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    If you fell in love with the unique ATL vibe, you’re surely looking for some great Atlanta movers to relocate you here. The Black Mecca or the Black Hollywood is the center of entertainment, and it’s where something happens all the time. ATL culture is really captivating, so lots of people want to move here. If you’re one of them and you plan on moving cross country, take a look and see why CCMC is one of the best Atlanta moving companies.

    Welcome to ATL – a Place for Everyone

    If you’re looking for a truly diverse city with friendly people, amazing food, and events going on every day, you’ve made the right choice. ATL is a place that will motivate you to pursue your dreams and to become whatever you wanted. You can work in any field, including health care, education, or high-tech. Many people here have their own businesses, so if you’re considering coming here because you want to start your own thing, don’t hesitate.

    Another reason why so many people relocate to ATL is because of the entertainment industry, which is huge. If working in the music and movie industry is your passion, then you should come to ATL – job opportunities here are abundant. It’s home to the great Martin Luther King, Coca Cola, and it’s the economic center of the state of Georgia. Here are the headquarters of many big companies such as CNN, Home Depot, UPS, Delta Airlines, Chick-fil-A, and many more.

    The affordability of life, lots of things to do, and the general vibe is unbeatable. There are plenty of warm and sunny days, and the weather is mostly mild. So, what’s not to like? There are a few things that you need to know before you come. The traffic here is really bad, parking spots are scarce, and public transportation isn’t the best, so commuting might be a problem. When choosing a neighborhood, make sure you know where you will work so that you don’t spend too much time in your car. But you’ll definitely need one.

    Where Should You Live After Getting Atlanta Moving Services?

    Those who are moving cross country and coming here might be worried about safety. The truth is that there is crime, but it all depends on where you live. The north and east part of the city are very nice and have a high level of safety, while the south and the west have some problematic areas. If you avoid them, you’ve got nothing to worry about. You will also have to choose based on where your work is and what you actually want from the area you live in:

    • If you’re coming here for the low prices of real estate, find a home in Kirkwood. It’s affordable, close to Downtown, parks, and walking trails. Here are mostly families and students.
    • Young professionals and singles usually choose Decatur. It’s where Emory University and campuses of Agnes Scott College are, and there is the Decatur Book Festival. It’s very walkable, bike-friendly, and there’s easy access to public transportation.
    • If you’re here for the art and culture, go to Midtown. It’s the cultural hub of the ATL because there is Midtown Arts District, High Museum of Arts, Woodruff Arts Center, the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, and Fox Theatre. This area is quickly developing, so you can find anything you might want – from great eateries to unique shops.

    It’s Never Boring in ATL

    The people here make of a kind atmosphere that you can’t find anywhere else. It’s so alive and active all the time, and you’ll always want to be outside of your home for two reasons. The main one is having fun, and the second one is the possibility to meet someone interesting and helpful. ATL is all about success and working to become the best version of yourself, but it’s also about good parties, brunches, and great food. This is a huge historic location, so if you love to learn about the past, you will have so many places to visit. ATL was founded as a major railroad terminus, and it quickly expanded into a transportation hub. It was burned down to the ground during the American Civil War, but it was rebuilt. It’s the center of the civil rights movement and activism. Once you come here, you shouldn’t miss seeing historical landmarks such as the National Center for Civil and Human Rights, History Center, and The King Center. Here is also the largest aquarium in the nation, the Coca Cola Museum, plenty of international restaurants, amazing big parks, and everything else you’ll surely love here.

    Atlanta Night Atlanta Skyline Atlanta

    Hire Recommended Atlanta Movers if You Plan on Long-Distance Moving

    When moving across the country, it’s very important to know who you are dealing with. These relocations aren’t cheap, so why would you spend money on a moving company in Atlanta that isn’t reliable. Do your research online and ask friends and family for recommendations, and go with the best pick. The company you choose should provide moves across the country, they should have reasonable prices and a good relationship with their customers. Be sure to check if they are licensed and insured and see if they have a DOT number on the website.

    Go Only With Atlanta Movers That Offer All Long-Distance Moving Services You Need

    One way to make your relocation smoother is to hire someone that can provide you everything you require, instead of doing business with several moving companies in Atlanta, GA. It will significantly lower the level of stress, and you might even get a bundle deal and pay less.

