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    Teaming up with a relocation company to help you move can be disheartening, but with the right Wisconsin movers, even the most challenging tasks will be easy. Whether you’re moving from Wisconsin to another state or relocating to WI, Cross Country Moving Company is the right choice.

    How to Recognize Reliable Long-Distance Movers Once You Decide to Move?

    Moving cross-country is a complex process, requiring a lot of your time and strength. When you’re done researching the place you’re relocating to, doing the same with a professional long-distance moving company is just as important. It’s the only way to make sure you have an extra pair of hands and save yourself from dealing with scammers. These are a few critical things to have in mind when researching companies:

    • License and insurance – Some of the essential information is easily accessible on the web nowadays, which is why you should never hire cross-country movers before checking their USDOT number, which you can run through the FMCSA database, as well as other licenses.
    • Transparent quote – To avoid confusion and surprises, a company that takes the job seriously will give all the necessary info in a timely manner and will walk you through the pricing method way before the relocation date.
    • Online review and complaint history – Don’t be lazy to round up your research by going through reviews and complaints left by past customers.

    The Most Professional Cross-Country Moving Company in Wisconsin Offers Top Moving Services

    With a wide range of moving services and our dedicated team at your disposal, you can leave all your concerns aside. During many years of hard work, we have expanded our knowledge, honed our skills, and become one of the most competitive companies on the market.

    If you are a first-time customer, understanding the fitting service for you is of great importance. Would you like to book the whole package and have us handle every step of the process, or would you rather pick services depending on your needs and budget? Whatever your choice, feel free to reach out to our representatives for any questions you have, and they’ll walk you through all the details.

    With Us, You’ll Get the Best Quote for Long-Distance Moving Services

    To find out the amount of money you should save for the journey you’re planning, ask for a free quote from Cross Country Moving Company. Filling out the online form is one way to do it, but for a more precise quote, don’t hesitate to call our relocation specialists. With more specific information, that is, a comprehensive household inventory list, you’ll get the most precise quote. However, keep in mind that the final price will be based on the last version of your inventory list, which should be completed a day before the pick-up at the latest.

    Our Movers in Wisconsin Provide Top-Notch Packing Services

    At Cross Country Moving Company, we make it look easy, but packing services take a lot of strategic thought and work. When packing your belongings efficiently, no matter their size, quantity, and fragility, doing it with utmost care is the main rule we follow. It’s here where the entire process can turn into turmoil, and the time needed for other parts of the move can be quickly spent on trying to figure out what to do with the items scattered all around your house.

    With CCMC’s standard moving service, you can spare yourself the trouble of dealing with all the bulky stuff, like large pieces of furniture or appliances. Our professionals will disassemble, protect, load on the truck, transport, unload, and reassemble all these large items. This basic packing is included in the moving service and doesn’t cost extra.

    Contact Our Movers for Competitive Customized Packs

    Customized packing services are there to ensure all of your belongings arrive at the new location at an affordable price, no matter how demanding they are. Choosing a full pack service means protecting and boxing up all the household goods from your inventory list (or any amount of stuff that requires 15 or more regular-sized boxes).

    On the other hand, if you want us to help with only certain items that you don’t want to put at risk by packing them on your own, this is also an option. Usually, our customers are afraid to tackle their breakables, so they hire us for the partial pack service. When sorting out your belongings for this solution, keep in mind the number of boxes is limited to no more than fifteen.

    Lastly, if there are items of a high monetary or sentimental value you’d like to move, it might be wiser to consider custom wooden crates created by our team.

    Safe Auto Transport Service at Your Disposal

    With thousands of cars transported all over the country, we can proudly say that delivering stellar car shipping services is the only way we do it. Whether you’re relocating to a neighboring state or all the way to the other coast, CCMC leaves nothing to chance. With high-quality trucks and professional drivers, on-time delivery is the least you can expect.

    The price will vary depending on a few factors – delivery options, the distance, size, and weight of the vehicle, its condition – however, if you opt for auto transport as a part of the full relocation package, you will also get a discount on the regular price of car shipping.

    Delivery Options of Your Choice

    Choosing door-to-door auto transport means we will pick up your car and deliver it in front of your door or at any other specific location given. This is known as door-to-door auto transport. Although this is the option we usually offer to our clients, there’s also terminal-to-terminal auto transport. With terminal stations in every large metropolitan area, all you have to do is visit the nearest one to drop off and pick up your car.

