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    If you’re looking for a reliable cross country moving company to help you relocate to the capital of the Golden State, search no more. Our Sacramento movers are trained to assist you with every request you possibly have. Give our movers Sacramento a ring and enjoy their expertise so that you can prepare for your Calli adventure quickly and efficiently.

    Relocate to California’s Capital With Us

    Located at the confluence of the two rivers, Sac was the epicenter of the Gold Rush and remained politically vital to the state throughout the centuries. With 2,4 million residents in the metro area, it is now the fastest-growing city in California, with over 25 thousand newcomers making their home here each year. And the Cross Country Moving Company has been a large part of it since we have been helping people settle in this city for years. We know every quarter and foot of the place, so if you become our customer, you’ll have local insider info from the word go.

    What Are the Best Neighborhoods to Live in Sacramento?

    The abundance of outdoor opportunities, sunny weather all year round, and proximity to both urban centers and natural get-aways make the city great for families. The best areas to raise a family include Tahoe Park, Land Park, and Elk Grove, which are home to a mixed bag of people from young parents to career enthusiasts and retired couples. Downtown and Midtown are also popular among local people of all ages who don’t want the suburban charm but wish to be able to enjoy the buzzing atmosphere of restaurants, cafes, and cultural hubs every day.

    Time to Have Fun

    The city is full of opportunities to have fun. Learn the rich history of Sac, from its times as one of the sparsely populated Mexican territories to the center of PonyExpress and the heart of the Gold Rush in one of the interactive museums. Head to the Capitol, where the Californian government meets and feel like a Senator for a day, or explore the Wild West in the old town, where you can practice shooting, get a glimpse of cowboy saloons or have a duel with delicious sweet treats. Continue to the tree-lined river parks and practice kayaking, rowing, or cycling or watch the world-known Kings play at their home stadium like a real local.

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    Sacramento Movers Offer Excellent Moving Services With No Hidden Costs

    You can do it all by yourself, of course, but changing homes simply involves so many tasks that sometimes it is easier to invest in getting help from professionals. The abundance of relocating companies makes your task of choosing the right one even more challenging, but rest assured that we are second to none when it comes to relocating to California’s capital.

    Our cross country moving services provided at the best possible cost will help you have a smooth transition, and our satisfied customers who have been returning to us can certify that our clients’ happiness is our priority. It is that simple and that’s why we have no hidden fees. No matter how near or far you’re going, our professional team of cross country movers will ensure that your belongings are packed safely and transported to the place you chose.

    We Provide Top-Notch Packing Options

    Although it seems easy, preparing your things for the move can get quite tedious and painstaking when you realize many objects and things require special care and time to pack properly. You could spend hours researching how to pack fragile items or the best ways to move your king-size bed while trying to find suitable boxes and materials at the same time. Not to mention you can seriously damage your belongings if you’re uncertain of your methods.

    But practice makes perfect, and our professional crew of movers has unrivaled first-hand experience with this. You can simply put your feet up and relax while our trained staff takes care of all your prized possessions quickly and efficiently. Whether you’ve got antique furniture, valuable works of art, a house library, or a walk-in closet you’d like to transport, there’s nothing to worry about. Years of experience have taught us how to approach even the trickiest of items. You can see it for yourself on our website in the section dedicated to our packing services.

    Full Packing Services

    We got you covered no matter what you want to take with you. Our Sacramento moving services are first-class in this aspect, and we can pack up your home in the blink of an eye. To do this efficiently, we use high-quality boxes and supplies that ensure complete protection of your belongings. We’ve got blankets, pads, peanuts, tape, wrap, and everything else you might need, and what’s even better, we know how to use all of those properly.

    We handle delicate and fragile items with special attention and as if they were our own. When it comes to such objects, knowing how to properly pack them is crucial because they can get seriously damaged if mishandled (for example, fragile electronics or glassware). On the other hand, there are things of emotional value, such as inherited artworks or pianos, that you simply don’t want to risk losing. In either case, it is better safe than sorry, so make sure your precious things are fully taken care of, and if you entrust them to our cross country moving company Sacramento, they’ll be in excellent hands.

    We’ve Also Got a Partial Service

    If you’d like us to pack some of your things but not all, we fully understand and respect that. Sometimes, people are good at packing due to their rich relocating experience, but they still wish to leave the valuables and breakables to the professionals. To make matters easier, we charge up to 15 boxes as partial packing service, whereas more than that counts as full. Don’t hesitate to call our agents, who will be happy to answer any questions you have and help you decide how you should deal with your belongings and what is best for you. We are pleased to aid you in making an informed decision and help you calculate the quote you’ll feel content about in the long run.

