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    Born around the flames of pioneers, Native Americans, and Mexicans, and ignited by ideas the newcomers brought from the Old Continent, Austin remains a capital unlike any other. If you’d love to be part of this cool, marching to its own beat metropolis, our Austin movers can help you. Cross country moving can be hard sometimes, but with our expertise and experience, relocating will be smooth sailing, and you’ll be able to enjoy the city’s laid-back spirit from the word go. Buckle up because you’re in for a special ride.

    Austin Is a Lot of Quirky Fun

    Nestled in the wooded hills where Texan ranches meet the Blackland Prairies, and located along the stream of the Colorado River lies Austin, the Texan nonchalant, easy-going capital where fun awaits at every corner. The once contested center of the state is now a get-away for everybody wishing to escape the morose 9-5 routine and try out something more creative. The place is brimming with authentic natural oases, eccentric shopping avenues, succulent food, and versatile music venues where you can listen to nostalgic and modern country, blues, and jazz. And wherever you head, art will be around in some way, accompanied by the quirky and casual city vibe.

    But, the Violet Crown City is not merely an artistic spot. The best thing about it is that it defies one specific identity, creating opportunities for all sorts of people to thrive. Apart from being the paradise for art lovers, it is a tech-hub of e-commerce, software, cloud, and numerous other lucrative branches. And, it doesn’t stop here either. You’ll also encounter crowds waiting for hours to lay their hands on the Texas Trinity (briskets, sausages, ribs); yes, the food is so superb, the locals equate eating to transcendental experiences. And cross paths with bikers, pun enthusiasts, historians, Winnie-the-Pooh fans, outstanding University students, Texans at heart, as well as music lovers trapped in the last century. A city with one of the fastest-growing populations in the nation opens its doors to anyone not afraid of self-expression.

    Moving Into Awesome Neighborhoods Was Never Easier

    Regardless of whether you’re looking for a new place to boost or change your career, start a family, or simply explore your own potential, there’ll be a corner in the capital of the Lone Star State just for you. Though unable to hold back the tide of change, the city is known for resisting gentrification, which results in the special aura you’ll feel emanating in different neighborhoods. Here are our top picks:

    • Downtown Austin – This iconic quarter, designated to be the core from the city’s early days, is a dazzling display of history and modernity, perfect for career enthusiasts and entertainment lovers alike. It boasts epochal districts as well as condos, high-rise buildings, and headquarters of the country’s most influential companies. Take a tour of Congress Avenue and visit the landmark Texas State Capitol and the Bullock State History Museum. Stroll down Rainey Street, and enjoy the buzz and liveliness of its beer gardens. Give Moody Theatre a shot and listen to a concert at the legendary Austin City Limits festival. And, don’t forget to idle away pleasant hours at Ladybird Lake, where you can hike, bike, kayak, canoe, and watch sunsets, full moons, and yes bats! Though a bit on the more expensive side than most other parts of the city, Downtown definitely makes up for it with its versatile character.
    • Barton Hills – Known for its affordable housing and stunning natural beauty, the area is a go-to for families and singles craving fun off the beaten track. Though only a short drive from Downtown, this natural Eden seems to be worlds apart from the urban world. The capital’s outstanding weather really makes an impression on you here as you can revel in many outdoor activities. From swimming in the clean public pools to hiking, and bird watching, you won’t be twiddling your thumbs in Barton Hills. And the area is also bordering the famed Zilker Park, which is an inexhaustible well of leisure activities. Besides, the spot offers top-notch schooling, which is a key factor to be considered if you’re relocating with kids.
    • East Austin – Picture hip, nonconformist, and open-minded, and you’ll get here. Vast and with hidden natural gems, the area’s distinct personality is present all over. Far from the clutches of dreary living, it blends novel cocktail bars, fusion eateries, and fancy cafes with traditional Southern cuisine, beer joints, and sounds of bluegrass and country music. It’s where you can find the best soul and indie musicians and unravel the voices of African-American and immigrant histories. And, don’t miss out on the undisputed star of Texan meat, the Franklin Barbecue, a shed restaurant serving the best barbecue in the known universe, according to Texas Monthly.

    Not Your Typical Things to Do List

    Apart from the great outdoors, all the juicy, crispy, and mouth-watering food, and history, the city on the Colorado River is also host to some offbeat and unforgettable entertainment. Begin with walking down memory lane and visit the historic Victory Grill where musical icons such as Chuck Berry, Tina Turner, Billie Holiday, and even the mind-blowing Janis Joplin used to perform. Or come back to the present and explore Sixth Street, the ultimate nightlife spot brimming with talented bands and club-goers. Catch a cult movie, or watch a witty stand-up comedy. Take part in the city’s numerous poetry slams, pub, and trivia quizzes, and meet the Austinites and their true face.

    Still not convinced? The capital of Texas also hosts unconventional festivals such as the Pun-Off World Championship, where contestants are invited to come up with pun inspired monologues in an attempt to captivate the audience. It is also a site where Eeyore, Pooh’s depressed donkey friend, gets to celebrate his birthday with loud and colorful festivities. The last Saturday of April is when the city residents put on costumes and show off all of their crafts and talents, including music, dance, and brazen confidence. And, the capital’s South by Southwest revolutionary event is not to be overlooked either. A networking opportunity for creatives of all kinds, it’s a superb chance to become part of some thought-provoking exhibitions, screenings, and workshops.

