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    Moving from Charlotte, North Carolina with Cross Country Movers

    If you’re looking for a vibrant city’s spirit, a heaven for foodies, sports enthusiasts, and outdoor adventures, not to mention the secret gardens and vineyards that resemble an Italy-like atmosphere, our Charlotte movers will help you relocate to your dream location. There is no doubt that relocating to CHL is a good idea, and the best way to do it with no fuss is choosing the best Charlotte moving company, especially if you’re planning to perform a cross-country moving. Give Cross Country Moving Company a call, book our relocation services and make the needed change.

    Charlotte (CHL) Is Providing High-Quality Life Standard and Remarkable Career Opportunities

    Welcome to Charlotte, also known as Queen City, the most populous, prospective, and fast-growing city in NC, where the quality of life, job opportunities, and great business climate shape the well-being of its citizens.

    CHL has a status of banking mecca as the third most important financial center in the US, just behind Manhattan and San Francisco. It is also one of the best areas for job-seeking college graduates and one of the cities with the most job openings, so in case you’re searching for remarkable career opportunities, CHL will be the right choice for you.

    Aside from great business opportunities, there are various options to pamper yourself. Spas, restaurants of Greek, Asian, Mexican cuisine, local breweries, rooftop bars with live music, urban artistic districts, and much more are waiting for you in CHL. Queen City presents a perfect fit for singles, couples, and family-oriented people who want to live by high-quality life standards.

    CHL also has great transportation infrastructure that provides various connections with the rest of the area and the US. CHL Douglas International Airport, which is the 11th-busiest airport in the United States, is arguably the most important connection with the rest of the world. It provides citizens with easy access to holiday destinations and opens up the CHL to businessmen and investors who see all the CHL opportunities for economic growth.

    Find a Place You’ll Call Home

    Lush green areas, world-class museums, restaurants, great educational institutions, and very affordable housing options place CHL in the 2nd position among the 25 largest cities recognized as the most desirable places to purchase a home. The median property value is $230,900, so if you’re likely buying a house, then CHL can be the perfect spot because more than 50% of Charlotteans are owners of their homes.

    When it comes to rental options, the prices differ depending on the neighborhood. Still, the average rent prices range from $1,220 on a monthly basis for a studio apartment, to $1,429 for a two-bedroom apartment. Yet, the good news is that there are even more affordable prices if you move a little bit further from the downtown area, so you can easily find your place at a price of $500 a month.

    Some of the most desirable neighborhoods in CHL are:

    • Uptown – what is a Charlotteans name for downtown is a central location where all the landmarks we mentioned are situated, as well as some of the best restaurants and entertainment.
    • Fourth Ward – a centrally located neighborhood and city’s historic core where you can find charming Victorian houses, and modern apartments, too. It is one of the most expensive and most popular neighborhoods in town.
    • NoDa District – one of the most popular neighborhoods due to its urban atmosphere, the most common choice of younger people.
    • Westchester – the suburban neighborhood still quite close to the Uptown, and one of the most affordable places to live.

    The Hedonists Heaven – Queen City Highlights

    Distanced only 200 miles from the coast of North Carolina, and five hours drive from Florida, surrounded by multiple state parks of nature, and more than fifteen lakes, Charlotte’s superb location provides its citizens with various opportunities for spending their free time quality. Whether you search for family-friendly adventures, outdoor activities such as hiking in Morrow Mountains State Park, which is only 45 miles away from the CHL city center, fishing in some of the lakes, or enjoying the sport, Queen City can provide it!

    CLT is also a home for some of the most successful sports teams that participate in the national leagues. So, watching the games of the Carolina Panthers of the NFL or the Hornets of the NBA sounds like a great way to spend your weekend. Another fact that proves how the sport is important in CHL is the NASCAR Hall of Fame House that gives tribute to most successful drivers, so if you plan sightseeing, then this is the place you should definitely visit.

    However, the greatest advantage of living in Queen City is the specific serene and enjoyable atmosphere that makes people connect with each other and nature easier. Not only is CHL surrounded by mountains and lakes that provide various options for picnics with your friends and family, but the city authorities take care of green areas within the town, so CHL has various parks great for outdoor activities. Moreover, there are six majestic, splendid, and romantic botanical gardens that are perfect holiday-like gateways and favorite date spots within a city. So, whenever you’re in need of spectacular blooms, the sound of sparkling fountains, the smell of roses or orchids, some of these botanical gardens can be a portal to that feeling.

    And if you think there is no way CHL could provide more, you’re wrong. We present you with the most unexpected attraction of the CHL area – its wineries and vineyards that will give a sense of Italy-like surroundings, presenting another romantic and holiday-like getaway. Rocky River vineyards, TreeHouse, Veronét Vineyards & Winery all in a circle of 30 miles from downtown, and our favorite, Raffaldini Vineyards & Winery that is 70 miles away from CHL, give gorgeous views and feeling when you’re there. So, once movers from Charlotte NC relocate you there, make sure to book a weekend inspired by wine and organize a divine-like enjoyment for yourself.

    buildings night Charlotte downtown buildings streets in winter Charlotte area view Streets at night

    Cross Country Moving Company Can Provide You With Outstanding Moving Services

    If you are looking for reliable, and proficient cross country movers to relocate you to your new home address, CCMC’s team of relocation experts will provide you with all relocating services.

