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    Milwaukee, also known as Cream City, is undeniably one of the most prospective and beautiful cities in the Midwestern United States. Considered a major cultural and economic center of Wisconsin, this city is becoming increasingly popular. If you want to move here soon, hiring professional Milwaukee movers is a solution. Give our Cross Country Moving Company a call, and we will help you attain an exquisite relocation experience.

    Milwaukee Means Great Job Opportunities, Budget-Friendly Place to Live in, and Splendour Environments

    Milwaukee (MKE) is just blessed with a great location since it is situated at the shores of Lake Michigan and in the middle of everywhere. The vicinity of Chicago, Indianapolis, Minneapolis, Louisville, and Detroit, is a great advantage for all those who want to explore the surroundings and make short travel gateways frequent actively.

    The Cream City is a perfect-sized city that has everything you’d expect from the big city, but which is still small enough to get around easily. Aside from Lake of Michigan, which is the most iconic spot, and one of the most significant resources of freshwater, MKE has more than 150 parks which are nearly 10% of the city’s total area. Also, there are multiple outdoor activities that allow you to enjoy the gorgeous nature of the Lake of Michigan, like boating, fishing, water skiing, or even sunbathing at some of the nearest lake beaches.

    When it comes to job opportunities, there are several Fortune 500 global headquarters in MKE. This makes the location one of the top five cities in the US that provides excellent employment opportunities. Companies such as Harley-Davidson, WEC Energy Group, or Rockwell Automation are only some of the largest job providers in the local area. However, the best thing about living in MKE is the low costs, which are 11% lower than the national average, and 7% lower than the Wisconsin average.

    Milwaukee’s Neighborhoods Provide Perfect Work-Life Balance Atmosphere and Great Conditions for First-time Home Buyers

    Aside from great job opportunities and various ways to spend your free time, MKE provides one of the most affordable housing markets all across the US. The latest research listed this lakefront town among the top ten most affordable metros for first-time home buyers. If you can’t decide on your own, check out some of the best neighborhoods that ensure quiet family life and are safe residential areas:

    • East Side is one of the most charming and exclusive neighborhoods within the MKE. It is in immediate proximity to Downtown, University Campus, and Milwaukee River, which presents an exceptional location. Moreover, the charm of historic villas and mansions, local shops, and even some Italian-style stores are creating this alluring atmosphere. The only problem here may be parking, so when buying or renting your residential place, ensure to pick one that provides a parking spot or a garage.
    • Third Ward is one of the oldest neighborhoods in MKE, which makes it pricey, though. Third Ward is the birthplace of the so-called Downtown Milwaukee’s renaissance of the 20th century. This neighborhood is actually the heart of the city, close to the downtown, harbor, and all major sights, so living here is a matter of prestige. For all those who want to be in the center of happenings and feel this urban city spirit, Third Ward is definitely the right choice.
    • And if you’re looking for a neighborhood away from the hustle and bustle of the downtown, most suitable for quiet family life, then Whitefish Bay will be the best choice for you. There are high-rated public schools, affordable houses, and the possibility to buy your realty. Also, the abundance of green areas and landscaped parks and the high safety rate are enough reasons to relocate with your family here and enjoy MKE.

    Brewtown, Harleys Home, Midwest Music, and Sports Mecca – Milwaukee Has It All to Make Good Fun!

    Milwaukeeans are famous for their expertise in enjoying everyday life, and there is no chance you will ever get bored there. Cream City is home to some of the best and largest summer music festivals in the US, so living here means great parties you wouldn’t like to miss.

    Craft beer is another highlight of life in Cream City, which is a heritage of German immigrants who were one of the most numerous communities in the 19th century. Aside from many local breweries you can enjoy, there is the first beer garden within the US and many local restaurants inspired by German cuisine, so ensure to combine these two since it is a perfect combination. Also, don’t miss out on cheese, which is a Milwokean specialty.

    When it comes to family-friendly activities, the kids will just love living in MKE. The County Zoo is one of the largest ones all across the US. There is also a Noah’s Ark, the largest waterpark in Wisconsin. Plus, numerous green areas, parks, and breathtaking Whitnall Park with waterfalls, botanical gardens, golf courses, and walking trails will be more than enough options for all family members.

    Sunset in Milwaukee Milwaukee during the day Milwaukee sunset Milwaukee residential area

    Our Cross Country Moving Company Will Support You All Way Long By Providing You With Top-Quality Moving Services

    Relocation means you will have to take care of hundreds of details simultaneously, which can be pretty time-consuming and emotionally draining. No matter how many times you moved before, every relocation requires a different approach. For that reason, having professional assistance by your side that will help keep under control every aspect of relocation is of tremendous importance. Not only that professional movers in Milwaukee will support you with better organization, but their cross-country moving services entail all necessary assistance to move the household easier according to your timeline.

    All prices and quotes of our long-distance moving company are based on the inventory lists, which are fully changeable until your relocation day comes. This actually means that you can update the content of an inventory list without any limitations one day prior to your scheduled date for relocation, using our online inventory lists. And of course, we won’t miss mentioning that our agents are at your disposal to answer any questions or resolve any dilemmas you may have regarding the relocation process.

