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    Moving to or from Hoboken, New Jersey with Hoboken Cross Country Movers

    If you’re thinking of moving from Hoboken, you’re probably searching online for the best Hoboken Cross Country Movers who can help you with your relocation. Well, look no further, Cross Country Movers is among the best moving companies in the business, and will gladly handle your entire relocation. We’ve been in the long distance moving business for years now, and we’ve got you covered no matter where in the US you’re moving to. Our long distance moving services cover the entire country, from Seattle and LA to New York and Miami.

    The moving services we provide

    We’re among the best moving companies in the country for a reason, and we can provide you with a variety of moving services. Our Hoboken movers are prepared to take care of your entire relocation, and make sure that all of your items are safely transported to your new home. If you’re moving a house or moving offices, we’ve got you covered, as we have lots of experience in both residential moving and corporate moving services. We also offer professional packing services as well as moving supplies, in case you’d like our experienced packers to handle it for you. Or if you’d like to do the packing by yourself, our Hoboken movers can help you by offering affordable moving supplies. With one of the best moving companies taking care of your relocation, you won’t have to stress about anything.

    Our Hoboken movers will do their best to make sure that your relocation goes as smoothly as possible. If you’d like to find out more about our moving services, need moving tips, or have any questions, contact Cross Country Movers, and we’ll gladly answer them. You can also find out more about long distance moving companies in the US on the American Moving and Storage Association’s website .

    Auto transport from Hoboken

    If you’re unsure what to do about the relocation of your car, there’s no need to start panicking, as we offer reliable auto transport services as well. You can expect competitive and affordable car shipping rates from our Hoboken movers. Feel free to visit our website if you’d like to get a car shipping quote, and check how much our car transport services would cost you. We are prepared to handle the auto transport as well, and we’ll take care of your vehicle as if it were ours. Just like we’ll safely transport all of your other belongings.

    You can choose from open trailer and enclosed trailer car shipping, with the latter being the more expensive option. But with the enclosed trailer car shipping option, your car will be better protected from the road and weather conditions. We have terminals all across the United States, and we also offer door to door auto transport, if you’re looking for the more convenient way of car transport.

    The moment you decide that it’s time to move, just contact our Hoboken movers and we’ll reliably take care of your entire relocation. With one of the best moving companies handling the move, you won’t have to worry about anything. You should also feel free to give Cross Country Movers a call if you’ve got any questions or if you need moving tips.

    About Hoboken

    Hoboken is a large city with a lot of neighborhoods. Picking the right one might prove to be a challenge. When choosing the perfect neighborhood for you, you should take into consideration several things. First of all, if you do not have a car, you should look into those neighborhoods that are well connected by public transport, such as Willow Avenue and Washington Street. Are you looking for a house or an apartment? How important is the nature around your residence to you? Will you work in a downtown area or somewhere in the suburbia? What is your moving budget? Would you like to be close to the ocean?

    You should take into consideration these and many other factors when choosing the right neighborhood for you in Hoboken, NJ. Once you have found the right place for you, it is time to plan your move.

    Things to Know About Hoboken

    Before you definitely decide to move to Hoboken, NJ, make sure you have all the information you need about moving to this place.

    First of all, depending on the location of your new residence, you may be required to reserve a parking space on the street for the moving truck. Make sure you do this at least a day in advance, so as to avoid any potential problems.

    Are you a dog owner? If so, you should make sure your beloved four-legged friend has an annual licence. When taking your dog for a walk, it is required to be leashed at all times.

    Once you move to Hoboken, you should contact utility companies, such as Cablevision and United Waters. You should also get all the information you need about the bon-ton of living in Hoboken, such as the time when you should place your garbage on the curbside. You may find out everything you wish to know on the official website of the city.

    What about your free time? Luckily, Hoboken has a lot to offer. If you want to spend your time learning more about your new home, head to Hoboken Historical Museum, where you will find out all about how Hoboken became what it is today. If you like good music, you might be interested in visiting the place where Frank Sinatra was born. To get the most out of the Sinatra tour, click here. If you are an outdoor person, you are bound to enjoy Hoboken’s Waterfront Walkway, where you can take a walk, jog, or bike, and when you get tired, just head to the beach. If you enjoy a good meal, you might be interested in taking a food tour. Yes, you read that right – a tour dedicated to food. Learn more about food tours.

    Where to Eat

    Hoboken is home to numerous restaurants. Some of the best ones are:

    • La Isla serves mouthwatering Cuban food.
    • Fiore’s Deli is a family-owned restaurant with delicious Italian food.
    • Luke’s Lobster has sea-food that can compete with New York restaurants.
    • Pilsener Haus & Biergarten is the perfect place to get good beer and something to nibble on along the way.
    • House of Que is rumoured to be the best BBQ place in Hoboken.
    • Find more restaurants in Hoboken.

    How to Get Around

    There are many other interesting things to do in Hoboken, but we encourage you to go ahead and discover them for yourself.

    If you don’t have a car, we have good news. One of the great things about Hoboken is that you don’t really need one. So if you are into being environmentally friendly and economical, this is the place for you. With the highest number of public transport lines in all America, you will easily get around this city without a vehicle. See a map of Hoboken’s public transit. If you, however, decide that you do need a car for certain occasions, you may rent it at Corner Cars. There is a widespread network of bicycle lanes in the city – there is another economical, and even healthy way to get around Hoboken.

    If you listen hard enough, you might hear it – Hoboken is calling you! Are you ready to answer that call? If so, contact Cross Country Movers today. As previously mentioned, we offer full residential moving services, including professional packing, providing moving boxes and other moving supplies, help with unpacking, storage units for your belongings, as well as regular and enclosed auto transport. Contact our representatives today to get some of the best moving price estimates and ask for any additional moving tips. You can finally stop searching for expert Miami movers – you were lucky enough to find top-notch cross country movers so make sure you schedule your long distance move with us as soon as possible.

    Ready to move?

    Ready to move to Chicago? Contact Cross Country Movers representatives for any additional information about your upcoming relocation. Hire us as your Hoboken movers, and you can relax knowing that one of the best cross country movers in the nation are by your side.

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    “Excellent job!!! The movers were amazing!!!! They set up everything for us perfectly!!! Very professional, courteous, and polite! We highly recommend them!!!”


    “Amazing from start to finish, made it hassle free and took care of everything along the way. Fantastic service!”

    George O.

    “I moved to a new apartment in Marina del Rey, CA from Seattle, WA. If you have never dealt with state to state move, it’s definitely a challenge. It was great to have help of guys from Cross Country by your side. They all proved themselves as great professionals who were able to provide advice regarding every aspect of the move! I enjoyed our interaction a lot, even considering the fact of moving being stressful. One of the reps called after the delivery was made and asked how everything went. Definitely couldn’t complain!”

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