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Whether you find yourself moving to the state of Arizona or from Arizona you are probably going to need the service of a professional long distance moving company and that is where Cross Country Moving Company comes into the picture.  There are many things that come to mind when somebody mentions Arizona. Probably the first thing that goes through your head when you think about this state is dry heat. Cross Country Moving Company is here to prove you wrong. Yes, it is dry, and yes, it is hot. But the fact is, the Sonoran Desert is very varied when it comes to its temperatures and weather.

For example, the city of Flagstaff sees a good amount of snow each winter. In fact, Flagstaff officially has five seasons: there is the snowy cold winter with dry periods interjected by heavy snowfall; there is spring, which is usually dry and windy, followed by scorching-hot early summer. What follows is a monsoon season, with heavy rainfall and lots of wind, and finally fall, which is usually dry and mild.

If snow is, however, not your thing, there are numerous other locations which remain snow-less throughout the year, such as Arizona’s capital, Phoenix . 
When you think Arizona, you may also think Grand Canyon, or Paul McCartney . Explore some more, and you will find out that there is so much more Arizona should be known for. Here are some of those things.


Even those moving from New York reluctantly agree that Arizona has the best pizza in the states. Head over to Oregano’s Pizza Bistro  and find out if they are right. 

Laser Tag

Yes, laser tag. Did you know that Arizona is home to the largest indoor laser tag arena in the whole world?! It is called Stratum and is located in Phoenix. Aside from your usual laser tag war, Stratum also throws birthday parties and other special events. Head over to their website to find out more .


Luckily for all of you moving to Arizona with their families, Arizona has a well-developed school system. It is home to three universities:
The University of Arizona  located in Tucson, whose notable alumni include David Foster Wallace, Arte Moreno, and Greg Kinnear;
Arizona State University  located in Tempe, near Downtown Phoenix, home to alumni such as Jimmy Kimmel, Reggie Jackson, and Nick Nolte; and
Northern Arizona University  located in Flagstaff, previously attended by Seamus Dever, Pete Mandley, and Keith O’Neil.
So if you are thinking about moving to Arizona for university, you have plenty of options to choose from. On another note: Arizona State University was ranked one of the best universities to party by Playboy. Multiple times.

Old Style

Do you like to keep it old style? Well guess what, Arizona is as old-school as it gets. Don’t believe us? Well did you know that there is a place in Arizona where mail is still delivered by a mule? Yes, we are talking about the town of Supai, located, well, in the Grand Canyon. Aside from this oddity, the place also offers vast opportunities for adventure-seekers, such as the marvellous Havasupai Falls . 

The Land of Paradox

Arizona doesn’t get a lot of rainfall (aside from the monsoon season), we already established that. But oddly enough, Arizona has the highest number of boats per capita.

A Forest Made of Stone

Quite literally. The Petrified Forest National Park is home to trees so old that they have turned into stone. And they don’t just lie around looking pretty. Petrified wood is the official fossil of the state. Locals use it to make unique handicrafts, such as jewelry. The Park also organizes events and guided tours, so you are bound to have some fun . 

No More Daylight Savings

Arizona is the only state in the country that does not observe daylight savings time. This means that after you move to Arizona, you can forget all about getting used to waking up an hour earlier all of a sudden.

Stand in Four Places at the Same Time

Did you know that it is technically possible to be in Arizona and three other states at the same time? Four Corners is a meeting point of four states - Arizona, Utah, Colorado, and New Mexico. While you’re there, why not enjoy the beauty of Monument Valley as well?


Are you a fan of old-style western movies? If so, you are going to love Arizona’s ghost towns. Visit Tombstone, AZ  and feel like a cowboy for a day. 

Arizonans Love Their Cacti

A cactus is somewhat of a sacred being in Arizona. If you happen to cut down an endangered species of cacti in Arizona, you can face prison time. This is completely understandable when you take into consideration that some of those species take a century to grow.

We might seem biased when we say that Arizona is beautiful, but it truly is. With its unusual flora and fauna , it has so much to offer, both to visitors and to those who decide to make it their home. Grab your moving boxes and start packing - Arizona is waiting for you. You can never get bored of Arizona. Once you visit the Grand Canyon, you have only scratched the surface of its beauty. This is not to say that Grand Canyon isn’t beautiful. It is truly breathtaking. But if you visit Sedona  or the Monument Valley , you will know exactly what we are talking about. If you are still unsure about moving to Arizona, here is an excerpt from Zane Grey’s novel Valley of Wild Horses that might convince you to: “"I had a pard who came from Arizona. All day long and half the night that broncho buster would rave about Arizona. Well, he won me over. Arizona must be wonderful.
"But Pan, isn't it desert country?"

"Arizona is every kind of country..."

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