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    Finding Miami movers to relocate you is the first step of your journey in this truly unique city. There’s no place in the US like The Magic City, and coming here is as close as you can get to living in a tropical destination, but yet being in a metropolis. Cross Country Moving Company has the best movers in Miami, FL, with the most experience, so just call us and relocate to this amazing place.

    What Makes Miami So Great?

    The fact that you’re thinking about long-distance moving to Miami means that you love the warm weather, sun, beaches, and ocean. Most people consider it a holiday destination and only come here for a few days, but Miami is also an incredible place to live in. It will be like your whole life is just one big vacation. Only a few weeks during the year are a bit colder, but the temperature will still be warm. Every day from five to seven PM, you’ll get to enjoy the most amazing views of sunsets and ocean waves with a mild and beautiful temperature. This is also a nightlife destination; there are plenty of festivals and events all year round, while sports fans can go to many tournaments and games. You’ll have to find a job here, so keep in mind that the salaries might be lower than you expected. There’s no personal income tax on the state level, while Miami Dade County doesn’t have corporate income taxes, so you’ll save a lot of money that way. Since it’s very close to Central America, you’ll find many communities of people from many different states and countries, and most of them will speak Spanish. There are lots of cultures, and each has brought something great to The Magic City.

    Neighborhoods Here Are Very Different From One Another, So Choose Wisely After Getting Professional Cross Country Moving Services

    This is a place where living close to your job shouldn’t be your imperative. Even though your work is in one neighborhood, pick the one you like the most for living. There are over a hundred neighborhoods here, and the area of the city is pretty spread out.

    You will need a car, since the traffic and public transportation are pretty bad, so if you don’t like wasting time driving everywhere, choose Miami Beach. Everything will be in close proximity – it’s located very close to downtown, the airport, and other beautiful locations. It’s also very safe, and there are many parks and playgrounds for those of you who are coming with kids. Water sports fans will enjoy it as well, and so will the clubbers and all of those who love to party.

    Coconut Grove is just south of downtown, and it’s one of the oldest communities here. It’s also close to the University of Miami, there are beautiful parks and fun festivals. If you like outdoor activities, this is the place for you. Boating and sailing are big here, so if you don’t know already how to sail, you can take classes and learn.

    Brickell is perfect for those who wish to live in a condo close to downtown, beaches, highway, restaurants, shopping, and nightlife. This is a very glamorous and modern area, there’s a lot of construction, and anyone who loves this lifestyle is welcome.

    Young families that don’t want to live in a house mostly decide to get long-distance moving services and move to Edgewater. It is an urban area close to downtown, airport, and highway, and it has huge parks. It’s very walkable, and there’s plenty of outdoor activities for those who love spending time outside.

    You Will Always Have Something to Do and See With All of the Local Events

    This is a party and vacation destination. It’s warm all year round, so the weather allows hundreds of events. You can go running, walking, biking, or exercising any time you want. If you’re more of a night type, the club and music scene here is fantastic, so you’ll get to find some fun events whenever. Families also have plenty of activities, from enjoying the parks and beaches to museums, the Zoo, Fairchild Botanic Garden, and Seaquarium. If you like learning about different cultures, this is the perfect place. You will meet many Cuban, Venezuelan, Haitian, and many Hispanic/Latino folks. Local food here is also very diverse, so you’ll get to enjoy specialties from many different cultures.

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    Be Sure to Pick the Right Movers in Miami That You Can Trust

    When moving state to state, it’s crucial to work with someone reliable and experienced. This is a very stressful event, so you need someone to help and not to worsen the situation. Many moving companies in Miami might seem good at first sight, but you have to do good research. Read the reviews from previous clients, ignore the fake five-stars, and focus on the real experiences. Pay attention to the sales agent – is their customer care treatment good, are they truly interested in winning you as their client and doing business with you. It’s not enough to hear a quote that seems affordable without knowing what it includes and will there be any additional costs.

    Get a Free Quote That’s Guaranteed, and You’ll Avoid Stress

    We at CCMC prefer doing business transparently. We base our prices on the list of items you wish to move, not on the weight or the volume of the shipment. As soon as you let us know what will be on your inventory list, we will provide you with a guaranteed quote that won’t be increased. The only scenarios when the price changes are when you add or remove something from the list. To be completely sure how the items look, we can do an in-home estimate or a video survey. After that, there’s no room for misunderstandings or false information – the price you hear is the one you pay. Cross country moving isn’t cheap, so it’s always a positive thing to know exactly how much you have to spend.

