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    You’ve been considering relocating to the Golden State, someplace out of all the traffic and noise, but that is still near the metropolis? We have the right place for you. With our professional and experienced Santa Clarita movers, this relocation will be stress-free and effortless. Check many positive reviews of every satisfied customer on Cross Country Moving Company website and contact us for the quote without any charge.

    Relocating to Santa Clarita Means Safe and Sound Life

    This city is surrounded by California coastal sage and woodlands just 30 miles from the City of Angels and 40 miles from the Pacific Ocean. Because there is the Golden State Freeway on the west, it will take you only 35 minutes to the metropolis of Los Angeles. SC, a charismatic third largest city in LA County, is a great place for both people seeking a home for their family or the ones who are looking for a place with exciting nightlife and outdoor activities.

    Although the city’s appearance might look dry, there are many parks, and it is also known for the Six Flags Magic Mountain theme park. Many endangered species are situated here, such as 14 endangered bird species, six plant species, and if you’re into archaeological sites, there are 57 of them. Another interesting fact is that SC received a gift from Walt Disney – a herd of bison.

    The citizens of this charming city are very conscious of the environment and want to preserve nature. At the annual River Rally, 422,000 pounds of trash was collected and removed from Santa Clara River.

    Santa Clarita Is the Place if You Want to Buy House in the LA County

    The cost of living here is just 2% above the average in California, but with all the benefits and good living, it is worth relocating here. No matter if you have a family with kids or you are a young professional seeking a business opportunity, this city will provide you with everything you need. However, finding a place where you will live is not an easy task, so we found some neighborhoods for you to check out if you want a safe and comfortable place for living:

    • Stevenson Ranch is an unincorporated community, excellent for nature lovers because there are many parks and areas for recreation. Six Flags Magic Mountain is an adventure park that brings many visitors, but not only. The big shopping center is also very interesting to spend your free time.
    • Newhall – this is the location where you can find good restaurants and shopping, but there is a rustic touch which you can enjoy as well.
    • Saugus – in this neighborhood, the traffic could be a bit of a problem at the rush hour, but there are plenty of good houses if you are looking to buy your own home.

    If you are wondering about the education of your kids, don’t worry. Schools here are known for the excellent educational program. Many elementary schools are recognized as Distinguished Schools in California.

    Well-Preserved Place With Plenty of Outdoor Activities

    This city has many opportunities for outdoor adventure, but also indoor places to visit and many landmarks. If you are into cycling, this is the place for you. You should just take your bike and helmet and spend your time in nature. This has already become a popular part of living in this town. There are many trails and paths for cyclists and many clubs you can join if you are into this kind of outdoor activity.

    If you are a film lover, this city can be fascinating for you since many films and shows were filmed precisely in this city. Some say it is like Hollywood but much more tranquil.

    Another sport that is very popular here is hiking. This is something you can enjoy with your kids as well if you are a parent because there are a lot of parks. However, if you just seek breathtaking views, you can have them.

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    Santa Clarita Movers Offer Best Moving Services

    Finding a reliable long-distance moving company is not an easy task. You can spend hours in front of the screen searching, but you still can’t be sure whether they are scammers or not. Avoid all stressful moments during the search, and give us a call for a free quote. Our moving services are there to support you throughout your relocation and make it effortless for you.

    With our company, you decide the price of the service because the price is based on the household inventory you make. You can, of course, change the list until one working day before the move. If you exclude some items, the price will be lower and vice versa, the price will grow if you add something. With us, everything is transparent, and there are no hidden expenses.

    The most important thing for us is customer happiness, and you can check our reviews that prove we’re doing a good job. So, when you call us, our phone service will guide you from the very start until the relocation is over.

    Packing With Our Santa Clarita Moving Company

    The boxing up part can be the most stressful part of the whole relocation process. No matter if you’re relocating for the first time or you’ve done this before, our team, with many years of experience, will help you wrap up your things rapidly with the best boxes and packing supplies.

    The standard packing services we provide are already included in the price, and the only thing you need to do is create a list with all of your items, and our movers will efficiently disassemble everything (and reassemble upon arrival on destination) with their wrapping up hacks. Our crew will pack every bulky item that can’t fit in the standard size box.