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    Moving Services Up Your Alley

    Moving cross country comes with its challenges, and it’s vital to have reliable long distance movers by your side along the way so that you know you’re heading in the right direction. We at Cross Country Moving Company place our customer’s wellbeing above all, which is why we gained the relentless trust of many content clients. Our moving services are certified and guaranteed to aid you with your relocation. And the best thing is that we’ll be with you from start to finish, so you won’t be needing any other assistance.

    Packing Can Be Stress-Free

    Many people think of packing as a pain in the neck because it involves so many tasks to be done simultaneously. Then, there’s also the risk of losing or breaking something, and the whole process becomes even more tiresome. And, on top of everything, people usually simply don’t know how to pack certain items up, so they have to do a lot of research to get them started.

    But, there’s a silver lining in every cloud, and in this situation, there’s a way to get rid of all the unnecessary stress. We offer professional packing services that can aid you immensely in being more efficient, quicker, and overall happier while relocating. The only responsibility you have is to create the checklist of your household items, and after that you can sit back and relax while we do what we’re best at.

    Our Movers Austin Can Pack It All

    When you have to think of the logistics of everything and do all the things that relocating entails, packaging is rarely something that you want to get into. That’s why we offer full packing services which completely free you from any duties whatsoever. Our reliable team will come armed with all the boxes and packing supplies and ready to pack up whatever you’ve got in your house from the smallest to the largest items.

    We’re Giving You Packing Help When Needed

    If you’d like to go solo and do the heavy work, but you’d still appreciate help when it comes to certain items, we hear you. That’s why we also have partial packing, which means our experienced team will lend a hand with all the tricky bits while you can commit to packing what you feel good about. Just let us know in advance what portion of the work you’d like us to take so that we could give you the best possible quote.

    Safest Car-Shipping There Is, With Austin Movers

    The legend has it that Americans started shipping cars back in the day when Europe had the upper hand in auto-making and before the boom of the US car industry. With the rise of magnates such as General Motors, the mass production of vehicles became common, and shipping across the great territory of the States gained more and more prominence.

    Today, it is a frequent occurrence, and thousands of people, companies, and dealers ship vehicles across the country each day. So, if you’d like to have your own car in the capital of the Lone Star State and join these statistics, we have just the thing for you. Our auto shipping services are tested, trusted, and overall secure. You can rest assured that you won’t have problems if you decide to entrust us with your four-wheeler. And even if something unexpected happens, we won’t have to pull a rabbit out of the hat since your car will be insured at all times. Besides, we encourage you to read reviews of clients who have already used this service to get some firsthand genuine feedback.

    How Do We Move Your Car Long-Distance?

    The question that lingers in the mind of most people before they opt for vehicle shipping is how will my cross country moving company go about this. So glad you asked. Our movers in Austin Tx give you a choice between open and enclosed trailers. The first one is better in most cases if you don’t own an old-timer or an extremely expensive car. Yet, for those wishing to grant maximum protection to their machine, enclosed carriers are a relief, but you should know they’re slower and put a larger strain on your budget. And in case something goes wrong, your car is insured either way.

    Picking Up at Your Convenience

    Most people are confused after relocating and need time to find their feet in the new place. We won’t befuddle you further, which is why we devised pick up options that are easy and convenient. You can either have door-to-door delivery or come to a terminal we agreed on, and we’ll be glad to let you behind the wheel and see you off to your Texan adventure.

    Our Storage Can Help if You Haven’t Got Space Enough in Your Bedrooms

    All the belongings can get in the way sometimes, especially if you’re still on the lookout for a house or you moved into a smaller place than your previous one. Our storage services can create ample opportunities for you to think and weigh your options while your possessions are safely kept in our facilities. Forget about the storage reality shows you might have seen; our top-rate movers grant you maximum privacy, safety, and above all professionalism if you opt for this.

    Best Movers in Austin Never Walk Out on You

    What makes a cross country moving company truly exceptional is not only what they’re like when the sun shines and all’s well, but more importantly, what happens when the going gets tough. Precisely because of this, we constantly improve our moving insurance. It’s the factor that makes all the difference, and you don’t notice when it’s excellent, but you notice too well if it’s faulty.

    How Do Our Insurance Services Facilitate House Moves?

    Our basic relocation package covers 0,6 USD per pound of the lost or damaged item our team handled. But, if you want to be on the safe side, we also provide you with full replacement policies guaranteed to turn your frown upside down even in the worst-case scenarios.

    Why Should You Call Cross Country Moving Company to Help You Move to or From Austin?

    The answer is simple. The Texas capital is accessible by more roads than one, like all great places, and whatever your current stand in life is, you’ll find something for you here to do, learn and take in. On the other hand, it might be too much for some people. Whatever the reason for your relocation might be, we can help you move safely and quickly. Our inclusive price and transparent customer policy will make you satisfied, no matter what your needs are.

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