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    New York City Movers

    Moving cross country to the most populous metropolis in the US can be easy and stressless if you hire the best New York City movers to assist you. Professionals are just the thing you need to make the beginning of an adventure unforgettable. While you are looking for work and accommodation, a reputable cross country moving company will provide you with a variety of relocation-related assistance. They will do all the grunt work while you are getting ready to become a resident of the Capital of the World.

    Living in the Capital of the World Will Be an Exciting Adventure

    You chose to settle in a world-famous metropolis that never sleeps, so be prepared to be amazed by all it has to offer. The most populous location in the US is not only a major financial and commercial center, it is also a melting pot of cultures and ethnicities. This is the place where dreams are made, so no matter who you are, there will be a spot for you.

    NYC Has Five Boroughs You Can Settle In

    When looking for a home in a metropolis as big as NYC, there will be plenty of options. Luckily NYC is divided into five boroughs, and picking one to call home will solely depend on your needs and budget:

    • Manhattan – When you think of museums, yellow cabs, and huge skyscrapers, you are thinking about Manhattan. This very small borough can be ideal for people looking for a fast and exciting lifestyle. Even if the cost of living is not the most affordable one, with plenty of job opportunities and high paychecks, it pays off to live in Manhattan.
    • Brooklyn – Families mostly flock to this relaxed borough with beautiful parks, vibrant coffee shops, and excellent restaurants. Not only is it in the vicinity of all essential amenities, but Brooklyn is also very affordable to live in. Here you can also find bigger apartments than in smaller boroughs such as Manhattan.
    • The Bronx – as the home to Yankees, some of the biggest parks in the metropolis, and a cradle of hip hop, Bronx is very unique. It can give you a rich cultural experience and affordable renting prices. Even if you find a job in some other borough, the location is well connected, so you won’t be stuck in traffic for a while.
    • Queens – The largest of five boroughs, it has a relaxed and suburban feel to it. Queens is not only near all important amenities, but it is also diverse and rich with ethnic food and local music. It is by far the most affordable borough out of five, so if you are relocating with family and you need a big apartment, Queens might be a solution.
    • Staten Island – Family oriented and suburban borough, Staten Island offers to its residents plenty of good local schools and parks. If your dream is to become a homeowner, consider settling in Staten Island as many local folks did.

    Don’t Stress – There Are Many Fun Things to Do in NY

    Relocating to NY will put you in a busy and crowded metropolis with plenty of things to do. After all, it is the home of Broadway, Rockefeller Center, Statue of Liberty, and Yankees. With more than 200 museums, around 500 galleries, and approximately 18,000 restaurants, there’s no way you’ll ever run out of things to do. No matter if you are an art lover, outdoor enthusiast, or a passionate sports fan, this is the place that has something for everybody.

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    Find the Best Movers From New York City to Help You Relocate

    Relocating across the country is not a very simple thing, so know that you don’t have to do it alone. Hiring Cross Country Moving Company (CCMC) will make the whole process not only faster but smoother and stressless. We are among the best moving companies in NYC not only because we put our clients’ needs first, but because we can assist you throughout the whole relocation process. Don’t hesitate to contact us, and we’ll help you become a New Yorker in no time.

    Use Our Cross Country Moving Services from NYC and Relocate Without a Fuss

    CCMC has been in business for some time, and our crew knows how to handle all kinds of moves. Our past experiences can guarantee that the long-distance moving services we offer are everything you need for a successful relocation. Contact us, and our New York City movers will make sure your move goes without a hitch.

    Call Our Movers in NYC and Ask for a Free Quote

    When hiring professionals to handle your relocation, it is very important to know how they charge because there is a lot of space for manipulating the prices. That’s why you should work with a professional cross country moving company that has excellent reviews and conducts its business transparently. To avoid getting scammed and overcharged, give CCMC a call. We can give you an all-inclusive quote without any unexpected costs.

    Our New York City Movers Are Experts at Packing

    Interstate moving can be an exciting adventure, but when you start putting everything in boxes, you’ll see there are some aspects that are not as fun. If you don’t want to deal with the exhausting process of boxing up, get a professional packing service. CCMC crew can provide you with top-notch assistance that will make the whole relocation easy, stress-free, and overall time efficient.

    Use Our Full or Partial Packing Services When Moving Across the Country to New York

    When you hire CCMC to take care of your furniture and other belongings, you will be able to pick between two types of packing services – full and partial. If you need us to pack up everything you own, use the full packing service. This way, our team will box up everything from your inventory list, and you won’t have to move a muscle. However, sometimes our customers want us to handle just some of their items. That’s why we offer partial packaging service as well. When you specify the number of items that need boxing up, our crew will prepare them for the relocation.