    Ship Your Car in No-Time With Cross Country Moving Company

    Like the rest of California, the capital does have a public transportation system, but envisioning life without a car is science fiction. You’ll need your four-wheeler for almost anything here, and it’ll get you to places faster. It will also be more efficient than buying monthly passes and tickets. Sac is less notorious for its rush hours than other cities in the golden state, but you’ll still spend quite some time commuting, and that’s another key point why driving here is almost mandatory. But, there’s no reason to worry since state to state movers are there if you need assistance.

    Of course, you could purchase a new auto, but why do it all over if you are satisfied with the vehicle you’ve got. Put your feet up and let us take care of everything. Our auto shipping options are designed to cater to all of our clients’ needs. Even if you’re moving long-distance, we’ll ensure you get the best quote and are reunited with your vehicle without a hitch in no more than a fortnight.

    Open Trailer

    This service is more budget-friendly, and if you don’t own a custom made or exorbitantly expensive vehicle, it’s probably the right one for you. Open trailers can accommodate up to nine cars, so they’re perfect if you own more than one. They are faster than the enclosed carriers and have state of the art technology that secures the cars to remain on the platform and travel safely. The only drawback is that they don’t safeguard against bad weather conditions and road debris. Still, our qualified and professional staff will do everything in their power to minimize these while crossing the distance.

    Enclosed Carrier

    If you want to prevent any possible damage to your auto because it’s brand new or luxurious, an enclosed carrier is the best choice for you. Though this is more costly and takes longer, there is almost no chance of external damage to your four-wheeler. The cars are handled with the utmost care, hoisted using lift technology, and ensured with wheel straps. If you’re thinking about this service, make sure you schedule it on time since enclosed carriers can usually accommodate up to 4 vehicles depending on their size, and they are harder to find than open trailers.

    Pick up and Delivery Options Offered by Our Movers

    If you’re too busy with all that’s been going on, we can arrange door-to-door delivery and drive your car to your new home or, in the case of traffic restrictions, to the nearest parking spot available. You’ll encounter your car the way you remember it, and you won’t even feel you went through car shipping.

    One Month of Free Storage

    Another perk of our moving services in Sacramento is that our company won’t charge you anything for a month if you choose our storage services. Think of this as a trial period. If you are waiting for your new place to be ready, or you have other reasons why you wish to store your things, you can rest at ease. We take great care to keep our storage facilities clean and in perfect condition for your stuff so that you can make the most of your free period.

    Other Things We Can Assist You With

    There are also other ways in which we can enhance your relocating experience, especially if you’ve got some special requirements. We also do these additional services:

    • Debris removal – once we finish, we can clean the mess and the leftover debris,
    • Long carry – if for some reason, we can’t park the truck in front of your place, we’ll be happy to go the distance and do the carrying,
    • Stair carry – if your house has many flights of stairs, we can lift all your belongings,
    • Hosting – if you own something you can’t get through the door, such as a piano or pool table, we can lift it and let it in through the windows.

    Compare Different Types of Insurance

    Accidents do sometimes happen, even though we constantly give our best to avoid them. Nevertheless, we also strive to repair most of these, and we offer different types of insurance. It is of utmost importance to us to know that you trust us with your valuables and your things, so doing everything we can to help if something goes awry is our top task.

    Coverage for Your Belongings

    We offer basic liability insurance that covers all the things that our staff packed and handled. Still, you as a customer can also get the full value replacement if you have something you are particularly worried about, such as fragile items and the like.

    Moving Your Car Too?

    When you choose our car shipping, auto insurance is also included in your price. For cars on the open trailer, it covers up to $100,000, whereas for enclosed carriers, it pays for external damage up to $500,000.

    Don’t Hesitate to Contact Your Best Sac Mover

    If you believe you are now ready to take Sac by storm and that you have read enough reviews and other people’s experiences, give the best of moving companies Sacramento a ring as soon as possible. Our customer service will patiently answer all questions and dilemmas you may have so that you can start your relocating adventure and reach the capital of the Golden State before long.

    Get your free estimate on our website and start making your to-do list. Our company can give you a quick quote or full estimate depending on your preferences. And if you feel safer, you can arrange for our agent to come to your house and calculate with you on the spot. We assure you that we are as good as our word when it comes to pricing and that going to the city of Kings will be a walk in the park with us.

    Need Sacramento Movers?

    If so, contact Cross Country Moving Company. Our representatives will provide you with the best moving price estimates and additional moving tips. If you need help packing your belongings, we offer professional packing services as well. In addition, if you are planning on relocating your vehicle to Sacramento as well, Cross Country Moving Company is a licensed auto transport service provider. Call our representatives to get the best car shipping quotes in the country.

    Moving From Sacramento

    Relocating doesn’t have to be complicated and exhausting. If you plan to move from Sacramento, choose Cross Country Moving Company. We offer storage services, packing, car transport, and international shipping that can make your move easy. With Cross Country Moving Company, you can stay relaxed. All you need to do is to call us and book your move the rest is up to us.

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