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    You’ve been eyeing a sunny place to live in and decided to move to California. While living in CA can seem expensive, Orange County’s second-most populous city and seat, Santa Ana, lets you live comfortably and still afford everything. Our Santa Ana movers can help you relocate here and spend your days in the sunshine.

    Hire Our Moving Services for a Smooth Relocation to Orange County

    We at Cross Country Moving Company believe that relocation needs to be done professionally and that customer satisfaction is the most important factor of our business. With years of experience and many positive reviews, it’s our mission to keep improving and make sure every move goes smoothly.

    CCMC offers professional cross-country moving services for every kind of request. Whether it’s a standard packing service or any other, your wishes will be fulfilled in every case. Our long-distance moving services to Santa Ana entail standard packing of furniture, appliances, and items bigger than a regular box.

    What’s important to remember is that you have to deliver a detailed inventory list of everything that needs to be transported. This matters because the price of cross-country moving services depends on inventory size. The good news is the list can be changed until relocation day, and the price will be adjusted accordingly. There aren’t any hidden fees and no surprises. If you’re worried or curious about expenses, you can request a free quote on our website to help you get a sense of cost.

    CCMC Provides Partial and Full Packing Services for All Needs

    We mentioned the options of full and partial packing services of our movers to Santa Ana, CA, which depend on the number of boxes that need to be packed. A partial packaging service means packing up to 15 boxes, while a full packaging service covers everything more than that. These options are charged additionally, but they’re great for relocating because once our cross-country movers know what needs to go, they’ll make sure to handle it with extra care.

    Your Valuables and Sentimental Items are Safe With Us

    Sometimes, there’s cargo that’s so precious and delicate that you fear it may not be safe during relocation. We want to assure each customer that our long-distance movers know how to handle stuff like that, too. Not only that, but we provide custom crating options for any oddly or normally shaped, valuable or sentimental item, and because it’s in a custom package, we know that it requires lots of care.

    Moving Cross-Country and Want Your Car Shipped, Too? No Problem

    Because we’re professional and pride ourselves on making every customer happy, we offer many different relocation services. You can rest assured that if you ask us to ship your car, we’ll do it without a problem. With CCMC’s car shipping service, you can choose the type of truck that’ll relocate your car and how it’ll be delivered to you at the new place. Better yet, we offer a free auto transport quote so that you can check the possible prices for this, too.

    You Can Choose Between Two Transportation Options

    There are two transportation options to choose from – one is open trailer transport, and the other is closed trailer transport. The first option means shipping out your car with our long-distance moving company in an open trailer with other vehicles. Trailers of this type can fit up to nine cars at once, depending on the size. This is the cheaper option, too, and the disadvantages are encountering lousy weather or dust during transport.

    The closed trailer transport option means exactly what it sounds like, which is car shipping in a trailer of a closed type. Trailers of this type can fit up to four vehicles, and it’s the more expensive option, which may be its only disadvantage. Closed trailers help keep valuable vehicles safe from weather and external influence.

    There Are Also Pick up and Delivery Options for Your Car

    Having your car delivered to you can go two ways. We can do the pickup at one of CCMC’s terminals and deliver to another in your new location. This type of pickup and delivery is called terminal-to-terminal, and it’s a cheaper option between the two. While it may require a short trip or two to our parking lots, your vehicle will be handled with the care it deserves. The movers will contact you whenever the car arrives, and even during transport.

    The other pick-up and delivery option is door-to-door. This means we’d pick up your car exactly where you want us to, potentially your driveway, and deliver it to your new home’s driveway, too. This option is more expensive but reduces the hassle of taking a trip to one of our parking lots. This delivery option has one exception, though, which is that it wouldn’t be possible if your driveway or street is too narrow for the transport truck to go through.

    Our Storage Service Is Professional and High Quality

    Of course, no cross-country moving trip can be made without taking advantage of the storage service our cross-country moving company offers. The best thing about them is that they’re free of charge for the first thirty days of safe-keeping. Our units are secured with essential safety equipment, such as fire alarms, CCTV cameras that work 24/7, and air-conditioners that help preserve cargo sitting in the units.

    In case you need your stuff to stay in storage for longer than thirty days, that’s possible too, but it’d come with a small fee. Don’t worry, though, for any issues or inconveniences, whether about storage options or getting a quote, you can contact our free customer support. We also provide a shipment tracking quote form.

    No Move Can Go Without Our Moving Insurance Options

    Moving insurance is one of the basic things we offer, and no long-distance moving should ever go without it. Our mandatory liability coverage is 60 cents per pound of damaged goods, and it’s valid for all packages in our care, whether packed by you or our workers. You can also opt for Full Value Replacement Insurance, but this option has a few catches. It’s slightly more expensive and valid only for the items packed by our workers.

    In addition, anything packed by a customer can’t get a full value refund. You can also pay additional insurance fees for the more valuable stuff that gets packed into the custom crating. As far as car shipping insurance goes, vehicles transported in open trailers get insurance of up to $100,000, while vehicles transported in enclosed trailers can be insured for a sum up to $500,000.