    Cross Country Moving Company Provides the Best Moving Services in Miami

    Any type of apartment, house, or office is not a challenge for our experienced team of long distance movers. We will take care of all the items, disassemble them, carefully load on the truck, transport them, unload them, and bring them to your new home. Let us know in which room you want us to leave the boxes and furniture, and we’ll do it. Our clients won’t have to lift anything heavy or to worry about handling big pieces of furniture. Our team will make sure that moving across the country feels like a breeze.

    Our Moving Company in Miami FL Provides You With Free Packing

    Another thing that won’t worry you will be packing lamps, mirrors, furniture, pictures, and basically anything that’s bigger than a medium-sized box. Our state to state movers will handle all of that without charging anything. Smaller items will need to be handled by you, so make sure you learn how to pack clothes, dishes, glasses, or anything breakable. We also have all sizes of boxes and packing supplies you might require with your packing services.

    Movers in Miami Also Offer a Full Packing Service

    In case you want to be entirely sure that everything that’s going inside of a relocation truck is properly protected and covered, you might consider getting a full pack service. It does come at an additional cost, but it leaves you with zero work. Just kick back and relax, while we do everything. We are fully equipped and ready for any kind of moving cross country.

    In Case You Require Them, Movers Miami Also Make Custom Crates

    Sometimes it’s necessary to have additional protection for specific items such as big TVs, glass items, instruments, exercise machines, and alike. For anything valuable that needs to be safe from any damage, we can provide you with a custom crate. Let us know the dimensions of the item that needs protection, and we’ll create a new wooden crate for it specifically.

    Get Free Storage for Thirty Days

    When hiring a cross country moving company, it can happen that you can’t find the perfect home for a while. Perhaps you didn’t want to rent without seeing the place in person, and you wish to stay in a motel until you choose a new home. You could also be waiting for some renovation to be finished. Whatever might be your reason not to take your belongings once you arrive, you can always leave them in our storage units. For the first month, you won’t have to pay a dime. If you wish to leave your things longer, we will calculate the price for each day. Our storage is sanitized, climate-controlled, and under constant surveillance, so your stuff will be safe and sound with us.

    Our Professional Movers in Miami Excel at Auto Transport as Well

    Are you interested in getting auto transport services, and you’re wondering which long-distance moving company does that? You’ve already found it. If your car is operable, all you need to do is to call us and let us know the year and making model, and we’ll provide you with an all-inclusive quote. We can pick-up and drop off your vehicle at the addresses you choose which is our door-to-door service, but if you don’t have a new address yet, there’s another option. Our terminal-to-terminal service is perfect if you find it more convenient to leave and take your car to an agreed place.

    Choose How You Want to Transport Your Vehicle

    We offer you both – enclosed and open trailer. If you have a dilemma, keep in mind that modified vehicles should be transported in an enclosed trailer. That is a more expensive option, but it provides you maximum protection from all the outdoor effects. Using an open trailer is a more common and affordable option.

    You’ll Get the Basic Insurance Coverage for Free

    All of our clients get basic liability insurance free of charge for everything that our cross country movers will pack and move. However, if you’re relocating anything valuable that’s also fragile or problematic to transport, we strongly suggest getting full value replacement insurance coverage. It comes at a fee, it’s buyable through us, and it can include only the items we packed. That way, there’s no fear of material loss.

    Professional International Moving to Many Countries Is Also an Option

    If you’re considering leaving the States, you surely aren’t looking for long-distance movers near me, but that’s where the catch is. Even though we are a cross country moving company, we offer international shipping. We can move you to many European and Asian countries, so call us now, learn the price, and get the best experience.

    Come and See Why So Many People Fell in Love With the Magic City

    Miami is an incredible place that won’t leave you indifferent. If you can see yourself living next to the beach, spending days outside in the sunshine, and enjoying the laid back vibe, don’t hesitate. Our employees will make sure you have everything – from all the information to safety, storage, and top-notch services. Doing business with us will mean having someone to help you out with any kind of problem you have. Your satisfaction is our priority, and our job is to relocate you smoothly and with no stress. Contact us today and become one more of our satisfied customers.

    Moving From Miami Is an Option as Well

    If you are moving from Miami, call Cross Country Moving Company and book your move. Remember, our team consists of experts in storage, relocation, packing, and car shipping. That’s why we’ll provide you with top-notch services. When you book a move all you have to do is relax and allow us to organize everything.

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