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    Are you looking for Ohio movers who can aid you in your move and ensure it all goes according to plan? Cross Country Moving Company is here to take you to the state of aviation, astronauts, presidents, and laid-back charisma. With plains as far as meets the eye on one hand and inspiring cities on the other, it’s hard to figure out what this place is all about. But don’t worry, getting to know all the faces of the State of Firsts is a quest, and mystery won’t prevent you from having a ball. Hop on and see where you’re heading and how we can help.

    Anything Can Happen at the Heart of It All

    America hails success and getting it instantly is almost a must, but while some states are crazy about their reputation, this wise Midwestern gem is keeping it lowkey. Some are inclined to think that since it doesn’t toot its own horn, it must be uninspiring or monotonous, all about agriculture and rural quaint towns. But is that really so?

    Known as the Buckeye State, since it is full of these trees, it has actually been a leader and set the trends for the rest of the nation in countless fields. It was the first US state that implemented ambulance trucks, cash registers, and street electricity. Besides, it nurtured the minds of inventors, such as Edison and the Wright brothers, and artists, such as Toni Morrison and Spielberg. More US presidents come from here than from any other state and that’s why the territory is sometimes called the Mother of Presidents. Finally, the place has given a fair share of astronauts to NASA, and the first man on the Moon also originated from one of the most intriguing territories nationwide.

    The best thing about living here is that you don’t need to force yourself into a singular identity. The capital of Columbus is brimming with top-notch educational facilities and forward-thinking residents, but if you pay a visit to Cincinnati or venture further into smaller towns, you’ll get a whole different picture. Ohioans are diverse in almost any aspect, except for football, where you must be smart when choosing who to root for.

    Create a Pleasant Life in Some of the Cool Cities and Towns

    Kentucky and West Virginia’s first-door neighbor is a cool place to call home due to numerous factors. The cost of living here is below the national average when you take all crucial factors into consideration, the people are friendly (if you don’t pick the wrong football team), and the possibilities to have fun are endless. So here’s where you should look to relocate:

    • Columbus – The capital paradoxically defies any tropes people associate with Ohio. It’s the place to be for techies and has been hailed as the rising city for startups by Forbes, but also the place with the most riveting indie culture nationwide. With festivals celebrating whatever you can think of, a thriving brewing scene, and food that would satisfy even the grumpiest of critics, there’s not much to dislike about this one;
    • Dublin – This town is only a short ride away from the capital, yet its appeal deserves a special spot. Praised as one of the most superb places to live in the state, it is also home to some of the most successful schools. The residents here earn more than the national average per household, and if you wish to have fun, you’ll have trouble figuring out where to start;
    • Cincinnati – If you’re into vibrant, pulsating cities that are diverse but on a more conventional side than the capital, you’ve reached your destination. The Chilli Capital of America is where foodies go when they want to satisfy their cravings, and its food has been the dream of many. But the jobs aren’t few either, and the employment rate is lower than the national average. Sports, museums, music venues, and nature also await, so life here won’t be regret in any way.

    Cease the Day and Try Out Some of the Awesome Activities

    When you grab a free moment, the opportunities to use it well will be numerous here. Regardless of whether you’re into events packed with people such as festivals and concerts or more into culture, history, or nature, there’ll be something to feed the soul.

    For all who’d like to experience pristine nature, the Hocking Hills Park is an excellent way to spend a quiet moment alone or with families, friends, and significant others. Adorned with hiking trails, waterfalls, and landscapes worthy of the impressionists, you’re guaranteed to spend pleasant hours here.

    Another cool suggestion to visit is the Dayton Aviation Heritage National Historic Park. This complex keeps the tale of how people managed to master the skill unattainable to them from the times of Daedalus and Icarus. Take a stroll, observe the exponents, and dig deep into the minds of inventors.

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    Superb Cross-Country Moving Services Can Make a World of Difference

    Moving can make you feel exhausted if you balance many things at once or if you simply have too much on your plate. But why spend sleepless nights and stress and fret when you can enjoy expert help from one of the top relocation companies in the country? Cross Country Moving Company has created an all-inclusive service to help you digest relocations and to give them the flavor of new beginnings. With our cross-country moving services, you’ll truly be able to breathe and have things done efficiently and within the set deadlines.

    If you think that money can spoil this harmony, fear not. Our team knows that having the right information is crucial for making informed decisions, which is why our quote formation process is 100% transparent. Unlike some other companies, we are honest and guarantee there won’t be any unpleasant surprises.

    The quote you’ll be given depends on the household inventory list you make, which means that the number of things you’re transporting defines the final figure. But it doesn’t mean that this list is set in stone. On the contrary, you can change it as much as you want up to one business day before our truck arrives.

