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    If the seventeenth largest city in California is calling you, move with the professional San Bernardino movers for an effortless experience. That way, you can enter the new adventure relieved and with a smile on your face. Cross Country Moving Company will make sure all of your things come to the city of the most iconic roads. We are there for you, so don’t wait any longer. Check your outstanding reviews and request a reliable quote from our cordial customer service today.

    Want to Live in the Friendly City?

    Known for cultural and historical sights that run deep, San Bernardino is also called the Friendly City. Its citizens are welcoming and friendly, as the nickname says. So, if you’ve never been here before, don’t worry – you’ll get around very quickly because you won’t feel alone.

    The city is probably most famous for Route 66, the most iconic road in the world. It was an inspiration to many musicians and writers. For example, in his novel The Grapes of Wrath, John Steinbeck used Highway 66 as a symbol of loss and escape.

    The city of SB is the second largest in the Inland Empire region and attracts more and more tourists because of its amazing nature. It lies on the foothills of the beautiful Southern California mountains.

    Another reason why people rush to move here is the lower cost of living than in nearby cities. There are many opportunities for buying and renting houses, and suburbs are safe and full of parks and greenery areas.

    Choose the Best Place for Your Future Life in SB

    There are many charming places to live in Friendly City, California. That’s why we found some of the most beautiful neighborhoods you could check:

    • Loma Linda – perfect neighborhood for family-oriented people,
    • Chino Hills – ideal place if you’re looking to buy your own house,
    • Downtown – home to government buildings and larger business facilities, so if you’re seeking professional opportunities, you might consider this neighborhood.

    Curious and Cool Things to Do In the City of First McDonald’s Location

    There’s a lot of interesting and amazing things you could do around here. If you are an outdoor person and enjoy beautiful landscapes and natural gems, you won’t be bored. The first thing you should visit is Glen Helen Regional Park. It lies on an enormous area of 1,340 acres with two lakes where you can go fishing. Besides this, there is also Perris Hill Park and Blair Park.

    Museums and Theatres are something that you can’t get around. The Robert and Frances Fullerton Museum of Art and the Railroad and History Museum are fascinating, and you should visit them both. For baseball lovers, the San Manuel Stadium is a dream come true. There are regularly scheduled games and events so you can enjoy the sports on weekends.

    San Bernardino at night San Bernardino area view San Bernardino buildings

    Hire One of the Highest Rated San Bernardino Movers

    We at the CCMC have one goal, and that is our customer satisfaction. We aim to make your relocation smooth and stressless, and that’s why our team has trained members with many years of experience in the relocation industry. The long-distance moving services we provide is something we work on for many years, and, according to all the positive reviews we get daily, we are doing an excellent job.

    Why do we stand out from other relocation companies? We base our prices on the inventory list you make. How much you will pay depends on how much stuff you want to move. If you add something to the list, the price will go up and vice versa. If you’re not sure what you want to bring and whatnot, don’t worry! You can change your list as much as you want but make sure you deliver us the final list one working day before the move.

    We strive for the best customer support, too. In fact, you can get to us at any moment, and the specialized employee will gladly answer all of your questions. Once you call us, you’ll get a completely free quote with the exact price of the relocation process before you even hire us. This is a great way for free-of-charge consultation with our support to clear all up and be certain you’re getting the professional help you need.

    Having everything explained and transparent is the number one thing we stand for. We don’t have hidden fees because you get all the information before you even let us handle your relocation.

    Reliable Cross Country Moving Company With Every Relocation Service You Need

    The whole long-distance moving process is challenging, and the main thing is to find a reliable crew that will do its job professionally and efficiently. Be careful when choosing the company that will have access to all of your items, including very precious ones, and your car too. If you choose CCMC to take care of your move, we’ll provide you with the best-trained team, and you won’t have to think about a thing. The outstanding reputation is something you can check on our website, an abundance of happy customers that leave reviews every day is more than excellent proof, right?

    Professional Long Distance Movers San Bernardino Provide Noteworthy Packing Service

    No matter if you’ve been organizing your adventure to the new home for months or you’re relocating in a hurry, we can all agree on one thing – wrapping up and protecting all your stuff for transportation is discouraging, and everyone needs help. In the beginning, it might seem like a task you could do in just a couple of hours, but it is not. If you’re relocating for the first time, you should know it is a tedious and very stressful process.

