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Florida state
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    Many feel an irresistible attraction to the Sunshine State due to its tropical climate, sandy beaches, natural scenery, and amusement parks. Get in touch with the best Florida movers and find out how amazing and pleasant life here can be. Reaching out to the competent and trustworthy Cross Country Moving Company is the right way to begin your journey.

    Get Top Florida Moving Services from CCMC

    Relocations can be classified into two categories. While some pick to do everything on their own, others choose to contact and hire helpful professionals with plenty of experience. By doing so, they save themselves a lot of time and reduce all sorts of stress that stems from this major life change.

    If you are looking into the most reputable moving companies in FL, be sure to gather all the right information. First, you should get a free quote. That way, you will understand how much you will spend on our long-distance moving services. Get in touch with our representatives to gather detailed information. We will ensure that you receive the valuable info you seek. If you want to receive a more precise estimate, make sure to send us a complete list of your home inventory.

    Once you hire our team to help you relocate, you can relax and enjoy the perks of picking this warm and exciting state as your new destination. Lastly, if you choose to alter your inventory list, you can do it at any point until 24 hours prior to the move.

    Get Packed Promptly With Our Cross-Country Packing Service

    Getting packed for a move is often more challenging and time-consuming than you think. This whole stage entails way more than simply boxing up stuff. First, you will have to explore every corner of the house meticulously. When you select the items you’ll bring to the new place, start to plan your packing process step-by-step and room-by-room.

    However, there’s still more to it. How will you lift and slide furniture? Will you be able to load bulky objects onto the truck? Do you know the correct way to protect delicate belongings? It is in your best interest to get professional packing services and minimize all risks of breakage, loss, or injury.

    A Partial or Full Packing Service From the Best Movers in Florida

    Before you choose to hire CCMC’s expert packers, here is what comes free of charge:

    • Dealing with any item larger than a standard box, which includes furniture, electronics, and more,
    • Disassembling large couches, wardrobes, sofas, and every other massive piece of furniture and putting them together again upon delivery,
    • Using suitable materials and supplies, like packing paper, plastic or bubble wrap, or blankets, to protect these items in transport or storage,
    • Loading everything onto our trucks and unloading them afterward.

    These actions and steps are all included as a part of our basic relocation service and don’t involve any extra costs. Still, if you need assistance with smaller objects that should be placed into fitting cartons, crates, or containers, learn more about the partial and full packing services.

    How many boxes will you need our squad to pack? If your needs include dealing with more than 15 boxes, you will receive a full service from us. Anything less than 15 boxes is considered partial service. Find out more about it by contacting us, and let’s get you packed.

    Cross Country Moving Company Offers Safe Car Shipping Options

    The Sunshine State has a lot to offer. You don’t want to miss out on its beautiful scenery and amazing activities you can enjoy along its coast just because you don’t have a car. When browsing through the most efficient moving companies in Florida, you should also take a moment to plan how to ship your vehicle.

    Surely, some choose to drive by themselves all the way to their new homes. But still, this alternative implies some safety concerns, additional costs, and it can take longer than planned. That is why choosing to learn more about our car shipping options is your best choice. There are two different types of trailers at your disposal, and two pick-up and delivery choices to consider.

    Our Long Distance Moving Company Offers Two Car Shipping Options

    Our company uses two types of auto transport to ship your car. Your precise necessities and budget will help you determine whether you want to use an open or enclosed car shipping trailer.

    The enclosed trailer is more expensive and is usually meant for pricey, imported vehicles. This transport keeps your car entirely secure from all external factors, road dirt, or severe weather. On the other hand, if you want to cut some costs and ship your car affordably, you should take the open car carrier. The majority selects to have their cars delivered on the back of an open trailer because it is cost-efficient and just as safe.

    Pick Up and Delivery Services by CCMC

    We have designed two pick-up and delivery options to save you time and meet your financial range. Our customers can opt for door-to-door car shipping. If this is the alternative that suits you, our team will pick the vehicle up from your former address and transport it to the doorstep of your new home.

    The other choice you can make is terminal-to-terminal car shipping, which entails picking up your vehicle from our station near the old place and delivering it to the one near your chosen location.

    We Offer 30 Days of Free Storage to Every Customer

    We know the industry, its challenges, and the most common impediments our customers face. We always come up with fresh ideas and ways to provide the best experience to those who choose to move with us.

