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Maryland bridge at sunset
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    Are you trying to find Maryland movers that can pull their weight and get everything done efficiently and without problems? Hiring Cross Country Moving Company’s professionals will definitely be a step in the right direction. The Little America, as some call the state named after the wife of English king Charles I, is replete with diverse cultures, mesmerizing nature, and remarkable history that all give rise to new ideas constantly changing the entire national perspective. Hop on board and discover how our team can help you reach the state that served as inspiration to artists, such as Francis Scott Fitzgerald, Frank Zappa, Philip Glass and many more.

    America in Miniature Will Leave You Breathless

    When someone mentions the name of DC’s first neighbor most people think of blue crabs, Chesapeake Bay, boats anchored in peaceful harbors, Old Bay seasoning put over Old Bay seasoning and on top of any dish, Natty Boh beer, and Civil War in case history is taken into consideration while the mind roams free.

    The Free State, a nickname stemming from the Liberation days era, is a mix of all of the abovementioned. But, it’s also a place as multicultural as the entire US, in constant pursuit of finding itself. Affluent neighborhoods and well-paying government jobs, as well as leading medical research and educational facilities, create the voice of the liberal and progressive successors of the British enlightenment legacy. However, the farmers and the people of the mountains as well as the worshippers of tradition also left a trace in the stunning rural and mountain areas. And when you take the facade of the gentrified, big-city appeal off and wander into the unknown, you’ll meet this liberating abundance of differing expressions waiting to be explored.

    And you’ll hardly find a place with more options to experience natural sights from the Ocean beaches to snow-covered Appalachian mountains and beautiful national parks proud of their flora and fauna. Wherever you fall in this vast spectrum, this place won’t leave you indifferent and you’re bound to learn something about yourself as you conquer the new territories.

    Rural Counties Combined With Progressive Cities Create the Unique Spirit of the State

    The Old Line State, which is yet another historic reference, gave not only one but two national capitals. Both Minneapolis and Baltimore were central at some point in US history and the state’s prominence in the national economy and politics didn’t fade until this day. Numerous DC government employees live in the bordering Maryland towns and the military presence is obvious in the state’s Naval Academy as well as some significant testing grounds. However, the rural counties and the shore are also key in sectors adding to the state’s GDP. Wherever you choose to set up home, you’ll find some job opportunities and cool things to do. Here is a list of best places to consider:

    • Baltimore – The metropolis often criticized due to some of the unsafe corners is also a place where the economy is improving and more and more young professionals consider it a fresh twist to their career story. It is attractive because it exudes historic charm with its Fort McHenry and meeting places of writers, artists, and knowledgeable people of all kinds. But, it’s also a hip destination where warehouses are turning into novel concepts and people are freed from some of the stigma attached to less outspoken cities,
    • Columbia – If you’re not into experimentation and would like a safe place to bring your children up, there’s no better choice than this small town in the central part of the state. It is famous for strictly abiding by the laws, yet it has a lot of advantages. Some of the best-rated schools, great job opportunities, low crime rates, and affordable housing are just some of the perks. And, if you get bored by small-town living, Baltimore, Minneapolis, and Washington DC are all a relatively short drive away,
    • Minneapolis – The former US capital is perfect for lovers of culture who find Baltimore’s ties to the dark and the wild over the top. It’s brimming with green spaces, and you can explore the Walker Art Center, the Museum of Contemporary Art, and the nation-wide famous Sculpture Garden among other attractive sights.

    A Lifetime Might Not Be Enough for All Activities

    With all on offer here, you can have fun all year round and there won’t be anything holding you back. From superb beaches to history and skiing, it’s all in one place. If you’re a beach person, swimming or soaking in the rays won’t be a luxury, but something to look forward to. Make sure you visit Ocean City, the spot for summer fun, and don’t miss on Rehoboth or Bethany Beach either.

    And, if after all the museums, food, and sports you wish for a quiet retreat, the Great Falls, near Virginia, are a top destination to visit. Adorned with waterfalls and forests as far as meets the eye, this enchanting sight is perfect for meditation, taking photos, or any outdoor activities you can think of.

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    Relocations Become Much Easier With Reputable Long-Distance Moving Services

    When relocations loom, most people lose their cool. So many things pile up, and the Panic Monster creeps threatening to make us feel insecure about everything. However, if you choose a company experienced in providing their clients with spot on cross-country moving services, a beam of sunlight that chases the clouds away appears. Cross Country Moving Company’s mission is exactly that – to lend a hand to all the customers with a view to taking the weight off your shoulders.

    One of our most significant traits is the way we determine your quote. Instead of relying on volume and other vague parameters, we focus on your household inventory list. This means that once you write down all you want our team to handle, we’ll be able to let you know of the price. You can also change this list up to one business day before our crew comes and the figures will be altered accordingly.

