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    California Movers

    Finding reputable California movers is essential if you wish that your cross country moving to go as smoothly as possible. We understand how vital it is to have somebody reliable in a stressful event such as local or long-distance moving, and that’s why we’re here. Relocating to beautiful California is a fantastic idea, and we will make that experience exceptional for you.

    Relocating to the Golden State, the Land of Sun and Snow

    Welcome to the most populous state in the country, third-largest by area, and the largest sub-national economy in the whole world. From beautiful beaches and the ocean to snowy mountains, this state attracts hundreds of people to relocate here each month. The main destinations are, of course, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, and the capital, Sacramento. However, there are smaller spots such as Tarzana, the famous Malibu, and even smaller Santa Susana, that can charm you with their beauty.

    One of the most important reasons why people come here all the time is the weather. A warm but not too hot climate attracts all of those who want to get away from the rain, snow, and cold. Another one is the economy that promises prosperity, excellent educational options, and higher living standards to all the newcomers. Living here will mean that you can have it all without even leaving the borders.

    The Diversity is One of the Many Things That Make Living Here Attractive

    What is a better indicator that you’re welcome somewhere than the fact that one of the four California residents wasn’t born here? The Golden State is known for its diverse population – a wide variety of ethnicities, nationalities, and races live and thrive here, while none of them makes a majority. There are more people living here than in the whole of Australia or Canada, and almost half of them speak another language at home, which is the biggest percentage of bilingual people than in any other state in the US.

    California flag Golden Gate

    Moving Long Distance to Los Angeles Is a Great Decision

    Are you looking for moving companies in California because you want to move to LA? Almost everyone’s favorite, LA is a true Californian jewel. It’s known as the world’s capital of entertainment and culture, with dozens of world-class museums and more artists than in New York. It’s also home to large high-tech companies, tourism, international trade, and the healthcare industry. Shopping is also huge here, so all of the shopaholics will love it here. This city never sleeps, and there will be no boring days once you come – from an incredibly good dining scene to clubs, bars, and cafes. If you enjoy outdoor activities and recreation, LA is the place for you. It’s also a seatown, so swimming and surfing on one of the gorgeous beaches such as Malibu will be available every day for you. The perfect weather will make sure that happens.

    San Francisco Is the Financial Capital of Northern California

    You don’t have to ask yourself anymore who are the best long-distance movers near me that do moves to SF – you’ve just found us. As one of the top California moving companies, we can confirm that the city of the gorgeous Golden Gate Bridge is another cultural mecca and the center of economic activity in this state. If you’re in the IT industry, you’re probably thinking of San Francisco as a dreamland since there are companies such as Visa, Uber, Lyft, Airbnb, Mozilla, Dropbox, Craigslist, and Yelp, as well as major social media companies like Twitter and Facebook.

    This hilly city is the fifth most densely populated city with a high cost of living, but with the highest salaries in the nation. Its weather is not as perfect as in Los Angeles, but it’s still warm almost throughout the whole year. The beautiful nature in SF is a perfect reason to spend time outside, but if you’re not a fan, you can explore the dining and bar scene, which is huge. SF is a very liberal city with many ethnicities and always something new to explore.

    Sunny San Diego Could Be Your Favorite Destination

    If you wish to get movers in California because you want to live in warm and sunny San Diego, look no further. This city has it all – from education and entertainment for the young and outgoing people to safety and quiet for families and retirees. It’s like a younger sister of Los Angeles that’s more oriented towards a calmer and slower pace of life, and, most importantly, it’s cheaper. The main attractions are San Diego Zoo and SeaWorld for all animal lovers, and there’s also Balboa Park with seventeen museums for a perfect family day. Beaches are just beautiful, and the weather is perfect all year round, so there’s nothing not to like. The only thing left is to call cross-country movers and become a San Diegan, enjoying the ocean and tasting craft beers and wines that are bottled here.

    What Makes Cross Country California Movers So Highly Recommended?

    Choosing between so many moving companies in California on the market can be hard, and you might find yourself in a situation where you don’t know who to trust and how to choose. That is why it’s important to have a few criteria that have to be fulfilled:

    • Professionalism – When doing business with any local or long-distance moving company, you have to see that they take every client seriously and with respect. Your call should be answered by someone who has all the information. The communication with our sales representatives will be done at the time and in a way that works for you best, be it a call or email correspondence.
    • Transparency – All of the work you do with a cross-country moving company must be transparent and very clear to you. Unanswered questions and dilemmas can cause stress and doubt, which is unacceptable when moving from state to state with someone who has your money and all of your belongings. Relocation scams, unfortunately, aren’t an exception, so you must be very careful when choosing state-to-state movers.
    • Flat rates – No monkey business is allowed when it comes to your money. The quote clients hear from our sales rep will be the one they will pay, and no additional taxes or fees can happen during the moves. We at CCMC charge all-inclusive prices that won’t increase.
    • License and insurance – Don’t forget to check the company’s USDOT (United States Department of Transportation) number. It’s a unique sign that the business is registered and reliable, and that you will receive high-quality services from them. Every professional can get this number from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, but if they don’t have it, don’t do business with them. We are fully licensed and insured, and the USDOT number is available on our website for all clients to see.
    • Reviews – The best pointer that you chose an experienced cross-country moving group are positive reviews from previous clients. Check out Yelp and Facebook to see what other people had to say about the services they used when they moved with us.
    • Customer service – No matter what type of problem you might have, the relocation specialist should be available to respond and explain everything to you. Our main goal is for every client to feel comfortable and relaxed, so our sales agents make sure to be available at any time so that you have no worries.

