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    Finding an equipped and trained team to help you with moving cross country might be a tremendous challenge, but with Detroit movers at your disposal, you can stop searching any further. When relocating to Motown with Cross Country Moving Company, you’ll have one task only – be sure you buy a heavy parka and boots, and our crew of certified professionals will do the rest. We are here to offer the best moving experience to our customers, with customized and competitive rates for each upcoming move. If you’d like to know more about the relocation process, contact us whenever you want, and we’ll get back to you with all the details.

    There’s so Much More to Live Beyond Cars and Music

    If you’ve been wondering what’s the buzz about this Michigan city and why people love it so much, you can say that it has been famous for its auto industry and music history. Still, it’s also been a sweet home to many historical sites, the Riverfront, Belle Isle Park, and a safe harbor to many boats. Detroit is quite a blooming post-industrial city, going through the renaissance in the past few years. Unique gastro bars, artisan shops, and microenterprises have been flooding the city, disrupting the old image of the city’s economy.

    Low rent is greatly appreciated when it comes to the cost of living, and even buying a house in a lovely area is not something you have to dream of. Being friendly but thinking critically and working hard is a standard when living in one of the Rust Belt cities. When there, it’s the way to contribute to their transformation. The only dilemma you might be facing when moving to Motown is choosing a proper school system for your kid.

    Rundown of the Neighborhoods Deserving Your Attention

    When searching for the next home, there are several factors affecting the quality of life. That’s why we rounded up all of the deciding ones, which will make your new potential neighborhood a good deal.

    • Downtown – With a dense urban feel, this area is highly sought after, especially by younger generations of newcomers and professionals. Not only is it a foodie haven, packed with stunning bars and restaurants, but it’s a shelter for every outdoor enthusiast: Elwood Park, Lafayette Park, Rivertown… Want some more? Go and see yourself.
    • Corktown – Even though one of the most historic districts existing out there, Corktown is relatively affordable. With an identity of its own, five parks, two schools, and a sense of community, it is a perfect place for raising a family.
    • Palmer Park – If you ever dreamed of having a park as your backyard, this is it. With a lake to it, plenty of bike paths, and broad architecture styles, falling in love with your new home should be a piece of cake. Not to mention nearby amenities like the State Fairgrounds at 8 Mile Road, with a grocery store enough to fulfill all your needs.
    • Southwest Detroit – Looking for a community of great culture and the tastiest cuisine, with popular restaurants, shops, and outdoor events? You’ll find it here, among joyful faces and colorful murals along residential streets and parks.
    • North Rosedale Park – When in a mood for a more quiet, charming, and community-minded area, this might be the place for you. Here you’ll find truly unique, historic homes well maintained over the years. When part of the North Rosedale community, you’ll enjoy a youth baseball league, theater groups, and so much more whether on your own or with a family.
    • Eastern Market – Considering the lack of grocery stores, you’ll love this one. Plus, if you’re a fan of farmers’ markets in general, then most certainly you won’t be able to resist the neighborhood with one of the country’s largest open-air farmer’s markets. When being the heart of the city, many activities are waiting to be discovered, from learning how to cook, having your meals out, and celebrating the springtime with thousands of flowers.
    • Bagley – Finding the perfect combination of reasonable prices and density is never easy, but this part of the Live6 area is just the one. With brick homes ready to move in, and two colleges nearby, this one is a perfect place for young people.

    You’ll Never Walk Alone in the Largest City in the State of Michigan

    Detroit’s weather seems to be the most talked-about – like hibernating during wintertime because of the brutal sub-zero temperatures. Still, there are many compelling ways to entertain yourself, besides scraping ice off your car. If you’re one of those who decided to make a big move during the cold months, go straight to Campus Martius Park. It’s a famous gathering place for outdoor skating, with outstanding music and food.

    When talking about music and Motor City’s music heritage, never forget you’re in an area considered a music mecca, and only a few can still live up to it as Detroit can. Even when a newbie, just walking through town will make you have the best time of your life. Also, important to mention, there’s no way you’ll ever feel isolated or alone once you head to the State of Michigan. Involving yourself in the community and being a meaningful part of it comes naturally here. With countless neighborhood associations and a network of block clubs, a sense of belonging is immediately provided to you.

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    With CCMC Moving Services, You Can Count on Stress-Free Relocation Experience

    You’re probably familiar with how overwhelming the process can get when relocating to an entirely new place. But there’s no need to worry. That’s what we’re here for. At CCMC, we are on a mission to provide you with the best quality cross-country moving services out there. Everyone you find working with us is equally dedicated to the same goal – to make your transition to the State of Michigan easy and enjoyable. Add the first-class equipment to the mix, and we’re talking about one of the most competitive companies on the market. Don’t waste your time thinking about safeguarding all your belongings down the road or how to load them and unload them once you reach your destination. Contact us today, and we’ll offer you some finest relocation solutions.