    Besides, our team will support you with superb customer service which is at your disposal 24/7. In case you have any questions regarding any relocation detail, you can contact your designated relocation agent who will provide you with information quickly and accurately. Our agents will also explain to you every detail associated with the relocation costs scheme since we form prices based on your inventory list, which enables us to be entirely transparent when it comes to costing and point us out as one of the most trustworthy moving companies in Charlotte NC.

    Also, our long-distance moving company grants all customers access to an online system for filing the inventory lists, which is so flexible that you can make changes, add or remove things from your list until the relocation day comes, and be in full control of your relocation costs.

    Movers in Charlotte NC Can Pack Your Whole Household

    Our moving services in Charlotte NC can cover all your needs when it comes to packing services. Our standard package implies that our professional packers will take care of all your bulky items such as mirrors, TVs, furniture, and mattresses, by protecting them with packing supplies and loading it into a truck, all for free. We will also label every of your boxes with barcode stickers that will guarantee your ownership, so the chances something is mixed up or lost are reduced to zero. Once your items are delivered at a new address, our team will take them to your apartment or house, arrange by rooms, and assemble the furniture and remove all the protective materials.

    In case you have some valuable belongings that need special attention, by using our cross-country moving services you can be sure all of them will be properly handled and delivered back to you. So, if you have a piano you want to take with you, don’t forget to mention this to your designated agent when booking the service because it will help us to easier organize the whole process, and know what type of equipment we will need for loading and unloading your valuable items.

    We Can Pack Your Small Items, Too!

    In case you would like some of all your items to be packed by professional movers, we can do it! You can always choose how you will organize your packaging process, and what belongings you will pack by yourself and what you will give over to professional movers to pack. Our partial packing service implies packaging of 15 boxes at most, and if you have more, there won’t be a problem for us to cover it. Only in that case you will be provided with full service.

    Insurance in Case of Your Items Damages

    Once loaded in our truck, all your belongings are insured by mandatory liability coverage, which is free of charge. This type of insurance policy guarantees reimbursement of 0.60 cents per pound of damaged goods. In case this sounds to you like it is not enough, there is always a full-value replacement policy for all items packed by professional packers. If you’re interested in a full-value replacement policy that is extra charged, you can explore all details with your designated agent who will provide you with all information.

    In Case You Need Storage Place You Can Take Ours – Totally Free

    If you need a storage place for your belongings we will be happy to help you with this problem and offer you to use our storage facility totally free of charge for the first month. This period of time is usually enough, but in case you need to extend the usage we will grant you another benefit – we will not charge you based on a month you start to use it, but on a daily basis, so you will pay only what you use. Those storage places are protected by 24/7 video surveillance and guard, as well as an electronic automated system for recording the check-in and check-outs of goods, so we can always know where your goods are.

    Using Our Long-Distance Moving Services and Car Shipping Services Can Grant You Beneficial Price

    If you’re moving cross-country and researching moving companies in Charlotte to ship your car, then you should know that we are highly specialized in auto transport services and that we provide special conditions for our customers. We will provide you with a beneficial price for car shipping, whenever you combine it with our moving services.

    Driving your car alone all the way to another coast is not only exhausting, but it will cause additional costs and will be time-consuming which can take you far away from your initial idea of saving some money by doing it all by yourself. The best part of using CCMC’s auto transportation is that once you get and confirm the quote – that is valid for 48 hours – your price will be guaranteed, which means there will be no additional fees or expenses associated with car shipping.

    Open vs. Enclosed Trailer for Auto Transportation, What to Choose?

    Another essential detail that will help us ship your car properly is choosing between an open or enclosed trailer, and booking your car space within it. Using open trailers is appropriate for all medium to large cars, while enclosed trailers are the best option for owners of luxury vehicles that deserve really special treatment and full protection. That’s because of exposure (or lack of it) to outside elements.

    People, understandably, worry a lot when it comes to their auto transportation because the first thought that comes is whether their car will be enough and properly protected, and what is the solution in case it comes to some damages. To answer this question, first, we have to clear that both ways of shipping cars, whether you choose open or enclosed trailer are secured in two ways. First, we protect it by high-quality equipment we use. Secondly, by providing you with insurance policies that cover any external damages amounted to $100,000 on an open trailer or $500,000 on enclosed trailers. Another good news is that this insurance is free of charge.

    Delivery Options: Pick Up and Drop-Off Procedures

    Our customers can decide between door-to-door or terminal-to-terminal delivery. Once you know your schedule it will help you to easier decide what type of delivery to book, since you’ll have to be present in both cases. For example, if you know you will have to start working right away when the relocation process is done, you might be more willing to book door-to-door delivery since it is more convenient and time-saving. On the other hand, if your budget is strictly limited, then terminal-to-terminal delivery will be the best option for you. This is also a well-organized process since we operate regional storage facilities in almost every country and major city, so you’ll find your car easily there.

    Call Us Today and Explore All Relocating Services We Can Provide

    Now you know all the attractions and possibilities of Queen City, and how the long-distance moving process works you can start planning and organizing your relocation with CCMC, one of the best moving companies in Charlotte NC that provides a range of benefits to its clients. Let our professional team of movers and customer support provide you with an impeccable user experience that will recommend us further to your family and friends. Contact us today, and book as soon as you can your relocation day, cause the high season is coming, and you don’t want to miss your perfect date.

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