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    It is estimated that the relocation industry in the US consists of around 7,000 companies. Therefore, choosing the right cross country moving services when moving long-distance should be a piece of cake, right? Well, not likely, if judged by the number of complaints FMCSA gets every year. Let us shorten your research process. After you learn everything we can provide you with, you’ll realize that no other relocation team truly matches ours.

    With Our Standard Offer, You Can Get So Much More Than the Basic Long-Distance Moving Services

    Our team is made of highly trained professionals who know all the ins and outs of each relocation task they are presented with. Our customers, on the other hand, often don’t possess our knowledge and vast relocation experience. That is why we try to do most of the relocation work, even when you opt for our basic package. Therefore, our standard offer implies much more than just relocating your belongings from point A to B. All the heavy lifting and backbreaking work will be up to us – with no additional cost!

    Moreover, disassembling, packing furniture, and loading the truck are also part of our standard service. Do you know how to pack a relocation truck so that every item stays secure? Not only that we have all the required knowledge to do it properly, but also the top-notch equipment that will help us relocate your belongings more safely and efficiently.

    Our crew is there to help you even during the unpacking time. We are responsible for unloading the goods from your truck. All you need to do is point your finger to the place you want us to leave boxes, furniture, appliances, and other items. Of course, since we were there to disassemble the pieces, it’s only natural that we will be the ones assembling them after the cross country move

    With Us, Saving Money Is a Real Possibility, Not Just a Dream

    Even though our performance with each long-distance move is nothing less than outstanding, we tend to keep reasonable prices. But even more than that – each of our clients is entitled to a free quote is only one of them. Don’t forget that you’ll be able to store your items in our storage facilities for even thirty days, free of charge. In addition to that, keep in mind that basic insurance is also a part of our standard offer, which means zero expenses regarding it.

    professional cross-country movers carrying cardboard boxes

    Our Additional Services Are There to Provide You With Ultimate Stress-Free Relocation Experience

    Aside from our basics, we can provide you with a vast amount of additional services. Each one of them is there to take some relocation burden off your shoulders and make your move easier, emotionally and physically. When relocating to a new home, consider some of the following:

    • Professional packing – partial or full packing is for those customers who don’t have the knowledge, time, or energy for wrapping and packing items into boxes. Fragile items, electronics, and other delicate possessions need extra care, and our cross country movers
      know everything about it. Also, as a bonus of hiring our professional packers, know that we will be the ones responsible for gathering all necessary packing supplies. You won’t need to overwork your brain by thinking about gathering bubble wrap, relocation blankets, right-sized boxes, and other supplies.
    • Custom crating – items like pianos, grandfather clocks, treadmills, and the like are bulky and delicate at the same time. If you have some similar belongings that demand special attention and want them in your new home, know that we have the solution on how to transfer them safely.
    • Car shipping – we have experts in the auto transport field too if you wish to transport a car (or cars) across the state. With us, you can get both terminal-to-terminal car shipping and door-to-door auto transports, as well as open and enclosed carriers. Your choice should depend on the level of comfort and affordability you want to meet.
    • Storage service – after the initial period of thirty days passes, you can continue using our storage units for an agreed rate. A carefully thought-through barcode system, climate-controlled environment, and constant monitoring will ensure all of your household goods stay safe in our storage facilities until you’re ready to reunite with them.

    All or additional offers come with an additional cost, but they are more than worth it. Since relocations have proven to be one of the most stressful periods in a person’s life, why not take all measures to make it less so? Cross Country Moving Company can provide you with an ALL IN ONE relocation package, so take advantage of it and let the long-distance move pass like a breeze.

    No Matter the Complexity of Your Relocation, Our Cross-Country Movers Got You Covered

    We have years of experience behind us, and our team is well-equipped to deal with all kinds of cross-country moves. There isn’t a relocation too complicated for our crew. Whether you’re relocating from (or to) a one or two-stored home or one or five-bedroom apartment, the quality of our service won’t change. Your boxes and large items will be relocated safely and promptly.

    Our Long-Distance Movers Can Offer You Both Residential and Commercial Move

    Home relocation is not the only type of move we are able to perform flawlessly. If you decide to relocate your business between the states, know that we are able to relocate many different kinds of office supplies. Rest assured that all of the items you hand to us, including delicate electronics, will be safe in our hands. Of course, if you have any questions about the organization of an office move and the type of equipment we can relocate, don’t hesitate to contact our customer service.

    Transparency Is One of Our Most Praised Qualities

    Rather than the complexity of the move, we focus the attention on your inventory list. The list of your household items is the main factor in determining our price. That’s the main difference between Cross Country Moving Company and many other relocation teams. In the relocation industry, price is usually set based on inventory’s weight or volume – but it means you won’t have the exact costs before the day of the move. With us, on the other hand, the price is guaranteed and will be changed only if you make some updates on the list.

    Not only will you be able to plan the relocation budget to the fullest with the provided quote, but you also won’t have to worry about any unexpected costs. Your trust, as well as our reputation as a trustworthy and reliable team, is important to us, and we work hard to maintain them. With our pricing system and determination to be as transparent as possible, in no circumstances will you be faced with hidden expenses.

    Excellent Customer Service Is There to Lead You Every Step of the Way

    From the moment you decide to hire our team to the last day of the relocation to a new home, our customer service staff will be there to help if you have any problem or a question. If there is anything you’re uncertain about, know that we are only one call away. Just like our cross-country movers
    movers, our customer service workers are highly-trained and experienced
    . They will be able to provide you with an answer to any of the possible dilemmas and lead you through the whole process of moving long-distance.

    The Main Focus of Our Long-Distance Moving Company Is, and Always Will Be, a Customer

    Our business policy is that a client always comes first. Rest assured that we will do everything in our power to help and meet all of your needs, wishes, and requests. All you have to do is contact us and tell us what you want to achieve – it’s on us to sort out the logistics.

    mover and customer are shaking hands after they agreed on the conditions for a long-distance moving

    With Cross Country Moving Company, Professionalism Is Guaranteed

    Even if the home relocations have become a part of our everyday lives, we understand how significant an event it is for the people who move. That is why we are set on approaching every move seriously and respectably. Each of our team members is a professional dedicated to completing the move they are responsible for successfully. No matter where you are relocating from or to, know that you’ll get a team that will be punctual, highly organized, and capable of communicating each issue both with you and ourselves.

    Countless Positive Reviews Are Ultimate Proof of Our Prime-Quality

    Of course, your decision should be based more than solely on our words. Part of the process of choosing the right relocation team is considering all reviews, recommendations, and ratings some team has. So, be our guest! Visit the review page on our website and read about the experience of our previous customers. We are certain that our reviews will only strengthen your decision to choose us as your relocation partners.

    As The Best Cross-Country Moving Services, Be Sure to Book Us in Advance

    Because of the quality of our work, we are never out of business. And that’s the way it should be! However, that also means that if you haven’t booked us a certain time in advance, it can become an inconvenience. Don’t wait until the last possible moment to schedule the move. Remember the saying – first come, first served. If you want to be served by the leading relocation company nationwide, book us as soon as possible.

    Contact Us, Get Your Quote and Move with Confidence!

    When you’re looking for a prime relocation team to help you move, know that we are always looking for more clients to add to the list of our happy and satisfied customers. We are your best chance at defeating the nightmare of a cross-country relocation. Everything from affordability and organization, over professionalism and efficiency to years of experience serve only one purpose, and that is to make your move a complete success. Why wait? Call us and get your free quote now.

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