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 Are you considering moving to another state? Perhaps Ohio? Maybe you’re thinking about a long distance move to Columbus? If so, you are going to have to choose where to live. The people of Columbus come from all different kinds of backgrounds, young professionals, artists, families, students, couples, all call Columbus their home. Not all of them were born here; many of them moved to Columbus from other states, just like you are about to do with the help of Cross Country Movers. Of course, you need reliable Brooklyn movers by your side if you want everything to go according to plan, which is why we are the right long distance movers for you. 
When you hire us, you can get various moving services at affordable prices, including residential moving, corporate moving, professional packing and unpacking, and many others. 
With us as your Brooklyn movers, you can count on reliable auto transport service, as well. Depending on the type of your vehicle, you can choose an open or enclosed trailer for transport - we leave it to our customers to pick whichever one is more suitable for their needs. The first option is more affordable, but if you own a show car or a car collection, we suggest enclosed long distance car shipping. Furthermore, you get to choose between terminal to terminal and door to door delivery. Again, the former is more affordable than its counterpart, but if you feel more comfortable knowing that your vehicle is being transported straight to your new address, you should go for door to door shipment. Finally, keep in mind that with us as your cross country movers, you can pick any location in the United States and we’ll transport your car there in no time. Feel free to get in touch with one of our representatives to learn more about auto transport service or any other aspect of your long distance move to Columbus.
But what is it like to actually live in Columbus? In order to paint a faithful picture of the everyday life in Columbus, we have provided the article below.

About Columbus

Affordable living

Living in Columbus is cheap and affordable. The cost of living is relatively low compared to other major cities. If average housing in US costs $218,867, in Columbus it’s worth $167,000. Mortgages are accessible and most people can afford to buy a home or a flat. So moving into a new house can begin as soon as you select the area where you prefer to live. It will depend on whether you are single or have a family, your workplace, whether you prefer the downtown or the suburbs. The neighborhoods in Columbus, Ohio are diverse, and you are bound to find the one perfect for you and your family. To learn more about the neighborhoods in Columbus, click here

Job opportunities

The unemployment rate in Columbus is 1.1% lower than the national average, which means that only 3.9% of people here are without a job. Of course, this does not mean much to those who are jobless, but there is a great chance of finding employment quickly, whether you want to work in large company or open your own business. JPMorgan Chase & Co., the auto manufacturer Honda, Victoria's Secret, American Electric Power, Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company and L Brands are some of biggest job providers in the area. To see more employment opportunities in Columbus, click here. Some of the most wanted professions in the area are customer service representatives, nursing aides, and accountants. Market Watch ranked Columbus and its metro area as the No. 7 best place in the country to operate a business in 2008. Columbus takes pride in the wealth of locally owned businesses, restaurants, shopping opportunities, and attractions all across the city. Guess this is the perfect opportunity to call us and schedule your relocation to Columbus with one of the best cross country movers in the nation.


A quarter of the population of Columbus is younger than 18, while around 15 per cent of the population is aged 18-25. This means that the population of the city is overall relatively young, and the city is only going to flourish. The reason behind this could be the fact that The Ohio State University attracts young people and is one of the largest college campuses in the United States. The area hosts a total of 62 universities and colleges, which educate more than 140,000 students each year. 

The Columbus Family

Columbus has been rated the best city to raise a family in the country. Schools in the area offer high-quality education for lower prices. Columbus is placed in the top ten best suburbs in America. There is a lot of fun for the youngest. More than 300 interactive exhibits can be found in the Center of Science and Industry, the No. 1 science center in the country chosen by “Parents Magazine”. About 9,000 animals live in Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, where you can hand-feed a giraffe, watch a polar bear swim above your head, or meet the world famous gorilla family. To see more things you can do with your kids in Columbus click here

What’s the weather like? 

Columbus has muggy summers and cold, dry winters. It receives lighter snowfall than most places, although the winter is quite fierce in January and February and humidity is high in August. The highest temperature ever recorded in Columbus was 106 °F (41 °C), which occurred twice during the 1930s. The lowest was −22 °F (−30 °C), on January 19, 1994. Before you start packing, prepare clothes for all seasons. There are no major natural disasters like earthquakes, tornadoes, major floods and hurricanes, which is a big plus when moving here, especially from coastal areas. 

Eat and enjoy!

Columbus has a great variety of restaurants and cuisines. Here, you can get almost any food you desire. It might not be Michelin-starred or the best in the US, but it certainly is diverse and enough to satisfy your cravings. For your convenience, we compiled a list of the restaurants we find are the ones nobody should miss out on.
-Skillet is a cozy spot that serves seasonal, farm-to-table food. Due to the nature of their organic dishes, their menus change pretty much daily and each dish can taste differently depending on when you visit.
-Northstar Café offers a wide variety of healthy meals. Our personal favorite is the Buddha Bowl.
-Harvest Pizzeria is a casual pizza spot in German Village with an awesome patio. Our advice - try the Ohio Double Bacon Pizza, you won’t regret it.
-Once you are full, you might want to treat yourself to a delicious dessert. Head to Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams. You can’t come to Columbus and not try Jeni’s!
-For a little healthier dessert variety, we recommend visiting the Alchemy Juice Bar + Cafe, which offers a variety of healthy options, smoothies/juices/bowls.

If you are interested in discovering more places with delicious food in Columbus, click here.

The Arts

The city of Columbus is booming, and not just in population numbers, but in culture as well. The oldest art place is the Columbus Museum of Art, but there is a growing number of independent artists, professional troupes and artists-in-residence as well. Shadowbox is the largest residential theater group in the country. While the Otterbein University offers fantastic student productions. There is also a large number of parks in Columbus, such as the Scioto Mile Riverfront Park, the Topiary Garden, and the Columbus Commons. To see more activities to pass the time in Columbus, click here
Throughout the year various events and festivals are held in the city. The most famous one is the annual Community Festival. One of the greatest loves of Columbus residents are sports. People here often identify with their favorite football teams (Columbus Blue Jackets - or the Columbus Crew SC). While the big matches are played, city streets are deserted. No traffic jams.
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