    Movers to Milwaukee, WI are Professional Packers Too, Boxing Up Is Their Specialty

    Nothing is more time-consuming than packing the household, and this is exactly what our crew can help you with. Here at CCMC, we designed three packaging solutions, so all our customers’ needs can be properly managed.

    Our standard packaging assistance implies that we will take care of all bulky and large items such as sofas, mattresses, TVs, pieces of furniture, or mirrors. This means that we will disassemble and reassemble your furniture pieces, wrap them into the right protective material, and load and unload them from our truck. When it comes to the moving boxes you’ve packed by yourself, we will load them into the truck. Just ensure to label them properly.

    When You Possess Some Really Valuable or Delicate Items, Choose Between Partial or Full Packing Services

    Packaging is the most important step of relocation since this is the only way to assure you brought everything you need for the new home. In case that you need additional support, or want to accelerate the packing process, then going for partial or full packing service is the best possible solution. This is the only guaranteed way all your items will be properly packed and protected.

    As its names suggest, partial service implies boxing up of a limited number of boxes. More precisely, everything more than 15 boxes will be considered for full packing service. Both options are great for packaging delicate, breakable, or expensive things that are more prone to damages. That’s why when agreeing to what type of assistance you need, ensure to take a cautious look at the inventory list and decide what items would you like our professional packers to take care of.

    Of course, if you have any doubts regarding the assistance we provide, you can always contact your designated agent. They will introduce you to all the essential details and help you decide what to choose.

    All Your Belongings Boxed Up By Our Milwaukee Movers are Insured

    Although very rarely damages during the transportation process happen, no matter how well we pack the truck. In order to attain full protection of your belongings and ensure compensation in case of their damage, we offer two types of insurance policies.

    The first option is mandatory liability coverage, a policy that is included in all our quotes, so you will not be additionally charged if you go for it. The amount of damage the policy covers is 0.60 cents per pound of damaged goods. The second solution provides a full-value replacement policy which implies full coverage of any damaged item. In case you’d feel more secure to have this additional protection, you can always agree to the conditions with your designated agent.

    CCMC Offer One-Month Free Usage of Storage Place and Special Conditions for Customers Who Need the Extension

    Long-distance moving usually requires the usage of storage units at one moment. For that reason, CCMC offers to all our customers free usage of our storage facilities for one month, and if you need to extend the period of usage, just ensure to inform your designated agent who will present you with all conditions and prices.

    Important detail we would like to highlight is that we charge the extensions by day, so our customers will pay only for what they use. In case you want to store your belongings for a longer period of time, such as a couple of months, or a year, again, our representatives will do everything possible to provide you with beneficial conditions. Of course, all our storage units are fully protected with 24/7 video surveillance, guards, and an automated system for recording the check-ins of goods.

    All Customers Who Use Any Relocation Service Get Beneficial Price for Car Shipping

    Car shipping is definitely the most convenient way to transport the car to the new home address. That’s why hiring a relocation company that can provide you with all necessary services and takes care of your relocation from A to Z is the best possible decision to make.

    Luckily, CCMC is highly specialized in auto shipping, and for all customers who use our relocation services, we provide special quotes for auto-transport that are always lower compared to regular ones.

    CCMC Offer Car Transport Both on Open and Enclosed Trailers

    Many people find it hard to decide what type of trailer to choose for their car transport. Both bring a list of benefits. Open trailers are more affordable, while enclosed trailers are more secure and expensive. Some general recommendations the designated agent will present is that your choice should depend on the vehicle type, budget, and size.

    For example, if you possess some luxury vehicle, oldtimer, or larger type of car, then you should choose an enclosed trailer because your car will not fit the open one. This further means that all standard-sized vehicles can be transported in open trailers and that choosing enclosed trailers, in this case, is advisable only during the winter months.

    Car Delivery is Another Essential Detail to Make Decision Upon

    Another essential detail to consider when booking some car shipping services is associated with car delivery options. You can go for a door-to-door or terminal-to-terminal delivery option.

    Door-to-door delivery implies that the pick-up and drop-off of your vehicle will be in front of your house. This is a super convenient option for all those who perform last-minute relocations or simply don’t want to add another task to their to-do list. Terminal-terminal delivery implies that you will drop off and pick up your four-wheeler from some of our regionally operated terminals. Although this is more time-consuming, it is also a more affordable option, so in case your moving budget is limited, then choose this option, and you will not have to worry about it.

    Contact Our Cross-Country Moving Team, Schedule the Relocation Date, and Move to or From Milwaukee ASAP

    If you want to expedite your relocation and attain a stressless experience, then hiring our professional movers in Milwaukee will be the right decision. Contact our customer service today and ask for a free consultation and cost estimation so you can start planning the relocation in time and avoid any problematic situations. Check our review pages and find out more about the experiences of our previous clients and how we assisted them in the relocation process.

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