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Moving to the Suburbs – Everything You Need to Know

Moving to the suburbs and getting away from the fast-paced lifestyle of a big city can prove to be a great decision in the long run. Small areas on the outskirts offer you and your family a healthier life, a better educational system, and more affordable housing with additional living space. When you settle in a suburban area, you get to enjoy a variety of advantages and have opportunities for personal growth, but you also might need some time to get used to some differences in terms of your lifestyle. Let us share some pros of choosing a suburban area for your future home.

Neighborhood from above overlay
Relocating out of urban areas can be a great thing

The Suburbs’ Advantages Over the Big City: Living Healthy Life in Your Dream House

First things first, before you choose a suburban area to move to, do your research and weigh the pros and cons of reasons to move and live in them in terms of different aspects of life. While doing some research, you can always plan your moving budget and hire a top-level moving company to help you handle the move or figure out your own cheapest way to move out of state.

Picking your future dream home for yourself and your family is a big step, so don’t let anxieties about moving out and the relocation stress stop you from doing it. That is why you need to be confident you made the right choice. Take into consideration the feelings of your family members and their needs as well when you begin to search through the real estate market to avoid relocation depression.

Before changing the address, establish exactly what you are looking for when it comes to your future place of residence and make a list of priorities. If you’re still wondering where to move to, thorough research will help you avoid making common moving mistakes and lead you to the right neighborhood that will suit all your needs.

Houston suburbs overlay
In terms of the real estate market in suburban areas, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from, so take your time when you begin your search for your dream place.

You Can Find a Bigger New House When Moving to the Suburbs

If you are moving with children and you don’t want to be crammed into an expensive city apartment, relocating to the suburbs is the right choice for you.

The good news about buying a house on the outskirt is that it will cost you less than buying one in an urban location in the city center. So, forget about moving into a smaller home because choosing to move away a bit further will be great for your budget and give you more personal space.

The real estate market in these areas is rather high and offers a variety of options depending on your needs and requirements. Of course, before you make any final decisions, be sure to search through the real estate market carefully to find the best option for you and your loved ones. In case you’re having trouble finding the estate of your dreams, you can always turn to a real estate agent and explore some moving tips on how to reduce costs when moving.

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It’s Cheaper to Live in a Suburban Area

Deciding to live in the countryside brings not only a better price per square foot but lower prices of groceries and many other amenities. Perfect if you didn’t manage to find a job before moving to another state. For example, living in the city is significantly pricier for families than living in a suburban area. A survey by Zillow showed that the average cost of living in NYC is $71,237 higher than in nearby suburban areas. Just keep in mind that some bigger U.S. cities, like Philadelphia, are more affordable to live in than surrounding outskirts.

Smaller Areas Are Safer

If you are relocating with your kids to a smaller area, your first concern will be the safety. The excellent news is that there are many tools online to check the safety of your neighborhood. So, check them out before you decide on a place that will be your future home and start learning all tips and tricks for packing their toys and clothes, you’ll need them, even after you donate unwanted items and old toys. And remember: suburban areas are still safer than big, urban cities, which makes them perfect for families with kids.

Share Your Free Time With Your Loved Ones in Nature

Are you moving during the holidays or in the summer? No matter when you do it, if you are running away from bright city lights and yearn for a place to enjoy nature, the suburbs are a good choice for you. The Outskirts of the city offers you the possibility to enjoy the night lights, stars, and peace. With affordable housing, you can get a house with a yard and stargaze whenever you feel like it. That’s something you couldn’t do in the vast urban area.

Have a Voice in the Local Government and Community 

Would you like to be involved in the local community? Great news – smaller areas are a better starting place than urban ones. You won’t have to wait for years to have a voice in the community. In suburbia, it is easier to be heard and involved within the local government, because there are fewer people to connect to. If you wish, you can get involved with school committees, local NGOs, and many other organizations.