    Transportation Options at Amazing Prices

    When it comes to long-distance relocations, choosing a transportation option for your vehicle is one of the vital steps to protect it adequately. Every mover who knows what they’re doing will provide you with detailed information on the pros and cons of both open and enclosed trailer transport options.

    An open trailer is a more common option because of its affordable price and shorter delivery dates. On the other hand, it keeps your car exposed to weather conditions and road debris. On the other hand, enclosed trailers protect your vehicle from all sides, which makes them more expensive. For this reason, this option is usually reserved for luxury vehicles.

    A Storage Unit Free of Charge for the Whole Month

    Navigating the relocation process is always easier with the free storage services provided by CCMC. Having a secure place for the first 30 days for your belongings, no matter how chaotic the move gets, will surely help you alleviate the accumulated stress. If the free period given is not long enough and you’d like to extend it, contact us, and we’ll offer a special per-day fee.

    Our facilities have video surveillance, climate control, and guards. On top of that, your belongings will be labeled and checked in both when entering and leaving our storage units, so there’s no need to worry about anything getting lost along the way.

    Secure Your Belongings the Way You Want

    If you really want stress-free relocation, consider a way to secure your belongings. Accidents happen, even with the best cross-country movers by your side, which is precisely why you need insurance for the items you own. We at CCMC have plenty of options to choose from:

    • Mandatory insurance policy – This is our basic insurance, included in the initial price, and it pays 60 cents per damaged pound.
    • Full value replacement policy – All household goods from the inventory list are covered for their actual value.
    • High-value policy – Usually, our customers find the high-value policy a good fit when they want to insure some of their most expensive belongings separately.
    • Car insurance – Vehicle insurance depends on the transportation type. Relocating with an open trailer will cover up to $100,000, while with enclosed ones, the coverage will go up to $500,000 for external damage.

    Welcome to the Magical Dairy State

    If there’s something Wisconsin is known for, it’s definitely cheese. The moniker “cheesehead” – unofficial one, though – is there for a reason. Just imagine a cheering crowd wearing the Packers cheese hats, and you’ll get the point. But beer does not lag behind it. It’s all about the famous friendly Midwestern vibe, which is hard to resist. And there’s even more to it.

    Housing costs are below the national average, especially in the central and northern parts of the state. Also, living in Wisconsin is like living the dream of the greatest outdoor enthusiast: 47 state parks, 15,000 lakes, 84,000 river miles. What else could you wish for?

    Choosing a Place to Call Home in America’s Dairyland

    When looking for a place to live in Wisconsin, Madison is not the only place that promises excellent livability. There are other areas, too, that will offer you a high-quality life. Here are just a few of them:

    • Milwaukee – If you love large cities, you surely won’t make a mistake choosing Milwaukee to be your new home. It’s pretty affordable compared to other cities and suburbs in the state, and that’s just a start. When it comes to entertainment and lifestyle, with sports, beer, and music festivals, there’s no chance you’ll ever be bored here. It’s listed in the top 20 U.S. business areas as one of the largest centers for healthcare, manufacturing, and retail.
    • Green Bay – If searching for a place with cultural abundance, from an impressive Art Garage and Center for Performing Arts to Meyer Theater and various museums, this is the city for you. Add thousands of acres of parkland and costs of living below the national average to the mix, and you’ll risk staying here forever.
    • Whitefish Bay – With its exclusive location near the lake in the suburbs of Milwaukee, this small community is quite a unique one. Ranking high when it comes to employment opportunities, school system, crime and safety, outdoor activities, and commuting, it’s no wonder it’s one of the priciest places in the state.
    • Maple Bluff – This is one of the smallest and yet most sought-after places to call home. It generously offers vast green areas and bike paths to its residents, as well as the beautiful eastern shore of Lake Mendota. There are a few top-rated public schools, which makes it perfect for raising a family.

    Get the Best Of the Midwest…with a Twist

    With people gradually moving away from overcrowded cities and settling in states such as WI, it’s no wonder you want a piece of that heaven on earth, too. And Cross Country Moving Company is here to help! But even if you’re planning on moving from the Midwest staple, don’t hesitate to contact us to book our services, no matter the final destination. Rest assured, we’ll make your relocation a success.

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