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    What Is the Auto Transport Estimate?

    When it comes to car shipping, it isn’t always possible to get an exact price for the services you require. Since the price depends on many different factors, we can provide you with the estimated cost of your auto transport. But even knowing an estimated cost before shipping your vehicle can be very helpful when creating a relocation budget. When it comes to long-distance car shipping, the final price ultimately depends on the method of transportation, type of carrier, and distance covered.

    What Do Auto Transport Services Include?

    If you wish to get our auto transport service, you have a variety of options to choose from. You can be sure that your vehicle will arrive at the destination safely, regardless of what you chose. The price of car shipping depends on many factors the vehicle itself and the conditions of the relocation. The weight, size, and condition of the car along with the distance between the starting and the destination point, time of shipping, and the means of transportation and delivery are all factors that can affect the final price of car shipping. Larger vehicles cost more to ship, as do those in poor condition. Shipping in the summer is more expensive than in the winter, weekends are more expensive than weekdays, and so on. It is essential to mention that this goes for relocations in general: higher demand in summer and on weekends brings higher costs.

    When it comes to means of transportation, Cross Country Moving Company offers vehicle transport both in open trailers and closed containers. While shipping in the open trailer truck is cheaper, our sincere recommendation is to use closed containers for all luxurious and vintage cars. We also offer you the choice between door-to-door and terminal-to-terminal pick-up and delivery.

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