    You Don’t Have to Jump Through Hoops to Pack Everything Up, the Best Movers in Maryland Can Do It for You

    Packing seems nice, but if you’re pressed for time and spread yourself too thin juggling family, work, and relocation, it might be less exciting. Our team is well aware of how much assistance is needed in this aspect, which is why we included packing services in our assortment. Our packers will bring all the necessary supplies and apply solely the most effective techniques.

    Heavy items are part of our standard package and you needn’t pay extra for our movers to disassemble the large furniture pieces, bulky appliances, mirrors, and alike, and load them into trucks. The only thing up to you is to tell us where to place these once we unload them at the new address.

    Add Partial or Full Packing Service to Your Standard Package and Maximize the Time Saved

    Once the large objects are done with, the smaller ones remain and the size shouldn’t deceive you as they can also pose a challenge. In order to pack your dishes, clothes, books, toys, or any other items that go into boxes, you need to invest time and care.

    Cross Country Moving Company’s staff is here if you decide that you don’t want to go it alone and the only thing you should do is give us a list of what goes into boxes. This is added to your price, yet it’s worth every penny as our personnel will ensure nothing gets lost or damaged. Partial pack covers up to fifteen boxes, whereas everything more than that is counted as full service.

    Sail Through Car-Shipping With the Finest of All Cross-Country Moving Companies

    As you must have realized by now, the Free State is an ideal destination for trips to numerous cool locations inside and outside its borders. And, having a car along the way can make a lot of difference. If you’re worried about how you’ll transport yours, we have a solution.

    Our auto transport services have been designed to be 100% reliable and keep your car protected at all times. This is achieved through knowledge of the latest technologies, as well as communication with each of our clients. Finally, insurance is there to patch the heavy situations up and your four-wheeler will be covered for 500,000 dollars if transported on a closed trailer, and up to 100,000 when traveling on an open one.

    Our Movers Maryland Offer Two Transportation Options

    The first question that arises when you opt for vehicle shipping is what transportation method to pick. Our movers will tell you that it always depends on numerous factors, such as your car maintenance requirements, the time of the year, and more. The best thing is to give a call and go in-depth with one of our agents, and we give you a short summary of both options to see what it’s all about:

    • Open-air carriers – This kind of carrier is the most frequent and it can accommodate up to nine cars. It is fast, reliable, and more affordable than its counterpart, which is why many owners go for it. Still, if you’re shipping in winter, it’s best to avoid it as it offers no protection against the elements,
    • Closed trailers – The other variant is superb for vintage or luxurious cars with special maintenance requests. Able to keep the car safe from any weather or road debris, it’s hard to beat if you are worried about damage. However, it usually takes longer to arrive.

    You Call the Shots When It Comes to Car Delivery

    When you arrive at the new place, you’re taken in by the promise of new life and things get faster as you unravel all the mysteries. Some people like to forget all about relocation obligations and enjoy door-to-door delivery, which saves you from all the hassle. Wherever you’re at, our team can arrange the pick-up if traffic regulations allow for it. And, if you’re fine with coming to one of our regional storage terminals and you want to save an extra buck, we recommend terminal-to-terminal delivery. It’s completely safe and we have terminals in all major cities across the US.

    Enjoy a Month of Free Storage

    Everything that you’ve ever wanted sometimes disappears out of sight, but it’s not for good. Those facing problems with the new house tend to lose hope, yet things always work out in the end. For our customers needing storage services before they find their feet or who utilize them for another reason, we’ve arranged a one-month period for free. That’s right, and after that, you’ll be charged per day, so you only pay for what you use.

    Storage Facilities That Are Part of Our Long-Distance Moving Services Are the Best Place for Your Belongings

    If you’re wondering why you should leave your precious possessions in our hands, you should know that we pay utmost attention to every detail. Our team never overlooks the importance of safety, and our storage is heat-controlled, clean, and supervised 24/7. What’s more, every item you entrust us with gets a code, which makes it part of our elaborate system that helps us keep track of everything.

    Insurance Is Crucial

    When all is said and done, the only thing left to address is relocation insurance. It is often not noticed when things go smooth, but when the going gets tough, it is the one word we all keep thinking about.

    Each standard package includes mandatory liability coverage, which amounts to sixty cents per pound of the lost or damaged item, and it covers everything in the truck regardless of who did the packing. However, for more hefty sums, you’ll do well to invest in full value replacement that is estimated by the item’s worth or even third-party insurance in certain situations.

    CCMC’s Maryland Movers Now to Help You Relocate to or From the City

    The Old Line State is a place where anything can happen. Dive into this pool of possibility and meet yet another version of yourself as you discover all you didn’t know about your homeland. All divers need a gentle push we’re more than willing to give you as you start off in the new place. Don’t put your future on hold – call us now and start the adventure. Also, if you are seeking change and you want to move from Maryland we can lend you a helping hand. Contact us and everything else is up to our professional and experienced team.

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