    Cross Country Moving Company Offers the Best Moving Services

    And we say it confidently – since we fulfill all the criteria above, we are free to promise a positive experience for anyone who moves their belongings with us. Regardless of the size of your home or office, our experienced long-distance movers will handle each item with care. All that you chose to relocate will arrive at the destination as it was before the move. Our movers have all equipment and expertise to disassemble, handle, and reassemble the bigger items and to carefully cover and pack smaller and delicate items. All you have to do is to contact us and let us know what date works best for you for moving, and our crew will be there to assist you.

    California Moving Services Include a Free Month of Storage

    If you’re moving across the country and you haven’t found a perfect spot yet, or you’re waiting for it to be ready, feel free to leave your belongings in our high-end storage. Your things will be in a sanitized place with climate-controlled conditions and 24-hour surveillance. No one has access to it but you and our team. Your things can wait for you to pick them up for a whole month free of charge. If you decide to leave them longer, your dedicated sales representative will explain the payment for any additional period.

    Packing Is Also Our Specialty

    If you wish to save time and to be sure that each thing is perfectly safe from any damage or breaking during the transportation, then you can rest assured that it will be with the CCMC team. We will protect all of your mirrors, electronics, lamps, furniture, and everything bigger than a medium box – and we’ll do it for free! Our standard packing service will allow you to focus on other things while our team does the work because, we’ll agree, packing isn’t very easy and fun.

    California Movers Offer Full Packing Service and the Best Packing Supplies as Well

    If you choose to buy high-quality boxes and professional packing supplies for wrapping some items yourself, you can do that with us as well. On the other hand, the safest thing to do if you have a lot of stuff is to get a full packing service. This is especially useful if you’re relocating for the first time and you’re not sure how to handle certain things. This service comes at an additional cost, which will be explained to you by our representatives, but it means that you won’t have to worry or do anything about your stuff. Every single item will be disassembled, perfectly covered, and protected, so no damage is possible.

    Get Custom Crating and Moving Insurance for All of Your Valuables

    Sometimes packing alone isn’t enough. In case you’re moving cross country some rare, old, delicate, or expensive items, we have additional ways of protecting them. We will crate them – make a customized wooden box of specific dimensions for it and then have it transported. It’s also recommended to get insurance for all household items and cars. Again, we can provide you with two options – basic or full coverage, so that you can be sure you will be reimbursed for any possible damage. The basic coverage is free of charge and it includes everything we move, while the full coverage comes at an additional cost. Make sure you let your designated sales representative know that you’re interested, and they’ll provide you with a price.

    Our Cross Country Moving Services Include Auto Shipping as Well

    Is your loved four-wheeler coming with you to California? You won’t have to look for another company for it – part of our long-distance moving services is auto shipping. We are here to help you relocate your vehicle to California if you decide that you don’t want to or can’t drive. In only three days, we can pick up your vehicle when you prepare it for transportation and deliver it to you in the shortest period of time.

    Our Company Offers Different Types of Transportation and Delivery

    If you own a modified vehicle, some expensive type of sports car, an oldtimer, or you just want full protection of your car, we offer you to ship it on an enclosed trailer. It’s the safest, but a pricier option. A more common and economical option is an open carrier. Even though it does offer less protection than an enclosed one and the car is exposed to outside elements, it’s still a very popular method. When it comes to pickup or delivery, you can choose between door-to-door or terminal-to-terminal. The name says it itself – decide whether you want us to pick up and deliver your car at a specific location or the terminal. Whatever you choose, we’ll be at your service with an all-inclusive quote.

    Cross Country Moving Company Can Also Move You Internationally

    Another one of the services we’re providing and that we’re proud of is international relocating. All of your belongings can be shipped to another country for an all-inclusive quote at the time you choose. Just let us know what you plan on shipping, and our relocation specialists will provide you with all the information and details you need.

    Treat Yourself by Getting Professional Services

    Relocating is in the top three most stressful things that can happen to you, so why risk making it even worse by hiring an unknown business or doing it alone? Contact a professional company with good reviews that can help you relocate your home to any Californian city, including the favorite San Francisco and LA. Free packing of every bigger item and free storage for a month are just some of the good sides of working with us. Contact us today and get some rest while relocating. With us – it’s possible.

    Moving From California

    Relocation should not be exhausting. If you are moving from California, call us and book your move in no time. You can choose packing, car transport, international shipping, and storage services from our offer. Keep in mind that no matter what services you opt for, Cross Country Moving Company will make the move exciting and joyful.

    No matter if you are leaving Palo Alto or a charming Mill Valley, as well as Santa Clara, we will make your relocation smooth and stress-free. Just give us a call, and the rest is up to us.

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