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    Have you been looking for reputable Las Vegas movers that can move you without a sweat? Are you thinking – what are the most affordable and yet professional long distance movers near me? Cross Country Moving Company is just the company for you because relocating to or from the Entertainment Capital of the World is our specialty. There are so many reasons to move here, and we’d like to accommodate your move and to make it straightforward and stress-free.

    Neon City Is World Famous for a Lot of Things

    And it offers much more than you can see when coming here for a vacation. NV is the fastest-growing state in the nation according to 2018 reports by the Census Bureau Report – thousands of newcomers are relocating here each year. Here’s why:

    • The first reason for that is affordability, which is why most people are coming from California.
    • Another reason is the job market and all the work-related possibilities. Companies here are evolving, and there are many job opportunities for everyone.
    • The third reason is, of course, the abundance of amenities and entertainment.
    • Maybe the most important one is that there’s no state income tax and property taxes are low, so you will be able to save much more money than if you were living in some other state.

    You should keep in mind that it is a desert and it gets hot, so you’ll get used to avoiding going out at noon. You will adapt in time, and don’t forget to get sunscreen for your car. Bars and casinos work all day every day, but the nightlife isn’t only on the famous Las Vegas Strip – this area is mostly for the tourists. If you’d like to get a more local feel of LV, you can go to many other parts of the city and have so much fun. Gambling is pretty much everywhere, but there’s no lottery. Local casinos are kind of community centers – they have a bowling alley, a movie theater, local promotions, giveaways, restaurants, and more.

    Nevada is an open-carry state when it comes to weapons, so if you see someone wearing a gun, that’s completely okay. It’s just that you have to be a legal owner, and the weapon needs to be visible. And we can’t forget the food here – for late-night cravings for greasy and tasty food, there are In and Out and White Castle. Mexican is just the best, but you’ll also find all other interesting international cuisines and specialties.

    This is a driving city even though it’s not that big. There are walkable areas and neighborhoods, but you will have to drive because public transportation it’s not the best. Luckily, there is not that much traffic and congestions. School programs are abundant, and there are many layers of education. If you are coming with kids, you won’t have a problem finding a good school nearby. Locals are very friendly and helpful, so whatever kind of help you need, feel free to ask anyone.

    Relocate to the Area That Fits You Best

    There are many communities with great and affordable houses for sale. Many have pools and lots of trees, even though this is a desert area. McNeil neighborhood gives you a real nice suburban feel. It has lots of big and unique houses; it’s a mile from Downtown and two miles from the Strip. Paradise Palms is where many famous people live, and it’s a pretty high-end area. There’s a big number of remodeled homes, a golf court, and wide streets. Glen Heather is for those who want a big home on ranch-style land. Check the prices of real estate here before relocating so that you can know what you can afford.

    LV Is Not Only About Gambling

    We all know that the party and fun never stop here and that you can find something to do at any time of the day or night. But what is else there aside from the casinos and gambling? LV has a million answers to indoor activities. There are so many shows in casinos that you can choose from. If you’re with kids, bring them to the Mermaid attraction, or even take them to a Mermaid school to learn how to swim with tails. If you’d prefer an outdoor experience, go for a tour of the Grand Canyon, have a fast ride at SpeedVegas, where you can drive a fancy car on a 1.5-mile racetrack, or jump off a Strat Hotel. Some activities are costly, but there are also lots of free stuff to do, such as exploring the Strip or enjoying the outdoor performances.

    Las Vegas panorama Las Vegas

    CCMC Las Vegas Movers Have the Best Moving Services

    If you’ve chosen the Neon City as your new home, you will need a mover or two to give you a hand when shipping your belongings. Moving state to state is quite demanding and stressful since there are many things that have to be done in a limited timeline. By choosing CCMC movers in Las Vegas, you will get professional and trustworthy cross country movers that can perform any kind of move you want, whether it is your home or business office. As soon as you contact us, you will have a dedicated relocation specialist with top customer service at your disposal. They will explain to you each detail of cross country moving services and give you their direct line, so call or email them anytime for any kind of questions you may have. As you can see in our reviews, our team is highly trained and available to help even during the weekend and holidays.

