is that they look completely different depending on the time of the day. Another big benefit of having a mountain in close vicinity is that, whenever you get tired of the warm desert weather in Albuquerque, you can go skiing. Don’t forget to pack your skiing equipment.

    The Sunny Days

    Albuquerque gets over three hundred sunny days a year. Forget all about rain, snow, and cold – if you are an outdoor person who enjoys warm weather, Albuquerque is the place for you. While it can get hot during the summer, most of the year the weather in Albuquerque is absolutely amazing. Did you know that sunshine is considered to be one of the most powerful natural antidepressants? In addition, Albuquerque’s geographical position means that it is never endangered by a natural catastrophe. So, if you are looking to run away from Californian earthquakes, we promise you, Albuquerque is your new safe haven. So, hire our cross country movers to take you there as soon as possible.

    The Mixture of Big and Small

    Albuquerque is large, but not too large. It is small, but not too small. Albuquerque is a little bit of everything. It has a well-developed nightlife, as well as plethora of shopping and entertainment options to choose from. Despite this, due to its scenery, it still has the small-town feel to it. Traffic jams in Albuquerque are a real rarity, and noise pollution is not a problem. When it comes to air pollution, Albuquerque is considered to be one of the least-polluted cities in the States.

    The Super Low Prices

    Albuquerque is pretty inexpensive. The reason for this might be the overall poverty problem in New Mexico. However, lower taxes and lower prices in general make life in Albuquerque much easier. This applies to gas prices and higher education as well!

    Places of Interest

    Albuquerque has a lot of attractions which are interesting both to the tourists and to the city’s residents as well. Since the list of the important places to visit in Albuquerque could easily be endless, we have put together some of those which we deemed most important.

    • The Albuquerque Museum offers year-round exhibitions of art pieces, as well as numerous events for visitors of all ages and interests.
    • The Indian Pueblo Cultural Center is a place where you can experience and learn about the tradition of the Pueblo Indians who resided in the area long before the Europeans came.
    • The KiMo Theatre is not your typical theatre – what sets it apart is the exquisite architecture of its building – a prime example of the mixture between Art Deco and the traditional Pueblo style.
    • The Church of San Felipe de Neri is over three hundred years old. It is a Catholic church with a school and a museum.

    The Culture

    The culture of Albuquerque is a mixture of a little bit of everything. Native Americans, Mexicans, Hispanic, and white people all live in a cultural harmony which results in marvelous food you cannot expect to see anywhere else, breathtaking arts and crafts, and appealing music.

    The River

    Rio Grande really is grand. Aside from the river itself, Albuquerque locals have the opportunity to enjoy a 16 mile long biking and hiking trail, as well as the ABQ Bio Park Botanic Garden. If you enjoy seeing wild animals in their natural habitat, this is the place for you. Bald eagles, great blue herons, and many other animals roam this area freely. Make sure you enjoy them from far away. Do not disturb or scare them. Hunting is not allowed, unless in accordance with New Mexico Game and Fish. If you enjoy water activities, you can rent a kayak or float on the river. Keep in mind that during the summer, the water in the river is scarce, so if you are planning on enjoying water activities once you move, do so during the winter. To find out more about the numerous activities you may enjoy at the river, visit the official website of the city of Albuquerque.

    The Beer

    While Albuquerque is not a city generally known for its beer, it has a growing local brewing industry that doesn’t fail to amaze. Our suggestion is to visit La Cumbre, a brewery whose beers have already won some major prizes. Yet another great brewery is Marble Brewery where you will get a chance to try all kinds of beers and enjoy live music. See more local Albuquerque breweries and find out more about them here.

    The Balloon Fiesta

    One of the great things that the Albuquerque weather allows is the largest hot air balloon festival in the world. The Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta is held for nine days every year. Each year, over five hundred hot air balloons take off, filling the sky.

    Route 66

    This article would be incomplete without mentioning the historical Route 66, now Central Avenue in Albuquerque. This famous route guides tourists through the city, from the volcanoes in the west, through the Old Town and ABQ Downtown, to the University of New Mexico and beyond. If you are interested in taking the Route 66 tour, which includes visits to the Historic Nob Hill District, University of New Mexico, Downtown, Alvarado Transportation Center, Crossroads Mall, KiMo Theatre and Art Gallery and the Historic old town, learn more about Route 66.

    The Name

    Say Albuquerque. Doesn’t it feel nice slipping off your tongue? Don’t worry, even the Albuquerqueans find it very hard to spell. Don’t be surprised if you notice people simply writing ABQ instead. Did we manage to convince you that Albuquerque is the place for you? If so, contact Cross Country Movers today and get a free moving price estimate, professional long distance movers, as well as additional moving tips. We will provide you with all the services you might need, such as professional packing, free storage units, moving supplies, and many more. Make sure you have dependable Santa Barbara movers by your side. In other words, schedule your relocation with us, and you’re good to go. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

    Ready to move?

    Are you ready to move to Albuquerque? If so, contact Cross Country Movers representatives today to get your free moving price estimates and additional moving tips. If you need help with packing, our professional cross country movers and packers are at your service as well. You have found the perfect Albuquerque cross country movers, so hesitate no more – give us a call right away.

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    “This is a great moving company! I recommend everyone to try its services. Prices are reasonable and quality is high-level. I ordered the move AZ to NV, and movers were done packing and loading our 3 bedroom house in 6 hours! Four days later, all my belongings and furniture safely arrived at my new home, all without any cracks and scratches! I give them A+!”

    Robin Ham

    “This company is the best, I have used them twice, you can’t go wrong picking them for your move. Very nice people!!”


    “Excellent job!!! The movers were amazing!!!! They set up everything for us perfectly!!! Very professional, courteous, and polite! We highly recommend them!!!”

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