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Moving from Philadelphia to Salt Lake City with Cross Country Movers

Are you considering moving to Salt Lake City? If so, experienced Philadelphia movers like Cross Country Movers are here to convince you that doing so would be an absolutely great idea. There are numerous misconceptions surrounding SLC and its residents, and we are here to prove them wrong. The city itself is beautiful, the people (more than a million of them) are kind and outgoing, and there is so much to do here! Without further ado, here are some reasons why you should move to Salt Lake City.


If you are moving to Salt Lake City because you got a job, you won’t have to worry about this. However, those moving with you will. Jobs are pretty easy to get by in Salt Lake City. Unemployment rate here is as low as 3 per cent. If you are looking for a job in SLC, click here. Salt Lake City is growing, and so is its demand for workforce. Regardless of your profession, you are bound to find something to fit your qualifications and needs. In fact, Salt Lake City has its own IT district, nicknamed Silicon Slopes after its older sister Silicon Valley.

Home Values

So many job opportunities also mean affordable home prices. An average house in SLC is priced at $300,000. In fact, it is possible to find your first home in a good part of the town for under $200,000. Salt Lake City was ranked third most affordable city to live in by the Atlantic. If you are looking for your first Salt Lake City home, click here.

Winter Activities

Moving to Salt Lake City means having immediate access to “the best snow in the world”. The city’s specific climate, a result of its altitude and humidity, produces the perfect snow for winter activities. Children in SLC are practically born with their skis on. If you love skiing and snowboarding, or if you always wanted to try them, but never had the opportunity, moving to Salt Lake City is the right decision. There are numerous high-quality ski resorts in close vicinity to SLC. In fact, the largest ski resort in America is located here. Don’t forget your skis once you start packing.

The Food

Another good thing that comes with the fast growth rate of the city is that there are restaurants popping up everywhere. If you are a foodie, moving to Salt Lake will prove to be a great decision. Here are some of our favorite Salt Lake City restaurants:
- Porcupine Pub. If you are one of those people who love digging into delicious food after a long day of skiing with your family, this is a great place where you can do just that.
- Red Iguana. If you are a fan of Mexican food, this is the place for you. It is a family-owned restaurant with over forty years of history of their own, original Mexican food recipes.
- Penny Ann’s Café. Another good family owned place no foodie should miss out on is this one. Should you visit this place, the owners of the restaurant, Penny Ann and her sister Cindy will welcome you with warm smiles and delicious food. Our recommendation: try their mouth watering pancakes.
The list goes on and on. For more Salt Lake City restaurants, click here.

The Nightlife

If you are young and moving to Salt Lake City for college, you will probably want to meet new people. What better way to meet someone than on a night out. Good news – Salt Lake City’s nightlife is great. If you are into more high-end, classy entertainment, SLC can offer great piano clubs. If you are an old cowboy at heart, perhaps Garage on Beck might suit you better. If you consider beer the best beverage on earth, head to Desert Edge Brewery.

City Creek Center

City Creek Center is not your typical shopping mall. It is an awesome place to hang out with your friends or go shopping. It also has pretty good restaurants. Oh and there’s also a fountain complex with water, light, music, and – fire. No biggie. The fountain was designed by the same company that was involved in designing the famous Fountain of Bellagio in Las Vegas. The mall also hosts occasional events, such as Architecture Tour or Fish Feeding. To find out more about City Creek, head to their website.


If you are moving to Salt Lake City with your family, the schools that SLC has to offer might be of interest to you. Salt Lake City has been ranked 32nd most educated city in the States. There are several universities and colleges in SLC, such as the University of Utah, and Westminster College. If you are interested in elementary and high school education, you can check school ratings here and here. Salt Lake City has four school districts, Salt Lake City School District, Granite School District, Jordan School District, and Canyons School District.

The Scenery

The sunrises in Salt Lake City have been described as the most beautiful ones by almost anyone who has visited it. Owing to its great nature and surroundings, Salt Lake City offers great views, no matter where you look. In fact, the scenery is so beautiful that the homes closer to the mountains in the East are considered more valuable.

The Traffic

If you are moving to Salt Lake City from, let’s say, New York, you will be pleasantly surprised by the lack of traffic jams. However, Salt Lake City natives would probably disagree (only because they have never experienced driving in the New York rush hour). The only thing that might prove to be a problem is the snow. During winter, it is much harder to drive, and due to that there are traffic jams every now and then. Nothing you can’t get used to. If you are moving to Salt Lake City, but apprehensive about taking your car, don’t worry, you will get used to SLC traffic in no time.

Low Crime Rate

If you are moving to SLC with your family, you probably want to find a safe place to raise your children. Good news – Salt Lake City has significantly low crime rates. Of course, there are certain areas one should not wander to at night, just like in any large city. In general, the east side of the city is considered the safest. To learn more about Salt Lake City neighborhoods, click here.
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