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    Cross Country Moving Company strives to offer to its clients all moving-related services, including auto transport. Whether you are moving your entire household, or just want us to transport one or several of your vehicles safely, our team of experienced cross country movers will professionally handle all your requests. We strive to do our businesses transparently and believe that our satisfied clients are our best advertisement. Before you fill out a quote request form, let us briefly introduce you to the world of auto transport.

    Don’t Sell Your Car, Transport It With CCMC

    Over the years, our company has transported thousands of different vehicles, from SUV-s and motorcycles to luxury and classic cars. There is a place for all of them on our trucks, which cruise down the roads across the US. We know that many people are not ready to sell their beloved four-wheeler and then buy a new one upon their relocation. And that is totally understandable. It is much more convenient to have a car you are already used to driving wait for you at your destination than to be without a car for the first few weeks or to have to rent one.

    Whether you are going to a state next door or you are moving cross country, you have to admit that it is much more comfortable to board a plane while someone else transports your belongings and vehicles. Yes, road trips can be fun, especially with kids, pets, and a bunch of things packed in your trunk, but if you are not one of those enthusiasts who do not mind driving for hours and days, we offer a more convenient solution. Is this the first time you are trying to ship your vehicle? Don’t worry, we will explain everything in detail down below, but you can also call our customer service to get all the information and request a quote.

    shipping the car

    Which Auto Shipping Services Does CCMC Offer?

    There are two basic types of auto transportation that most companies offer, open and enclosed carriers. Both have their advantages, so we like to leave it to our clients to choose which one suits their needs the best. Whatever you opt for, your vehicle will be transported as safely as possible and according to prearranged time frames. Let’s dive deeper into the options you have and find out a bit more about them and the cost of our long distance moving services.

    Our Long Distance Movers Offer Open Trailer

    By far, the most popular means of auto shipping is an open trailer truck, which you are probably aware of since you can see them on the roads quite often. But why is that the case? The most significant advantage of an open trailer is the fact that it can accommodate more vehicles – usually up to nine, depending on their size and weight. So, in case your family owns more than one car, you can ship them all together without having to stress about driving for hours.

    Another great thing is that this is the most affordable option for auto transport you can find. It can carry more cars than an enclosed trailer, but surprisingly it moves faster. There is no lift gate, but a rack and straps are used to secure the wheels onto the platform. Hydraulic technology allows the truck driver to arrange all the cars in a way that maximizes the free space.

    Cross Country Moving Company Also Has Enclosed Trailer Option

    Do you own a rare sports car or a decades-old classic? You just bought a new car, and you don’t want to risk it getting scratched or damaged during transportation? Then the enclosed trailer is the best choice. We have years of experience in transporting all the big names in the automobile industry, from Ferrari and Maserati to Lamborghini and Bentley, so if your four-wheeler falls into this category, do not hesitate to contact us.

    The main advantage is, of course, the fact that the trailer is closed, meaning that all the cars inside are protected from bad weather or road debris. There is also a lift gate, which makes the loading and unloading process much smoother and safer. Wheel straps are used to ensure that the vehicle does not move during the ride. However, this type of carrier can accommodate only up to 4 vehicles, depending on their size.

    open truck on the road truck on road

    Expert Electric Vehicle Shipping – Specializing in Tesla Models and More

    Cross Country Moving Company crew specializes in the seamless and secure transportation of electric vehicles. We offer top-tier electric vehicle transport services that stand out in the industry. Our expertise in electric vehicle shipping is unmatched.

    Cross Country Moving Company’s crew will ensure that your prized possession, whether it’s a state-of-the-art Tesla Model X, the luxurious Model S, or any other electric or hybrid model, is handled with the utmost care and professionalism. As a leading electric car shipping company, we understand the unique needs of electric vehicles and are equipped with the latest technology and skilled professionals to ensure safe and efficient transport.

    Our hybrid and electric car shipping service is tailored to meet the specific requirements of your vehicle, providing peace of mind and a hassle-free experience. Trust us to deliver your electric vehicle across the country with the care it deserves. Choose Cross Country Moving Company for an unparalleled electric car shipping experience.

    open car trailer shipping Tesla Model 3

    How Long Does It Take to Ship a Car?

    How long your car will travel depends on the distance between pickup and delivery locations. On average, the shortest option is up to 5 business days, in cases when the distance is no longer than 999 miles. In case your delivery location is 3000 or more miles, it can last up to 14 business days. For all further and more detailed information about specific mileage, please do not hesitate to contact us. Once you give us a call to schedule your car shipping, our carrier will come to pick it up within three days, excluding holidays and Sundays.

