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    Are you looking for incredibly beautiful summers, colorful autumns, world-class universities, a diverse economy, and plenty of possibilities for growth? Massachusetts will be the right choice for you, and here is how Massachusetts movers can help you relocate to one of the best and most popular states within the US. Explore all our services that can help you speed up your moving and ease the transition to your new home address. Book your relocation with Cross Country Moving Company and get perfect experience no matter what distance you should pass.

    Welcome to The Bay State

    Although one of the smallest US states, Massachusetts presents one of the best states for living thanks to its strong economy, leading universities, and high quality of life. High wages (MA takes the third place in terms of salary in the US,) great health care system (there is the lowest percentage of uninsured citizens,) Harvard, Cambridge, and Boston Universities, infrastructure, and low crime rates make MA the perfect choice for young people who want to get prestigious education and chase the dream career, but also for families.

    MA is a leader in engineering, biotechnology, maritime trade, finance, and higher education, so if you’re interested in some of these fields, there is no better location for you than the Bay State.

    Other things people love about MA are seasons, especially the pleasant summer temperatures. Moreover, MA offers plenty of places for vacation, great food (chocolate cookies were invented here,) and a great location since Boston is located just 215 miles from New York. Sounds perfect? And there is even more!

    MA is Perfect Place for History, Sports, and Nature Lovers

    The Bay State is famous for its rich history and represents a great spot for all history lovers who like to research good stories. MA is known for its many firsts. The first pilgrims from Mayflower landed here. The first Thanksgiving was celebrated in MA. It is home to the first lighthouse in the US, while the first public park in the US was established in Boston. The first printed book in the US was published in Cambridge, and, you guess, the first telephone call in history was performed in MA.

    Boston, Salem, and Cambridge keep some of the most interesting stories from the US past, telling us stories from the beginning of European colonies, through the revolutionary years, to these days. This short retrospective on MA history makes clear how influential MA was on the commercial and cultural development of the US.

    Moreover, MA will be just the perfect spot for all sports enthusiasts since, after all, this is a state where basketball and volleyball were invented! We are sure that you will enjoy watching live Boston Celtics, as well as the football, hockey, soccer, and even lacrosse games.

    Lush nature is another benefit of living in MA, so all outdoor lovers will just enjoy a variety of natural beauties and breathtaking sceneries. Rocky cliffs, waterfalls, forests, valleys, lakes, and green areas within the cities are just some of the major attractions in the state, giving great opportunities for outdoor recreation. And when summer is there, and everyone seeks a beach and spectacular sunsets, the proximate destinations provide solutions for these needs too. Martha’s Vineyard and Cape Cod, the greatest tourist attractions of the area, are just great places to enjoy all the beauties of summer. And we can’t miss mentioning whale watching. That is a unique and really stunning experience, which you can’t have just anytime.

    Massachusetts Gems – Boston, Salem, and Springfield

    Boston is the capital of MA and one of the first founded cities in the US. It is a vibrant, eclectic, and exciting waterfront city that provides a perfect balance of historic and hip. Its narrow streets, red-bricked houses, contemporary architecture, and plenty of green areas within the city, such as Rose Kennedy Greenway, exude a very special atmosphere. Furthermore, pristine nature provides many outdoor opportunities such as kayaking, biking, hiking, fishing, or simply watching the wildlife, so don’t forget to experience some of these great adventures.

    Salem is world-famous for its witch trials. And, today, this is one of the most visited towns in MA that provides its visitors many historical and modern witch tours. Nevertheless, aside from witches, Salem is one of the best areas for buying a home since the majority of residents own the property they live in. Furthermore, since it provides a great public schooling system, Salem is a highly family-friendly place. And if you want to develop your business in the tourism sphere, Salem is again the right solution since it is one of the best-established tourist destinations in the US. All in all, this small town presents great opportunities and a great choice for all families that search for a quiet but interesting life.

    Springfield is best known as the city where basketball was invented. However, in terms of quality of life, Springfield presents one of the most affordable places to live in the US. Affordable housing options, top-quality health care and educational system, a growing economy, plenty of green areas, and a family-friendly environment are enough reasons to consider living in Western MA.

    Buildings Marthas vineyard Seager trailhead Boston Boston

    Cross Country Moving Company is Specialized in All Kinds of Moving Services

    Ready for a long-distance moving? Contact our movers in Massachusetts and start planning your move with your designated agent, who will introduce you to all details associated with our cross country moving services, and price plans that are always based exclusively on the inventory list. The great thing is that you’ll be able to change the list up to one day before relocation, and the quote will change accordingly. This way, you will always know how you stand with the total cost scheme, and won’t have to worry about hidden fees and costs. And for all those who are tough at making decisions, our customer support team will be available to answer all your questions and help you with any issue.

    Book the Packing Service With CCMC Professionals and Speed Up Your Relocation

    We know boxing up your household on your own may seem like an everlasting process. So, If you want to relocate efficiently and speed up your cross-country moving, you should definitely consider using packing services. With the support of our professional packers, you won’t have to lift a finger! We can pack everything from your small or fragile items to bulky items, furniture and appliances, even pieces of art and massive sculptures. In order to cover all needs of our customers, we provide a choice of three packing options.

