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    Cross country moving, no matter how professionally handled, always comes with some risks, so Cross Country Moving Company offers moving insurance to all of our clients. Once you hire us for relocation services, you will be covered with policy, and best of all, insurance will not be part of your quote.

    Why Is It Important to Only Book Cross-Country Movers That Offer Moving Insurance?

    For starters, if you are negotiating with movers that don’t offer insurance, they are probably fraudsters. All companies in the relocation business are obliged by law to provide a policy for their customers. Also, long-distance moving can be chaotic and unpredictable in many aspects. You are entrusting all of your hard-earned belongings to strangers to transport them from one side of the country to another. And even with the most professional movers, some accidents can happen – no one can predict troubles on the road, for example. It is always better to be safe than sorry, so make sure to ask about insurance when searching for long-distance moving services right away.

    Does Moving Insurance Coverage Come With Cross-Country Moving Services?

    No matter what state you’re relocating to, you will be covered with policy once you hire Cross Country Moving Company for moving services. Our trained professionals will make sure all belongings from your home are properly packed and stored on a truck. Our movers will even protect and cover all your furniture and other heavy and large items with high-quality materials. Our goal is the protection of your items in the best way possible, so even if accidents happen, minimal damages occur.

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    We Provide Two Types of Insurance

    As a professional long-distance moving company, we don’t like leaving anything to chance. This is why we offer coverage even with all the precaution measures we take. As we mentioned above, all moving companies must have insurance, and they must cover all of their customers. As a trustworthy company, we offer two types of policies to all clients. And depending on what you need and desire, you can choose the one that you feel will be best for your belongings.

    Mandatory Liability Coverage Comes With Moving Services

    Once you book Cross Country Moving Company for relocation services and our movers arrive at your home and start with loading a truck, your coverage will start. No matter who packed your belongings and how, you will get mandatory liability coverage. With this coverage, you will get 60 cents per pound for any damage to your things during transportation. We understand that this will probably not cover the full value of your damaged goods, but it will be enough for certain repairs. Also, we urge all of our customers to check our website to see tips on how to properly pack items from their homes to prevent unnecessary damage.

    Additional Cost for Full Value Replacement Insurance Can Pay Off for Protection of Expensive Belongings

    On the other hand, if you wish to put extra protection on your things, you can always take Full Value Replacement Insurance. For some extra cash, you can protect your items at their full value. If something happens to any of the covered items, we will first try our best to fix them. If it is beyond repair, we will try to buy you a new item, and finally, if those two possibilities are out of the question, you will get reimbursement for every damaged item at its full value.

    Another important thing to mention is that the FVRI policy is only valid if you leave the packing of your items to our professionals. They will know how to properly pack fragile and other easily-damaged items to prevent damage. Also, they will have to take a picture of all items before placing them in the box. They will make a detailed inventory list of all items that are being shipped.

    Even With the Best Long-Distance Movers, Never Ship Your Most Precious Belongings

    Even with FVRI in play, we strongly recommend to all of our customers not to transport their items of high value on a truck. Even ours. And we are not thinking here about your laptops, even though such stuff is also important. We mean the things no money can ever replace — things like photo albums, kids’ school projects, family jewelry and other heirlooms, and other one-of-a-kind memorabilia.

    Also, important and irreplaceable documents should stay with you. Those would be home papers, wills, personal documents, and others.

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    With Cross Country Moving Company, Your Moving Cross Country Will Be Safe and Efficient

    With years of experience in the relocation industry, we believe that moving must be both safe and efficient. And to achieve that, we provide professional training for all of our movers. They learn how to deal with different items and protect them in the right manner. With us, you will get workers who will know how to disassemble and reassemble all of your furniture, wrap them in protective material, and place them on the truck in such a way that nothing falls or breaks during the transport. Also, once your belongings are in our movers’ hands, they will label them with barcode stickers with all your information to ensure nothing gets lost or shipped to the wrong address.

    But aside from safety, we will make sure that you relocate all belongings from your home fastly and efficiently. With us, you will get all services you need, from storage to car shipping. Cross Country Moving Company can help you to have the best move ever. And if you are still in doubt, you can always contact us and get a free quote for your move – to give you the initial estimated relocation cost and maybe help you decide to book us. And finally, no matter what services you take from us, Cross Country Moving Company guarantees your satisfaction with our work and every manner of protection for your belongings along the way.

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