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If you’re thinking about relocating to the Valley of the Sun, then you’ll need local Phoenix movers that can assist you with all kinds of services you might require. We’re not afraid to accept any challenge when it comes to moving cross country. On second thought, no move is a challenge for us. Take a look and see what you have to know before relocating here and what we can do for you.

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    Long-Distance Moving to Phoenix, AZ, Means You’ll Be Enjoying Lots of Things

    Relocating to the Valley of the Sun, as this city is also known, has many pros. There are many amenities and housing options in this city. It’s very family-oriented, so if you’re coming with kids, you made the right choice. There’s an abundance of parks, the safety level is high, and schools are excellent. Healthcare is great, but try to get it set up in advance.

    The cost of utilities is very affordable, and power is mostly produced by solar panels. However, because of the heat, you should take into consideration that your electricity bill can come in high because of the air conditioning. The cost of living is also low, especially real estate. The job market is good and healthy, so you won’t have a problem finding employment. Its close proximity to LA, Las Vegas, San Diego, and Mexico will allow you to have weekend getaways whenever you want.

    People are very nice and helpful, and that also applies to getting services from someone. The food scene is amazing, and you’ll have both indoor and outdoor experiences because of the beautiful weather throughout the year. The sunshine really affects you, and it lifts your mood. It also allows many fruits and vegetables to grow here, so they’re very available, fresh, and cheap.

    Traffic is not that congested compared to places such as LA or SF, but there is a longer commute during the rush hour if you’re not living in the area you’re working in. It’s not very walkable, so you will need a car here. Keep in mind that the winter is when the traffic gets worse. This is because of the so-called Snowbirds – people who come here to get away from the cold. Those who aren’t local don’t know the area that well and cause congestion, even a number of road accidents. Another car-related thing is that the registration will be expensive – the newer the car, the pricier the registration.


    Where Should You Live?

    Lifestyles vary from neighborhood to neighborhood, so it’s important to know where you’re relocating to. There are many developed areas, but most of the jobs that require higher education are Downtown and in the East and Southeast Valley. Here are some of our suggestions:

    Arcadia is green, it has a beautiful view of Camelback Mountain, it’s filled with excellent restaurants, clubs, and bars. If you’re looking for a local area that has a good nightlife, this is the place for you.

    Central Phoenix has easy access to the light rail, and it’s close to Downtown. If you know that you’ll be here without a car at first, you might want to look for a home there.

    Desert Ridge has plenty of entertainment options, beautiful views, but real estate can be expensive.

    North Central is a highly desirable area with lovely streets and unique local homes.

    Biltmore is another top destination for shopping and amenities.

    Phoenix at night

    The Culture Here Is Being Outdoors All the Time

    Outdoor activities are abundant. The city is in the valley, so it’s surrounded by mountains. You can go hiking and biking anytime you want because of the beautiful weather. It is the desert, but you’ll also find the greenery and many public parks. Go to Camelback Mountain and hike to get beautiful views of the landscape. Desert Botanical Garden is for all of those who enjoy seeing desert plants from all over the world.

    You can also drive out to the Grand Canyon and explore that amazing place. There’s a lot of things to do in the city as well. You can go visit Phoenix Children’s Museum, Arizona Science Center, or Papago Park for activities like walking, golfing, biking, fishing, hiking, and sports. Don’t miss Orpheum Theatre, Heard Museum for Native American art, Musical Instrument Museum with a large history and modern exhibitions, Phoenix Zoo, and many other beautiful attractions.

    Hire Reputable Phoenix Movers That Make Moves to Az

    Moving cross country isn’t quite simple, and it can be very stressful. Choosing professionals to move you to a new home will not only help you with arriving care-free, but it will also mean that your items will arrive whole and without a scratch. Working with a cross country moving company that’s licensed and insured for this kind of moves will guarantee you that you won’t get scammed and that you’re in safe hands.

