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    Only the best Seattle movers should be the ones to move you to this beautiful city. This is a very developed place with high incomes, lots of greenery, and high living standards, so it’s no surprise that you want to move here. Becoming a Seattleite is a true privilege, and we would be more than happy to provide you with our cross country moving services to the Emerald City. Check out and see why we are one of the best movers in Seattle, Washington.

    The Emerald City is a True Gem

    When thinking about cross country moving to this city, a lot of good things can come to your mind. Abundant nature, excellent job market (especially tech companies,) great economy and school system, and lots of dog-friendly spaces. Some might say that it’s a rainy city, but it actually has less rainfall annually than Houston or Atlanta. There are gloomy days, but after them, you’ll get to enjoy the most beautiful summer you’ve ever experienced. The Emerald City got its name from all the green areas that surround it, while the city itself has almost 500 parks. Imagine living in a place like that with a great job and an amazing salary. Sounds good, right? That is why so many people are looking for moving companies in Seattle. If you’re an outgoing person who loves spending time in nature and being active, this is the place for you. Even a gloomy day can become beautiful if you spend it hiking in the woods or walking by the beach.

    Don’t Forget to Choose the Perfect Neighborhood for You

    The living standard here is high, but so is the cost of living. Before calling Seattle moving companies and asking for quotes, make sure you know where you would like to live and what you can afford. You should also keep in mind that the housing costs are rising. See the reviews of the neighborhoods you like and pick the perfect one as your home. Keep in mind that the Emerald City is constantly growing and evolving, so some old comments about local areas might not be valid. We suggest the following areas:

    • If you’re coming to work in some of the tech companies here, such as Microsoft or Amazon, try finding a home in South Lake Union or Ballard. Young professionals usually choose them, but they’re also good for singles and young people in general.
    • West Seattle is perfect for families, as is Greenwood. If you’re looking for a more quiet area outside of the city, you can get long-distance moving services to some of the suburbs such as Redmond and Mercer Island.
    • Students mostly choose the University District that is centered around the University of Washington.
    • Millennials pick Capitol Hill, which is also one of the best neighborhoods here. It offers everything a young person might want, from parties and fun events to great restaurants and coffee shops.
    • Queen Anne is perfect for retirees, with beautiful parks outside of the downtown hustle and bustle. There are great farmers markets, theater shows, historic landmarks, and many other amenities that will keep you entertained.

    You’ll Never Run Out of Options for Entertainment

    Coming here means always having somewhere to go and something to do. It’s a perfect spot for outdoor activities and recreation, people here are very active, and you’ll easily find friends that way. It’s also a cultural hub and the home of grunge, so if you’re a musician, you’ll get to live in Jimmy Hendrix’s hometown. Bands such as Alice in Chains, Nirvana, or Pearl Jam originate from this city. In MoPOP, the Museum of Pop Culture, you’ll see a lot of memorabilia from these and many more bands, as well as other interesting exhibitions. The local food here is just amazing, especially the fresh seafood which you’ll find in abundance since this is a seatown. Other cuisines are just as good, you’ll find all types of Asian, Mediterranean, Mexican, and American specialties. Residents here love their dogs and let them in everywhere, so if you’re moving state to state with your pup, know that you’ll be able to bring them with you almost all the time.

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    How to Decide Which Seattle Movers You Should Hire?

    When looking for a moving company in Seattle, it’s very important to learn what you should look for. The company you choose should offer all the services you need, it should have good reviews, and it must be affordable. Don’t forget to check their DOT number to see if they’re licensed and insured. First, make a list of companies that seem reputable and trustworthy and create a top ten. Then, you can start calling for quotes and comparing the service. A price that sounds too low should be suspicious since moving cross country isn’t very cheap. Ask if their business is brokered out and if so, avoid working with them. Brokers tend to add more and more fees and taxes on the price they gave you at the beginning of the conversation, so you can end up paying double that figure.

    Reputable Seattle Movers Should Be Honest With You

    If you notice that the relocation specialist doesn’t have all the information or that they avoid telling you something, that means that you can’t be at ease when working with them. The whole process should be explained to you from the get-go, and you must be notified about everything, like where is the truck with your things and when it will arrive. That also includes the price, which is usually the biggest factor when moving across the country.

