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housing by the beach
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    Santa Cruz Movers

    If you are planning to move to a mild climate, with the most beautiful part of California on your mind, it means that you might need reliable Santa Cruz movers to give you a helping hand. Any relocation can be complex and demanding, whether local or across the country, and that’s why it’s easier if you hire professionals to handle everything. You can sit back and plan your life in the Surf City, with a vast and pristine coastline, while they take care of your move.

    Having your eyes set on the getaway with a beautiful coastline such as Santa Cruz isn’t a surprise. Its population is seeing a growing trend since 2010, and it has a distinctive boutique market for entrepreneurs and business owners, with an economy centered around hand-crafted goods and artists. It was officially discovered by a Spanish explorer Gaspar de Portola in 1769, who named the valley river San Lorenzo, and the hills from which the river runs Santa Cruz.

    And today, it has an educational hub of talent and research located at the University of California, known as “The City on the Hill”, which gives all the major industries in the city resources to thrive. This is the place where the wetsuit was invented, but it all started in 1885 when three Hawaiian princes surfed the mouth of the San Lorenzo River. They are responsible for the birth of mainland surfing, and they did it on locally made redwood surfboards.

    Feel the Vibes of the City of Holy Cross

    For residents, SC was always known as the city to come to for anyone from ‘over the hill’, meaning from San Jose and San Francisco. It’s hard not to love it, from its gorgeous beaches to the redwoods, as it has so much to offer without having to set foot inside. This natural environment has, along with culture, heavily influenced the development of its industry.

    The city used to be known for its agriculture, but is now leading the development in tourism, and marine sciences. The tech industry is also thriving and it’s attracting talent from all over the country to join the network. It’s a bastion of liberal politics, rich with environmental and social activism, while its independent media is a source of pride for the city’s community.

    Get to Know the Neighborhoods

    Being a coastal getaway and a surf city, it’s not as nearly as populous as other beach resort places. But this city is also unique due to the fact that it has large neighborhoods that are not really homogenous. But looking at them, you may find what it is that gives SC its character. By deciding what is it you’re looking for in a district, you may choose among parts such as:

    • The Boardwalk & Beach Hill,
    • Aptos and Seacliff,
    • Capitola Village,
    • Seabright,
    • Downtown,
    • Westmont Place,
    • Tosca Terrace,
    • Woods Cove,
    • West Side,
    • Cypress Park.

    And there are many more, each distinct and colorful. In a city that attracts visitors all year round, it’s easy to enjoy its laid-back atmosphere and youthful vibe as a resident as well.

    Things to Do In SC

    While in a coastal getaway resort, you’ll never run out of things to do. You can visit the Seymour Marine Discovery Center, where you can see and experience the sea, its depths, and sea creatures without getting wet. You have the opportunity to have ultimate fun at the Beach Boardwalk, the most legendary spot in the city, an amusement park built in 1907, but also attend free concerts on the beach on Friday nights.

    Nature lovers will have plenty to do, too, since one of the most beautiful places in the US is here – Big Basin Redwoods State Park. Another park – Henry Cowell Redwoods is a perfect place for both camping, and hiking on over 30 miles of trails under the 1,000 years old redwoods. The city itself has a lot to offer, from a plethora of restaurants with healthy cuisine to many shopping options in local stores, and no matter where your interests are, there’s always something going on.

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    Moving Services by CCMC

    You have probably moved at least once by now, but even if you haven’t, you certainly realize that it’s a demanding process, with a lot to do, and organize. When you search for a reputable professional crew to help you move, you should look at the online reviews, and get referrals to help you decide. Santa Cruz moving services by reliable movers such as Cross Country Moving Company are your answer, and we will make the whole process of relocation swifter and easier. CCMC crew is highly trained and professional and will take ultimate care of each and every aspect of your move.

    Contact Us for a Free Quote

    If you want to consult us on the aspects of your move, including the quote, contact us and we will provide you with all the information you need free of charge. While many other movers will promise a low quote for their services, you may have an unpleasant surprise later in the form of hidden fees, which you may find out up ahead by looking at reviews. With us, our quote is transparent, and it’s based on the inventory list you provide us. This list may be changed until the last workday before your move-out.

    Packing Services by the Best Santa Cruz Moving Company

    Most of us highly dread packaging every single possession for moving cross-country, and it is truly a back-breaking process. So, if you are looking for the best moving companies, Santa Cruz that can help you pack, know that CCMC has got your back. Our standard packing service that is calculated into our quote means that our crew will disassemble and later reassemble your furniture, and wrap and secure every item that won’t fit into a box, such as appliances.

