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    Reno movers are here to take you to the city of perpetual sunsets, where different shades of pink, blue, and orange flow next to the Truckee River all day long. No wonder you’ve decided to call this place your new home. With Cross Country Moving Company and years of expertise behind us, embarking on a trip like this one will make a great endeavor a breeze. Our representatives are here for any information you might need during the process, so don’t hesitate to reach out.

    Welcome to the Biggest Little City in the World

    Reno didn’t earn its reputation for no reason. Nestled at the Sierra Nevada Mountains foot, not too big and not small, Reno is all about fun, outdoor activities, casinos, good job choices, affectionate people, and picturesque surroundings. Sure, when you also think about Nevada’s zero income tax, you’ll start packing without considering other qualities. However, it’s the blend of it all that makes you experience a unique quality of life. Not to mention the hours you save on traffic. Or lack of it, to be more precise. No matter how far you live and work, all you have to give is twenty minutes of your day.

    Neon Babylon Neighborhoods to Call Home

    When moving cross country, it’s not that simple to find that one spot that is just right for you. Still, keeping in mind Silver State’s quite affordable housing market, there’s not much to worry about. It’s well-known that over half of the city residents are renters. Of course, each place has its own most affordable neighborhoods, and so does Reno: Brinkby/Grove, North Valleys, and West Sparks. Nevertheless, here are some of our top neighborhood picks:

    • Midtown – This area might be a bit more pricey than the others in response to many amenities found within. There is so much more than bars, restaurants, and shops to be drawn to, like its funky free spirit and walkability. All you have to do is to step your foot here, and you’re ready to fall in love with it.
    • Somersett – If you opt for a more luxurious home, you don’t want to miss the Northwest community. This one is a newly developed area, with a country club-like setting and its own recreation center. When in Somersett, numerous amenities will be easily available: biking, hiking, swimming, tennis, golf. Just name it.
    • Spanish Springs – With a minimum of 1 acre per property, East and West Spanish Springs are quiet country neighborhoods built to cover all of your needs without going to the city. With a rural feel, plenty of schools, and many outdoor activities, it’s worth considering ending your search here. Even more so if looking for a place to live with your family or somewhere to retire.
    • Lemon Valley – A northern suburb mainly known as a middle-class area is greatly appreciated by many families living there because of its outstanding public school system. Low crime rates, short traffic commutes, and wide-open spaces make this neighborhood rather luring.
    • Virginia City Highlands – Eager to build your own home? You might find just the right lot if you go a bit south of the town. Beware, though. You might forget the rest of the world since the most powerful part of nature sits in Virginia City. Mountain views while drinking your first coffee or hiking among the pine trees after lunch will most probably become your everyday life.
    • Copper Knolls – Although small, it’s not hard to guess this one too is honored with majestic scenery. Being one of the biggest school districts in Nevada, it provides five-star education to all of its younger residents.
    • Arrowcreek – When it comes to the most beautiful parklands, recreational sites, and highly respected schools nearby, this is a place for you. Especially if you want to be close to major surrounding areas, Arrowcreek will make it a piece of cake.

    Neon Babylon Has It All

    Can you imagine experiencing all four seasons in one place? It’s a perk no outdoor enthusiast could resist, even though the hottest summer months can go up to 92° and average wintertime lows to 25°. Here, you’ll never get tired of new hike routes. Even if you make a calendar to-do list for several years to come, you’ll still have plenty to explore around. Peavine Peak Trail, Truckee River Walk, Lake Tahoe, Rattlesnake Mountain, and many more, which we will leave for you to discover. It does not lag behind other cities when it comes to numerous exhibits and displays. You’ll undoubtedly find some fascinating museums there, like the Nevada Museum of Art and Fleischmann Planetarium. Finally, to justify the famous moniker mentioned above, casinos and bars never sleep here.

    Reno area view Reno at night The Great Reno Balloon Race

    Are Reputable Reno Movers Hard to Find in Nevada?

    When preparing for a long-distance moving adventure, there are few deciding factors you should take into account, especially when choosing a long-distance moving company to help you with the relocation process. We understand you might be preoccupied with logistics and gathering the needed materials, but doing proper research will save you from dealing with rogue companies. Whether you’re relocating the first or the 11th time, follow these steps when in search for honest Reno movers, NV:

    • Recommendations from people you trust are a great way to start with. Google might not always be that accurate, considering that Reno’s relatively new movers might deliver professional services, which will not be easily visible when going through their online presence. That’s where friends and family got you covered.
    • However, online reviews should not be neglected since they will help you learn a lot about the cross-country moving company you’re interested in. Other people’s experiences are a good insight into what you can hope for. If not sure where to look for reviews, most of them you can find on Yelp, Nextdoor, and social media, as well.
    • If there’s one rule for you to follow, let it be this one: never hire a company that is not licensed or insured. With a USDOT number provided and checked within the FMCSA database, you’re on safe ground.

