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    Forest City is luring more and more millennials and Gen Z-ers each year. So why do many people reach out to Cleveland movers and relocate to this place once known as the Rock and Roll Capital of the World? Well, the simple answer is because this city, and the state of Ohio as a whole, has been reinventing itself in recent years after a couple of bad runs. With its amazing job opportunities, cost of living, art, culture, history, and arts, this place has become one of the most surprising cities in the country.

    The economy is thriving here, so what better place to start and increase your new business than here. With the economy on the rise, the job market is on the rise too, so this is one of the major reasons people decide to relocate here. But that’s not it – in recent years, C-Land has done a lot to refresh its industrial sites and replace them with new modern urban buildings. On top of that, new sports stadiums have been built. We probably don’t have to mention LeBron James’s amazing career that started with Cleveland Calvaries, which put the community in the spotlight in the past years. So if you decide to relocate to the City of Champions, what better way than with the true champions among movers – Cross Country Moving Company. But let’s find out more about this incredible city first.

    This Is a Hub for Talented Young Professionals

    Cleveland rocks, not only because the first rock and roll concert was held here, but also because it is home to the famous Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. But music is not everything that makes this city a star among newcomers. There are also its thriving job market, housing, and cost of living. It has some of the best hospitals in the country, and it is no wonder that the biotech companies are on the rise, too. The IT field is booming, as well as advanced manufacturing, agriculture, auto industry, and many others fields. An increase in college graduates and educated newcomers has increased the average salary here too. And while taxes are higher, low costs of living will compensate for this easily.

    If you are the artistic type, this place will not let you down. Museums and art galleries are something you will easily find. For performance arts, visit Playhouse Square and choose among many events to see (opera, ballet, theater, modern dance). Bars and restaurants can be found around every corner, too. Here you will find a vast number of local restaurants serving beef with craft beer and a lot of award-winning ethnic diners.

    Being the second-largest city in the state with a population of two million in the larger metro area, this place has everything for everyone to do year-round. If you don’t like hot weather all year and miss snowy landscapes, great – come here, and you will be able to enjoy all four seasons. With more than 23,000 acres of parks, trees, and nature preserves, it’s no wonder Forest City is Cleveland’s official nickname. So if you are a nature lover and outdoor enthusiast, you will enjoy mild nature in your city block. The city spreads out on 78 square miles alongside Lake Erie, so you can easily cool off during hot summers.

    If you don’t want to go around on your bike (which you can easily do, because the city has bike paths all over the place), you will be happy to hear that public transportation here is cheap and good. The RTA’s rail system, known as the Rapid, will easily and safely get you around.

    Find the Right Cleveland Neighborhood Before Moving and Buy a House

    As we mentioned before, housing options are really incredible here. The median home value is $70,000. Outside the city center, the price for an apartment is $47 per square foot. You can rent a three-bedroom apartment in the city center for $2,500, while for the same apartment outside the city center, you will pay around $1,300.

    This all sounds great, but the big question is which neighborhood to choose. You can include some criteria in your search, like the proximity to work or school. But don’t worry, finding a school for your kids will be easy. Some of the best elementary schools, high schools, and universities are located here. And some of the best neighborhoods to raise a family are:

    • Solon
    • Glenwillow
    • Shaker Heights
    • South Russell

    If you are a young professional, these will likely be your top choices:

    • Downtown
    • Tremont
    • Ohio City
    • Lakewood
    • Goodrick

    There is Something for Everyone’s Taste

    If you decide to move here, you will have to be prepared to be a part of some kind of sports event. Basketball, hockey, women’s basketball, and football all have a team in every league. One thing is sure – if you walk into a bar, there will be a game on the TV. But you don’t have to only be a fan; you can also enjoy tons of amateur sports activities. If you want to stay fit, you can sign up to participate in the Marathon or Buckeye Trail 50k – recommended for advanced trail runners only.

    As we mentioned, there are over 18 parks and reservations throughout the area – this amazing park system is called Cleveland Metroparks. Here you can enjoy a variety of outdoor activities, like fishing, horseback riding, hiking, boating, and more. And if you are an animal and plant lover, make sure you take a tour of the botanical garden and the zoo. This is truly a place you can quickly call home. It has everything for everyone’s taste, and if you don’t know where to start with your relocation, contact Cross Country Moving Company, and our agents will be more than happy to help you with your move.