    Partial and Full Packing Service

    Packing your entire home, or just a part of it is a tiresome task, and we at CCMC are a company that is happy to tell you we can provide you with both partial and full packing service. If you want our team to come and pack just a portion of your possessions, and if it fits into less than 15 standard size boxes, it’s partial packing and we will charge it accordingly. Full packing includes packaging more than 15 boxes, and it’s also an additional cost, but it means you can relax while your cross-country movers from CCMC do the rest.

    Car Shipping For Every Budget

    Whether you have a long-distance move ahead of you, or you’ve bought a new vehicle on the other side of the country, you should know that driving over such distances is a demanding task. That’s why CCMC is a cross-country moving company that provides you with quality auto shipping services. If you are looking for a highly experienced professional crew that will take good care of your car and transport it safely, we are definitely the movers you’re looking for.

    Transportation by the Best Long-Distance Movers, Santa Cruz

    If you choose to ship your car with us, you should know that besides securing your vehicle and delivering it on time, we offer you two types of transportation solutions. The most commonly used is the open trailer shipment, as it’s more available and fitter for a tighter budget. Although shipping your car this way will leave it exposed to weather conditions and the road debris and dirt, it will be secured, and only in need of a quick wash afterward. We can ship up to nine vehicles this way, depending on their size and weight.

    The other solution is an enclosed trailer shipping, usually used for classic, sports, and other expensive cars. It’s a pricier option, but if you choose it, you should know that your car will be completely safe and secured. Since this type of trailer is closed from all sides, your vehicle will be protected from both road debris, and the weather. We can ship up to four cars this way.

    Pickup and Delivery Options With Our Moving Services

    Cross Country Moving Company offers you a variety of cross-country moving services, and it’s no different when it comes to shipping your vehicle. Most of our customers prefer to choose door-to-door shipment, as it’s the more convenient one. With this solution, our crew comes right to your doorstep to pick up your car and deliver it right to your new address.

    Terminal-to-terminal service is for those who have more time on their hands, and it costs less. With this option, you have to deliver your vehicle to a designated terminal station, where our crew picks it up, and it will be delivered to a terminal closest to your new home.

    Storage Fit For Your Needs

    When you are relocating to a new location, you will probably need some time to get everything organized in your new home, and it will be easier if your space is not already cramped up with your entire household. CCMC recognizes this need and that’s why we offer you quality storage service, free of charge for the first month.

    If you require using it for more than that, you should know that we offer long-term storage, too, and we will charge by the day. Whether you need just a few items stored or your entire household, our storage units will fit your every need. We keep the security tight with both camera surveillance, and our workers who regularly check on the surroundings. We are also happy to tell you that your possessions are kept in a climate-controlled space, where we also pay attention to humidity, so there’s no damage to your goods.

    Types of Insurance Coverage

    If you choose our long-distance moving services, CCMC assures you that our team is vetted and trained in handling all of your belongings. But, because accidents may happen, we offer mandatory liability coverage, which covers $0.60 per pound of any goods damaged, and is free of charge. While this option offers you minimum reassurance if anything gets broken or lost, we always encourage our customers to take third-party insurance that comes as an additional cost.

    Full value replacement coverage is a far better option, which will make you feel more relaxed through the whole relocation process, but covers only the goods packed by our team. For this type of insurance, you’ll need to provide us with a detailed inventory list.

    If you are shipping your vehicle with us, you can relax because insurance will cover any exterior damage, up to $100,000 for cars shipped on open trailers, and $500,000 on enclosed ones.

    CCMC Are the Best Santa Cruz Movers Out There

    If you have a long-distance move in your near-future plans, CCMC is a long-distance moving company that will be there to take care of all the aspects of your relocation. Although highly experienced, we strive to be even better when it comes to offering all kinds of service to our clients. We will make sure everything is taken care of in the best possible way, so you can have the greatest relocation experience ever, free of any stress and hassle.

    With Cross Country Moving Company Moving From Santa Cruz Will Also be Easy

    We can help you become a resident of this lovely place, but also we can assist you with moving out from it. Give CCMC a call and we will make sure you move from Santa Cruz in no time. All you have to do is choose the relocation services and the rest is up to us. Our professional and trained team will ensure your belongings arrive at the desired location without a scratch.

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