    CCMC Also Offers a Variety of Additional Services

    CCMC has been in the business for a while now, and we know that there are many cogs in the relocation machine. Keeping that in mind, our team offers a list of assistances that can come in handy from the start till the end of the process. That is one of the reasons why you should consider using some of our additional services:

    • Debris removal – entails removing the trash or pieces of furniture from your new home.
    • Long Carry – means that our crew will carry your things from the residence to the truck if the distance is more than 200ft. This way, you won’t have to worry about lifting bulky furniture on your own.
    • Stair Carry – if your residence is in a building that doesn’t have an elevator and it is higher than one flight of stairs, our crew will gladly handle the heavy lifting instead of you.
    • Hoisting – is used when you have some objects that cannot fit through the front door. If you have a pool table or a piano, you don’t have to stress about getting them out of your home, our crew will take care of it.

    Cross Country Moving Company Offers Different Car Shipping Options

    When moving interstate, you might want to bring your four-wheeler to a new location, and that’s where CCMC can be of great help. We offer two basic types of auto shipping service, each one coming with its advantages. You can choose between open and enclosed trailers depending on your needs and budget. No matter which type of shipping you opt for, our cross-country movers will make sure your car is transported as safely as possible.

    Pick Between Open and Enclosed Trailers

    When it comes to making the decision, know that using open trailers is by far the most popular way of auto shipping. What makes it so popular is the fact that it can accommodate more than a few vehicles, making it a perfect choice if you have more than one car. Also, it is the most affordable option you will find.

    Another option is using enclosed trailers. If you have a rare sports car, a luxurious old-timer, or you just bought a four-wheeler, consider this way of transportation. Closed trailers will protect your machine from external effects, giving it an extra layer of safety during transportation. If you are still on the fence about which option to choose, give us a call, and we’ll help you reach the best decision

    You Can Choose the Way Your Car Is Picked up and Delivered

    We offer two types of pickup and delivery options to make the whole car shipping process easier for you. Depending on your needs, you can pick between door-to-door and terminal-to-terminal delivery service. With door-to-door pickup and delivery, our crew will directly take your vehicle from your home if our truck can access the location. The second option is the terminal-to-terminal service, which is more affordable.

    Take Advantage of 30 Days Free Storage Our NYC Movers Offer

    When moving cross country, sometimes your home might not be ready by the time you move. That’s why we offer a climate-controlled, sanitized, and surveilled storage where you can keep valuable items until your home is ready. Keep in mind that every furniture piece and box that you leave in our storage units will have a bar code label, so everything is accounted for. Furthermore, since we put the clients’ needs above anything else, we offer you 30 days of free storage. You can also leave your things in our facilities for a longer time period just give us a call, and we will calculate the price for every additional day.

    We Offer Moving Insurance for All Long Distance Moves

    Moving state to state is a tiresome process, and even if you choose reputable and highly rated long-distance movers to handle your items, sometimes unpredictable things can happen. Insuring your belongings beforehand might give you additional peace of mind. That’s why every reputable long distance moving company should offer its customers an insurance policy.

    CCMC will provide you with basic minimum coverage for free. This means that for every damaged pound, you will receive 60 cents. However, if you decide that your belongings are too valuable and need additional insurance, full coverage can be buyable through our company. Furthermore, since we also ship vehicles, you should know that while your car is with us, it is covered. If you opt for open trailers, your machine is covered for up to $100,000, while those in enclosed carriers are covered up to $500,000.

    Contact Cross Country Moving Company and Relocate to the Capital of the World

    Settling in the biggest metropolis in the US is not everybody’s cup of tea. However, if you set your mind on becoming a resident here, contact CCMC, because it is one of the best companies, and schedule your move. Go over the reviews our clients left, and you will see that we can not only talk the talk but walk the walk as well. Our efficient, experienced, and equipped crew will be there for you through the whole process. Start your relocation by filling out an online estimate form, or do an easy thing and give us a call asking for a free quote. Our agents will gladly assist you and answer any questions you may have. Schedule a move and become a resident of the Capital of the World as soon as possible.

    Moving From New York City

    If you need to move to or from New York City, Cross Country Moving Company will help you relocate in no time. You can choose packing, auto transport, international transportation, storage service, and we will make sure all of your belongings are handled with care. Call us and ask for a free quote and then book your move and don’t worry about the rest because the Cross Country Moving Company makes moving easy.

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