    The first option is a basic one, designed to cover the needs of all customers. Disassembling and reassembling of your furniture, packaging of mattresses, mirrors, TVs, and all other bulky stuff, as well as loading and unloading, is included in all our quotes and is free of charge. In case you need any additional packaging service, you can always upgrade your basic plan using partial or full packing services.

    What to Choose? The Difference Between Partial and Full Packing Services

    Whenever you want some special treatment for your valuable belongings, make sure to book partial packing services. This option is intended to relieve you from the stress of filling the boxes. The partial packing assistance covers up to 15 boxes, and in case you need more, you can go for full service.

    Full packing service is the perfect choice for all those who move on a very tight schedule and need someone to pack the whole home for them. This is the moment when our long-distance movers enter the scene and start fulfilling the task. Of course, there are many details to resolve before you book full package assistance, so make sure to contact your designated agent and explore everything.

    All Your Packed Items Are Insured in Case of Damage

    Our cross-country movers take care of properly packaging all your items. However, during the transportation process, sometimes, some smaller damages are possible. Although they happen once in a blue moon, we still want to prevent any inconveniences. For that reason, we provide our customers with two options for insurance. The first option is free and included in all our quotes. This mandatory insurance policy reimburses you with 0.60 cents per pound of damaged belongings. The second option is paid and guarantees full-value replacement. It means that, in case your item is damaged, you will be reimbursed with the full amount of its value.

    Need to Store Your Stuff for a While? Take Advantage of Our One-Month Free to Use Storage Place

    For all our customers that use our moving services, we have another treat. We provide one month free to use a fully protected and 24/7 surveilled storage place. Our storage facilities are only used for our customer’s belongings, all labeled with barcode stickers. Of course, if you need to use the storage place for a longer period, a few months, or even a year, it is possible. Everything you need to do is inform your designated agent, who will make arrangements for you. In case you need to extend the usage of the storage place, this is possible too. As our customer, you will be paying the extension per day and make some significant cost decrease.

    CCMC’s Massachusetts Movers Can Organize Your Car Shipping Too

    Moving cross country doesn’t necessarily mean you have to sell your car. Using CCMC auto shipping services, you can easily get your car delivered to your new home address. No matter what car type or size you want to ship, we can organize it, providing you with open or enclosed trailers. Moreover, along with car shipping, we provide an insurance policy for your four-wheelers so you can be absolutely sure your car is covered in all aspects. If any damage occurs while the vehicle is under our care, the reimbursement for cars on the open trailers goes to $100,000 and up to $500,000 on enclosed trailers. It is important to note that this insurance covers only external damage.

    What is the Difference Between Open and Enclosed Trailers and How to Know What to Choose?

    Besides the difference their names suggest, another difference is related to the car size and type that can be transferred on each trailer. If your car is large and requires more space in the trailer, you will choose enclosed trailers designed for this type of vehicle. Also, if you possess some really expensive car such as Lamborghini, Jaguar, or similar class, then CCMC experts will always recommend transferring your car on enclosed trailers. Enclosed trailers provide greater protection for the car because there is strictly limited space on them and because the car is completely safe from any weather or road condition. So, if you want special treatment for your car, then using an enclosed trailer is the best solution for you.

    On the other hand, if you have a regular-sized car, using an open trailer will be enough to transport your car to another address. Our open trailers can transport up to nine cars at the same time, depending on their weight, which can decrease the price of car shipping to 30% compared to enclosed trailers.

    Car Delivery Options

    Door-to-door delivery is one of our best buys due to its great convenience for users that don’t have to spend any additional time picking up their car. Although it is slightly more expensive than picking it up from a specially designed terminal, it also saves you from any additional costs, or time losses, delivering it right in front of your doorstep.

    Terminal-to-terminal delivery is also a very popular service, usually chosen by experienced drivers and don’t have any issues when they have to start driving in a bigger city and crowd traffic. So, before you book your car delivery option, make sure to consider every potential problematic situation.

    Call CCMC Movers in Massachusetts, and Explore All Your Options

    Preparations for relocation should start at least three months before your set relocation date. This will be just enough time to explore relocation companies and conclude which one provides the best conditions. Also, when exploring the companies, don’t forget that one of the decisive factors should be how reputable they are, and this is exactly what CCMC is. Our reputable, trustworthy, and professional relocation agents will be more than happy to help you with the entire process. Let us plan your relocation in detail and provide you with an impeccable relocation experience. Contact our long-distance moving company today, and get your quote all for free.

    Moving From Massachusetts

    If you want to move from Massachusetts, Cross Country Moving Company can help you. All you should do is give us a call and book your date. Keep in mind that Cross Country Moving Company consists of a team that is experts in storage, relocation, packing, and car shipping and that’s why we will make your relocation smooth. With us by your side satisfaction is guaranteed.

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