    Since relocations usually drive different costs, our prime aims are to ease some of the financial struggles and help you keep your belongings secure. We offer 30 days of free storage to every customer. While using our units, you can relax because we have a modern monitoring system, a dedicated team of safeguards who look after the stored goods, and climate-controlled conditions.

    If you’re interested in getting a completely safe storage unit, contact us. If you find another place to store your possessions when the trial month is over, you can move them with no obligations toward us.

    Get Your Relocation Insurance on Time

    When exploring Florida moving companies, you will unquestionably think about safety. Will all of your belongings reach their destination undamaged? When you do your homework and select a superbly skillful team, the chances of getting anything broken or misplaced are very slim. However, even with the most reliable long-distance movers, some things are simply out of everyone’s control. If you want to avoid headaches and additional costs, you should get a relocation insurance package that suits your needs.

    CCMC offers a mandatory liability insurance package that keeps each client safe throughout the move. Still, you should take a look at the more extensive types of coverage we grant.

    The Basic Package by CCMC – Mandatory Liability Insurance

    The basic package we provide is automatically included in every move. Its price is predetermined and covered by the preliminary estimate. Mandatory liability insurance covers all items that we transport. It entails 60 cents per pound of goods that got broken, scratched, or damaged in any way. If you want to acquire a more extensive insurance package, you should explore FVRI.

    Our Team Offers Full Value Replacement Insurance and Custom Crating

    Full Value Replacement Insurance (FVRI) covers each item our team has packed, but it does not include those possessions you have handled yourself. If any of your fragile or valued belongings need to be extra protected, we can offer you custom crating. However, you should know that this tailored service also brings an additional cost to your final fee.

    Auto Shipping Insurance

    Your car’s safety also matters a lot, and you should think about getting a policy that will grant you an extra level of security. Choosing an open or enclosed car shipping trailer will determine the range of your coverage. Both auto transport insurance packages cover all damage that can happen to the external parts of the vehicle. If you use an open trailer to ship your car, the insurance will amount to $100,000. Selecting the enclosed transport covers a $500,000 amount.

    Get Ready to Enjoy Sunny Days and Orange Orchards

    This southeasternmost part of the US soil is made for those who love beaches, warm weather, and excitement around every corner. Tucked in between the Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico, you will never need to worry about the cold. And with nearly 22 million residents, the area is packed with diversity, vibrant culture, and strong Hispanic architectural and culinary influences. The art scene and nightlife include a whole range of cultural mixtures.

    Those who chose to move for a job should know that Florida’s unemployment rate is at 5.3% as of March 2021. The main six industries in this region are tourism, agriculture, financial services, air travel, international trade, and science. More than 200 pharmaceutical and healthcare companies dedicated to developing special treatments, generics, nutraceuticals, and medicine are based in the state.

    Between the gorgeous nature, endless view of the waves under the sunny skies, and a multitude of excellent job opportunities, you can’t help but fall for this amazing region.

    Coastal Cities You Should Consider Settling Down In

    The coastline that amounts to 1,197 miles will take anyone’s breath away. If your plans include relocating to a place a walking distance from the ocean, get ready to explore some of the most beautiful and affordable cities and towns:

    • Siesta Key,
    • Bonita Springs,
    • Islamorada.

    All of the above are cost-friendly, pretty quiet, suitable for families with children, and are a fantastic choice for those who wish to retire. In addition, these towns have the lowest crime rates statewide.

    However, if you’d rather live in a dense and urban environment, take Miami into consideration. Although this city has a relatively high cost of living (20% above the national average), it is still a great place to be. Some of the highest-paying jobs in this region include anesthesiologists, gynecologists, and family medicine physicians.

    Choose the Best Florida Movers and Keep Your Relocation to or From FL Smooth

    If you intend to live and work in the land of endless sunshine, fun, and possibilities, relocating to the state where oranges grow on every corner is the ideal choice. With 825 miles of accessible beaches, anyone will be able to relax and enjoy the benefits of this region.

    And even if you want to move from Florida and settle down somewhere else, get in touch with the most reliable and experienced cross-country moving team. Learn about Cross Country Moving Company and contact our representatives to hear about the types of assistance we provide. Get a quote through our website and jumpstart your journey on time.

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