    You don’t have to worry about losing your things since we label everything with barcodes when our movers load your items in the truck. Now, let’s take a look at our other services that can make your life easier.

    Do You Need Partial or Full Packing Services When Moving?

    There are too many tasks to organize when moving across the country, and if you can’t deal with storing your stuff, there are our professional packers to help you. Our well-trained movers will pack everything you want in the best quality materials in no time. With the efficient hack, they apply when wrapping up your things, the whole process will be done without the chaos, and you’ll avoid unnecessary stress.

    If you’re not in the last-minute move and you plan on wrapping up some part of your items, the partial packing service is what you need. This is considered for packing up to fifteen boxes, and we need to have the list of items that will go in each box. Full packing is charged for wrapping up all of your household items or if your things fit in more than fifteen boxes.

    Car Shipping Service With Our Movers Santa Clarita

    Many people consider this city as a getaway from Los Angeles since it is very near. If you plan on relocating your car as well, this could be an excellent opportunity to explore and visit a lot of things driving just around 30 minutes. So, having your car transported would be an essential step in this relocation process. We at the CCMC company have an auto transport service that will transport your vehicle carefully and in no time. If you need car insurance that will cover any external damage, don’t worry. With CCMC, you’ll be covered for up to 500,000$ for closed trailers and 100,000$ for open ones.

    We Offer Open and Enclosed Trailer Transportation

    When it comes to transporting your vehicle, safety is the factor that should matter the most. Our cross country moving company offers you two types of transportation, and you can choose what suits you best. Let’s check how they work:

    • Open trailer – This is a more affordable auto shipping method, and customers often choose it because it is also the faster way to transport your four-wheeler. It is an open type of transportation, so your vehicle could be exposed to any weather condition.
    • Enclosed trailer – It is a more expensive way of transportation but it also offers better protection for your car. Customers that have larger and more costly vehicles often use this kind of service.

    Pick Up and Delivery Option – You Choose, Our Movers Fulfill

    We in CCMC are one of the Santa Clarita moving companies that also offer door-to-door and terminal-to-terminal pick-up and delivery. If you want your car in front of your door, just make sure our truck can approach your doorstep, and someone should await our drivers. If you prefer a bit cheaper method, we have terminal-to-terminal pick up as well. In any case, if you decide to relocate your car with us and book moving services as well, our customer representative will make you a deal and you’ll pay less.

    Free Storage Sounds Great

    Your new home is not ready yet, and the relocating day is coming closer, or you’re relocating to a smaller home, and you just don’t know what to do with the extra stuff you prepared for the move? Storage could resolve your issue, but you are not sure if this meets your budget? We have a solution, don’t panic. With CCMC, you have 30 days free storage unit until you figure out what to do with your things. If you are worried about the protection of your items, don’t be. Our storages are well protected, and no one can enter except our employees. For every further information, contact us, and you’ll get all the answers.

    Do You Need Insurance With Our Movers in Santa Clarita?

    Most people have that special item they inherited or high-valuated stuff. When you’re long-distance moving, the most important thing is to be sure your valuable property is safe. That’s why we offer you basic liability insurance that covers 60 cents per pound for each damaged item because sometimes it can happen. If you have very expensive items or items that are priceless because you’re emotionally attached to them, we recommend investing in full replacement coverage. That way, you’ll be entirely sure your things are fully protected.

    Make Your Relocation a Breeze With Our Long Distance Moving Services

    If you decided it is time to take a journey and move to the City of SC, make sure you read all of our reviews and give us a call because we at the Cross Country Moving Company provide each customer the best service possible. For every information, our customer support representative will be there for you and explain everything that is not clear. So, don’t hesitate to contact us for a free quote.

    With our cross-country moving services you’ll have the most pleasant experience of the relocation process since our professional movers will make sure everything is packed well and transported safely to your future destination.

    Moving From Santa Clarita is Also a Possibility

    Cross Country Moving Company can also help you move from Santa Clarita if that is something you are thinking about. We provide excellent packing, moving, and auto shipping services that can make your move easy and stress-free. All you have to do is give us a call, ask for a free quote and book the move. The rest is up to us.

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