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    Are you searching for top-notch Eugene movers who can do it all and beat the clock? You needn’t look further as CCMC is here to lend a hand with all steps of your move. If your destination is the Emerald City of Oregon, you won’t regret this choice. The town, named after its founder who was stunned by the immense beauty of the place and never looked back, continued to keep the magical appeal. But, today, it’s also a renowned college town, Eden for sports enthusiasts, and a foodie’s amusement park. And this open-minded spot served as inspiration for the famous Simpsons, as well as for novels such as One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. So, let’s dive right in.

    Attention – Life on the Cool Side Is Guaranteed in Track Town

    This small town of 150,000 residents is more packed with fun than some cities with millions of people. The unprejudiced offspring of the state of counterculture is a supreme destination if you want to broaden your horizons and enjoy all life’s joys. With a mild climate, beautiful sunny days in abundance, and lush purifying rains that keep it green, it offers something for anybody and defies the small town dormant image.

    You won’t have time to yawn, as the place is brimming with exciting job opportunities. Known as the Silicon Shire, it’s a tech hub, much less expensive than the Bay Area, and the number of startups is on the rise. It’s also superb and famous for organic food concepts and many small businesses that are now booming in this sector stem from here. Nike started in Eugene, that’s right, so there’s no end to what you can do either. Finally, if you’re an artist, there won’t be many better places to connect with nature and create your best works.

    And most importantly, you won’t get trapped in the small-town middle-class mindset. Oregon’s gem is taking great care not to slip into indifferent monotony and ignorance and it’s home to ever-increasing diverse crowds. African, Asian, LGBT, traditionalist, liberal – you name it, the town has it. But, so do many American places. The catch? Nowhere are people more chill about their differences than here.

    You Won’t Face a Shortage of Superb Neighborhoods to Choose From

    The beautiful and lively streets turn into tree-lined areas with family houses, and the college quarters echo with youthful dilemmas, sometimes gleeful and sometimes heavy. You’ll be pleased to know that the crime rate is below the national average in the vast majority of quarters and that conditions for life are inviting. The city is resisting the urban sprawl, so buying a house might be a challenge, but this kind of uniqueness comes at a price. These are our favorite areas:

    • Fairmount – In the vicinity of the University of Oregon, it’s an awesome place if education or people in it grab your attention. The average income surpasses the national average, and the intellectual, deep in thoughts appeal gives impetus to more progress year after year. Free hours can be idled away in the area’s Hendrick’s Park, known for its rhododendron gardens, and it’s the spot to empty your mind from all the thinking.
    • Whiteaker – The former home of the Merry Pranksters group, this area remained the city’s first choice for all misfits, artists, and those who want to enjoy low rent and superb investment opportunities. If you’re scared of dilapidated housing, forget about it. The area is facing a makeover, and its vigor and zeal are certain to give you a boost in your life too.
    • Friendly – A walk away from downtown, this area carries its name proudly. With tight-knit communities worried over pollution, strolling is the way to live here. But, wait up with your joy over being fit as the corner is also the wonderland for foodies, full of street delicacies and trucks. Shopping and cozy cafes are also to be found, so you won’t be feeling blue in Friendly whatever you do.

    Carpe the Sunny Diem and Relish All Opportunities the Place Boasts

    Apart from sampling the superb food (check out 19th street for the true Oregon feel), local craft beer, and wine, you can take up any outdoor activity you enjoy. Hike up the Spencer Butte Trail and take in the views of the majestic pale hills combined with the waters of the Fern Ridge Lake. A nature fix like no other, it’s guaranteed to keep depression at bay and the best thing is that you can do it year long.

    If you want a nice activity to bond with friends, spend some quality time on your own, or entertain your kid, head to the Saturday Market. This almost festival-like experience is available on Saturdays from April to November, and you can easily get lost in the colorful crowd of local artisan products, food, of course, and even music. Don’t worry if you get distracted – that might actually be the point.

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    Our Cross-Country Moving Services Are Just What You Need for a Successful Relocation

    Relocations are large tasks, even when you’re going next door, let alone when you’re moving long-distance. They involve countless details and decisions to make, so prioritizing and staying on top of the game becomes crucial if you don’t want to feel drained. Booking reputable cross country moving services is a sure way to give yourself the opportunity to wind down and let experienced professionals step in, and you can’t go wrong with Cross Country Moving Company.

    Apart from our professionalism and experience, we’re also proud of the fact that we determine our quote based on your inventory list, which means the entire process is transparent and clear. You jot down what you want our team to handle, and we let you know of the price. This list can be changed all up to one workday before we arrive, so if you’re indecisive, you can take your time.

