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    Trustworthy Washington movers are what you need if you plan to move to or from this beautiful state. For that adventure, CCMC is a perfect ten – we’re top cross country movers with years of experience that can provide you with all relocation services you might need. Make your move the smoothest one you’ve ever had by hiring CCMC for your move to or from Washington.

    How to Pick the Right One Among All the Relocation Companies?

    If you’ve already decided to make WA your new home, it’s time to pick the right cross-country moving company to help you out. There are so many of them on the market, so it can be hard for you to choose just one and to be sure that you’ve made the right choice. However, there is a simple way to separate all the scammers from the real-deal companies. Here’s how to do it:

    • Check if they’re brokers, or they provide every service by themselves,
    • Ask if they’re licensed, bonded, and insured,
    • See if they have good reviews on Yelp, BBB, Facebook, and similar websites,
    • Ask how they charge and what payment methods they offer,
    • Make sure that their customer care service is on point.

    Start by contacting all the companies with the best ratings, and then ask for quotes. After that, you will see what you can get for which price, and then you can hire the business you like best.

    CCMC Washington Movers Offer the Best Moving Services for a Guaranteed Price

    We have everything from the list above and even more. CCMC is proud of our transparent way of working with customers. For cross-country moving, we charge you by the list of items, which puts you in direct control over the price you’ll pay for the move. The more items there are on the list, the higher the cost. If you decide to remove something, the price will decrease. Our every quote is free, guaranteed, and all-inclusive, which means that once your inventory list is finalized, you’ll have nothing else to pay. There’s not a single chance that you’ll get a check for some hidden fee, tax, or additional cost if you’ve already paid for your move and all went according to plan.

    CCMC Specialists Can Help With Every Kind of Move

    Regardless of how big or small your shipment is, whether you’re taking your car with you or not, CCMC movers in Washington are here to assist you. Just let your dedicated relocation specialist know what you had in mind, and we’ll take care of everything. Our team is available for you every day of the week, including holidays and weekends.

    We Provide Both International and Cross-Country Moving Services

    We are a long-distance relocation company, but we can also move you internationally. If you’re thinking about international moving, contact us, and we’ll organize everything. No matter where you’re headed, we’ll make it happen. Relocating internationally is finally easy and straightforward.

    We Make Moving Cross Country Easy by Packing Your Bigger Belongings

    Having packing services makes your relocation less stressful and time-consuming, right? With us, you will have free packing of all the big items in your home like appliances, furniture, all electronics, lamps, mirrors, pictures, and alike. Our team will disassemble and reassemble every item that needs it and load and unload the whole shipment from the relocation truck. We’re fully equipped and have years of experience, so you have no reason to worry about the safety of your possessions.

    Washington Movers Offer the Best Additional Packing Services

    Aside from the free basic pack, we offer more services for an additional cost that will significantly speed up the process. Using our high-end boxes and packing supplies, we can pack all of your smaller items. If we pack up to fifteen boxes, that would be a partial pack, while the full pack means packaging all of your belongings or more than fifteen boxes. If you have some big and delicate stuff that you’re shipping, tell us, and we’ll make a customized wooden crate for it. Your dedicated relocation specialist will calculate the price for you for every additional service.

    CCMC Is a Long-Distance Moving Company That Can Also Relocate Your Car

    If you want to truly experience the beauty of WA, you’re probably considering auto shipping as well. We can relocate your car quickly and efficiently for an affordable price. If you’re relocating both your household goods and your vehicle with us, you’ll get a bundle deal, which means paying a lower price. Call us for a quote or request one online – we just need your pick-up and delivery zip codes, year, make, and model of the car, and the date you planned for the move.

    Choose between door-to-door and terminal-to-terminal shipping depending on how much time and money you can spend. If you choose the former, you’ll pay a bit more, but your car will be picked up and delivered from and to your desired destination. The latter means leaving your car at a regional terminal in your old place and picking it up at the terminal in the new location. It costs less, but it’s more time-consuming. If you don’t know which option to choose, ask your relocation specialist. They will be more than happy to assist you.