    Our professional and expert packers will give you a helping hand in this process and spare you the trouble. You can check the packing services we have when you contact us and be certain we offer the safest way of protecting and boxing up your precious items.

    Wrapping up your bulky items, like appliances and furniture, is included in the price you get. That means our fast and experienced packers will disassemble, load in the truck, and reassemble all once they arrive at your new home. And that’s not all. Our team will put and organize furniture and all the larger stuff they packed wherever you say.

    Partial and Full Services Option When We Pack You

    Knowing how the boxing up all of your stuff process is time-consuming, you might want to consider taking additional service and have part of your household items packed by professionals. We offer you partial packing service for wrapping and protecting your things up to 15 boxes. Our movers are well equipped and use the best boxes and storing supplies for your precious items. Another type of boxing up is full service and stands for your whole household or if you need more than 15 boxes.

    CCMC has a solution for all of your possessions, like a piano or your vintage clock, that need extra protection. We offer you custom wooden crating for those objects. Still, if you have any questions about packing, call our customer support, and our agents will gladly explain how everything works.

    Transport Your Car With Our Skilled Movers in San Bernardino, CA

    When moving cross country, you might think selling your car is the best solution to avoid additional stress. You don’t have to do that because we transported thousands of vehicles until this day. We believe that positive reviews of many successfully performed auto shipping services are a great way for you to make up your mind and entrust us with bringing your vehicle to you.

    This is a convenient solution if you don’t want to drive many hours to your future destination. You’ll get safe transport, and your machine will be in the same condition as when you left it in our hands.

    If you’re wondering about the car insurance during transport, we covered that too. On the open trailer, your cars are insured up to $100,000, and those in the enclosed one for up to $500,000.

    Door-to-Door or Terminal-to-Terminal Pick Up and Delivery Options

    When it comes to pick-up options, CCMC can offer you two. The first one is terminal-to-terminal. Get in touch with our crew and decide what terminal is more convenient for you and what date, and your car will be waiting for you safely. Shipping this way will take longer, but it is also cheaper.

    Door-to-door shipping is a faster option, and we just have to be sure our truck can access your new street. If it isn’t possible, our driver will inform you on time, and you can together agree to unload your vehicle in the nearest location that works for both of you. However, don’t hesitate to contact our support team and have all the necessary information about transporting your four-wheeler.

    You Decide the Type of Transportation

    Every customer that wants to ship its car with us can also choose between two types of transportation. The first and the more common is open trailer shipping. It is more affordable as well. However, cars are in the open air during transportation, and there is no protection from the rain and dust. On the other hand, the enclosed trailer will protect your vehicle from external factors, but it is more costly, and it will take more time to deliver it.

    CCMC – One of the Moving Companies With Free Storage

    Another reason why we are the top-rated relocation company because we give you one month of using our storage facilities completely free. We know how some stuff could be important, but you just can’t find the place in your new home. That’s why you can use our storage for both your bulky or small things. Everything is entirely safe and secured. Only you and our employees have access to the storage so you can sleep peacefully.

    Your Belongings Are Insured When Relocating to the Heart of Southern California With Us

    We cherish the smile on our customers’ faces after each performed relocation. We make sure every relocation goes smoothly, but sometimes bad things happen, and some items can be damaged during the transportation. That’s why we have mandatory liability coverage as a part of our quote. This means that we pay you 60 cents per pound of each chipped or scratched item.

    If you have special things and want to insure them, we also offer you a full-value replacement option. Let us know about your detailed list of things that need this special coverage, and our experienced packers will wrap everything up. It is very important because FVRI only covers the stuff our crew packed. Still, you can be sure that they’ll use our best supplies and transport your belongings safely.

    Contact the Long Distance Moving Company That Strives to Make Your Relocation Effortless

    If you need help from our professional cross country movers, pick up the phone and contact our customer assistance to get a reliable free quote for all the services we at CCMC offer. Sometimes you just can’t do everything on your own when it comes to long-distance moving of your household. Avoid all the stressful situations that might happen and let the professionals step in.

    Moving From San Bernardino is Also an Option

    If you get bored by staying in this sunny location there is something you can do about it. Contact Cross Country Moving Company and we will help you move from San Bernandino in no time. Give us a call, choose the services you need and the rest will be up to us. Our crew will ensure all of your belongings are taken care of and safely transported to a new home.

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