    Packing Made Easy With Our Movers in Ohio

    Bulky furniture, mirrors, and large appliances all need to somehow find their way to the truck and to the new home. Yet, this isn’t many people’s idea of fun, and besides, it can get dangerous if you don’t plan every single step. For this reason, packing these large items up, disassembling if necessary, loading and unloading, as well as unpacking and reassembling where you tell us to is all on the house. You won’t have to worry at all and this packing service isn’t charged extra. Besides, our team is not only familiar with the most effective and safest techniques, but they also bring their own materials and supplies. Seems like we thought about everything.

    Let the Best Long-Distance Movers Lend a Hand With Partial and Full Packing

    Things that aren’t as big still pose challenges since inadequate methods can cause damage to valuable and fragile items. Packing is not exactly rocket science and you can learn everything, but it takes time and work. Our professionals have invested both and can help you direct your energy to other goals. For an additional price, Cross Country Moving Company’s staff can swiftly and neatly pack up to fifteen boxes (partial pack) or more than that (full pack). As in the case of the basic package, we bring the enthusiasm and the materials and all you have to do is let us know what goes into each room.

    CCMC’s Car Shipping Service Spares You From Headaches

    Ohio is replete with magnificent places for trips, nature getaways, and enchanting city breaks. Having a car is the number one way to freely roam and be unattached to transportation schedules and hours. And with our reputable company, you can transport your car in a safe and tested manner.

    Our auto transport services are for you if you want to get the best value for your money, enjoy expert help, have insight into where your car is at all times, have an agent dedicated to giving you all the info you need, and benefit from knowing your vehicle is insured at all times (external damage is covered up to 500,000 dollars for enclosed trailers and up to 100,000 dollars for open carriers). Not convinced yet? Check out CCMC’s reviews on all trustworthy platforms.

    You Can Pick Between Two Transportation Methods With Our Long-Distance Moving Company

    The method is the first dilemma you’ll have to answer when you decide to ship your vehicle. To avoid any regrets, ensure you do research and let us know of all the specifics of your car so that we could recommend the best solution. Generally speaking, both transportation methods we utilize have their pros and cons, but every individual situation might call for different suggestions. Here’s a summary of both methods:

    • Open-air carrier – This one is the most common type and the majority of customers opt for it. Not only is it safe and affordable, but it’s also relatively fast and not difficult to book a spot on. However, winter weather or scorching heat don’t go well with it, so pay attention to the time of year,
    • Closed trailers – The exclusive and less frequent method is reserved for expensive, vintage, or racing cars. In case you go for this one, you’ll enjoy complete protection come rain or shine (literally) and you won’t have to dwell on any issues. Still, you should designate a larger budget for this one.

    Delivery Is the Last Step to Complete Before Your Ohio Driving Adventure Starts

    You’re almost there, and the only thing left after choosing the method is to let us know of your preferred delivery. If you want to go all out in other areas and forget about any car-transport obligations, door-to-door delivery is for you. You can give us any address in Ohio and we’ll park in front of it. And in case that is impossible because of the traffic, we’ll meet you at the nearest parking spot available.

    The other alternative is terminal-to-terminal delivery, ideal for those who want to be economical and save some cash. Cross Country Moving Company has got terminals (regional storage facilities) across the whole of the US, and you can come to the nearest spot close to your new home.

    Catch the Wave and Save With Our Storage Services

    Things change and instead of sunny days, sometimes we encounter rain, or our wishes simply don’t look like they’ll come true at the exact moment when we want them to. This can happen with your new home and you might experience a delay, but it doesn’t mean you should be out of sorts because of this.

    We at CCMC know how much pressure can bring people down and that’s why we wanted to take some of the weight off your shoulders. Our first-class storage services are free in the first month, and they’re charged per day after that period, so no financial turmoils will be in the picture.

    Avoid Sending Anything to Junk Prematurely and Ship Your Belongings to a Much Better Place – CCMC’s Storage

    Our storage is a safe place to keep all your belongings. CCMC’s personnel goes the extra mile to ensure every single item is entered into our system, has a code, and is placed in one of the heat-controlled, clean compartments. Besides, the 24/7 surveillance prevents theft or other losses and there’s nothing to feel apprehensive about if you want us to take care of your possessions for a while.

    Insurance for All Scenarios Is Vital

    Moving insurance is there in case things go the way nobody wants them to. When the force majeure takes over, it’s easy to panic. But, with our insurance policies, you won’t have to worry about a thing.

    Each moving package includes mandatory liability coverage, which is sixty cents per pound of the lost or the damaged item. But if you don’t want the weight to be decisive, you can invest in other more cost-efficient alternatives. Full-value replacement is based on the item’s worth, and third-party insurance is another way to put your heart at ease while transporting valuables.

    No Matter if You are Moving to or From Ohio Contact Us Now to Start Together

    Ohio is not a flyover place as some erroneously think. As you delve into the history of presidents, inventors, and proud Midwesterners, you’ll be taken in by nature’s promise and the unpretentious, truly unique way to enjoy one’s life. That’s why no matter if you are moving to or from Ohio we can lend you a helping hand. Contact us now to get a free quote and choose the one team that can aid you in any moving matter. Why gamble with your choices when you can get the best of the best?

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