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If you choose to relocate with Cross Country Moving Company, you get nothing less than professional services at top-notch quality. With the help of our movers, you’ll be in your new home in the shortest possible time and as stress-free as it can be achieved in such circumstances. That process begins with a moving estimate.

    What Is the Moving Estimate and Why Is It So Important

    In our industry, it isn’t always possible to give you, a potential client, the exact price for the services you require. Since it depends on many factors, we can give you the estimated cost of your relocation.

    The benefits of it are easy to see. Knowing the estimated expenses beforehand can be very helpful in the process of creating a budget, a cornerstone of every relocation. In other words, you may have a clearer picture of the tasks you can hire professional shippers for, thus taking some of the burden off your shoulders and mind.

    The quote can be useful in more ways than simply by telling the probable cost of relocation. It can aid you in case you run into a scam. Unfortunately, there are many fraudulent companies around, and they may even seem legitimate at first glance. Where most of them give themselves away is the estimation. Unrealistically low prices should always be cause for alarm. They mean either that it’s an outright scam, or that the expenses will skyrocket along the way. And that’s something nobody needs in such a matter as relocation, stressful enough as it is.

    When it comes to long-distance relocations, different companies apply different methods to calculate their price. Some use mileage, others use weight. We at Cross Country Moving Company charge per inventory list. The final price will be adjusted according to the timing of the relocation and any additional service you may require. There are two kinds of estimates that each potential client can get.

    What Can Affect the Moving Estimate?

    The final price of a move is affected not only by the inventory list and distance but also by the services you get. Apart from moving, you can get partial and full packing services, auto transport services, and use of storage units. And of course, you need moving insurance, at least the basic one. Rules stipulate mandatory insurance of 0.6 USD per one pound of shipped stuff. If you wish, you can buy an additional full insurance policy, either from us or a third-party agency. That, however, would mean higher expenses.

    Our movers will do the packing of all heavy and odd-shaped objects. They will also disassemble furniture and other objects when needed or possible. Likewise, fragile items and electronics will be adequately secured and protected for shipping. Basic packing is included in every relocation solution, but you can also request a partial and full packing service at an additional cost.

    Cross Country Moving Company provides each client with one month of storage space free of charge. Any additional time your belongings spend in our units is charged per current rate. Your belongings will be put in storage units that are weather-proof, air-conditioned, and secure. While inside, your things will be stored in top-notch conditions.

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