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Things You Should Know About Phoenix before Embarking On a Cross-Country Move

You say high temperatures, we say year-round sun-tan. You say scorching heat, we say no more shoveling snow. You say the middle of the desert, we say cacti in your backyard. Cross Country Moving Company welcomes you to Phoenix, Arizona – a heaven on Earth with hellish temperatures. If you are considering moving to Phoenix and making it your new home, here are some interesting facts about this city.

The Only Reason You Might Need Gloves Is So You Can Hold Your Steering Wheel

Temperatures in Phoenix, and especially during summer, are extremely high. It might sound like a joke, but if you don’t have a covered parking spot, driving your car might prove to be impossible. So, if you are moving to Phoenix, make sure you find a place which has a garage. In fact, it is so hot that you can actually bake cookies in your car, and we are not joking. Take a look at this site for more information.

There Is a Slang Term for Newcomers in Phoenix

If you hear Phoenicians talking about “snowbirds”, rest assured they are not talking about animals. This term refers to people who spend their summers in areas with milder climate, while spending winters in Phoenix. They are usually retired people who “flock around” more remote areas, such as Chandler and Scottsdale.

The Streets of Phoenix Are Laid Out On a Grid System

If you take a look at a map of Phoenix , you will see that its streets form somewhat of a net. This makes getting lost in Phoenix much less of a possibility.

You Really Will Grow Cacti in Your Backyard

And not only that, but you will pretty soon get used to seeing twenty feet tall cacti all around the city. Palms are another common backyard plant. If you want to know more about the plants and animals that call Phoenix their home, click here .

The Nature in Phoenix Is Astonishing

If you’ve never been to Phoenix, you are probably picturing it as a dusty city with no water and no flora and fauna whatsoever. That couldn’t be further from the truth. For example, there are great hiking routes in and around Phoenix and all around the city there are vast grassy areas for golf lovers and soccer players.

The Mexican Food Is So Good Even the Mexicans Love It

Forget all about the watered-down Americanized version of Mexican food. Eating a burrito in Phoenix is almost as good as eating a burrito in Mexico. Ask any Mexican in Arizona (and there are quite a few) and they will agree.

Phoenicians’ Phones Overheat All the Time

Have you ever left your phone out in the sun during summer and forgot all about it, just to find a warning notification that it is overheating an hour later? If so, you probably rushed into your house panicking and already saying your last goodbyes to your device. Well if you are considering moving to Phoenix, you better get used to it.

Phoenix Is Not the Best Connected City When It Comes To Public Transport

If you are moving to Phoenix, you better take your car with you. Getting around the city without one is borderline impossible. Not only is the city too large, but certain areas do not even have sidewalks. Unless you are moving to Tempe or Downtown Phoenix (and even then it might be a good idea not to rely on public transport), take your four-wheeled companion with you.

Get Used To Rattlesnakes

You have probably heard that living in Australia is dangerous and that every single animal there is out to get you? Well, Arizona is to the States what Australia is to the world. Especially if you are thinking about relocating to a more remote area, you better brace yourself for rattlesnakes in your backyard and coyotes in your street.
Other animals you might encounter in your Phoenix home backyard include:
Rabbits. Since there are a lot of golfing areas around the city, that means that there is a lot of grass, too. And these creatures simply love grassy fields.
Coyotes. While this might sound scary, don’t worry. Coyotes try to stay away from people, and as long as you don’t disturb them, they won’t disturb you.
Roadrunners. We are not joking. Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner might as well have originated here.
Snakes. Arizona is hot, dry, and rocky. Of course there will be snakes. However, keep in mind that most of these creatures are afraid of people and probably won’t give you any trouble.

If You Don’t Have an Instagram Account, You Better Make One

Trust us, you will need to store all the pictures of Arizonian sunsets somewhere.

The Weather Is Not Always So Stagnant

Every once in awhile, you will be able to smell a certain dusty note in the air. You will quickly learn that this is the first sign of the monsoon season.

Time Flows Differently In Arizona

Alright, not literally. You cannot travel to Arizona and then go back home a couple of years younger, as is the case with space, but there is something special about Arizonian time. In fact, Arizona is the only state that uses Mountain Standard Time all year. This means that Arizonans do not observe daylight savings time. It takes some getting used to.

Get Used To Summer Clothes

Even if you are going to a meeting or for a job interview, you might want to skip the formal attire for one simple reason – by the time you get there, you will be swimming in your own sweat.

Most Phoenicians Hate Cold

Some of them hate cold so much that they will bundle up in warm clothes as soon as temperatures drop below 70. In fact, they despise cold enough to wrap their plants into blankets during wintertime. We are not joking.

Moving To Phoenix is A Big Deal

Moving home from another state to Phoenix, AZ can be challenging due to Arizona’s unique nature. For this reason, it might be smart to consider hiring a residential relocation company to help you with your moving process. The best moving companies also provide their own moving supplies, such as moving boxes, as well as professional packing services.

It might sound a little scary at first, with all the hot steering wheels and coyotes, but living in Phoenix is an amazing experience that we highly recommend. To learn more about living in Phoenix, as well as the process of moving to Phoenix, feel free to contact Cross Country Moving Company with any questions you have. Call us today to get your free moving price estimate and schedule the date of your relocation.

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