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Do you feel like moving to another state is long overdue? Perhaps you’ve been wanting to make a significant change in your life, but you somehow never got down to do it. If you feel like this is true, then you should give us a call and schedule your relocation right away.

But have you still decided where you want to move to? If not, we at Cross Country Moving Company would be glad to help you choose. Our recommendation – Seattle, Washington! With the city’s long history, numerous tourist attractions, and significance in transportation and other industries, who wouldn’t want to live here? If you’re not sure Seattle would be the right choice for you, read on, and we just might convince you!

About Seattle, Washington

Seattle is located on the west coast in King County, Washington. It is a seaport city, and the largest city both in Washington and in the region. It is one of the fastest-growing cities in the country, which speaks volumes about its popularity.
The area where Seattle is situated today was once inhabited by native peoples. The first known Europeans to inhabit the area were known as the Denny Party, led by Arthur Denny. In the city’s early days, its economy mostly relied on logging. It, however, didn’t take long for Seattle to become a significant commercial center, mostly due to its favorable location.
Today, the city is home to almost 4 million residents. Its economy is quite diverse and represents a mix of old and new. Some of the most prominent industries in the city are technology, service, trade, transportation, and so on. There are five Fortune 500 companies in Seattle: Amazon, Starbucks, Nordstrom, Expeditors International of Washington, and Weyerhaeuser. Boeing also used to call this city home. The authorities of Seattle set a goal of reaching zero per capita gas emissions by 2030, making it the first “climate neutral” city in North America. With an economy this stable, finding a job in Seattle shouldn’t be a problem. We suggest you begin your search by clicking here.
But what is it really like living in Seattle? The city’s climate is oceanic, which means that it experiences relatively mild weather. Its winters are cool and wet, and summers are dry. Temperatures go from between 36 and 46 in December to between 56 and 76 in July and August. Keep in mind, however, that Seattle is one of the cloudiest cities in America, so don’t expect too much sunshine. In fact, more than two hundred days out of the year are cloudy, while almost a hundred are partly cloudy.

Where to Live in Seattle, Washington

So you have decided to settle down in Seattle. But the city is so big and there are so many neighborhoods to choose from. Which one should you pick? In order to make this choice easier for you, we at Cross Country Moving Company did a little research, and we have come up with a list of the best areas in Seattle:
- Capitol Hill. If you don’t mind living in a condo, this neighborhood just might be right for you. It has a lively nightlife and some great restaurants. However, if you are looking to save money, you should perhaps look into some other areas. Capitol Hill is not exactly cheap.
- Mount Baker. Southeast from Capitol Hill, Mount Baker is a bit more peaceful. Homes here have a character, and they are relatively close to the center of the city. The neighborhood is also quite walkable. And for those of you who don’t enjoy walking, it is also well connected by public transport.
- South Lake Union. This is probably the fastest growing neighborhood in the city. Amazon owns quite a bit of real estate here, which might account for such growth. The median household income in the neighborhood is around $55,000.
- Leschi. If you wish to have a nice home close to the water, and you don’t mind paying a significant amount of money, you should definitely take this neighborhood into consideration. The median home value in the area exceeds half a million dollars, but believe us, it is so worth it!
- Ravenna. One of the most popular neighborhoods, not only in the city, but in the whole state, Ravenna is on the rise. It is located near to the University, which makes it attractive to families with children. Same goes for some highly ranked schools and great outdoor areas.
If you want more suggestions for great Seattle neighborhoods, click here.

What to Do In Seattle

Once you move here, there will be so many activities for you to choose from. Seattle is a very lively city with so much to offer both to its visitors and to those who are here to stay. You might consider taking a walk or a jog along one of the city’s trails. And if the weather is not nice enough, perhaps you would enjoy one of its great restaurants. If you wish to learn more about the Seattle from the past, we suggest looking into its historical tours.
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