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Dallas, TX is the largest center of the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolis complex, the fourth largest metro area in America. Big D has over a million residents, several buildings higher than 700ft, and more than two hundred neighborhoods. Whether you are moving to Dallas or from Dallas Cross Country Moving Company can help you. Before you start your journey we would like to tell you more about this amazing city.
But Dallas wasn’t always the big metropole that it is today. If you are considering moving to Dallas, get to know its history – it is the only way of truly understanding this magnificent city. Let us help you move. We are top rated Dallas movers.

The Beginnings of Dallas

The area that is Dallas today was once populated by several native tribes. During the 18th century, Spanish colonists claimed the territory of Texas (and Dallas along with it) and settled in the area. Later on, the French decided to call Texas their own, but never really settled here. In the early 19th century, the territory of Dallas was officially placed in the Spanish hands, as part of New Spain. Not long afterwards, Mexico declared independence from the newly-founded country and claimed Dallas to be part of their territory. It wasn’t until 1936 that the Republic of Texas, mostly Anglo-American, became independent. In 1841, John Neely Bryan, a Presbyterian farmer, founded a settlement named Dallas. It is still unclear how the settlement got its name. Fifteen years later, Dallas officially became a city. Dallas soon became an industrial city and was considered a major trading center by the end of the 19th century. From there on, it continued to develop rapidly, becoming what it is today.

Dallas Neighborhoods

Now that you know a little more about how Dallas came to be, it is time to dig deeper into your moving checklist. The first thing you should do before you start packing is to decide where exactly in Dallas you want to live. As we have already mentioned, there are hundreds of neighborhoods in Dallas to choose from. To make the task a little easier, we suggest that you compile a list of the criteria you find important when it comes to choosing the right neighborhood. Take these into consideration:
- How much money are you willing to put aside for living expenses?
- How important is it to have schools in your vicinity?
- Would you prefer a quiet or a lively neighborhood?
- Do you own a car?
- Do you have a job waiting for you in Dallas? If so, how close to your new workplace do you want to be?

The list is indefinite. Once you have cleared up what factors are the most important to you, it is time to take a look at the neighborhoods. Since describing more than two hundred neighborhoods would be almost impossible, we have chosen a couple of neighborhoods we deemed the most livable.

Farmers Market District
Farmers Market District is quite affordable and probably one of the safest areas in Dallas. It is, as its name suggests, home to the Dallas Farmers Market. It is located in the southeastern part of downtown, which means that it is a walking distance from many attractions and institutions. Most homes are condos, so don’t hope to buy a house here. It is a great area for families.

University Park
While it is quite affordable and just as safe as Farmers Market District, University Park is located in the suburban area, which means that you are likely to need a car. However, houses in this area are beautiful and inexpensive. There are great schools here, which makes this neighborhood perfect for raising children.

Near East
This area probably has the most affordable homes in all of Dallas. This residential area is relatively young, but does not offer much when it comes to single-family homes. While it has amazing galleries, shops, and bars, it is not exactly a walk away from important institutions.

Highland Park
Highland Park might not be as affordable as the previous options, but it is a beautiful neighborhood with breath-taking parks. The homes here are very stylish and grandiose. It is home to the Highland Park Village Shopping Center, with theaters, designer stores, and restaurants. However, an average commute for residents of this area is around twenty minutes.

Mostly covered in mid-rise apartments and townhouses, this area offers homes at around $350,000 for a condo with two bedrooms. It is very walkable, and everything you might need is just minutes away. This is a great area for young professionals, but not exactly the picture-perfect neighborhood for raising a family.

To take a deeper look into Dallas neighborhoods, click here. In addition, if you wish to see where all these neighborhoods are located, here’s a map.

What to Do In Dallas

Now that you have taken a look into Dallas neighborhoods, and perhaps shortlisted those that fit your needs, let us talk about all the great things you can do in Dallas in your spare time.

The M-Line Trolley
Even though Big D today is, well, big, it still has some of its old small-town charm. One of the best ways to experience that charm is to take a ride in one of the restored trolleys. The cars are air-conditioned, comfortable, and – free! The ride covers both the uptown and the downtown and is open every day.

The Katy Trail
If you are an outdoor person, this trail is perfect for you. Whether you feel like jogging, biking, or simply taking a walk through the heart of Dallas, this is the place. Once you get tired, you can take a break at the Katy Trail Ice House.

The Dallas Museum of Art
The entrance to the museum is free, and it is opened from 11 am to 5 pm (although it works longer on Thursdays). In fact, it is the first museum in the country to stop charging for entrance. To find out more about all the wonders that the museum holds, click here.

The Zoo
The Dallas Zoo is unlike any other zoo. It is affordable and huge. It offers various tours and events, both for children and adults. There is always something happening there. Head over to their website and plan your next visit.

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