    With Our Professional Eugene Movers by Your Side, You Don’t Have to Worry About Packing

    Packing can make people feel anxious, especially if they’re new to the whole relocation jam. If you want to hit a home run, you need to know the pro tips for every step, from supplies to wrapping up, and that is not always easy. But, with our packing service, it does get smooth as we bring all the materials and knowledge needed, and you can sit back and relax.

    Our basic relocation package entails disassembling, loading, and unloading of all large furniture pieces, appliances, and similar objects. It also covers putting these in the spaces you tell us to once we reach the desired destination. This service is not paid extra, and you can bask in the fact you won’t have to do any of the heavy work.

    The Best Movers Eugene Oregon Offer Both Full and Partial Packing Services

    Putting an end to packing up your closet, book shelves, items from your kitchen cupboard, and similar things that go into boxes can be a handful. If you get stuck, our team is here to provide you with the best possible experience. Packing smaller items is charged extra, and all above fifteen boxes is considered full service, whereas below will be counted as partial. But, it’s definitely worth every penny as you’ll save precious time and open up space to complete other obligations.

    Car-Shipping Is Cross Country Moving Company’s Expertise

    Oregon is hard to beat in terms of location, and its third-largest city comes as no exception. Surrounded by breath-taking natural getaways and a two-hour drive from the scenic Portland, it’s heaven for drivers as any day can be turned into exploration.

    If you face a dilemma who to entrust your car with, you’ve found the right crew. Our auto transport services have been perfected throughout the course of the years and we are proud of the outcome we offer today. Backed up by the latest developments in the industry and top-notch safety standards, our services are for anyone wishing their shipping to be stress-free. And, if you’re still a bit apprehensive, rest assured that insurance will cover external damage up to 500,000 dollars for cars on closed trailers and up to 100,000 for those on open ones.

    You Get to Pick What Transportation Method You Prefer

    There are two transport methods our crew utilizes, and those are open carriers and closed ones. Most car owners want to know what is best for them, but the thing is that it really depends on every individual situation, the distance between points A and B, the car make, of course, the season, and other factors. This is a view at a glance of what differences and similarities look like:

    • Open-air carriers – These trailers are ideal for almost all circumstances as they’re reliable and affordable. You shouldn’t encounter delays while booking these, and they’re also relatively quick. The only sad bit about them is that they’re not compatible with extreme weather conditions, so bear this in mind when doing the elimination.
    • Closed carriers – This alternative is more exclusive, and owners of vintage, expensive, and sports cars usually go for it. You can rest assured your car will arrive unscathed if traveling on this one, but prepare to pay a larger sum of money and probably wait a bit longer.

    Our Car Delivery is the Perfect Ending to Any Moving Story

    When you reunite with your four-wheeler, the world is your oyster. And, we’ll make sure you’re satisfied with the way this is done. You can pick between door-to-door delivery, which frees you from any duties and all you need to do is be at the designated place (your new home, office, or any other.) We’ll park right in front, and if that’s not possible due to traffic prohibitions, we’ll agree on the nearest spot available.

    Another option is terminal-to-terminal delivery that will enable you to save some money. Cross Country Moving Company has regional storage facilities (terminals) all across the US, and you’ll be given the info you need on how to reach the one closest to your new place.

    CCMC’s Top-Rated Movers Eugene Oregon Offer Free Storage Throughout the First Month

    If you have some delays with the new home and wish to leave a portion or all of your belongings in safe storage facilities, we can arrange that too. Our storage spaces leave nothing to be desired, and a lot of attention is paid to detail. Warehouses can have a negative connotation when you think of it, but our storage facilities are nowhere near those associations. While keeping the highest standards of cleanliness and heat control, CCMC also ensures each item is part of the system set up to prevent any loss or theft. And the first month is free of charge.

    Our Insurance Won’t Leave You Stranded

    Sometimes things get out of hand and there’s no point in crying over spilled milk. Analyzing or pointing fingers is not productive either, but investing in premium insurance sure is. Knowing how crucial this aspect is for customer satisfaction, we’ve included mandatory liability coverage in each package. This one amounts to 0.60 USD per pound of the lost or damaged item, and it covers all the items we’re transporting.

    However, you won’t be satisfied with the basic insurance in case you face problems with some smaller valuable objects. To prevent any disappointments, consider a full-value replacement that can patch situations like these up.

    Contact Us Now and We’ll Help You Move to or From Eugene

    The mesmerizing pearl in the crown of the state of Oregon awaits and it’s more than you could ever ask from a small town whose inclination to creativity and forward-thinking beats some of the famous metropolises. Surrounded by nature, peaceful valleys, and unrivaled vistas, it’s ideal for anybody wishing to find or restore harmony to their life. And, the best team to make the fantasy true is no other than the one at Cross Country Moving Company. However, if you are in need of a change, we can also lend you a helping hand. Our team can move you from Eugene in no time as well. All you have to do is contact us now and let us give you a free quote and walk you through the process.

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