    Our Team of Movers in Seattle Offer the Best Moving Services

    You need someone reliable, professional, and respectful that can provide you with the long-distance moving service you deserve. With Cross Country Moving Company, there’s no mistake. We’re here to help you with any kind of move from almost anywhere in the nation. We have facilities in every big city and we do moves to and from The Emerald City all the time. With an experience such as ours, there’s no room for uncertainty. The agent that picks up your call will become your dedicated relocation specialist that you can contact anytime for any kind of question. On top of it all, we offer you professional services at an affordable price, which is an opportunity you shouldn’t miss.

    Our Moving Services in Seattle, WA, Are Transparently Charged

    Moves that CCMC performs are exceptional in one more way – there’s no sketchy pricing. We provide you with only one, all-inclusive, and guaranteed quote. No additional fees or taxes can appear later on, so you will get to plan your relocation budget precisely. The price will be based solely on your list of items you wish to relocate, and not by their weight or size. If you add more things to your list, the price will increase, and it will decrease if you decide to leave something behind. You’ll get to change the list as many times as you want up until one business day before your move. Once you have a final list, we’ll provide you with a final quote.

    Cross Country Moving Company Has Excellent Packing Services as Well

    Packing everything the right way is a challenge, and if you’ve never moved across the country before, you definitely need some tutorials. Luckily, our team of local state to state movers will provide you with standard packing service free of charge. It includes wrapping and protecting every single item that is bigger than your standard cardboard box – all the electronics, mirrors, furniture, pictures, etc. If something needs to be disassembled before relocating, we’ll do that for free as well. For all smaller items, you can get boxes and packing supplies from us and be sure that you bought high-quality materials. We will also load and unload the truck and carry the items to your new home.

    Full Pack Option is for Those Who Want a Long-Distance Move Completely Free of Stress

    If you don’t want to risk anything by wrapping and covering your belongings yourself, get a full pack service. That way, your only job will be to relax and leave everything to the team of professional cross country movers. If there’s a need, we can create custom wooden crates for some delicate, breakable, and expensive items so that the transportation becomes more safe. These services come at an additional cost, but you won’t have a single worry on your mind.

    A Month Free of Storage is Included in the Quote

    It can happen that you have to leave your belongings somewhere before your new home is ready or before you find the perfect one. In that case, we offer you our high-end storage unit. It will be completely free for a whole month. If you decide to leave your things longer than that, the price will be daily prorated, so you won’t pay for any longer than you actually used. Our storage is disinfected, climate-controlled, and completely safe.

    Your Items Will Have a Label Before Entering the Storage

    We have a way of preventing the mix-up when leaving things in our storage. Once we pack everything, your things will have a barcode that will be checked when entering and leaving the storage. That way, we can have a complete inventory of items, and nothing will be lost or forgotten.

    Everything That Our Long Distance Movers Relocate Can Be Insured

    Always be one step ahead of any potential damage and get relocation insurance. With us, minimum liability coverage is completely free and mandatory. However, we suggest getting full coverage if you’re relocating any expensive items. It’s buyable through us for an additional fee and it can be used only for the items that our team packed.

    Our Long-Distance Moving Company Can Also Provide You With Auto Transportation

    Have you also been looking for auto shipping services? Look no further, since we offer that as well. We can collect your vehicle from a specific location or from our terminal and deliver it to you wherever you find it more convenient. Choose between our door-to-door and terminal-to-terminal service and get affordable professional relocation. We have shipped thousands of cars across the country without a scratch, as you can see from the reviews from our satisfied customers. Depending on what kind of vehicle you’re transporting, our cross country moving group offers both open and enclosed trailers. The second option offers more protection, but it’s also more expensive, so make sure you consult your relocation specialist if you have a dilemma.

    Long Distance Movers Near Me Can Move Me Internationally?

    Yes, it’s true. We also offer you international moving to a lot of Asian and European countries. In case you’re interested in leaving the States, just let us know, and we’ll organize your relocation. We can transport your belongings via sea or air, just choose which option you prefer.

    Relocating Here Is a Great Decision

    Whatever might be your reason to come to Emerald City, we can guarantee that you’ll have an amazing time. With the right company, your relocation will be smooth, which will ensure that you have a good start here. If you choose to hire Cross Country Moving Company for this important step, you already did half of the job. The other half is on us. Enjoy your stress-free relocation with us!

    Moving From Seattle

    If you wish to move from Seattle, Cross Country Moving Company will do it for you. All you should do is to call us and choose your relocation date. We can provide you with packing, moving, car shipping, and storage services. Don’t hesitate to call us if you want your move to go smoothly. We provide you an easy and successful moving experience.

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