Mountain Towns in North Carolina

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Mountain Towns in North Carolina
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    North Carolina Movers

    North Carolina (NC) is one of the states with the longest coastline in the country. If you want to enjoy the ocean breeze, a serene atmosphere, and a high living standard, North Carolina movers will help you relocate here smoothly and quickly by providing you with all the long-distance moving services you could possibly need.

    Looking for Opportunities? NC Has it All!

    Whether you want to study at a world-class university, search for a favorable business climate, or simply want to enjoy every moment of your free time at the beach or in nature, this is the place for you.

    Thanks to its great economy, research centers, and low taxes, NC is known as the Silicon Valley of the South. The state is a leader in finance – Charlotte is the banking mecca of the US, biotechnology, and high-tech, so some of the 500 Fortune companies have decided to develop their business just here.

    NC is also one of the best places to live in the US due to its solid job market, affordable housing, great educational opportunities, health care, and high quality of life. What’s more, the cost of living is quite low – 5% lower than the national average. All these reasons explain clearly why NCSU graduates often decide to stay here.

    Outdoor Enthusiasts Will Just Love It in North Carolina

    NC is also known as Mother Wine due to its long tradition in making wine and a great number of vineyards and wineries around every corner. Moreover, NC is a famous craft brewery hub, so watching basketball with your friends and drinking some really good beer is something you can definitely count on for sure. Another most common reason why people choose to move here is the great climate and all four seasons.

    Of course, beaches and the summer atmosphere are the things people love the most. The Atlantic coast offers a variety of family-friendly white-sandy beaches, splendid sunsets, diverse wildlife, and great golf courses. Lush nature is another reason why your life here will be idyllic. NC is a home for more than 250 waterfalls, and enjoying the sound of water will be the best stress reliever after an exhausting week at work. Mountain biking, hiking, white-water rafting, kayaking, camping, fishing, and even hunting are just perfect for all adrenaline chasers, so if you want easy access to all these activities, then moving cross-country to NC shouldn’t be a difficult decision.

    If you’re not so fond of outdoor activities and enjoy watching sports more, NC has got you covered. The Panthers, Hurricanes, Charlotte Hornets, baseball, lacrosse, and even motorsports are only some of the options you can find here, so fun is definitely guaranteed.

    Some of the Most Prosperous and Fastest-Growing Cities in the US

    Charlotte is the most populous and fastest-growing city in North Carolina, known as the third most important banking and financial center in the US. Great working opportunities, a fantastic serene atmosphere, plenty of green areas, and a thriving real estate market make Charlotte one of the most prospective cities for living not in the NC only, but in the whole of the US. The splendor surroundings of the Morrow Mountains State Park, nearby vineyards that create an Italian-like atmosphere, and romantic botanical gardens are something people love most about Charlotte.

    Raleigh is the capital of NC nestled in the heart of the state, and surrounded by some of the most gorgeous natural sceneries. It is also just a perfect spot for all outdoor enthusiasts who will enjoy fishing, water skiing, boating at the nearby Jordan and Falls Lakes, or hiking in nature. As the capital city, Raleigh is a cultural and educational center and the largest seat of the country’s most successful research park, which makes it a major biotech and high-tech center in the US. Aside from this, Raleigh has tremendous opportunities for employment in the pharmaceutical, medical, textile, and electronic industries, so if you’re an expert in some of these fields, then Raleigh is the right place for you.

    If you prefer life at the beach, Wilmington should be your next destination. As one of the major ports in NC and within the US, with pristine nearby beaches and affordable seaside housing options, Wilmington is a perfect choice for all beach lifestyle chasers. Wilmington is blessed with a warmer climate year-round, which gives the opportunity to all of its residents to visit the various beaches, go sunbathing, fishing, swimming, walking in nature, enjoying spectacular riverfront sunsets, and going on cruises. Moreover, Wilmington is rich in history, so its charming atmosphere of 17th-century old mansion houses and reminiscence of the history of the South will be more than enough to enjoy every moment of living in Wilmington.

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    CCMC Movers from North Carolina Offer All the Best Moving Services You’ll Possibly Need!

    Ready for your long-distance move to Silicon Valley of the South? Experts from Cross Country Moving Company are ready too! We can provide you with all the moving services you’ll possibly need to relocate your whole household to a new home address. Contact us today and explore our offer, as well as the pricing plans that are completely transparent and based on inventory lists. When it comes to inventory lists, you will be able to change yours until one day before the relocation date, add and remove items from the list, and be in complete control of your expenses.

    Let Professional Packers from Cross Country Moving Company Pack Your Household

    Whenever you need assistance to pack your household for relocation, our professional packer crew will be there to lend you a helping hand. At CCMC, we can offer three options for packing, so you can choose among standard, partial, and full packing services.

