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    Each year 13% of Americans move to another state, and their second favorite choice is Nevada, especially for Californians. If you are one of those lucky people in need of Nevada movers, you came to the right place. We at Cross Country Moving Company have years of experience in long-distance moving and will gladly help you with your relocation process. And if Nevada is your place of choice, you chose wisely because it is one of the fastest-growing states in the last couple of years.

    As we said, many Californians decide to leave behind the California dream and replace it with a Silver State. And you are probably wondering why this is so. Well, the quickest answer we can give you is because of lower costs of living. And we are not talking here about some small desert towns. We are talking about big cities with a lot to offer for lower or equal prices. Even some of the major tech companies decided to settle here, like Elon Musk’s Tesla Gigafactory. When you think about Nevada, you probably think about Las Vegas, gambling, and a neverending party. We are not saying that partying is bad – it’s just that there are more things Silver State can give you depending on your needs and desires. It has something for everyone – outdoor activities, fantastic nature, entertainment, job opportunities, and much more. Keep reading and find out what Silver State has to offer.

    Silver State Is Much More Than Nice Weather and Harsh Nature

    To be fair, the state is mostly desert, but it is also home to high mountains like the Sierra Nevada and the Ruby Mountains, covered in snow for at least half a year. In fact, the state name came from Spanish, meaning “snow-covered.” So if you don’t like hot weather (Las Vegas, for example, has 300 sunshine days a year), you can easily cool off in some of the national parks or some of its beautiful lakes.

    Even dough California is called Golden State, Nevada is actually the largest gold producer in the USA and the second-largest in the world. But the largest silver deposit was found here, too, as well as many other valuable and rare minerals like a black fire opal. So you can figure that alongside its most significant branch of the economy, namely tourism, mining is still a large industry here. But if you wish to find a job quickly, your best shot will be in the tourism and service industries. Some of the top jobs are found in casinos, education, health care, aerospace, and information technology.

    Weddings are also the source of employment for many. And while we are on an economic subject, you will be happy to hear that Silver State doesn’t have state income taxes. And again, the cost of living is much lower than in California. If we compare Las Vegas and Los Angeles, you will need $2000 less in Sin City to maintain the same life quality than in Los Angeles, assuming you are renting in both cities.

    Find the Best Nevada City for Your Family

    If you plan to move any time soon, Silver State is an excellent choice, especially if you are moving with your family and looking to buy a house, maybe with a pool in the backyard. The average house value is around $340,000. But this price will depend on your city of residence as well as on the supply and demand in that city.

    Nevertheless, one thing is sure, Silver State has a lot of space and can expand its city boundaries to build more houses if necessary, which is why the housing market is stable in most cities. Here are some of the best places to live in Silver State:

    • Las Vegas – The Capital of Entertainment and the largest city in Silver State, Las Vegas is truly an excellent place for both young professionals and people with family. The housing market is stable, and here you can buy an apartment in a city center for $244 per square foot. Renting is also affordable, and you can rent a three-bedroom apartment downtown for $2000. The prices are lower outside of the center, and if you decide to buy a house here, you will be away from all the fuss. Here you will enjoy amazing dining, good neighborhoods, art and culture, and beautiful nature just minutes away.
    • Reno – This town is excellent for young professionals. A lot of new startups are founded here. But it also has excellent schools if you are moving with kids. It is also good if you plan to retire.
    • Sparks – Located near Reno, this city gives its residents a family-friendly suburban vibe and all the urban amenities of Reno. It is also good for young professionals and people with family looking for a place to settle down.
    • Henderson – It is the second-largest city in Silver State and one of the safest cities as well. It has great schools, green areas, bike paths, trails, golf courses, and lakes.

    Having Fun and Finding Something to Do Will Not Be a Problem

    It is no secret that it is entirely legal to gamble in Silver State. So you can assume that a lot of bars, restaurants, shows and other entertainment are waiting for you once you move here. But there are other things you can explore and do. Silver State’s eye-catching scenery will blow you away. It has numerous state parks like the Red Rock Canyon and Great Basin National Park.

    And if you need to cool off, you should visit one of the world’s attractions and the clearest lake in the State – Lake Tahoe. But aside from this lake, there are many deep lakes and rivers where you can spend your weekends relaxing with friends and family. Also, you should check out hiking trails in Silver State wilderness as well as skiing and snowboarding in the mountains.

    Now that you have all the information about Silver State keep reading and find out more about our movers in Nevada.

    beach streets at night Las Vegas Nevada The Great Reno Balloon Race Lake Tahoe Nevada State

    With Cross Country Moving Company, You Will Get the Best Moving Service

    Cross Country Moving Company strives to make every relocation easy and stress-free. We are completely devoted to our customer’s needs. With years of experience, we know how much the relocation process can become chaotic and challenging. For this reason, once you hire us for cross-country moving services, you will be assigned an agent to be at your disposal for any questions, doubts, and information. This agent will organize your entire move from beginning to end, so you don’t have to worry about anything. With our services, you will get a team of highly professional cross-country movers who will handle your belongings with the most care. They will load the truck at your old place and unload everything in your new home.