    Is My Vehicle Insured During Transport?

    This is something you do not have to worry about. As long as your four-wheeler is with us, it is covered. Cars on open trailers are covered for up to $100,000, while those on an enclosed trailer are covered up to $500,000. This type of insurance covers all kinds of external damage. The insurance does not cover internal damage since there is little to no chance that they occur due to transportation.

    How Much Does It Cost to Ship A Car?

    No matter how many different quotes from various companies you get, the difference in price between these two types of transportation will remain significant. Shipping a car in an enclosed trailer will always be more expensive, but you have to keep in mind that, in that case, your four-wheeler is fully protected. And we all know that even the slightest dent on an expensive vehicle can cost a lot. To make this more straightforward, we will now list all the criteria that have an impact on the cost of shipping regardless of the carrier type.

    How Do We Form the Price You Pay for Auto Shipping

    As mentioned, our long distance moving company strives to do business transparently with no hidden costs you have to pay. That is why we decided to introduce you to the factors we rely on when forming our prices:

    • The size and weight of the vehicle are some of the key factors that impact the final cost. The heavier and bigger the car is, the higher the price will be.
    • The distance between points A and B also impacts the final price, and of course, a longer distance increases the price.
    • The current condition of your vehicle. In case you want to ship a car that is out of service, special terms apply, and the price is higher than usual.
    • The season is the last but not least factor. Summers are always the busiest time of the year, as well as weekends. So if you are flexible with your dates, the best option would be to opt for workdays and try to avoid summer months.

    CCMC Car Shipping Quotes

    If you want to ship your car with us, all you have to do is request a quote on our website, and we will give you a cost estimate promptly. The process is very straightforward, and we promise it won’t take much of your time. Another option is to call our agents and talk to them to get an estimate.

    What Information is Requested in Quotes

    Our quote form is very user-friendly, and you just need to insert the basic data about your car (model, type, year), and the ZIP codes of your departure and arrival destinations. Your personal data, such as first and last name, phone number, and email, is also required.

    Have more questions about our cross country moving services? We have the answers.

    Do You Offer Door-to-Door Delivery?

    Yes. As long as it is possible for our truck to access your location, that is where your car will be waiting for you. In case there are any restrictions, and that is not doable, our driver will meet you at the nearest parking lot where it won’t be holding up the traffic.

    What are the Pros and Cons of Open Trailer Shipping?


    • It is the cheapest and fastest way to ship a car
    • There are more of these trucks on the road, which means that pick up and delivery dates are usually shorter


    • The car is exposed to bad weather and road debris

    What are the Pros and Cons of an Enclosed Trailer Shipping?


    • Vehicles are protected from the bad weather, rocks, and road debris
    • The use of lifts is more suitable for low profile and custom car models


    • It can be much more expensive than the open trailer
    • Since they cannot carry so many vehicles and that there are not as many enclosed trailers on the roads, you usually have to wait a bit longer for the pickup and delivery.

    Can I Transport Multiple Vehicles?

    If you need to ship more than one auto with us, our company will gladly take care of that. It is possible to transport them all at once, but our clients can also choose different pickup and delivery dates, depending on their schedule. This service is the best for families who are moving and own more than one car, but also for car dealers and other people who need these services.

    Do You Recommend Leaving Some Stuff in the Car During the Transport?

    Although a lot of companies do not allow their clients to leave any items in the car during transportation, we do. However, there are some terms you need to keep in mind, and we strongly advise you to consult our agents to discuss all the details. This is not a way of moving your household items. Generally speaking, we allow our clients to place up to 100lbs inside of the trunk. In case the trunk is not physically separated, the items can be placed on the back seat, but they have to be below the window level. Please review everything and do not leave any personal documents, valuables, or money in the car.

    How Can I Prepare My Vehicle for Shipping Across the States?

    There are several things you can do to prepare your four-wheeler for the road, but here we will briefly summarize a few essential ones:

    • Wash your car inside and outside
    • Take pictures of any existing damage such as scratches, dents, etc.
    • Visit your mechanic to check if everything is ok
    • Remove all valuables and documents
    • Do not forget you need to disable the alarm and anti-theft systems
    • Make a copy of the key

    Can I Choose the Spot on the Trailer for My Car?

    No. Like most companies, we do not offer this service as it is very important for us to be time-efficient, and the schedule of the cars on the trailer depends solely on the truck’s route. You can be sure that our drivers will handle them professionally and make sure that they deliver you the car in the same condition as you remember it.

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