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    Professional Packing Services

    Relocation can be a thrilling new adventure, but most people would agree that boxing everything up is not. Handling everything on your own can be a long and exhausting process, so why not get professional packing services? Cross Country Moving Company can provide you with suitable long distance moving services that will make the move stress-free and time-effective. Our movers have hands-on experience in handling a variety of objects. They will take care of your belongings with utmost care and professionalism, while adequately preparing them for a long-distance relocation.

    Movers Will Provide You With Professional Unpacking and Packing Services

    Spending a day going through your belongings and boxing them up seems like a fun thing to do, but once you actually start, you’ll see that it isn’t. It can all turn into a long process of packing and protecting your items for transportation. Also, after you arrive at your home, there is the whole unpacking process. Spare yourself the trouble and hire Cross Country Moving Company to help you with everything.

    We are very proud of all the ways we can assist you in making a successful and smooth transition to a new destination. Our widely experienced crew will make sure that your stuff is handled with care as if it was their own. Remember, when it comes to the safety of your treasured belongings, you should not settle for anything less than the best.

    If you have any questions or dilemmas regarding the whole process, pick up the phone and call us. Our customer support service always has an available agent that will happily give you all the information you need as well as provide you with answers to any questions you might have.

    Movers and boxes

    Full and Partial Packing Services

    Cross Country Moving Company always puts the needs of its clients first. That’s why we offer two types of packing services – full and partial. No matter how many things you have in your place, our movers are equipped to handle any number of furniture pieces.

    If you want us to box up everything you own, use full packing services, and our crew will pack all of the things from your inventory list. You won’t have to lift a finger. Just kick back and relax while our team handles everything, from books to kitchen appliances and beds.

    In some cases, our clients want us to handle just some of their belongings, but not all of them. This is why we also offer a partial pack service. Our team will help you with a certain number of things you specify. Those can be any items you don’t want to pack on your own, such as glassware, bulky, or fragile objects.


    Unpacking can be a very tiring task. That’s why, when items are transported to the location, our crew will unload them from the truck and bring them into your place. Our team will then unwrap and reassemble anything they have disassembled in your last location. Also, the crew will reposition and organize furniture inside your home, as well as place boxes in the correct room. Keep in mind that we do not unpack your boxes, clothes, plates, etc.

    Plan on Using Additional Service

    There are a lot of cogs in the machine that is relocation. That’s why the our professional team can provide you with a variety of assistance throughout the whole process. We strive to deliver an efficient and stress-free move to our customers, and that is one of the reasons why you can pick some of our additional cross country moving services:

    • Debris removal – when the whole unboxing process is done, our crew will remove debris or dispose of unvented pieces of furniture.
    • Storage in transit (SIT) – we offer this to clients who are required to move out, but their new homes are not ready for their stuff. In these cases, our moving company thinks about the needs of its clients, and that’s why we offer 30 days of free storage.
    • Long Carry – when the distance from the back of the truck to the entrance of the unit is over 200ft, that is called a long carry. With the long carry assistance, you won’t have to drag your bulky items by yourself. Our equipped personnel will do it for you.
    • Stair Carry – if your apartment is in a building with more than one flight of stairs, and without an elevator, you’ll need a stair carry. With this kind of assistance, you won’t have to worry about taking your heavy belongings down the stairs or pivoting them in the right way without hurting yourself.
    • Hoisting – if you have items that cannot go through the door, they need to be hoisted over the balcony or through the window. When using this service, you won’t have to worry about getting your piano or pool table outside. Our team will take care of it for you.

    Packers Will Bring All the Supplies You Need for Relocation

    Hiring top-notch professionals to carry out your relocation comes with more than a few perks. You won’t have to worry about anything. You can just relax and let our crew do it all. Our team will handle the whole process, and all you have to do is kick back and prepare for the adventure you are embarking on. Not only that, but our long distance movers will bring all the materials needed for this process.

    Knowing what kind of supplies to use on a specific object is a crucial part of the whole relocation. Remember, our team has years of experience handling various items, making us specialists when it comes to preparing your possessions for the move.

    Movers Will Pack and Protect Belongings Using High-Quality Supplies

    We take the job of boxing up your whole home very seriously. That is why we take great care of your furniture, no matter how big or small the pieces are. Also, our team is equipped and trained to handle all of the belongings you own, no matter their size or type.