    Las Vegas Movers Provide You With the Best Long-Distance Moving Services for a Guaranteed Price

    The biggest pro of cross country moving services that our company offers is the guaranteed and all-inclusive quote. What does that mean? It means that you won’t pay a penny more than you agreed with your sales representative and that nothing that happens can change that. The quote includes every tax, fee, and everything else that some companies charge as a separate service.

    You Will Have Free Packing With Us

    Our movers in Las Vegas, NV will provide you with top packing service and take care of every item bigger than a standard cardboard box – we will disassemble it (if needed), wrap, and protect it, load it on the truck and unload it once we arrive. We will also bring everything to your new home and organize the furniture and boxes in the rooms. All of that is free of charge. Your only responsibility will be to take care of smaller stuff, such as clothes or books. For them, you can get all the high-quality boxes and packing supplies from us.
    If you don’t want to risk protecting the breakables yourself, you can get a partial packing service. In that case, our state to state movers can handle anything you want, but it has to be less than fifteen boxes.

    Get a Full Pack Service from CCMC Long Distance Movers

    In case you want to be completely sure that everything is properly packed and protected, just let us know, and we’ll provide you with a full pack service. Our team will handle every item that you want to relocate, and we’ll provide all the necessary professional equipment. This comes at an additional cost, but it means that you’ll have no worries about any of your belongings. If something needs additional protection, we can also make customized crates for it. Just provide us with dimensions, and the wooden crate will wait for you. There’s an extra charge for it, and the relocation specialist will calculate it for you.

    We Are a Moving Company in Las Vegas That Has a Storage for You

    With us, a customer doesn’t need to look for a storage unit when they arrive and want to leave their belongings for a certain period. You can use our storage unit for thirty days free of charge. It’s under video surveillance 24/7, climate-controlled, and sanitized. If it happens that you wish to leave your things longer than the free period, you will be daily prorated, so you won’t pay for anything you didn’t use. All of the items are labeled with a bar code once we pack them, and the code is checked when entering and leaving the storage. That is how we keep track of everything, and no item can be misplaced or lost.

    CCMC Is One of the Moving Companies in Las Vegas, Nv That Offers Auto Transportation

    You won’t have to find another long-distance moving company if you plan to relocate your car with you. If you can’t drive to LV, contact us and get auto shipping from experienced CCMC movers. We can provide you with a door-to-door or terminal-to-terminal option when it comes to the pick-up and delivery.

    You Can Choose Between Shipping on an Open or Enclosed Trailer

    We offer our clients two options and both have equally good reviews. The open trailer is a more common and affordable option, while the enclosed trailer is a matter of prestige. There’s a difference in price because the open trailer fits up to nine vehicles, and they will be exposed to the weather conditions. Enclosed trailers offer more protection, and it’s preferred by those who own expensive models such as oldtimers or sports cars.

    We Can Provide You With Both Long-Distance Moving and International Relocating

    In case you are interested in international moving just contact us, and we will help you out. We can relocate you to many of the Asian and European countries. Just choose between relocating by sea or by air and let us accommodate your move.

    With Our Cross Country Moving Company, You Will Have Relocation Insurance

    Minimum liability insurance is free of charge if you choose to hire CCMC for moving across the country. Everything that our team packed and protected is covered for $0.60 per damaged pound before the moves. If you want to have more than just the basic coverage, ask your relocation specialist for premium insurance. Your car is also insured with us. If you opt for an enclosed trailer, the vehicle will be insured for half a million dollars, while those shipped on the open trailer are insured for $100,000.

    Call Us and See Why CCMC Is One of the Top Las Vegas Moving Companies

    It’s completely understandable to be confused by the many moving companies in Las Vegas that represent themselves as reputable, but if you’re looking for a high-profile cross-country moving company that also offers affordable prices, contact CCMC. Each customer that opted for moving cross country with us had only positive things to say, as you can see from all the reviews on Yelp and Facebook after the moves. We are licensed and registered, and we also have so much experience, so a move with us can only be a positive experience. Give us a call, send us an email, or request a quote online and leave everything else to the pros.

    Moving From Las Vegas

    If you want to move from Las Vegas, you don’t need to be worried about the relocation process. Cross Country Moving Company will relocate you in the best way. All you need to do is to call us and book your relocation. We offer storage services, packing, auto transport, or international shipping to help you relocate successfully. Cross Country Moving Company makes moving a pleasure.

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