    The Best Moving Services With Professional Movers in Reno, NV

    Sometimes it is just impossible to find everything you’re looking for in one team, so you’d rather go around trying to round up all the services you need. But we at Cross Country Moving Company have the years of experience and knowledge to provide you with the most professional moving services to or from Nevada. Depending on your needs, we can customize a relocation plan fully and offer you a set of cross-country moving services that will help you relax and allow you to have one of the biggest adventures of your life.

    Transparent Moving Estimate Is Our Highest Goal

    You’ll get impeccable service quality with our dedicated team. That means not only that your belongings will be treated with utmost care and respect but each of our clients will, as well. We uphold the superior customer service we stand for by being transparent when it comes to our prices. You’ll get the quote based on your inventory list solely, with no surprises such as unexpected fees or bizarre last-minute services added on the way. Still, it’s crucial to have the list completed one business day before moving. It is the day our relocation specialists have to give you the precise, all-inclusive quote, after which you’re not required to pay for anything else.

    CCMC: One of the Top-Rated Companies for Packing Services Provided

    Exploring a new place must be thrilling, but boxing your whole life is rather scary. That’s why CCMS has tailored unpacking and packing services just for you. Standard packing is free of charge and spares you the trouble of handling all the bulky items like couches, desks, and other large pieces of furniture that can’t fit in regular cardboard boxes. If you have any dilemmas about your household goods, our support service is available 24/7.

    Best Customized Packs Available Whenever Needed with Reno Movers

    Besides our free services, there are also the ones CCMC has to offer when it comes to more sensitive and vulnerable items, for an amazingly affordable price:

    • Full pack – If you want peace of mind and a time-effective relocation, this is the option for you. Our team is equipped to handle and transport all your belongings from the inventory list safely to your new location.
    • Partial pack – In some cases, a customer doesn’t want to put their most valuable items at risk, or they’re just too busy to manage everything on their own, so they hire us to help with a number of things, packed in no more than fifteen boxes.
    • Customized crating – Consider wooden crates for your most expensive items and the ones of sentimental value. They are carefully designed by our team, having the needs of the customers in the first place.

    Look No Further for Efficient Auto Transport

    If you’ve already decided to move to Nevada, then you’re aware it would be a pity to miss all the beautiful places you can go to one short drive away. You’ll always find a good spot in the CCMC truck for the top-notch car shipping service. There are countless previous reviews from our clients that can testify to that.

    Different Transportation Options With CCMC

    With us, you can count on two basic options to choose from: an open trailer, which is the most popular type, not only because it’s more affordable but also because it moves a bit faster than an enclosed trailer. Then again, the enclosed one is undoubtedly your best choice if you want to transport a luxury vehicle and protect it from bad weather and debris.

    Door-to-Door Delivery at Your Service

    We can say that we’ve done an excellent job when we pick up your vehicle at your address and leave it in front of your new house. Assuming we can access your street with our truck, we can make the service possible for our clients. Otherwise, we have to choose another solution – shipping your car from one terminal, which is most convenient to you, to another one.

    Storage Space Free of Charge for a Month

    When hiring stellar cross-country movers, high-quality storage service is what you can count on. It’s essential to mention all of our storage units have surveillance and security cameras, and all of them are climate-controlled. Also, your things will be barcode labeled and checked both at the entrance and when checking out, which makes our storage a surrounding you can trust. In case you want to keep your belongings even after the free period, the price will be calculated daily.

    Secure Your Items With the CCMC Insurance Policy

    With professional movers, you can rest assured they’ll be the only ones responsible for any damage that occurs during the relocation process. With us, there are plenty of options you can choose from to protect your belongings. A mandatory insurance policy is included in the price you’re given, and it covers each of your items with 60 cents per damaged pound. Then, there’s the full-value replacement policy, which covers your household goods for their actual value. Keep in mind there’s also a high-value policy, in case you have items of high monetary value that you’d like to insure separately.

    Move to or From Reno Without a Fuss

    We hope you now have a clearer picture of who we are, what we do, and most importantly – how we do it. Give us a call, and we’ll plan your big move together. With the best relocation price and date out there, the only thing left for you is to get ready for the new experience. Don’t let it wait much longer. There are not many places we can call home.

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