    Get a Quote and Relocate Your Apartment With CCMC Movers in Atlanta

    Getting a professional cross country moving will mean having a stress-free and smooth experience and a good start in a new state and city. We can assist you with any kind of move you’re planning, regardless of the size of your home or even business office. The thing we’re most proud of is that our pricing is transparent, so you can rely on the price you hear from us as soon as you have a definite list of items you’re relocating. No unpleasant surprises, no monkey business, and no scams – just honest work. The quote you’ll get from CCMC is free, all-inclusive, and guaranteed.

    Our Atlanta Home Movers Can Pack Your Items in No Time

    Packing services for every item that’s bigger than a standard-size box, disassembling, and reassembling is free of charge with our local cross country movers. Your only job will be to handle all the smaller items, so if you need high-quality boxes and packing supplies, keep in mind that you can buy them from us.

    If You Want to Fully Relax on the Relocation Day, Get the Best Full Pack Service

    There are some household items that are harder to handle and protect, especially if you don’t have any previous experience. It can also happen that you don’t have enough time to deal with this tedious process. If that’s the case and if you want to be completely sure that everything is well-protected and covered, get the full pack service. It does come at an additional cost, but it will leave you with no work on the day of the move. Our local state to state movers will load the truck, unload it, and bring your items to specific rooms you tell them to.

    We Can Help Out With Anything in Your Home That Needs Additional Protection

    If packing alone isn’t enough, there’s one more option. CCMC long distance movers will create a customized wooden crate for the delicate item and transport it inside. It’s also a service that costs additionally, and the price will depend on the dimensions of the item. Let your dedicated relocation specialist know that you’re interested, and they’ll explain all the details.

    CCMC Movers in Atlanta, GA, Also Provide Car Shipping Services

    As we said, you will need a car in ATL, so you might consider getting auto shipping if you currently have a car. We are professionals with many years of experience, so your car will be shipped without any damage or a scratch.

    We Offer You a Few Transportation Options for Cross Country Moves and Pick up and Delivery Options

    In our long-distance moving company, you will get to choose between shipping your vehicle on an open or inside of an enclosed trailer. The open one can fit up to nine cars depending on their size and weight, making it more affordable. Enclosed trailers are preferred by owners of expensive cars such as sports models or oldtimers. It is a more pricey option, but it offers more protection from the outdoor elements. Let your relocation specialist know the car’s year and model, and you will get a guaranteed quote. There’s of course, an option for a bundle deal if you’re relocating your household items with us as well.

    You Won’t Have to Worry About Storage After Our Cross Country Moving Services

    A storage unit that’s climate-controlled, constantly video surveilled, protected, and sanitized, free of charge for a whole month. How does that sound? You won’t have to go looking for a local unit in ATL – you’ll just have to tell us that you require storage, and it’s a done deal. If, for any reason, you require the storage for longer than the free period, the price will be daily prorated, and you won’t pay for anything that you haven’t used.

    We’re One of Only a Few Moving Companies in Atlanta That Can Provide You With Both Cross Country and International Relocating

    If you had international moving in mind, we’re here to help you. Our cross country moving company can relocate you to many of the foreign countries across the ocean. Choose between relocating by sea and relocating by air. International moves last longer than those across the country, so make sure you let us know on time what you had planned. Our attentive and professional relocation specialists will take care of everything else.

    With Our Team of Movers Atlanta, Ga, You’ll Also Have Insurance

    Be always one step ahead of any possible bad scenario, regardless of what might be the cause. Relocations can be tricky, and mistakes happen, sometimes even bad ones that couldn’t be stopped, such as natural disasters. That’s why we offer you minimum liability insurance for everything that our team packed. It covers $0.60 per every damaged pound. A better version is full coverage that also applies only to what we packed. It comes at an additional fee, so make sure you tell us that you’re interested, and we’ll calculate the price for you.

    Contact Us as See Why Cross Country Moving Company Is One of the Most Recommended in the Industry

    If you’re asking yourself who might be the perfect long-distance movers near me that can move me to or from ATL, the answer is simple – just call CCMC. We are one of the best options for relocating across the country, and we made sure to have everything you might require for a pleasant move. All the positive reviews from our previous clients confirm that, so don’t hesitate – contact us by phone, email, or website, and get a quote. We promise you a care-free move at an affordable price.

    Moving From Atlanta

    If you want to move from Atlanta, Cross Country Moving Company will help you relocate in the best way. All you should do is to call us and book your relocation. You can choose packing, auto transport, international shipping, storage service, or get all of them. After you give us a call, relax, Cross Country Moving Company will make relocation delightful.

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