    Do You Want to Ship Your Car on an Open or Enclosed Trailer?

    Again, there are options to choose from that involve time and money, but the safety of your vehicle as well. Open trailers are a faster way to ship your car, they cost less, but your car will be exposed to the weather and road debris during the trip. On the other hand, enclosed trailers are a less common method of relocating cars, they cost more, but they offer full coverage of your vehicle during shipping. Choose the one you like best and that fits your needs. Your relocation specialist will help you with this choice as well.

    A Month of Free Storage Is a Part of Our Long-Distance Moving Services

    When you hire CCMC, you don’t have to go looking for a storage unit – you can use our high-end storage without a fee for thirty days. If you want, you can leave your possessions inside for longer than the free period, and you’ll be charged based on a daily rate. Our storage is under constant video surveillance, it’s disinfected and sanitized, and the temperature inside is controlled manually. Every item left inside will be labeled with a bar code that is checked before entering and when leaving the unit. That’s how we know that nothing will be lost or misplaced.

    Cross Country Moving Is Best When Your Possessions Are Insured

    Another pro of doing business with us is that you know that your possessions are insured and covered at every moment. We have a mandatory minimum liability policy for your household goods that covers each pound with 60 cents, and this policy comes without a charge. If you want, you can purchase additional insurance – there are options for full-value replacement, high-value items, and more. Your car is insured as well – if you chose an open trailer, your vehicle is covered up to $100,000 of external damage, while that figure for enclosed trailers is $500,000.

    WA Is Often Ranked as the Best State to Live in the US

    According to US News, WA is overall the best state you can choose to move to in the country, and there’s a good reason for that. When compared to other states, it has the best economy, healthcare, education, infrastructure, fiscal stability, and natural environment. It offers so many opportunities to all the residents and newcomers, which makes it a top destination to move to if you’re looking for an improvement in the quality of your life. Also, there’s no statewide individual income tax. Everything that people prioritize when looking for a perfect destination, Washington has it, including amazing places to live in.

    What Are the Top Places to Live in WA?

    Among all the greenery, there are amazing places to spend your life in. Keep in mind that living here comes at a price, but you will surely have a salary that can cover it. Also, there are always areas that are less expensive. Here are our top recommendations for places to live in WA:

    • Woodinville – This small town is perfect for families that want to lead a calm life surrounded by nature. There are great schools, and Woodinville High School stands out. This is also a hot spot for wine lovers since there are a lot of wineries. Wine tourism is booming, which is great for the local economy.
    • Bellevue – Between Lake Sammamish and Lake Washington lies this beautiful city with amazing views. Outdoor enthusiasts love it, but so do people that are looking for a job, since there are many companies that thrive here.
    • Kirkland – If you’re looking for a fun and vibrant city with beautiful nature but also many activities, this is the place for you. It’s very walkable and bikeable, so you don’t have to waste time in traffic jams. Real estate here is expensive, but the salaries are high as well.
    • Redmond – It’s the home of Microsoft, conveniently located close to Seattle, but also to many parks, lakes, forests, and other spots in nature. You can go hiking whenever you want, but there are also lots of amenities in the city.

    This State Is Perfect for Exploring

    Over half of the state is covered with forests – that’s enough to call WA the Evergreen State. It has so many beautiful lakes, rivers, waterfalls, beaches, hiking trails, and other places where you can recharge your batteries from the city life. If you love spending time in nature, WA is meant for you. However, if you’re not that crazy about hiking in forests, WA has many beautiful urban and rural communities where you can spend your weekends and free time. Seattle is surely the city with the most activities, but other cities like Bellevue, Spokane, and Tacoma are also worth mentioning. Canada is just across the border, so you can go and visit whenever you want.

    Contact Our Team of Long-Distance Movers and Enjoy Your Relocation to or From WA

    For any kind of long-distance move, Cross Country Moving Company is a perfect choice. We’ll make sure that you have a positive experience, without a single worry or any unnecessary stress. Contact us via phone or our website and get all the information you need. Our professional team will ensure that there’s not a single question unanswered about your move to or from WA.

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