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    Are you planning to relocate to The Grand Canyon State? Commence your story the right way by employing the most reliable Arizona movers that can make the whole process easy and stress-free. Keep in mind that picking the best cross-country moving team can be quite easy. Just take a peek at every service Cross Country Moving Company (CCMC) has to offer and book a move. Once our skilled professionals take charge of your relocation, all that’s left for you to do is explore the new location. You can enjoy national parks and forests, gorgeous wilderness, and several Indian reservations, and of course, a vibrant city life.

    Settle in Phoenix The Heart of Southwest and the Gem of AZ

    People who love to explore nature and diverse surroundings will have a blast in AZ. With only 21 deserts across the globe and just four of them located in the US – the Grand Canyon state is quite unique since it embraces all four of them within its borders. The massive Sonoran desert, a rare green desert packed with wildflowers, takes up most of the southwest and central part of AZ. Also, if you enjoy warm weather, this region gets 334 days of sunshine yearly.

    Arizona capital is the most populated city in the state, and it has more than 1.5 million residents, while its greater area has over 4 million inhabitants. It was first used by settlers in the 19th century. And ever since then, it has been growing and developing non-stop.

    The industry and economy are strong and diverse statewide. As for the capital, the most promising businesses are connected to high-tech manufacturing, tourism, and construction. And if you’re wondering about the things you can see and do to fulfill your free time, there are countless outdoor activities, rich cultural scenes, and different sports to dedicate yourself to. You must visit a Desert Botanical Garden and museums dedicated to Native American history.

    If you choose to relocate here, you will have all sorts of things to learn and take pleasure in. Whether you plan to move alone or raise a family, you will have amazing experiences and opportunities ahead of you.

    Best Residential Areas in PHO You Should Learn About

    Relocating to PHO, or how people call it, the Valley of the Sun brings substantial perks. This state capital and its wider area offer stunning homes, an unmatched view of the desert and mountains, and multiple family-friendly communities. Moreover, it is one of the most affordable cities in the US.

    The best places to call home in this sunny area include:

    • Arcadia: Aside from being a prominent natural landmark, this picturesque neighborhood is only 15 minutes from the airport and downtown Scottsdale. It is paved with wide streets and packed with urban households with a family-friendly feel. With several high-ranked schools nearby, this district is perfect for those who plan to raise children in PHO.
    • North Tempe: If you are a student or a job seeker, look no further. This trendy, hip, and fun district is right next to Arizona State University. And thriving companies like GoDaddy, Motorola, and Google all have their offices right here. Finding a place to live here means choosing between old houses and brand-new condos. The entire area has diverse architectural styles that can match any taste.
    • Verrado: Aiming for a place to raise a family and have easy access to more than 60 parks and 20 miles of hiking trails will take you to Verrado. Diverse local styles, numerous retailers, and plenty of dining options made this neighborhood quite urban and vivid. While being positioned in the White Tank Mountains in Buckeye, this town is less than 30 miles away from the capital’s core.

    Other popular and affordable districts you should consider are:

    • Ahwatukee is a residential district made for singles and young professionals, with a low crime rate and affordable housing.
    • Deer Valley, a neighborhood that attracts families and retirees because of the gorgeous houses and low prices.
    • Maryvale, possibly the least expensive residential area, with countless kid-friendly amenities, peaceful streets, and single-family ranch homes.

    Do your research and check out every neighborhood. Once you find your ideal household, contact the right cross-country moving company and start your journey smoothly.

    Arizona State mountains in Arizona Portland night

    Cross Country Moving Company Has Best Relocation Services

    Wherever you choose to go, it is paramount that you hire the right long-distance moving team. Relocation companies ease some of the major struggles people face when making a major shift and leaving their old homes.

    If you contact our cross-country movers, you will get everything done correctly. We will make sure to save you some time and money and relieve some of the stress that comes with every enormous change. There are no hidden costs involved in the final quote, and we will pack and load all your belongings with utmost care. That being said, the chances of losses and damage are minimal when you use our professional cross-country moving services.

    Visit our website to get a free quote. If you need a more detailed estimate, you should send us a full list of your household inventory, which can be changed at any time until 24 hours prior to the relocation day.

    Our Long Distance Movers in Arizona Provide Excellent Packing Services

    Boxing up all of your belongings is another lengthy process. It is essential to take every step correctly. It is highly recommended to start sorting out and decluttering your household items two months before you relocate. Although getting rid of some unused objects sounds like a piece of cake, it is often more challenging than you think. Once you get it over with, you might need some extra help from experienced packers. This is where the long-distance movers can be useful to you.

    Keep in mind that if you use our relocation service, it entails:

    • Every item bigger than a regular box is packed free of charge,
    • We’re taking care of disassembling furniture and putting them back together after the arrival at your new address,
    • Our team takes charge of loading and unloading the trucks,
    • We pack your furniture and bulky objects in paper, blankets, wrap, and other fitting materials to keep them safe in transport and storage.

    However, for every smaller item that you want us to pack into proper boxes, you should use our packing services. Contact us if you need other insights and more detailed information about all services we offer.