    We think about your wishes and the specific requirements of your household possessions. That is why we can provide you with the best possible options when it comes to boxes and other materials. This is important to know, especially if you want to relocate a huge TV from your living room or a giant fridge from your kitchen. Our crew will gladly handle these objects so that you don’t have to. Transporting delicate electronic and fragile objects is something we are good at. Our crew will make sure your things are protected, carefully loaded onto trucks, and later unloaded while minimizing the risk of damage. When they arrive at your designated location, the crew will unbox them with the same care.

    With Cross Country Moving Company as your partner, you won’t have to worry about dealing with cumbersome picture frames or huge fragile mirrors. Our expert packers will make sure there is nothing to worry about. They will protect the breakable surfaces and fragile corners of your objects. Also, if you need them to handle washing and drying machines and prepare them for safe transport, they will happily oblige.

    If you want high quality packing supplies to protect all of your delicate and valuable objects, we will obtain them for you. Our crew will bring blankets, bubbles, tapes, foam, and others; whatever you need, we got you covered. With our team as your partner, you can stop worrying about the safety of your stuff. A long list of satisfied customers is proof that we know what we are doing. Call us if you require more information. Our agents are prepared to answer all of your questions about any part of the relocation, not only materials and handling fragile things.

    Pick More Than One Moving Service

    No matter if you are using a local or long-distance moving company to relocate, you should consider picking more than one way the professionals can aid you during the whole process. Cross Country Moving Company knows how to keep its customers happy and completely satisfied, and that comes from assisting in every phase of relocation.

    Selecting more than one moving service means that our company will be able to help you not only with boxing up stuff but with transporting them to designated locations as well. From loading crates to trucks, carefully transporting them to your new location, and unloading them, we are there every step of the way.

    If you have a car that needs to be transported, you can hand over your keys to our personnel, and they will do it for you. We always search for the right way to cater to our clients’ needs, and that’s why we can offer you open and enclosed trailers for your precious four-wheeler. Also, if you are too busy getting familiar with your environment, we offer two types of delivery; all you have to do is pick one that fits your schedule. The door-to-door option is more time-saving, while terminal-to-terminal delivery is more budget-friendly.

    Hire a Professional Moving Company

    Hiring a moving company to give you a helping hand during the relocation process is a smart move. Nevertheless, you will be leaving your belongings in the hands of professionals, so make sure you pick the best ones. That’s why it is important to search carefully and be certain you picked the most reliable team to take care of your valuables.

    We can provide you with high-quality long-distance expert moving assistance. To us, our clients and their valuable possessions are the number one priority, and that’s why we strive to make every move as simple, smooth, and stress-free as possible.

    Ask for a Moving Quote

    The price is important, whether you are hiring local or cross-country movers. That’s why we offer you a free quote. You can get it by filling out the form on our website or by calling us. If you opt to fill out the form, our agents will contact you promptly so you can make the inventory together, and then you will get a quote.

    We know how notorious the moving industry is for its unpredictable prices and hidden costs. That’s why we created a unique way to form prices, which will make sure you get a realistic price of the overall service. All you have to do is go through your home and list all of your belongings and their sizes. The size is especially important if there are some bulky things or objects that need to be disassembled. Our team can relocate every possession you have, which includes delicate or bulky pieces such as grandfather clocks, hot tubs, pianos, pool tables, or safes. However, you should mention your fragile things because some of them require additional protection. Cross Country Moving Company offers custom wooden crating for those types of objects. This means that you will get custom-made boxes perfectly adjusted to the size of your belongings.

    Cross Country Moving Company always thinks about its clients, and that’s why we also offer an in-home estimate for your relocation. Having an in-home estimate means our agents will come to your property and help you create a checklist of objects you have and want to relocate.

    We put our clients’ needs first. That is why there are no hidden fees or additional costs to your estimate. When you create an inventory, our agents will provide you with a price, and that quote will only change if you add or subtract objects from your list.

    Don’t wait another minute, pick up the phone, contact us, get a free quote, and see for yourself why our competitive rates and a long list of satisfied customers put us as a top choice for long-distance moves.

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