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Baltimore on a sunny day
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    Moving to or from Baltimore, Maryland with Cross Country Movers

    Calling CCMC Baltimore movers is what you should do if you want to move and start your life in the biggest city in the state of Maryland. This East Coast metropolis is much more than what you’ve seen in the famous TV show The Wire, but some still think that the situation here is that bad. The city vibe has changed over the years, and now it’s one of the great places for living. Read on and find out more about what B-more has to offer and why are our relocation services one of the most recommended in the country.

    Baltimore Offers More

    If you wish to move to a big city with a small-town feel, B-more could be just the spot for you. This beautiful place is known for so many things, it’s fun, the food is great, and best of all – it’s affordable. So, what should you know about this city? First, let’s talk about what probably interests everyone the most – safety. According to multiple sources, B-more is in the top five cities in the US with the highest crime level. However, this largely depends on the area. If you know which neighborhoods to avoid, you’ll be completely safe.

    Other than townhouses, The Wire, and the famous accent, B-more is known for many more things. This city has lots of history, and it’s even said that it has more monuments and statues per capita than any other US city. Its great location and accessibility to all of the nearby areas are also a huge pro – you’ll need an hour and a half of driving to Philadelphia, three hours to NY, and less than an hour to DC. The ocean is around three hours away; you can also go skiing to Deep Creek or spend a weekend by the lake there. West Virginia is two to three hours away, so if you love being in nature, you can rent a cabin in the hills or the woods.

    There are property taxes, but the housing is affordable compared to the nearby places like Philly, NY, or Washington DC. The income tax in the city is 3.2%. Another thing that makes B-more a desirable destination is the job market. If you’re relocating without a position waiting for you, don’t worry – this city always has an employment option.

    As for the transportation, B-more has the Baltimore/Washington International Airport (or BWI), which is located nine miles south of Downtown. It’s good to have a car, but public transportation isn’t bad either. There is a cheap and clean Light Rail system that’s pretty effective, local buses, metro subway, MARC Train, and Commuter Buses. You can also get a taxi, Uber, or Lyft. People are friendly here, so if you’re not familiar with something, you can always ask anyone you meet on the street.

    Which Local Areas Are the Best for Living?

    In B-more, all of the touristy areas are pretty safe. That means that if you live in the Inner Harbor or anywhere near, you don’t have anything to worry about. If you choose Harbor East, Canton, Fells Point, Mount Vernon, Federal Hill, Downtown, Station North, Mount Washington, Woodberry, Mid-Town Belvedere, or Hampden Hopkins, you’ve also made a good choice. Likewise, anywhere in South Baltimore is a good place to live.

    On the other hand, you’d want to avoid the following neighborhoods:

    • Hopkins Bayview,
    • Pulaski,
    • Fairfield Area,
    • Johns Hopkins Homewood,
    • Greenmount East,
    • West Baltimore,
    • Orangeville,
    • Greater Rosemont,
    • Grove Park,
    • Cherry Hill,
    • Berea.

    You’ll Surely Have Fun in This City

    B-more has so many attractions, so no matter what you’re into, you will find something interesting to do. If you’re a foodie, keep in mind that here you can try great and diverse meals. There are lots of options, but the most famous food here is seafood and the remarkable crab cake. For all of the sports types, you’d be happy to know that you will have many different community sports to choose from. You can play volleyball, football, baseball, and alike. This is also great for meeting new people. There are several professional teams like Ravens and Orioles, so you can go and watch a game live at Oriole Park or M&TBank Stadium.

    Down the Inner Harbor, you will find a Science Center with a Planetarium and Observatory. On your walk to the Maryland Zoo, you will see the local artists playing instruments, singing, or performing some other kind of art. B-more also has a rich history and many historical sites. You can go and see the warships docked in the harbor, Fort McHenry where the American anthem was made, Peabody Library, and America’s first roman catholic cathedral – Baltimore Basilica. Edgar Allan Poe lived, worked, and died in this city, so you can visit his house and his grave. The Walters Art Museum has a free entry, and there are also many more free museums you shouldn’t miss.

    Baltimore at night Baltimore buildings Baltimore buildings sunset

    It’s Important to Know How to Choose a Moving Company in Your Area

    Nowadays, lots of relocation companies present themselves as the top ones with the lowest rates and the best service. If you’re relocating for the first time and you aren’t quite sure how to pick a company that will provide you with everything you need, check if they have all of the following things:

    • Licenses and insurance,
    • DOT number available on their website,
    • All the services that you require,
    • Affordable prices,
    • Top-notch customer care,
    • Quick response time,
    • The payment option that works best for you.