    Once you contact us, you will get a free quote. You can do this online, but a lot better option is the in-home estimate. You can be sure that, with CCMC, there are no hidden costs. We base our price on your inventory list. It means that you will be in control of your move cost entirely, and the set price will not change unless you change something on your list.

    Our Nevada Movers Can Help You With Packing Services as Well

    With our movers, you will get a free of charge standard packing service. What does this mean? It means our crew will disassemble and later reassemble all your furniture and protect it with top-notch protective material. Also, if you have other bulky items that can’t fit in a box, they will prepare them for transportation also. Furthermore, our crew will bring all necessary packing materials with them.

    Cross Country Moving Company Offers Full and Partial Packing Service

    Long-distance moving can be exhausting, and it requires a lot of your time and energy. For this reason we at providing to our customers two more types of packing services to choose from. For instance, if you have time and want to pack all your smaller belongings, but you are struggling with certain items like glasses and alike, you can hire us to do a partial packing. This way you will save money, time and most importantly your belongings.

    Of course, our crew will bring all necessary materials and packing supplies like bubble wraps, boxes of all sizes, blankets, paper, wraps, and others, so you can rest sure your items are safely packed and transported. Partial packing can be applied to 15 boxes at most. If there is more than that on your list, you’ll get a full packing service.

    Feel free to contact us for more information about all this or read some of the stellar reviews we’re getting.

    If You Don’t Know Where to Put Your Stuff, Try Out Our Storage Facilities, Free of Charge for Whole Month

    Sometimes in the relocation process, some things may interfere with your plans. For example, you may need to move sooner than you thought and don’t have a ready new place to put your belongings there. For this purpose, we offer our customers the first month of storage services free of charge. Our storage facilities have advanced video surveillance and security system, so you can rest assured that your belongings will be safe. No moist will harm your stuff with our climate control system, especially if you have some paintings and delicate stuff.

    Looking for an Auto Transport Company? Stop Your Search Now and Ship Your Car With Us

    If you want to ship your car to the Silver State, and we strongly recommend doing so, we are at your disposal. That is right, and we can ship your car wherever you want. No matter the distance, we got you covered. With our auto shipping services, you can choose between two types of delivery systems – door-to-door and terminal to terminal. With the first option, we will come to your home, pick the vehicle from your doorway and leave it in front of your future residence. This option is more expensive, but it will save you some time traveling back and forth from terminals. With the second option, you will have to leave your car at our nearest station and pick it up from the terminal at your new destination.

    Our Nevada Movers Offer Two Types of Transportation as Well

    If you decide to ship your car with us, you can choose between an open and enclosed trailer. Both options got excellent reviews, so it’s just a matter of your choice. An open trailer is excellent if you are relocating with your family and have more than one car. With this trailer, you can ship all your cars at once, and they will be delivered to your new home at the same time. The only thing you have to worry about is road debris and bad weather. This option is cheaper and faster too. On the other hand, if you have a sport or luxurious car, you can take an enclosed trailer. This way, you can be assured no outside factors will affect your vehicle in any way.

    Your Entire Relocation Is Covered With Our Moving Insurance

    With years of experience in this business, we know that every long-distance moving presents a possibility for some accident to happen, though it rarely does. So better be safe than sorry. This is why we provide our customers with mandatory moving insurance. Basic insurance will cover 60 cents per pound of damaged goods. And if you have items of high value, you can choose our Full Value Replacement Insurance, which will cover the damage entirely.

    Also, if you ship your car with us, you will get up to $100,000 for an open trailer and up to $500,000 for an enclosed one, in case the exterior of your car suffers a mishap along the way.

    Get Your Free Quote Right Now and Enjoy Your Move With Our Nevada Movers

    Relocation is not an easy thing to do, especially if you have to move your entire home and family. This is why hiring professionals will not only save your time but money as well. You will not have to worry about these processes, and you can focus on things you need to do before you relocate, like transferring your kids’ medical and school records or finding a job and place to live. With the Cross Country Moving Company, you will be in charge and in control of your relocation the entire time, and you will join the ranks of our satisfied customers. So hit the web, read reviews our customers left us, and then call us and get your free quote for moving to Nevada today.

    Moving From Nevada

    If you want to move from Nevada, Cross Country Moving Company will assist you in the best way possible. Cross Country Moving Company consists of a team that is expert in storage, relocation, packing, and car shipping services. All you need to do is to call us and book your move. We’ll do all the grunt work while you kick back and relax.

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