    Get Your Best Quote For Moving Services Needed

    The most convenient way to get your quote for the services needed is to create a thorough inventory list. And that is how we do it. We use it as a base to form the prices for the services provided. It is possible to change it up until one business day before our relocation specialists come to pick everything up and charge you. The more stuff you have, the bigger the price, but the figure given is the only one you can expect. No extra charges, no surprises, because we at CCMC always had an honest and transparent approach to our customers.

    Professional Packing Services Free of Charge Tailored to Your Needs

    It’s well known that the overall success of your move will depend on how efficiently you deal with packing all that you own. We can’t say it’s not a big deal when it is quite the biggest one, to be honest. There’s a chance you’ll start carefully, watching for your breakables and valuables, but soon enough, you’ll try to figure out shortcuts to save yourself the trouble of a slapdash endeavor. So, why not consider our packing services? What’s more, we’ll provide you with the finest boxes and packing supplies.

    Most Reliable Customized Packing Services

    Our company acquired the skills through years of experience packing items of different sizes and fragility. With cross-country movers like ours, planning a move will be a kid’s thing, whether you’re relocating a studio or a three-story house. With our standard packing, all of your bulkier objects will be packed and sent safe on their way to their new location, free of charge.

    On the other hand, if you’re going for a full pack service, our job will be to protect and carefully pack all your previously listed household items. And if you prefer us to help with more demanding belongings only, that’s no problem! We have a partial pack service to offer for all the smaller objects, packed in no more than fifteen regular cardboard boxes. There’s even a custom crating made by our team for your most vulnerable items. The prices will be explained on time so that you can plan the moving budget with no trouble at all.

    For Safe and Affordable Auto Transport Services, Contact Movers Detroit, MI

    If you don’t want to be one of the people complaining about Motown’s lack of public transportation, better have your car with you. With car shipping service at your disposal, you’ll feel right at home once you get your car safe in front of your new home. If you think about all the vacation spots within a driving distance, as well, no way you’d want to miss them. Michigan and Ontario alone are full of beautiful one-of-a-kind landmarks worth the road trip.

    Delivery Options With Top-Rated Movers in Detroit

    Door-to-door is the most convenient and warmly recommended delivery method for every vehicle owner. With a prearranged address, we pick up your car in front of your house (or at least as close as possible since it’s not always safe enough to go all the way) and drop it off at your new location. If this service is not plausible to happen for some reason, there is always a terminal-to-terminal method.

    CCMC Is One of the Companies With the Safest Transportation Options

    There are two transportation options available, open and enclosed trailers. Professional long-distance movers are well aware of their pros and cons, which is why they are obliged to provide you with info to help you choose the one that suits you best. The main difference between them is that the open trailers are more affordable and appropriate for any standard car model. Unfortunately, they are also exposed to weather conditions, so there’s no maximum protection ensured. On the other hand, enclosed trailers provide the highest level of protection, which makes the service a bit more pricey.

    Have Your Belongings Stacked For Free in Any Situation With Detroit Movers, Michigan

    We’ve found many ways to help our customers have a simple relocation process. One of the things with the significant impact on reducing their stress is undoubtedly our storage services, offered gratis for the whole month. In case this period is not long enough, the service starts to be charged and calculated per day, based on the size of your move. When entering our storage units, all your items will be barcoded and checked when leaving the units.

    Secure Your Household Goods With Our Moving Insurance

    Nobody wants their family heirlooms to get seriously damaged or, even worse, disappear inexplicably during the move. But, the truth is that we all have such concerns when trusting our belongings to someone we don’t know. Choosing the right insurance is surely helpful – it brings you comfort and gives you less to worry about. With CCMC, there are a few policies to choose from:

    • A free mandatory insurance policy covers your items with 60 cents per pound,
    • A full value replacement policy, which covers the entire value of your belongings,
    • A high-value policy, which is a good fit if you want to keep your most valued items separately insured,
    • Your cars are also covered, depending on the transportation options. With an open trailer, the figure goes up to $100,000, whereas, with enclosed ones, it goes up to $500,000.

    If Motor City Is There for Everybody, It Will Most Certainly Be There for You

    Diversity must be Motown’s other name and the reason you decided to call this place your new home. It’s a melting pot of everything you love, and there’s only one step separating you from it – hitting the road. Now that you know about our services more, it’s time to do yourself a favor and reach out because there’s no need to make it hard. There are many adventures yet awaiting once you’re there, but with CCMC, your whole moving experience will be worth remembering.

    Moving From Detroit

    Moving shouldn’t be complicated and exhausting that’s why if you are planning to move from Detroit, pick Cross Country Moving Company. We offer storage, packing, auto transport, or international shipping services that will make your relocation easy. With Cross Country Moving Company, you can stay relaxed. All you need to do is to call us, and we will do all the grunt work for you.

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