    It’s not uncommon to get scammed in the relocation business, so beware of who you are working with. Avoid hiring brokers and those who have suspiciously low prices. It usually turns out to be a scam, and you’ll pay a much higher price in the end.

    Call CCMC Baltimore Movers and Get a Free Quote

    If you want to be completely sure that you’re being charged transparently, contact the CCMC team. We prefer doing an honest business with no hidden fees, costs, or taxes. The price of the move depends on the inventory list and not on the weight or volume. If you decide to add or remove something from the list you made, the price will go up or down. Finalize your list one business day before the pick-up, and your dedicated relocation specialist will charge you. With us, cross-country moving is made easy.

    Our Customers Get Free Packing of All Bigger Items

    Standard packing services with CCMC come free of charge and include wrapping and protecting all of your big items that can’t fit inside a regular-sized package. That means that you won’t have to worry about any of your electronics, furniture, lamps, appliances, mirrors, pictures, and alike. Our team of cross-country movers will disassemble your belongings and reassemble them when we arrive. We will also load everything on the truck and unload it completely free of charge.

    CCMC Baltimore Movers Offer You More Than That

    With the high-quality boxes and packing supplies, CCMC long-distance movers can handle even smaller items. We can pack up to fifteen boxes for you, which would be partial packing or everything in your home that you’re relocating, and provide you with the full pack service. All of your big and delicate items should be shipped with caution, and custom crating is the ideal method for it. Our team will custom-make a wooden box and ship the item in it. All three of these services come at an additional cost, which will be explained by your representative.

    Leave Your Belongings in Our Storage for Free

    Get a free month of a storage unit, and don’t stress over finding one in the area you’ve just relocated to. The storage is sanitized, safe, and the temperature is controlled. Before your possessions enter the unit, we will label each thing, so that we can keep track of your shipment. In case you want to leave your items in storage for longer than one month, your representative will charge you per day, so you don’t pay for a service that you didn’t use.

    Thinking About Taking Your Car With You When Moving Cross Country?

    Another part of our cross-country moving services is auto shipping. Pay less with a bundle deal if you’re getting both household goods and your car relocated with us, or simply call us for one of those services. Getting a quote is easy – we just need a year, make, and model of the car, the date you had in mind for the move, and the zip codes from and to. After that, decide with your representative if it is better to get door-to-door or terminal-to-terminal transportation. The first option is usually the preferred one since our driver comes to pick up your car at your driveway and drops it off at your new location. The second option is for those who have a bit extra time on their schedule and can leave the car at the regional storage (terminal), and pick it up at the terminal in another state.

    Part of Our Long Distance Moving Services Is Choosing Between Enclosed Trailer and Open Trailer

    Depending on your budget and preferences, you can choose to ship your car on one of the two types of trailers. Cross country moving your vehicle on an open trailer is cheaper and faster, while enclosed shipping costs more and may last longer. It’s also important to say that the reason behind the difference in price is the protection your car gets during the transport. On open trailers, it’s exposed to the outdoor elements, while the enclosed trailers keep cars safe from the weather and road debris.

    We Can Also Move You to Another Country

    Are you interested in international moving and finding a home in another country? Even though we’re a cross country moving company, we can provide you with this service as well. Once you contact us, let your relocation specialist know what your plans are, and we’ll take care of everything else. With our help, international moves become smooth and stress-free.

    With CCMC, Your Possessions Are Insured

    Whenever you’re long-distance moving, it’s highly recommended that you have insurance coverage for your shipment. Minimum liability coverage that covers each potentially damaged pound with 60 cents is free and mandatory when relocating with CCMC. We will always strongly advise you to buy full-value replacement insurance since it offers you better coverage. There’s another option for expensive home items – high-value insurance. All of the cars that we move are protected as well – those shipped on open trailers are covered up to $100,000 of external damage, and cars inside enclosed trailers are insured up to $500,000.

    Contact Us and Have a Relaxed Move to or From Baltimore

    A professional CCMC long-distance moving company is here to help you with your move, no matter what you had in mind. With our affordable prices and excellent customer service, you will have the most pleasant experience. Call your local CCMC team and relocate your home and car with no worries.

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