    Get Partial or Full Packing Services from Our Cross Country Movers

    Our company offers a partial and full service. Asking for full packing service means that you need our crew’s help with getting 15 boxes or more packed. Anything less than 15 boxes qualifies you for partial packing service.

    The initial step you have to take in each case is to provide a complete list of the items you want our packers to handle. Once you are certain about your requirements, notify us, and we will do the rest. If you need more supplies and boxes, we can provide them for you and save you the trip to the local store.

    Cross Country Auto Shipping – Get Your Car Shipped to Phoenix Safely

    A densely populated area doesn’t sound like a paradise for most drivers. Traffic jams are frequent in most urban areas. However, having a car in this day and age is inevitable. Driving to work forms part of everyone’s daily routine. And spending the weekends away, admiring the nature and beautiful rural scenery nearby, is priceless.

    Still, when you think about driving from your current location all the way to your new hometown doesn’t sound like fun. That is why our company offers secure and reliable auto transport services. You can choose between two types of trailers and between pick-up and delivery options.

    Our Movers in Arizona Offer Two Safe Car Shipping Options

    CCMC offers two types of trailers to ship your car to the desired location. You can choose an open or enclosed trailer, depending on your precise needs and budget. Using the enclosed trailer will cost you more, but it grants more security. This type of carrier will unquestionably keep your car secured from all external factors like weather influences, road dust, and any other kind of dirt.

    Still, we need to take some extra precaution matters to secure your vehicle prior to the transport. These are the basic rules we must follow:

    • First, you should deliver us all the car information you had obtained when you bought it.
    • Then, you must take detailed photos of your vehicle and capture any damage
    • Finally, we will need you to clear all your belongings and leave the car empty for shipping.

    If you want to know more about these car shipping options and your rights and responsibilities, get in touch with us through our website or phone.

    Two Reliable Pick Up and Delivery Options at Your Disposal

    Whether you want the vehicle to be shipped straight to your doorstep, or you’d prefer to pick it up at the nearby station – we have you covered. CCMC offers door-to-door and terminal-to-terminal car shipping. Your only assignment is to tell us about your plans, and we will make arrangements that suit you.

    • Door-to-door: We can pick up your car from the old address and take it right to your brand new home upon your request and within an agreed time frame.
    • Terminal-to-terminal: First, our drivers would pick your vehicle up from one of our stations that is close to your old residents. Then, we would have it transported to another terminal near your next home.

    30 Days of Free Storage – Move to AZ Safely and Save Up With Us!

    When you plan the entire relocation step by step, what could possibly go wrong? Unfortunately, quite a few people have experienced some relocation problems. For example, their boxes and packages arrive at their destination, and yet the residence wasn’t move-in ready.

    Since slips and delays can happen, you must think about finding a fitting storage unit. Our storage facilities are well equipped with monitoring systems, and they are climate-controlled. More importantly, you get to use them without charge for 30 days! Once the trial is over, you can still decide to store your belongings there for a fee. When 30 days are done, if you choose to move your stuff elsewhere, you won’t face any repercussions or have any additional responsibility toward us.

    Get Your Relocation Insurance

    When you hire the best cross-country moving company, you can sit back and enjoy the ride. However, even the most skilled crew can make a mistake. Things can get broken or scratched during the relocation process. To avoid stress and losses, you should get long-distance moving insurance. We offer a basic package to every customer, but there are other, more extensive options you should look into.

    We Provide Mandatory Liability Moving Insurance

    This insurance package is non-negotiable. Each person about to move with us needs to get it. All of the items packed, loaded, or handled by our experts must be covered with this basic insurance. This mandatory package covers 60 cents per pound of damaged goods.

    Full Value Replacement Insurance Covers All Your Belongings in Transport and Storage

    A more extensive package, Full Value Replacement Insurance (FVRI), covers all your belongings. If you get it, you will need to deliver a full home inventory list. FVRI will cover each item packed by any mover, but it doesn’t include the possessions you have packed. Furthermore, if some items must be additionally protected, there is a way to do it. If you need this extra layer of safety, we can see to custom crating. This added service will be incorporated in the final fee.

    Auto Shipping Insurance

    The insurance for your car can alternate based on whether you’ve picked an open or an enclosed trailer. Auto-shipping insurance packages cover any accident that can damage your car from the outside. If you decide to use an open transporter, the insurance amount is $100,000. Picking the enclosed transport covers a $500,000 amount.

    Book Your Arizona Movers ASAP

    If you choose to move to AZ, contact us to get the most reliable and efficient helpers. We will make your long-distance moving experience quick, affordable, and smooth. Start exploring this warm and sunny state, and get ready for a variety of amazing opportunities. Give a once-over to the local housing market and a multitude of job openings. Travel to the unique green desert and soak up the natural beauty of this state. Let us worry about your route and belongings.

    Moving From Arizona

    As you could see moving shouldn’t be demanding and exhausting. All you need to do is to call us and book a date. You can choose packing, auto transport, international shipping, and storage services and be relaxed. After all, Cross Country Moving Company is an expert in making relocation an absolute pleasure.

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