A plane view of the houses in Preston Highlands overlay
Living on the outskirts has a lot of advantages than in the city

Shop Early in the Day

When you pick the next home, remember that being in a smaller community means getting adjusted to different aspects of life. For years, you have been handling some stuff the same way, but now it might be time for some changes. Suburban restaurants, pharmacies, and grocery stores close earlier than those in cities. Nighttime is reserved for friends and family instead of running around like you used to do in the metropolis.

a man buying groceries overlay
It's really an enjoyment to go shopping in a small city where everyone is friendly.

Check Popular School District Ratings

If you and your partner are moving in together and thinking about having kids you will want to know about school district ratings. It’s an established fact that suburbia has better rated public school systems. So, you will not have to worry about the education that your kids will get in the years to come. But if you want to make sure you’re making the right choice when picking an area to relocate to, check the school rating by visiting popular sites like Data-Lists and GreatSchools.

Children and parents love schools in smaller areas since they are really among the best in the country overlay
People with kids like smaller areas, since the school system is really good quality.

Other Things to Consider Before Moving to the Suburbs, from Commute Time to Entertainment Options

If you are still on the fence about packing, creating a photo inventory, and relocating, maybe you should make a list of all the pros and cons of living in a suburban neighborhood.

Suburbs Have a Great Healthcare System

Having good healthcare for your family should be at the top of the priority list. So, before you make a final decision in picking a future home, you should check the quality of healthcare in the area you are relocating to.

Think About the Commute Time

If you are working in the city or plan to find a job in the nearest metropolis, prepare yourself for long commutes to work. Take this into consideration when looking for a place to live in. If you are moving long-distance and need to transport your vehicle across the country, consider hiring a company that will transport your car for you so that you can use it the moment you arrive at your future house. In case this is your first-time move, feel free to ask them how does car shipping work and they will gladly explain. If your home is too far away from the office, maybe you should look for another job or a different area to move to be closer to work.

Find Interesting Ways to Entertain Yourself

Entertaining yourself in a smaller community might take some work since the area is not designed to be a hot spot for clubs and entertainment businesses. However, there are still some advantages to moving alone to the outskirts. If you have a yard, just organizing a BBQ or a get together is a great way to find some new friends in an unfamiliar environment. Also, since there is not a lot of traffic, riding a bike, rollers and skates are a lot safer.

People Are Highly Friendly and Your Social Life Can Improve

The countryside is known for its close-knit community spirit. People there are kind, understanding, friendly, and always ready to lend a hand if it’s necessary. So, in case you have some problems, be sure you’ll have someone to share them with. You’ll be able to do more than share. These people will be there to help you out when you need it the most. Making friends in small communities is easier than doing it in big places.

When you unpack it’s time to meet some new people. One of the excellent ways to make friends in your future place is to find someone with whom you can share your interests and join a club or find a hobby you can enjoy together. Plus, when you have someone to share your interests with, you’ll love the activity itself more than you would on your own.

Lifestyle After Big City Lights  

Living a suburban life is safer and more affordable than living in urban jungles. There are many parks and green areas for a tranquil walk or jogging, making life in the countryside healthier and more active. This is also an ideal spot if you are moving with your dog. Additionally, you and your loved ones can enjoy plenty of outdoor activities while being away from foggy, crowded city lights.

Do you love to have a long walk in the morning? If so, you should really consider the periphery as your future home overlay
If you love to spend a day outdoor, suburban life can provide you with plenty of space for a walk or run

Enjoy the Suburbs

If you are into a peaceful lifestyle that offers you safety, security, excellent education, and housing opportunities, starting a life in suburbia is the right choice for you! For years, you have been trying to find the proper place to cover all your needs and ensure a better lifestyle. With so many options all around the country, your search turned out to be quite time-consuming, but the good news is that you’ve finally made up your mind – suburbs meet all your criteria, and now you’re ready to figure out how to reduce moving expenses, leave the big city and change your life for the better. The best time of the year to move is whenever you’re ready.


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