    Phoenix Movers Can Provide You With an All-Inclusive Quote

    The main thing that makes cross country moving with CCMC so amazing is that once you contact our office in whichever bigger city in the US, you will instantly have a dedicated relocation specialist. They will be at your service any time of the day or month, and they will calculate the quote for you. We prefer telling our clients the exact costs of their relocation instead of ballparks and changeable prices. With CCMC, you will get an all-inclusive and guaranteed quote that is based on the list of items you’re interested in relocating. The more items you add, the price will be bigger and vice versa. You can change the list how many times you want, but the last change should be one business day before our team comes to pick up your stuff. With us, you will always know how to plan your moving budget.

    Our Movers in Phoenix Have the Best Professional Packing Services

    With us, packing service for anything that’s bigger than a standard box is completely free. That includes all the furniture, electronics, pictures, and mirrors. You will have to handle only smaller items such as clothes, and for them, you can get boxes and packing supplies from us. We also disassemble and reassemble everything for all moves, load it on the truck, unload, and bring it to the new apartment – free of charge. If you’re worried about your breakables, there’s an option for partial packing where our team handles anything you want, but it has to be less than fifteen boxes. Custom crating isn’t free, but it will keep your expensive and delicate items safe. Our team will make a customized wooden box in which we will transport anything that needs additional protection.

    Part of Our Moving Services in Phoenix Is Also Full Pack

    Our team of experts offers you another option. In case you don’t want to deal with packing at all and you want to be sure that everything is properly protected, just let us know, and we will do all the work. All, even the smallest items will be covered and wrapped perfectly. This service comes at an additional cost, and we will have to know the exact list of items you plan to ship in order to provide you with the best professional service and guaranteed price.

    The Long-Distance Moving Company You Choose Should Offer You Storage as Well - CCMC Has It

    With us, you won’t have to think about finding a local storage unit in AZ because you’ll get to use ours for a whole month free of charge. It’s a high-end facility that’s under constant video surveillance, and the temperature inside is controlled. Your items will be labeled when we pick them up, and the barcode on them will be checked before entering and when leaving the storage so that we can make sure none of your belongings is lost or misplaced. If you decide to leave your things longer than the free month, the price will be charged per day, which means that you won’t pay for a second longer than you used.

    CCMC Movers in Phoenix Also Provide You With Auto Transportation

    As we said, you will need a car here, so getting auto shipping services will be a smart move. We have so much experience with relocating cars from one state to another, and we do it professionally and efficiently. Our crew will pick up your car in a guaranteed three-day window. The only condition is that your vehicle is operable. Tell your relocation specialist the year and model, and you’ll get a flat rate for the move. Leave up to 100 lbs in your trunk if you want, and choose between door-to-door and terminal-to-terminal service.

    With Our Long-Distance Moving Services, You Can Choose Between an Open and Enclosed Trailer

    When relocating cars to another state, you usually have two options (if you don’t want to drive). Open trailers can fit up to nine cars depending on their size and weight, and they are a more affordable option. Enclosed trailers offer more protection from the outside elements and fit fewer vehicles, which is the reason why they cost more. With Cross Country Moving Company, you can pick whichever option you prefer, and we’ll make it possible.

    Contact Our Office and CCMC Will Insure Everything Our Cross Country Movers Packed

    When relocating with us, insurance is mandatory and free of charge. Every item that our crew packed can is automatically insured with basic minimum liability insurance, which covers $0.60 per damaged pound. However, it’s highly recommended to get full coverage, which comes at an additional fee. Your vehicle is also insured with us. If you chose the open trailer, your car is insured up to $100,000 of damage, while that figure for the enclosed trailer is half a million.

    We Offer Long-Distance Moving and Exceptional International Relocation

    If you’re interested in international moving, we’re here for you. Even though we specialize in cross-country moving, we can also relocate you to many Asian and European destinations. Just give us a call and see if we cover that specific country you want to go to. Choose between relocating by sea or by air, and let us do all the rest.

    Move To or From Phoenix Because With Our Cross Country Moving Services, You Can’t Go Wrong

    CCMC covers all of the US mainland except for several states – Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, North, and South Dakota. In all other states, we’re there to help out. We have facilities in all bigger cities in the country, and if we’re not in your home town, our team will come to you from the nearest location. We aren’t brokers, which means that all of the work will be done with us, and only us. Our team of professionals has excellent customer care skills, they’re very assistive and helpful, so feel free to contact us any time for any kind of question or dilemma.

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