    The standard packing service implies that our movers will disassemble and reassemble all your furniture as well as protect all other bulky stuff like TVs, mirrors, mattresses. Also, no matter what type of assistance you choose, once your belongings are packed into boxes, our team will label them with barcode stickers, so all your goods will be automatically recorded into our system.

    Want to Pack Your Household Efficiently? Use Our Partial or Full Packing Services

    Using our partial or full packing services will not only save your precious time, but you will also ensure that your belongings are packed properly and shorten the process significantly. If you want some of your valuable belongings to be packed professionally and fully protected from any possible damage, then partial packing assistance will be the right choice for you. Letting our professional movers pack your goods into a maximum of 15 medium-sized boxes, in many cases, is enough to cover the most delicate items of your household, such as fragile items, electronics, and many more.

    In case you prefer our team of packers to take care of your whole household or you’d like us to pack a part of your belongings but more than 15 boxes, we recommend choosing full packing services. This implies we can pack your whole household, which is especially convenient for all busy people who don’t have time to dedicate to this task or need to pack quickly due to an unexpected house sale, for example. Even if we have to organize everything at the last minute, it will be feasible, thanks to our well-coordinated team of movers who will make your relocation possible.

    In Case of Damage, All Your Belongings are Covered With an Insurance Policy

    Although our professional packers take care of all your belongings during the process, and all our trucks are specially equipped to protect your items, damage can still happen during transportation. For that reason, your quote includes an insurance policy in case of damaged goods, which we don’t charge additionally. This mandatory insurance policy covers the value of goods at an amount of 0.60 cents per pound of damaged belongings. On the other hand, if your designated agent notices you have some valuables listed on your inventory list, we will always recommend that you go for an extra paid insurance policy that guarantees full-value replacement, i.e., you will be reimbursed the full value of the damaged goods.

    Take Advantage of 30 Days of Fully Protected Free Storage

    In case you need a storage place to store your belongings for a while, we at CCMC provide all our customers with 30 days of free storage, fully protected by video surveillance and guards. Aside from this, we label all your boxes with barcode stickers that ensure the safety of your things, while all our storage spaces are equipped with barcode readers that automatically record the check-in and check-out of all goods.

    Of course, in case you need to use the storage unit for a longer period of time, you can. Your designated agent will provide you with special client-only conditions since you’re using our other moving services. Unlike other companies that charge for the storage unit on a monthly basis, we calculate the cost per day, which means you will pay only what you use.

    Let CCMC Transport Your Car to the New Address

    Aside from being specialized in moving services, our long-distance movers are experts in organizing auto transport for your car too. If you want to avoid an exhausting drive to your new home, you should definitely go for our auto transport services. All our prices are based on the distance of pick up and delivery points, the weight and size of your car, and whether the car is in or out of service. There are several factors that affect the final quote such as the time of the year when you book the relocation, weekends and holidays, the type of trailer, and the delivery method you’ll choose. So, here is what you should know before choosing the trailer or delivery method.

    Open or Enclosed Trailers – What Suits Your Car Better When Moving It?

    If you have a larger or a more expensive vehicle, an enclosed trailer will be a better option for you. These trailers are designed to guarantee full protection from weather conditions, and for that reason, cost around 30% more compared to open trailers. For all cars of regular size, open trailers will be just right, and it is more affordable, too. Although damage during the car transport process happens rarely, we provide additional insurance policies that are included in the price, and that guarantee reimbursement for any damage during the transportation on open trailers of up to $100,000, and $500,000 on enclosed trailers.

    CCMC Movers Can Deliver Your Car to Any Spot You Choose

    Whether you want your car to be delivered right at your doorstep or want to save some money and pick it up at one of our regional terminals, we can provide both options.

    The door-to-door delivery option is slightly more expensive but more convenient too. Our movers will take care of every single detail providing you with extra time to dedicate to other tasks you will definitely have to deal with when moving cross country.

    The terminal-to-terminal delivery option is also a very convenient choice since we have regional terminals in all major cities all across the US, and it is more affordable, too. Just take into account that you will have to dedicate some time to drop the car off and pick it up.

    Book Your Relocation to or from NC and Get Exceptional Service

    Relocations can be stressful if you don’t have the right support by your side. Let our professional cross-country movers organize every single detail of your relocation and provide you with exceptional service that will facilitate the whole process and save you from emotionally draining situations. Contact us today using the online form or call us and get all the helpful information you need to start organizing the relocation. Take a look at our reviews page and find out why we’ve been the go-to mover for Americans all across the country for years.

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