    Come Live in Warm Santa Ana, Where the Motto is ‘Education First’

    As the second-most populous city in Orange County and eleventh in California, Santa Ana provides many opportunities for young people looking for jobs and families that care about their children’s education. The city was founded by a Spanish officer in the 1700s as the Valley of Saint Anne, naming it after Jesus’ grandmother. Since that period, it’s kept growing as a prominent educational and cultural center of Southern California. Many homes in the Downtown area date back to the 1800s and have been preserved in their original state.

    Saint Anne was proclaimed to be the fifth safest city in the US, and most of its prominent neighborhoods have very low crime rates. Here, you can visit many parks, including the famous Santa Ana Zoo. Apart from family time at many attractions, education matters to residents a lot. The city prides itself on having 60 schools, from elementary to high school levels. It’s also the seat of six higher education institutions, one of which is the California Coast University, while the other is the OC branch of the Art Institute of California.

    As you can see, Saint Anne, as it’s called sometimes, has a profound cultural history, and so many areas to discover were founded at least 50 years ago. In addition to being family-friendly, the climate is moderate in every season. Winters have occasional rainfall, but the average temperature is 70°F from December to March, while the period between June and September averages around 83°F.

    Which Neighborhoods Should You Choose To Live In?

    Before you go hiring movers to Santa Ana, make sure you check out its neighborhoods. This lovely city is divided into a few prominent districts: Downtown, Metro East Area, Midtown, and South Coast Metro Area, which it shares with Costa Mesa.

    Most of them have smaller neighborhoods, where the ratio of homeowners and renters is pretty evenly distributed, and some communities are more suburban and others more urban. The average rent in the city is $1,600, while homes can be purchased for anywhere from $460,000 to $640,000. Both are slightly higher than the national home purchase and renting averages but much cheaper than most of the OC and Los Angeles area.

    A few popular neighborhoods that are awesome to live in are:

    • Metro Classic, South Coast – this suburban neighborhood is one of the most diverse and safest neighborhoods in the city, with loads of public and private schools. It’s a very family-friendly area, and most of its residents are homeowners. Buying a house in this neighborhood is on the pricier side but still worth the money,
    • Morning Sunwood, South Coast – this neighborhood provides a mix of the urban and suburban, with cheaper homes. Located in the South Coast district, it has tons of amenities, with an accent on outdoor activities and recreation. This area is even more diverse than Metro, and the ratio of owners and renters is lower,
    • West Grove Valley, Riverview – this area was ranked as the third-best to raise a family in Santa Ana and one of the best for young professionals. The population of West Grove is tolerant and open-minded, with quite densely suburban housing. This is the neighborhood with the most restaurants, parks, and bars,
    • Floral Park, Riverview – this urban-suburban mix area is the best for people looking to rent, as most residents are renters. It has above-average schools and good job opportunities, making it one of the perfect places for young professionals. Since most residents here are renters, the monthly rent average is $1,800,
    • Thornton Park, South Coast – as a great mix of urban and suburban homes, family-friendly areas, and some of the best opportunities for young professionals, this area ranks as one of the best to live in. The large Carl Thornton public park is located here, and there are other green areas nearby, too. Most residents here own their homes, but rent is quite decent, too.

    There’s Something for Everyone in the OC’s Second Largest City

    Fans of history can take a walk around the center of Saint Anne, called Downtown. This is the oldest area, with many preserved homes from the 19th century. It has a mix of retail and housing, and you can always take a trip to the Main Place Mall. If you’re more interested in historical buildings, visit the Ronald Reagan Federal Building and Courthouse.

    We’ve mentioned the famous Zoo, which was opened in 1960 and it’s home to a few different species of monkeys and animals from the South American regions. Still, there are more ways to have fun, like visiting the Carl Thornton Park or the entertaining Discovery Cube. While it’s very much kid-friendly, adults can enjoy trying out different scientific experiments, too. If that’s not your cup of tea, Saint Anne boasts the Bowers Art Museum, which was opened in 1936, as well as many unique exhibits, such as the Lyon Air Museum or the Heritage Museum of Orange County.

    Fans of beer and spirits, there’s something here for you, too. Some of the most fun things to do in this lovely city are distillery and brewery tours. For example, the Blinking Owl Distillery is the oldest in OC and offers tours and tastings all the time. The Cismontane Brewing Co. offers tastings of their newly crafted beers, as well as board games and events. Most pubs and bars offer pints of homemade draught beer for $5, and with so many breweries in the area, that’s an excellent price for local amenities.

    Hire Santa Ana Movers If You’re Feeling Like Experiencing Other Places, Too

    If you enjoyed reading about the heart and center of Orange County, then contact our Santa Ana moving company to help you relocate and start a new life in a sunkissed, historical city. However, if you’ve experienced it in its full glory and would like to have a change of pace, our cross-country movers offer relocation from this area, as well. Every service we’ve presented is also available if you prefer to leave the second largest city in the OC and try out life at a different location. Whatever your desires are, we can make them come true. All you have to do is give us a call as soon as you decide where to go next.

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