    Lighthouse in Cleveland Cleveland Sailboat in Cleveland Cleveland night

    Go With Our Movers in Cleveland, Ohio for the Best Moving Services

    Our movers in Cleveland will provide you with highly professional moving services. Our main aim is to have satisfied customers, and we will do everything in our power to make sure you have a smooth relocation. We are client-oriented, and once you hire us, we will make sure you have our help at your disposal whenever you need it. If you choose Cross Country Moving Company, you will be assigned an agent who will guide you through the relocation from beginning to end. This way, you will have a personalized service in a way.

    Our team of professionals will handle all of your belongings with the utmost care and attention. With years of experience and a vast number of amazing reviews, you can rest assured that your stuff is safe with us. What is even better is the fact that you are in control of the price of the move – with us, there are no hidden costs. We charge for our services according to the inventory list you provide. Once the price has been set, there will be no changes except if you decide to modify the list, which you can do up to one business day before the move.

    The Packing Service Is at Your Disposal as Well

    When you hire our company for moving services, you will get a free-of-charge standard packing service. This means that our team will disassemble and reassemble all of your large bulky furniture, load and unload everything on the truck, and put everything in your new home. Also, they will protect all your furniture from scratching and breaking and protect your electronics as well.

    You Can Choose Between Full and Partial Packing Services

    As we mentioned, you will get a standard packing service for free, but if you wish to hire our professional movers to do more than that, you can choose between a partial and full packing service. What is the difference, you are probably wondering? With partial service, we will only pack the items you wish us to pack. For example, if you have fragile objects you don’t know how to protect, you can hire us to do this specifically. As long as all of this can fit into up to 15 standard boxes, we will consider it partial services. With the full service, we will pack everything that is on your inventory list or more than 15 standard-sized boxes.

    There are some things our movers won’t move, like flammable materials, guns, and others. Feel free to contact our agents to ask about an item you are not sure can be transported. Our crew will also bring all the necessary packing materials you will need, like boxes, protective materials, blankets, ropes, bubble wrap, plastic, and paper wrap.

    Put Your Stuff in Our Storage Until You Settle

    Keeping your valuables and belongings safe and secured is our top priority. For these purposes, we have a top-notch storage service where you can store your items during the move. Our storage facilities have the best video surveillance systems and security cameras that will keep your stuff safe 24/7. They also have climate control, which will keep the humidity and moisture away from your stuff as well.

    Try Out Our Storage Services for Free for a Whole Month

    With years of experience in this business, we know that unpredictable things can happen during every relocation. This is why we offer free-of-charge storage facilities for a whole month to every customer. This way, if you already moved out of your old home, but the new one is not in the picture yet, you can store your items at our facilities. You will know that your items are safe and that they can be shipped to your new location at any time.

    You Can Ship Your Car With Us, Too

    Even though Cleveland has an excellent public transportation system, you might still want your car. We offer to every customer two types of auto shipping services, and you can choose between an open trailer and an enclosed trailer.

    With an open trailer, you can ship your entire family fleet at once. With this transportation option, all you have to worry about is washing your cars afterward because they will be exposed to outside factors – road debris and bad weather. With an enclosed trailer, you can ship your sports and luxurious cars. Your vehicles will be protected from all outside factors.

    We also offer two types of pick-up and delivery systems. You can choose the door-to-door option, and we will deliver and pick up your car at your house. This option costs a little more but also more convenient for you. The other option is terminal-to-terminal, where you will have to bring your car to us. We have a terminal for the pick-up and drop-off in every major city.

    Your Items Will Be Safe With Our Insurance

    Every relocation can cause accidental damage to your belongings. Even though this happens rarely, it can still happen. This is why we offer every customer mandatory or basic moving insurance. This insurance will cover 0.60 cents per pound of damaged goods. On the other hand, if you have more valuable stuff, you can always go with our Full Value Replacement Insurance. This insurance will reimburse your damaged item for its full value. If you decide to ship your car with us, you will get insurance as well. With an open trailer, you will be paid up to $100,000 for any damage, while for an enclosed one, the coverage goes up to $500,000.

    Ask for a Free Quote and Hire the Best Cleveland Movers to Help You Move to or From the City

    When looking at long-distance moving companies, make sure you do a good background check. Find out if a mover you’re considering is legit. If it is, it should have a USDoT number. Make sure you go through all the reviews you can find online. We at Cross County Moving Company can proudly say that we have a lot of positive reviews and great feedback from our customers. If you still don’t know whether to go for long-distance moving services, you can request a free estimate to find out if it would pay off. We give a free online quote to everyone who is interested. Of course, this will only be an estimation, but the real price will not differ so much.

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