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How to Tell Your Friends You’re Moving?

If you’re planning your relocation, then you’ve probably started wondering how to tell your friends you’re moving away. One of the saddest and most delicate parts of the moving process is breaking the news to your family and close companions. Physical labor and stress that comes with packing, loading and organizing everything will pass. But the anguish over leaving family members and good friends behind will follow you to your new destination. You may expect a range of reactions as you deliver the news, so it might be good to be prepared for every scenario and respond accordingly.

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Do not postpone the decision to tell your friends you're leaving.

What to Know Before Telling Anyone

The most important thing to know before telling your family and closest people that you have firm reasons to move is that some heartbreaking moments are bound to happen along with the excitement and joy associated with new beginnings. Whether you moving for a loved one, you found a job before moving to another state, or you have one of those jobs that require relocation, you have to break the news carefully and on time, well before moving day. Do not let your close ones find out about it on social media. Because you certainly do not want to burn the bridges behind you and look back at your old life in bitterness and anger. When you tell them make sure you answer their questions like where you are relocating to and are you moving during the holidays. Knowing the answers will make the process a bit easier.

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Don’t Keep It a Secret

The worst thing to do, and one of the most common moving mistakes you can make, would be to keep it a secret until the moment of departure. Farewells are sensitive and memorable because they act as a closure of a chapter in your life which was colored by a variety of people that contributed to your emotional and professional development. So don’t wait until the last moment, but rather start informing people closest to you first, and then move on to acquaintances. Talking about this major step in your life with people who know you the best will help you deal with relocation anxiety, avoid relocation depression, and cope with the stress associated with moving.

When you figure out the best time of the year to move and where you should move, don’t hesitate to inform your family members and closest people personally, at some private location as you can expect them to be very sad. Do it at least a few months in advance. Other people can be informed by social media a few weeks before moving, but certainly not before you’ve informed the loved ones first. Additionally, when you tell them you are relocating, they will more likely than not offer to help you donate unwanted items, pack books, clothes, furniture, or other electronics.

Be Sure You’re Moving Away

Obviously, before telling your family and friends you’re moving away, you need to be sure that you are. Announcing it well in advance without making sure it will happen might be confusing both for you and them. Imagine going through the disappointment and mixed feelings of joy and sadness for nothing. Before you start planning your moving budget, figuring out how to lower relocation expenses, house-hunting, and looking up the cheapest time of the year to relocate, think about how to find a job before you move to another state. It will help you with adjusting to a new country, and it will ease all the paperwork as much as possible. Once you are completely certain, break the news only if you are sure that something won’t pop up and reverse your decision at the last moment.

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Do you have everything arranged, and your relocation is 100% happening?

Suggestions on How to Tell Your Friends You’re Moving Away

It is best to think about the scope of information you are willing to share and to whom in advance, so you are not feeling pressured when the time comes. Once you have established that, group the people according to the strength of your affection towards them. You will probably wish to confide your fears and doubts with some of them rather than with the others.

Then, decide who you are going to inform in person and who will find out through other friends or social media. The right time to break the news would be as soon as you have made sure it is happening. The best location is the one where you all feel relaxed and comfortable. It may be your favorite bar or café, bowling alley or pool, or even a picnic in your favorite park. Or you can just throw a farewell party at your place, but remember to do it before you start packing and creating a photo inventory.

Throwing a farewell party is not a bad idea even if it demands additional effort, as it will give you all the opportunity to celebrate your move instead of grieving. Send the invitations a few weeks before, to make sure your friends have time to book the date. If you’re relocating to the suburbs in a city nearby, you can even throw a house warming party.

Now, the announcement itself will cause some excitement, disappointment, and tears maybe. But keep in mind that it is all normal. You were part of their lives just as they were part of yours, so take their feelings into consideration and be patient. They will certainly be happy for you in a sense, but how they are going to process their grief – that’s another story. It might be helpful to point out that you will stay in touch via modern technologies, but also through occasional visits.

When it comes to informing your coworkers and boss about the move, you should not wait long to tell them either, as they also need to process that information and make the necessary changes in their schedules. Try to inform them at least two weeks in advance. It would also be kind of you to help them find a replacement or train someone to take over your job responsibilities.

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There is not an easy way to do this.

Don’t Forget to Say Goodbye

Moving is a time-consuming activity and it is easy to get lost in all the obligations and forget about the crucial issue of saying goodbye to everyone. To make it easier for you and save some time, it might be prudent to hire professional movers to do the job for you and pack your items instead of opting for the cheapest way to move out of state to reduce the costs of moving. After all, they know all the packing tips and tricks. If you opt for transporting your car across the country, learn how car shipping works, and book auto transport services as well. Remember that you can keep your items in storage until you’re ready to move into your new home.

Stay in Touch with Your Family and Friends

With the technological achievements available today, there really is no excuse for losing touch with your companions and family members. You will share your new address for sure, especially if you are a fan of vintage ways of communication, but the Internet will let you stay in touch in a matter of minutes. You can always invite them to come over for a weekend, even if you’re moving into a smaller home. Social networks will help you maintain the rest of your contacts. However, some of them will fade in time, and that is perfectly normal.

Say Goodbye and Prepare For the New Adventure

Once you finally say goodbye to the people you love and move to an unfamiliar environment, it is crucial that you meet new people and find friends you can spend some quality time with. It will alleviate the adaptation process, especially if you are checking the safety of your future neighborhood and relocating to a strange city alone.


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