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    If you are considering moving to the heart of Silicon Valley, finding trustworthy San Jose movers could make you feel a bit overwhelmed with the upcoming adventure. However, Cross Country Moving Company can help you relocate smoothly to one of the most beautiful places in the Golden State. Although known for being pricey, an unbeatable climate, wide-open spaces, small-town vibe, safe residential areas, top-rated tech industries, and numerous job opportunities still make South Bay your best choice. If you are one of many headed to Northern California, contact our professionals today and get any moving service you need.

    Getting Around the South Bay Area

    All the best things in Northern and Central California are at your fingertips when in San Jose. Public transportation options are abundant, which makes it one of the most accessible places to get around. With the VTA light rail and the city’s bus system, you can go wherever within the city’s borders, while hopping onto Caltrain or the Ace Train can get you even further. Add its innovative spirit to the mix, and get ready to find your home-sweet-home doormat. We promise you won’t regret it because San Jose is on the list of one of the happiest Californian cities to live in.

    What Neighborhood to Call Home?

    City’s skyline, Victorian-era buildings, or Tuscan-style houses, you name it. SJ has it all. If you’re wondering what the best areas to live once you relocate would be, start figuring out the priorities you aspire to and start searching. Here are our favorites that could surely help with the selection:

    • West SJ – If relocating with your loved ones, this is a good option for you. The family-friendly Santa Clara County community is a blend of urban and suburban, and living there offers an escape from the city noise. Still, in West SJ, you’ll find many coffee shops and restaurants to give your day just the right kick.
    • Downtown – You’re craving a concert, a hang out at SoFA, a chill two-acre park space in the middle of the town while being close to your office at the same time? Then renting a home in this urban area is the right thing to do. If you’re searching for a true pulse of the SJ Area, you’ll find it here.
    • Campbell – Being a young professional anywhere in California won’t feel that good as in Campbell. One of the friendliest communities out there, with plenty of things to explore, but most importantly – with the Sunday Farmers Market, nearby parks, and some of the best public schools – gives a sense of home almost instantly.
    • Blossom Valley and Evergreen – These two neighborhoods nestle some of the safest and most amazing North California scenery. It’s an ideal residential location for all outdoor enthusiasts and raising your family.
    • North Valley – If looking for some peace, go straight to North Valley. There you’ll find some of the still unspoiled open spaces and mountains, almost untouched by humans, and everything is within walking distance. This is also a great neighborhood for you if relocating with pets.
    • Silver Creek – This Tuscan-style neighborhood will offer you a refuge from all the Silicon Valley noise. Country club living with one group of kids playing soccer and the other one dancing and skating, this neighborhood looks like an idyllic American dream.
    • Los Gatos – The most similar to small-town life with cottages and Victorian-era buildings, Los Gatos is located on the edge of the Valley. Yet, being close to downtown bars, cafes, and restaurants makes it perfect not just for families but professionals and students, too.

    What makes “The Valley of Heart’s Delight” so Delightful?

    From a Spanish pueblo to a top-notch tech hub, SJ has had quite a history. This is the main reason why it’s so rich and unique when it comes to cultural diversity: Vietnamese, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Indian, Ethiopian, Japanese, and native Hawaiian all live here. These opportunities for cultural fusion within the city are boundless, from numerous ethnic places and restaurants to many seasonal events like summer music festivals, creative experiments, and art collaborations. Some of the most popular ones are TechShop and the annual SubZERO festival.

    Just as importantly, it’s well known that SJ is home to respected educational institutions and museums.

    Pocket Tips to Recognize Reputable Long-Distance Movers

    Digging into the place is a good starting point for planning an upcoming relocation further. However, without doing thorough research on the movers you’re interested in, you might do more damage than good. If you want to save yourself a lot of headaches, remember that when searching for some of the most reliable San Jose movers and packers, it’s crucial to check the basic parameters each long-distance moving company has to meet:

    • Check their license and insurance status online,
    • Check their web presence and for how long they’ve been in business,
    • Check their moving reviews and complaint history with the FMCSA,
    • Check each service they offer,
    • Check the payment method and the way they calculate their quotes.

    If you’ve gathered all the reviews and information needed, it’s time to choose the most professional company for your cross-country move.

    San Jose panoramic view streets at night streets buildings

    CCMC: One of the Most Trustworthy Companies San Jose, CA for Moving Services

    Each member of the Cross Country Moving Company team is a trained professional with years of experience. Whichever moving services you need right now, be sure we can make your relocation to the epicenter of the South Bay a lot easier. The basic steps included are disassembling and reassembling your furniture and other belongings, as well as loading and unloading the shipment. Whether you need the complete package or customize our services to your current needs, reach out to us, and we’ll come to the best solution together. Taking care of your household goods is the utmost priority of the CCMC team.

    All Cross-Country Moving Services Are Charged Transparently

    At Cross Country Moving Company, we start from one simple premise: if we want to build a lasting relationship with our clients, we have to tell them the truth. Even more importantly, we have to deliver it. We need a precisely done inventory list no later than one business day before the pick-up. Forming our prices based on it is the only way to be charged transparently. Keep in mind, the more stuff you have, the higher the price. Of course, you can change the list as many times as you want, but once we’re there, it has to be entirely resolved. Having a successful relocation is possible with no unforeseen factors and hidden fees during the move.

    Professional Packing Services in the SJ Area

    You’re certainly not the only one wishing to avoid the dread of packing all the belongings into cardboard boxes. It is undoubtedly one of the most stressful aspects of the move, which is why the CCMC crew, as one of the best movers in San Jose, offers unpacking and packing services free of charge. This goes under our standard packing and refers to anything fitting into regular-sized boxes. Usually, this can be some of your bulkier and heavier stuff, like furniture, electronics, paintings, pictures, clothes, lamps, mirrors, etc.

    Get a Helping Hand for Other Packing Services From San Jose Professional Movers

    Our relocation specialists are expertly trained to pack items of any size, value, quantity, or fragility from your attic to your basement. If you’d like us to tackle a collection of your most favorite breakables or any other delicate belongings, we have more to offer:

    • Partial pack – If you’d like some additional assistance for up to fifteen boxes of smaller and more vulnerable items, our team can accommodate your needs.
    • Full pack – If the above is not enough and you’d rather not worry about packing at all, we will send our most experienced movers to your place.
    • Custom crating – Anything requiring a high level of special attention, like some of the instruments or fine art or any sentimental value items, let us know because customized wooden crating is the best solution in such cases.

    All these are explained in advance, tailored to your needs, and their prices are set clearly, as well.

    The Best Auto Transport With CCMC

    No matter how far you’re relocating, if you’re planning to bring your car with you, CCMC has got you covered. With excellent client reviews, you can be sure of the spotless reputation of our movers in San Jose for car shipping services.

    Moving From San Jose With Cross Country Moving Company

    We can not only help you become a resident of SJ, but also we can help you move to any other place in the States if you feel like you need a change. Give us a call, our agents will gladly help you book a move. When you do, the rest is up to us. We will make sure all of your belongings arrive at a new location without a scratch.

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